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Genocide didn't begin with the systematic murder of millions, it began one human being at a time-not unlike the homosexual "cure" transition. The young women pictured above and all those like them, represent the early stages of the Lesbian genocide already plaguing Lesbian communities the world over. And with each lesbian transitioning, another nail is being driven into our Lesbian coffin.



  1. AnonymousX,

    Dirt, I don't see this just as a lesbian issue. In my opinion, it goes far beyond this. It's a feminist issue of profound importance in that FTM "transitioning" is the actual erasing of female identity along with the radical alteration of healthy female breasts, genitals, and reproductive systems.

    When 16 year old girls are given "T" as testosterone, I also see this as potential child abuse. I'm assuming that Ryan, age 16, is a biological female. According to the video, this girl is already on "T" (testosterone). It's my understanding, that with parental permission, in most countries testosterone can be started at age six-teen. This is too young, and the bodies of these young people are still developing. Moreover, at that age they simply do not have the capacity to judge what is in their best interest. They might feel awkward and different, but do 16 year old teenagers really know how best to handle these feelings.

  2. Actually, I've seen girls start as young as 13, which I find RIDICULOUS since most BIOLOGICAL MALES haven't even hit their own peak of puberty at that age!!! CharlesAsher herself watched a nurse in San Fransicko (AHEM, ...sisco) administer the first shot to a 15-year-old named Jarred, user BoxersAndBullets. It is beyond depravity in my book!!!

  3. These so-called 'girls' are none of your business, and transition has nothing to do with 'erasing' lesbians - particularly as many of the ftm individuals HAVE NEVER INDENTIFIED AS LESBIANS.

    Get it? Gay trans men exist, much as you are desperate to believe they don't. So do trans men who are not teenagers, and who have struggled for years with feelings of alienation to their bodies before finally deciding to transition. The oldest of these that I know about on Youtube? is 56. Now tell me it's still a trend.

    And in the UK, certainly, you cannot get T or top surgery before the age of eighteen, nor without going through some pretty strict gatekeeping, therapy and real-life tests. In more serious cases they may bet puberty-blockers, which helps to alleviate distress while giving the child time to consider their options - which don't always include surgery. But you would rather they waited and suffered for years longer, just because you don't like the idea of transition.

    Got news for you - you don't get to decide. Not your right, not your business.

  4. Iris, you are a straight-up wack-doodle. I'm pretty sure they didn't let you transition because you couldn't convince a therapist you are sane enough to do so.

  5. "Iris, you are a straight-up wack-doodle. I'm pretty sure they didn't let you transition because you couldn't convince a therapist you are sane enough to do so."

    THIS IS THE MOST AMAZINGLY FUNNY THING I'VE EVER HEARD. ALL IRIS WOULD HAVE TO DO IS SEEK OUT AN "ONLINE GENDER THERAPIST" (AKA SKYPE THERAPY, and be sure to have a major credit card) who would gladly write a letter so that she could get her boobs lopped off. Besides, there are gender clinics who ask few questions. Or, if she had the means, she could go to some place like Thailand where the doctors really could care less if anyone has ever seen a therapist or not.

    Very, very funny...

    Thank you very much for this amusing joke.

    "A woman who alleges that she was inappropriately prescribed sex-changing hormones and then wrongly underwent a double mastectomy is one of several complaints being investigated by the General Medical Council about the doctor who oversaw her aborted gender reassignment, the Guardian has learned."

    "Dr Richard Curtis, who was born Vanda Zadorozny, but had a sex change in 2005, is being investigated by the General Medical Council, after at least three separate complaints.

    The London-based GP is accused of prescribing sex change hormones “to several patients” that were not appropriate and also ignoring restrictions placed on his practice.

    In one case reportedly under investigation by the GMC, the doctors’ regulator, a woman complained she regretted undergoing treatment, which included having a double mastectomy and taking hormones.

    In another case, it was alleged Dr Curtis prescribed sex change drugs to patients under 18, without the specialist knowledge or skills to do so.

