Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Dirt from Dirt Comment Maxims

Maxim 1) All Comments with the prefix cis in them will be removed.

Maxim 2) Using the term intersex in efforts to defend a trans position will be removed.

Maxim 3) Pronouns will reflect biology or your comment will be removed.

Maxim 4) If referring to a biological male in transition, something along the lines of trans male will be used or your comment will be removed.

Maxim 5) If referring to a biological female in transition, something along the lines of trans female will be used or your comment will be removed.

Maxim 6) Unless a post is specifically about me personally, personal comments directed toward me will be removed.

Maxim 7) Hate filled comments will be removed.

If you have a personal question or comment use the widget box to the right, that is what it is there for.



  1. hey dirt long time no chat girl

  2. I stumbled upon this blog & am finding it very interesting, educational & extreme/radical too. I was ignorant/clueless about all things F2M trans related & had not given it much thought... until I was pursued in the romantic sense by someone who happened to be a trans female aka transman (James was the only name I knew). We met during a party hosted by people that were mutual friends & when one of these mutuals found out James was interested in me she tried to facilitate as many meetings as possible.
    I was oblivious at the time & it totally hit me from left field. I remember one of my very first thoughts being 'but I'm a lesbian, why are you not pursuing heterosexual or bisexual women if you are a man who likes women'? Many of our conversations did focus on transitioning & at one time I was questioned about the type of women I have found myself attracted to. I replied with the simple truth, which is on a purely physical level I have always found butch women very attractive. James went on to reveal that bottom surgery had not taken place. It was as if telling me that would or could make James seem more like a butch woman rather than a man in my perception. I was also asked exactly why I am attracted to butcher women or what exactly makes them attractive (so many things, where do I start?). I have never been grilled like that before. Although I never felt creeped out and all communication was respectful etc. I did find the whole thing a bit strange. The most surprising part was when I was shown some before & after transition pictures & the before pictures showed a very attractive butch woman! What a shame. James seemed like a nice & happy person & I think I could really like, respect & enjoy spending time with a trans female aka transman, but the physical attraction would not be there. I feel like an asshole for stating that but its the truth. I am a lesbian & I love women. I especially love, admire and respect women who are proud of & comfortable in their bodies.

  3. I appreciate your comment and your honesty. Let me ask you this, in all honesty how many Butches have you known that are comfortable with their bodies?


  4. As for myself, I'm a guy. I live as such and have no desire to change that. I understand how you could be annoyed at being mistaken for a man because I get annoyed being mistaken for a woman. I'm at an "in between" height, skinny and have soft features.

    I like this about myself, I just hate society's need to label everything.

    A lot of my friends who used to happily identify as lesbians have all of a sudden "turned trans" as I like to call it. My ex did the same and kinda harassed mutual friends who were androgynous or non conforming to society into joining. It's silly if you ask me.

    Why go to all the trouble?
    That's my whole stand on all this.

    I'm a guy and I enjoy makeup and 'girly' things as much as I enjoy sports. I used to love the outdoors and no longer do due to health reasons. I like both physical tasks as well as being what society calls 'pretty'.
    I don't let people decide who I will be and feel that others should take the same stance.

    My main reason for commenting on this post is this: It isn't fair of you to tailor any and all comments to agree with you. It puts gays and lesbians in a bad light. Yes, I agree that trans trending has gone too far, but such extreme methods are part of what is allowing that, just as much as sitting back and doing nothing. You can't shove views down people's throats because they'll just reject it, but you can't let yourself be walked on.

    In reality people need to learn to just be people. Stop conforming to a stereotyped gender 'role' of what is masculine or feminine and just do their own thing. Everyone would be happier if they just did that. And they'd save a hell of a lot of money.