Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brose B4 Ho's-ANYTHING but Subversive!

Brose B4 Ho's is a South African "drag king" troupe being touted in Trans spaces as subversive, revolutionary and progressive. It is precisely this kind of Gender Straight Jacketed thinking that alienates females from their bodies and maintains sexist gender norms. The name these young women chose for their troupe itself is overflowing with youthful male misogynistic mimicry! This offensive saying can often be heard from young males utilizing the greatest male bonding experience in existence, male hatred for females. The saying (brose b4 ho's) implies that males are more important to each other than whores, i.e. females.

While males systematically sharing in popular female hating rights of passage is ingrained within patriarchal cultures, females miming that pathological hatred in efforts to distance themselves from their own femaleness is however, a recent occurrence. The Trans (male) Politic is exploiting female shame in order to strengthen its own paraphilic agenda, an agenda females within that politic, as well as around that politic (like this troupe) are blindly solidifying with their own misogyny and lezbophobia. The title of this troupe aside, employing a male persona in order to over reach the limits of the female experience isnt ground breaking, it is ancient.

Centuries ago, if women wanted or dared to dream of a life beyond their circumscribed female experience, they donned a male character, abandoned everything they knew and set out to experience a life with no limits, a life permitted only to males. That females again feel they must perform male if they wish to exceed their narrow female possibilities is a testament to the feminist ground we have lost and are swiftly losing more of each and every day.



  1. What happened to the trans community and death threats to feminist bloggers post? I wanted to read it.

  2. It makes sense that this would be something coming out of South Africa (corrective rape of lesbians, high murder and rape statistics, history of misogyny beyond anyone's description). People think of racism when they think of South Africa, but people forget the sexism and wretched lives of women.

    I don't have anything against drag kings per se. I won't pass judgment on all drag kings. Drag Kings have existed before, but the title "BrosB4Ho's" is sexist. Whether it's coming from men or women, referring to women as "Hos" drips of misogyny. I've always said that misogyny is alive and well in the transgender and queer communities. Here we have a clear example of it, and no one seems to care.

    I found this link of the BrosB4Ho's facebook.

    Not only is Frankie NOT a man, Frankie has no talent. Of course, if I lived in South Africa, I could understand why any woman wouldn't want to be a man. Still, even in South Africa, women struggle to survive. Instead of joining in the struggle to improve the lives of women, Frankie says, "I am a Man". It's kind of like black people wanting to be white.

  3. Making internalized misogyny fashionable....

    Every time I think the transgender/gender queer communities can't come up with something new that isn't sexist, they surprise me. I would like to state three things that are becoming increasingly clear to me. First, misogyny is alive and well in the transgender and queer communities. Now, we just have more proof of it, but no one seems to care. Second, the misogyny exhibited by the transgender community is always excused no matter how blatant it is. Third, the transgender community always seems to get by with misogyny that even a lot of straight people wouldn't tolerate. For example, I ask the reader to imagine this. How would people react if a male singing group actually named their group "Bros B4 Ho's"? A new rap group or singing group is formed, and the men call their group "BrosB4Ho's". I imagine people would be offended, and they would never hear the end of it. When a male says "Bros B4 Ho's", he is essentially saying that his male buddies always come before the "Ho's" or women. Below is a link in which one Bros B4 Ho's sings, the Jessica J.'s song "Do It Like a Dude'". Male rappers have used the words "bitches" and "ho's" in some of their songs, but at least they didn't name their group "Bros B4 Ho's."

    In one video of "Bros B4 Ho's", they sing Jessica J's song:

    Bang bang, hey, pour me a beer.
    No pretty drinks, I’m a guy out here.
    Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’, money like a pimp.
    My B I T C H is on my dick like this.....

    Jessica J...Do It Like a Dude

    In my opinion, a woman singing, "My B I T C H is on my dick like this" is almost as misogynistic as a man saying the same thing. Bros B4 Ho's takes it one step further. They pretend they are the bros.

    Bros B4 Ho's, South Africa's Drag King Troupe, Challenges Gender Norms In New Documentary

    Posted: 02/25/2013 2:47 pm EST

    In this article, they have the bald face audacity to state,

    "Now in South Africa, a diverse drag king troupe titled “Bros B4 Ho’s” is similarly challenging misogyny, homophobia and gender norms in their work, performing original numbers, renditions of popular songs and entertaining their community. "

    It what parallel universe is singing the words, "My B.I.T.C.H is on my dick like this" by a group of people calling themselves "BrosB4Ho's" is considered "challenging misogyny"?

    I am not a woman....I want you to know that I'm a man......Apparently, they took the old song, "I am a Woman" and turned it into "I am a Man"

    In the video on Huffington Post, we can see these females bind their breasts with duct tape and ace bandages as if it's something fun and cool to do. The transgender community has known for some time that binding can deform the rib cage.

  4. What happened to the trans community and death threats to feminist bloggers post? I wanted to read it.

    It's real, and all of it is being recorded and saved.

  5. To me, this makes sense that this is coming out of South Africa (corrective rape of lesbians, high murder and rape statistics, misogyny beyond description, a history of apartheid). When people think of South Africa, they think of the horrible history of apartheid, but people often forget that this is one of the worst countries to live if you are a woman. The level of internalized misogyny must be intense. Some of it must seep into the minds of these women. It's kind of like black people painting their faces white and identifying with powerful whites. It's all very strange and disturbing to me. It actually doesn't heal anything. Instead, it just takes on the role of the oppressor. I can't see how this empowers women in the least. The "Bros" come before the "Hos".

    One "Bro" sings the old Muddy Waters song "I am a Man" and she seems to get into it. "I am a Man"....