    It is alleged that Dr Curtis, who provides private treatment to patients pursuing “gender reassignment”, failed to follow accepted standards of care."

    Perhaps Curtis is just the tip of the iceburg. These gender clinics do exist.

    Speaking of insanity, getting both your boobs lopped off seems completely insane to me.

  6. Many of these girls are heterosexual not lesbians or bisexuals.

  7. AnonymousX

    These so-called 'girls' are none of your business, and transition has nothing to do with 'erasing' lesbians - particularly as many of the ftm individuals HAVE NEVER INDENTIFIED AS LESBIANS.

    If they are sexually attracted to females and they are female themselves, what should we call them? Let's see, how should we describe these individuals. If they are transmen (biological females who "transition") and they are primarily attracted to women, then they can't possible be lesbians because they are now men. They are now viewed as content, average, run of the mill heterosexuals. Is that the way it goes? Or, are they simply transmen who prefer women, and thus can never be called lesbian. Are we really supposed to believe that there isn't tremendous pressure put on girls to be heterosexual, and that lesbians have no real social or political power to speak of.

    Transitioning has a great deal to do with erasing lesbian identity as well as gay identity. As I type this post, isn't it true that transitioning is, indeed, directly responsible for erasing gay identity in Iran. Of course, nothing so brutal and barbaric would ever occur in the west. Or, that is what we would like to think. Perhaps people in western countries just go about doing it in a more subtle way, and what is being carried out is cloaked in words such as "top surgery", "transitioning", or "buying time" (the deliberate suspension of normal adolescent puberty). We are forced to pretend it's not happening. We know that the sterilization of gay and lesbian children is going on beneath our noses, and I'm convinced that the even the transgender community knows it. However, transgender interest always are more important than anything else.

    What do we know about gender non-conforming children, or children who used to be simply called "tomboy","sissy" ? Most knowledgeable people know that gender identity is not the same thing as sexual orientation, so the trans community is partially correct, but this is not the entire reality, and it's far more complex than this. Scientists and researches have known for some time that many little sissy boys and tomboy girls do, indeed, grow up to be gay men and lesbians. That is, unless they are chemically and surgically castrated. We seem to intuitively know that many rambunctious tomboys do grow up to be lesbians, and sweet, sensitive boys grow up to be gay men. Perhaps not all of them, but many do.

    According to:

    "Most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty. Children with persistent GID are characterized by more extreme gender dysphoria in childhood than children with desisting gender dysphoria. With regard to sexual orientation, the most likely outcome of childhood GID is homosexuality or bisexuality."

  8. AnonymousX

    An article in the Atlantic states,

    "The most extensive study on transgender boys was published in 1987 as The “Sissy Boy Syndrome” and the Development of Homosexuality. For 15 years, Dr. Richard Green followed 44 boys who exhibited extreme feminine behaviors, and a control group of boys who did not... Green expected most of the boys in the study to end up as transsexuals, but nothing like that happened. Three-fourths of the 44 boys turned out to be gay or bisexual (Green says a few more have since contacted him and told him they too were gay). Only one became a transsexual. “We can’t tell a pre-gay from a pre-transsexual at 8,” says Green, who recently retired from running the adult gender-identity clinic in England. “

    "For example, in a 2008 study psychologist Kelley Drummond and her colleagues interviewed 25 adult women who were referred by their parents for assessment at a mental health clinic when they were between three and 12 years old. At the time, all these girls had several diagnostic indicators of gender identity disorder. They might have strongly preferred male playmates, insisted on wearing boys' clothing, favored rough-and-tumble play, stated that they would eventually grow a penis or refused to urinate in a sitting position. Although only 12 percent of these women grew up to be gender dysphoric (the uncomfortable sense that your biological sex does not match your gender), the odds of these women reporting a bisexual or homosexual orientation were up to 23 times higher than would occur in a general sample of young women. Not all tomboys become lesbians, of course, but these data suggest that lesbians often have a history of cross-sex-typed behaviors.

    And the same holds for gay men. Bailey and Zucker, who conducted a retrospective study in which adults answered questions about their past, revealed that 89 percent of randomly sampled gay men recalled cross-sex-typed childhood behaviors exceeding the heterosexual median.

