Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

IAmAwesomeSoAreYou-Age 16

Britty-Age 20

Sean-Age 19

xNaRw-Age 12

EthanJames984-Age 20

Rae-Age 15

elithemanswe-Age (young)

tmattwelve-Age 16

PurpleNaylien-Age 18

The acute poetic work Getting There by Sylvia Plath ends prophetically anticipating postmodernism's tabula rasaic memory:

"And I, stepping from this skin
Of old bandages, boredoms, old faces

Step up to you from the black car of Lethe,
Pure as a baby."

It is precisely this clean slate that the transgender "identity" was built upon via Queer Theory's academic supplies. Plath's poem elaborates on the famous Santayana line "those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Transgender identity is just that, a continued repeat of patriarchal HIStory. HIStory which has HIStorically raped, murdered and erased HERstory! Each and every female who transitions is erasing HERstory from this planet in hopes and dreams of adding to HIStory!

For the female transitioner, unlike males who transition, transition isnt a paraphilia. They do not don clothing patriarchy has forbidden them because it makes their pussy's wet, they do so in effort to experience life in a way that has also been forbidden. If females transitioned strictly in order to "feel comfortable" in their own bodies, those bodies wouldnt require being drugged, chipped and carved into a body they hope resembles a mans. And those physical changes certainly wouldnt be accompanied with name changes, pronoun changes or legal sex changes.

These changes are in truth, signifiers females have been conditioned are a requirement for experiencing life in very specific ways. Ways the trans female is pathologically too afraid to experience in her femalehood. Instead, she erases all external female markers, replacing them with external male markers and steps, leaps and sprints into experiences patriarchy has dictated to be male. Nothing transgressive takse place, a man repeating male experience as a man. A man maintaining experiences deemed male closed to all females unless...unless they too comply in their and all women's erasure.

Transgenderism IS a feminist issue.
Transgenderism IS violence against women.
And Transgenderism IS HIStory and not ours!



  1. Throughout my childhood I wanted to dress as a boy and be recognized as a boy and not a girl. Why?

    I didn't want to become a boy. I never wanted that. I didn't like boys very well, in fact. I never ever felt I was a boy inside.

    I just didn't want to be always in danger, I wanted to be able to go places that girls/women could not go. I wanted adventure. Being a girl meant I could never have adventure and freedom. Also, I didn't want to be treated as stupid. I wanted some respect. Girls got none of it. Disguising myself as a boy held some fascination at those ages. Not later, though.

    People sometimes referred to me as a tomboy. But I never identified myself as that, either. People are always labeling.

    I think this relates what you are saying here.

  2. This post isn't a response to the particular girls in the videos, but it's something that I just ran across and wanted to share. It is very germane to the subject at hand.

    The active social promotion of a culturally prescribed medical cure for something that is subjective in nature and largely culturally based to begin with.

    Yes, it's happening.

    First home shot of "T".....let's all gather around and make a youtbue vidoe of it to share with all our friends.

    I have absolutely nothing against this female in the video, and I wish her all the best. I'm simply struggling to understand this cultural phenomena that I'm witnessing.

    Isn't it strange that few people would think of making a special youtube video of their first shot of insulin or any other prescribed drug that needs to be injected. Also, isn't it strange that diabetics never call their insulin just "I"? Can anyone imagine a diabetic ever saying, "Well, today I get my first home "I" shot. However, testosterone which is a prescribed drug for "gender dysphoria" is just called "T", and the first home shot of "T" is so special that it has to be recorded on a yoututbe video to share with others. Diabetes is an actual medical condition that can be scientifically detected in a lab. There is no laboratory test for "gender dysphoria" which is basically all in one's head.

    First home shot of T video in which we see the actual injection into the thigh muscle

    These are things that have actual medical consequences, but in this video in which the girl's friend gives her her first shot of "T", it's like it's some special, fun filled right of passage. Actually getting the injection doesn't look like fun.

    Don't tell me that the transgender community doesn't actively promote "transitioning" ("T", binding, STP devices, "top surgery" etc.). Of course, the transgender community promotes "transitioning" even though there is no subjective way of proving "gender dysphoria" one way or another.

    I decided to type in searches at youtube...

    ***youtube videos of insulin

    type in insulin About 21,800 results

    ***"About 27,400 results ftm testosterone,

    ***JUST TYPE IN "ftm" IN THE YOUTUBE SEARCH......About 73,600 results

  3. Being a girl meant I could never have adventure and freedom. Also, I didn't want to be treated as stupid. I wanted some respect. Girls got none of it.

    No, it doesn't have to be this way, and you can go about changing this and still be female. Girls can do anything.

  4. In several of these videos, the girls talk about binding. The trans community is well aware of the dangers associated with breast binding, but it's still promoted.

    I guess the possibility of deformed rib cages is just too sexy to completely go out of style.

  5. Transgenderism IS a feminist issue.
    Transgenderism IS violence against women.
    And Transgenderism IS HIStory and not ours!

    When a female "transitions" (surgery, testosterone, and legal name change), this is the actual erasing of female identity. How can any rational person state that the act or process of erasing female identity is not a feminist issue?

    (a.) I argue that it's impossible to completely separate feelings of internalized misogyny that all girls and women experience at some point in their lives from "gender dysphoria" and a female's decision to "transition".
    (b.) Moreover, I argue that it's impossible to entirely separate culture (peer pressure, internet, influence from friends, family, etc.) from one's desire to "transition". On this very blog about six months ago, some members of the transgender community have already admitted that culture might play a role in the decision to "transition".