    Critics have argued that participants' memories may be distorted to fit with societal expectations and stereotypes. But in a clever study published in 2008 in Developmental Psychology, evidence from childhood home videos validated this retrospective method. People blindly coded child targets on the latter's sex-typical behaviors, as shown on the screen. The authors found that “those targets who, as adults, identified themselves as homosexual were judged to be gender nonconforming as children.”

    Numerous studies have since replicated this general pattern, revealing a strong link between childhood deviations from gender role norms and adult sexual orientation. There is also evidence of a “dosage effect”: the more gender-nonconforming characteristics there are in childhood, the more likely it is that a homosexual or bisexual orientation will be present in adulthood."

  9. AnonymousX

    Researchers have found childhood gender nonconformity to be the largest predictor of homosexuality in adulthood.

    By Rieger, Gerulf; Linsenmeier, Joan A. W.; Gygax, Lorenz; Bailey, J. Michael

    Developmental Psychology, Vol 44(1), Jan 2008, 46-58.

    The problem as I see it is this. Children are being slapped with a label of "gender identity disorder", GID, at much earlier ages, and with puberty suppressing drugs, the transitioning can start even before they hit puberty. The trans community won't admit it, but one of the major benefits of puberty suppressing drugs followed by cross gender hormones is that there is less healthy tissue to surgical remove later. That is, boys don't develop masculine characteristics and girls don't fully develop breasts and other female characteristics. Of course, if puberty suppressing drugs are followed by cross gender hormones, future fertility can be compromised. So, we are essentially de-sexing and sterilizing human beings. At any rate, if we as a society are going to start labelling children "gender dysphoric" at much earlier ages, and start the transitioning process even at puberty, then we are going to have to answer some rather difficult questions. How many future gay men and lesbians are we willing to surgically/chemically castrate?

    Every once in a while someone candidly speaks the truth. We only have to listen to them. I can't remember the exact date, but I distinctly recall one irate person that I believe Dirt had to ban who said the following:

    "I would much rather see my daughter grow up to be a trans man and receive the respect that comes from being a man, rather than be steered into becoming a carpet muncher and someone who gets absolutely no respect in our society."

  10. AnonymousX

    "These so-called 'girls' are none of your business, and transition has nothing to do with 'erasing' lesbians - particularly as many of the ftm individuals HAVE NEVER INDENTIFIED AS LESBIANS."

    There are numerous examples of women who spent years identifying as lesbian then "transitioned" and became transmen. Chaz Bono is one example. She was lesbian for years, and even wrote a book about coming out as a lesbian before her miraculous "transitioning". I've talked to a lot of lesbians who know women who used to hang around the lesbian community and were actively involved in relationships with women before they became transmen.

  11. "Many of these girls are heterosexual not lesbians or bisexuals."

    Is that right? Perhaps it's true, but maybe it's not. If a person listens carefully to Ryan's video, the 16 year old self-identified FTM, she or he can hear Ryan say that she has a girlfriend. By saying that she has a girlfriend, I'm assuming that Ryan must have some kind of attraction to females. Doesn't the word lesbian mean a female who is attracted to other females? Wait! She can't be a dreaded lesbian because she has been on "T" for a couple of months and now is transgender. Please don't insult my intelligence. FTM "transitioning" does, indeed, in many cases erase lesbian identity.

    By the way, I see little difference between Ryan and me at that same age. I had short hair and wore boy's clothes and I had a girlfriend at 16 too. I'm very fortunate that I didn't put an external source of testosterone into my female body.

  12. "Iris, you are a straight-up wack-doodle. I'm pretty sure they didn't let you transition because you couldn't convince a therapist you are sane enough to do so."

    Actually, if I REALLY wanted to make Mama kill herself, like she threatens to do all the time, I could go to some abortion clinic and get a free gel form of T, which would probably have my "already-deeper-than-average" voice sounding like "Cyrus" by the time I'm 30 (hint: I'm a Gemini). Then with the help of a painful binder, I could flatten my huge breasts at the risk of rib fracture to complete "his" look. But for what? To condemn myself to a live of using men's bathrooms and denying my true self? To create more dysphoria until I have no choice but to work my fingers to the bone until I can pay for surgery? Don't you get it?!? It's the same mind that wants babies girls to be aborted allover the world in the name of strentghening the Patriarchy that wants to "fix" gender-non-conforming women like me so they can claim that 100% of females like to torture themselves with high-heels and thong panties! DON'T YOU SEE THE BIG PICTURE?!?!? It's not about me becoming this spiky-haired, fictional boy/man I drew for the first time in 3rd grade, like a selfish little immature brat, but about WANTING OTHER WOMEN TO SEE that you do NOT "have to wear high-heels and dresses" to be what you were born to be!!!

    Proud Butch Woman,
    Iris (GoddESS of the Rainbow)
    And VERY important to Mom, who has many porcelain irises allover the house!!!

  13. PS. I meant "life of men's bathrooms," not live, sorry. The thought of it makes my hands tremble, so I make typos.

  14. I'm sorry your Mom shamed you out of transitioning but like I said a few posts ago, I'm real glad you never transitioned. I wouldn't want to be held accountable for your words or behavior as a member of my community. Now the poor lesbians are stuck with you. Can't they catch a fucking break for once?

  15. AnonymousX

    "Many of these girls are heterosexual not lesbians or bisexuals."

    In all honesty, I could care less who these girls are or are not attracted to. If they like boys, I don't care, and if they prefer girls, that is fine too. If they take testosterone or get "top surgery", they will change their beautiful female bodies. Also, I serioulsy doubt if anyone told them the potential dangers of binding their breasts. As to the 16 year olds, their bodies and skeletons are developing, so do they really need to constrict their rib cages. After watching some of these videos, I got the impression that many believe that simply because they don't like dresses, makeup, "girly things", etc. this must mean that they ARE boys or trans. No, girls can like boy things and still be a girl.

    Girls, you are strong and beautiful just the way you are!

  16. AnonymousX


    Don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't a beautiful woman.

    "I'm sorry your Mom shamed you out of transitioning but like I said a few posts ago, I'm real glad you never transitioned. I wouldn't want to be held accountable for your words or behavior as a member of my community. Now the poor lesbians are stuck with you. Can't they catch a fucking break for once?"

    I'm not sure what the statement, "Now the poor lesbians are stuck with you" means. I could care less if Iris is part of the lesbian community, or if she is lesbian. Iris is female and this is what matters. Iris is part of every woman who has come before her. See, this is the difference between trans and feminists. We think it's an honor to be called female, and we know that we are part of women's history in its entirety. Women are ancient and we are part of the earth itself.

    Iris, you are smart for not binding your female breasts. There is nothing shameful or disgusting about females bodies. I think you might be a lot smarter than people think.

  17. @ 5:55 PM

    Yup, some trans guys do try to fit in by describing themselves as lesbians, because society, and people like you, tell them it's impossible for them to be men. But just as many have never been attracted to girls or women and never at any point considered themselves to be lesbians.

  18. Then that's THE MOST DISTURBING SCENARIO OF ALL, Anon at 5:54PM!!! Why in HEAVEN'S NAME would a heterosexual female choose to live as a "gay" male if not for the extreme misogyny of our patriarchal society, which aborts baby girls by the millions allover the world? (And many thanks to the one who says I'm beautiful the way I am.)

  19. @ Iris

    Because they are not 'heterosexual females'. Stop projecting your bigotry onto people you don't even know.

    Transsexuality is not a 'choice'. It's a reality. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it not exist, it doesn't make the people you are disrespecting go away, and it never will.

  20. Anon, that's a laughable tactic used by the "trans" community: to say that, by denying OUR OWN belief in what they say they are, we are denying their mere EXISTENCE!!! It just gets weirder everyday and is no different, in my eyes, from the people who wear diapers to pretend that they're "babies." Does a diaper on a 40-year-old-man make him a 1-year-old?!? I think not! But that doesn't mean I'm denying his existence, just the fact that he's a 40-year-old AB/DL man, rather than a 1-year-old "baby," lol. The same mind that cannot discern the difference between male and female has a hard time drawing the line between children and adults, which is exactly what I've seen with this "trans" community encouraging TODDLERS to take their path in life just because they prefer the color associated with the opposite sex!!! I just can't believe what this world has come to.

  21. @ Iris

    False comparisons that that just make you look stupid. Transsexuality is not a kink and has nothing to do with kinks.

  22. Actually, they're more closely related than you think, and MtF's are the kinkiest MEN on the planet, with many of them participating in such weird behavior as what I described in my last post.

  23. "Yup, some trans guys do try to fit in by describing themselves as lesbians, because society, and people like you, tell them it's impossible for them to be men."

    Biological females who "transition" who are attracted to women can never be lesbians because they are transmen, or men. Is this what this individual is saying? Genetically they are exactly like other women, and the only way they can maintain outward male characteristics is through an external source of testosterone. They can't say the word lesbian even if their mouth is full of one. This is very confusing to me because there are women who identify as lesbian and have relationships with women such as Chaz (Chastity) Bono, but then become transmen. So, this is my question. Exactly when does a female go from being a lesbian to a transman, thus dumping the lesbian label once and for all? Is it the minute she starts "T" or testosterone? Is it after "top surgery"? Or, are we to believe that she always knew she was a man, but just pretended she was a lesbian. It just seems like an awful convenient way to toss the lesbian identity aside.

    I find it difficult to live in an Orwellian fantasy world. I don't see biological females who "transition" as being fully male or men. Considering the social status of women, and centuries of oppression that women have always had to endure, I can certainly see why any woman wouldn't want to be a man.

    (1.) If a human is born biological female (XX), she is never going to be fully male in terms of biology and anatomy. She doesn't have a penis with erectile tissue (a phalloplasty on a biological female isn't created with erectile tissue because skin grafts from the arm or other part of the body aren't erectile tissue). She doesn't have testicles, a prostate gland, or any other organs that make up the male reproductive system. While it's true that some biological males can't father children, as a distinct class of people, transmen FTMs can NEVER impregnate a female. It's not going to happen. Yes, FTMs will have outward physical characteristics of a man such as a beard and increased muscle mass. Does this make her a man?

    (2.) Genetically, females are all similar in that they lack a Y sex chromosome. (XX), (XXX) is possible, (XO), Turner's syndrome is viable. Note the lack of Y chromosome. I'm aware of Kleinfelters (XXY) and disorders of sexual development, but they are rare, and in Kleinfelters there is a "Y" chromosome. Isn't it true that the majority of transmen are genetic females without a specific disorder of sexual development. Transsexual is different than disorders of sexual development. Even most recognized intersex organizations state that transsexuals are not the same as intersex (disorders of sexual development).

    (3.) Even with a phalloplasty (not all FTMs undergo the procedure because of cost and multiple surgeries), a biological female who "transitions" still receives sexual pleasure and orgasm primarily through the clitoris EXACTLY the way all other women do whether they are bisexual, lesbian, or heterosexual. The skin grafts for a phalloplasty on a biological female are essentially sewn above the clitoris. Provided some sensation isn't lost because of surgery to the genital area, FTMs receive sexual pleasure the same way all women do.

    (4.) The fact that some FTMs such as Thomas Beattie who had three children AFTER she legally changed her sex can get pregnant makes most people with average intelligence say that the idea of transmen being actual men is comical nonsense. Ask any seven year old if boys have babies.

    (5.) Many transmen still keep their ovaries and uterus. Or, they wait years before having them surgically removed. A uterus, ovaries, and a vagina are female orgnas.

  24. @Iris

    "Then that's THE MOST DISTURBING SCENARIO OF ALL, Anon at 5:54PM!!! Why in HEAVEN'S NAME would a heterosexual female choose to live as a "gay" male if not for the extreme misogyny of our patriarchal society, which aborts baby girls by the millions allover the world."

    "Because they are not 'heterosexual females'. Stop projecting your bigotry onto people you don't even know."

    Iris, is right in that on a deep, subconscious level it seems so bazaar that FTMs (biological females who transition) who prefer men call themselves "gay men". Females (XX) born from the womb of a woman having penis in vagina (many FTMs don't undergo phalloplasty) sex with men calling themselves "gay men". I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around this concept.

    Iris, approximately 163 million girls (Unnatural Selection, Mara Hvistendahl) are missing from countries like India and China because of sex selective abortions. Girls and women are so devalued that they are often aborted even before they are born. I've noticed that trans folks like to jump on Iris and other women who speak bluntly, but Iris might have a point when she poses this question. "Why would a heterosexual female choose to live as "gay" male if not for the extreme misogyny of our patriarchal society?" It could be that heterosexual females who choose to live as "gay" men represent the ultimate form misogyny. I'm convinced that internalized misogyny plays a role in FTM transitioning, and the Orwellian, for lack of a better word, belief that women can be "gay men" might be misogyny squared, or misogyny on a level that is really difficult to properly describe. It's erasing female identity itself, and even when they experience orgasm through their clitoris like all other women do, their alienation from their female form and female anatomy is so pronounced that they describe themselves as "gay men". Tossing aside their female identity, they have so turned against their own female self, that they can only relate to and identify as men. Male is their model, and males are who they relate to and admire the most.

    If a biological female (XX) who "transitions" prefers men, she is a "gay man" even if it's penis in vagina sex they are having. I know it sure sounds strange, but just go along with it. Sexism and misogyny does not exist, and has never.existed. Ignore a thousand plus years of history because there is no internalized misogyny here. Perhaps she tossed aside her female identity and calls herself "gay man" because it's so soul wrenching difficult to be female. This seems plausible to me. Men still control almost all political institutions, science, commerce, financial markets, and all major militaries in the world. What female in her right mind wouldn't want to be a male?

  25. It's very interesting to me how transmen choose to define themselves. Sometimes it's kind of comical to me, especiall the ones who like to call themselves "gay man". Every gay man that I've know wanted a penis. This is why they are gay.

    FTMs (biological females) who "transition" who are attracted to men = "GAY MAN"...

    Question: What is lost?

    Female identity itself is erased...

    Internalized misogyny and the devaluing of girls and women is never questioned. I know that gay men are subject to much discrimination and oppression, but they are still are men and males have more power and access to money and opportunity than women.

    FTMs (biological females) who "transition" who are attracted to women ="STRAIGHT MAN" or 'HETEROSEXUAL of "DUDE WHO LIKES WOMEN" etc.

    By outward appearances, they appear as man or woman, or heterosexual.

    Question: What is lost?

    Lesbian identity is clearly lost.

    The fact that lesbians are essentially at the bottom of the social pecking order so to speak, are despised for the most part, and have no real political or social power is never taken into consideration.

    Patriarchy is generally described as social and political institutions that males control, or individual or societal decisions that support male rule, control or domination at the expense of female interests. Erasing female and lesbian identity definitely supports, props up, and sustains patriarchy.

  26. @ 4:43 PM

    You can't 'erase' what was never there. You keep missing this vital point. The people you're talking about (whose real life experiences you keep ignoring) were never the lesbians you claim, nor the hetero girls either.

    Some may take on butch identity for a while, till they realise it doesn't fit them, because they aren't really girls or women. Of what benefit is it to you to force these people into a mould which does not fit them, merely because you don't like the way they live? Let the people concerned work out whether they are lesbian/straight girls, or trans men, and leave them alone. Or is erasure just fine so long as it's trans men that get erased?

  27. Is there a site available that is friendly to the butch/femme dynamic? The one thing I admire about this blog is that Dirt doesn't get bent out of shape if people get angry..I don't like or appreciate the insulting that goes on but at least you can express how you really feel about anything. Is there a place available where you don't have to walk on egg shells and worry about every word that comes out of your mouth? Please share if you know. ty

  28. So far it looks pretty bleak out there


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