Saturday, December 22, 2012

When Trans Rights Equal Special Rights

This story is on a similar note to the Robert Ludwig post. In this case we have a trans female trying to sue her way into a Chicago area men's spa shower room. Based on the information given in this article this trans female has been injecting testosterone for just over a year and has received no mutilative surgeries such as "top surgery" or "bottom surgery", meaning her breast and pussy are still very much intact.

If we lived in a time not dominated and brutalized by the male gaze, arrived at via the penis, perhaps a naked female body in a male showering area might not cause such a stir. Then again if we lived in a world where misogyny wasnt the rule of the day, no human would unwittingly believe they could actually be born in the wrong body. Unfortunately none of us live in such a world, our world is filled instead with a deep seated hatred for and towards all things female.

Per the spa owner, a handful of men complained that this woman's (naked) presence in the shower room made them quite uncomfortable. I think it safe to speculate two reasons behind their feelings of uneasiness, said female ogling the genitals of these men and/or these men's fear of an erection created by the nudity of this trans female. Either way the trans female was asked by he spa owner if she could kindly use he private showers also available to patrons.

Instead of politely accommodating, she chose to seek legal help and sue her way into the spa's men's showers. One can hazard a guess that the real motivation behind her legal recourse isnt because she believes the spa was being discriminatory, but because the men in the spa failed to recognize her as a male. Nothing angers a trans male or trans female more than disregarding their pretend sex by acknowledging their actual sex. Because each and every time this happens reality's light flickers into the trans mind, illuminating their gendered mistake.

Fortunately the trans community has armed themselves with a pat bullet proof response whenever anyone calls their trans reality into question by firing back with "transphobia". Unfortunately for them there are those (especially strong feminist lesbians) who bravely and with sober insight ignore the deceptive pressures of political correctness and fearlessly defend reality against the trans onslaught of psychotic belief.


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  1. This concerns me for several reasons.

    (1.) If she can use a men's shower or sauna, why can't middle aged males like Colleen Francis use the women's sauna? Colleen Francis still had his penis when he paraded it around the women's facilities in Olmypia Washington.


    (2.) This woman might be strong and tough enough to handle herself in a men's shower or sauna, but does that mean every female is capable of doing so? Tina Brandon was raped after it was discovered that he really was a she. I can see some 5'5" transman defending herself against 6'2" males. It's common knowledge that it's usually the smaller males in men's prisons that are the victims of rape. Male rape in prisons is more common than people think, and it's usually the smaller guys who are the victims.

    (3.) Boys and men should have a right to privacy just like women need their privacy while showering or undressing.

    (4.) Liability issue might also arise.

    I'm not saying that all males are prone to violence, but if a female is hurt showering with males, can't the owner be held responsible? After all, the owner's policies put her in danger to begin with. How do females showering or dressing with males relate to liability on the part of the owner of the establishment? Any reasonable person can see the potential for harm.

    Perhaps this woman should ask the mothers in Olmypia, Washington what they think.

  2. "Nothing angers a trans male or trans female more than disregarding their pretend sex by acknowledging their actual sex."

    Amen to that!



    Ditto here, except I would like to add peeing, pooping, farting, straining, and changing pads/tampons to the list because this is PRECISELY how I feel about using the men's room! I hate FtM weirdos who want to change the fact that females use female rooms, because in the process they're opening our door to those even-weirder MtF men in dresses!!! What is this world coming to when we can't even agree that the women's room is for those with vaginas while the men's room is for those with penises?!?!?

  4. I love how Dirt doesn't even pretend this isn't some weird-ass propaganda. It would be really interesting to dissect the language used on this blog and cross-correlate it with language typically used to oppress other minority groups just to prove this blog is far less about making women feel good to be women than making an already persecuted group of people feel victimised. It is fascinating and hilarious, if somewhat sad to watch some people try to genderpolice the world.
    Like, women shouldn't be defined by society and expected to all like pink and dresses, but you, you break the gender binary?! How dare you, omg, *criez*

  5. Oooooh Dirt said "pussy"! I'm telling!

  6. Propaganda....or, don't believe what is obvious bull****....don't trust your own eyes...

    "I love how Dirt doesn't even pretend this isn't some weird-ass propaganda."

    I'm sure the 17 year old girl who had to see 40 year old Colleen Francis's penis DOES, INDEED, "think this is some weird-ass propaganda", but the weird ass propaganda is coming from the transgender community.

    Perhaps the boys and men at this men's facility feel uncomfortable being naked in front of a female. If a naked male sees a strange female showering or laying around naked next to him, he is just supposed to go about his business.

    The main problem I have with the woman in question using the men's facilities is this. If she can walk around naked in a space designated for males, why can't transwomen like Colleen Francis expose his penis to more 17 year old girls? Yes, it was a 17 year old girl who complained. THIS IS THE POLICE REPORT.

    Why wasn't Colleen Francis arrested for exposing his penis to a 17 year old girl? Well, he is special apparently.

    Why can't Paul Witherspoon aka Paula Witherspoon (a registered sex offender) use the women's restroom?

    "A transgender woman who was ticketed for using the women’s restroom at a Dallas hospital says her status as a convicted sex offender should not play a role in the citation....

    Witherspoon told NBC 5 on Tuesday that she has been transitioning since 2006. She said she offered to show the officer a letter from her counselor that states she is expected to use facilities for women.

    "It explains everything. I'm a woman," she said.

    So much for the "weird ass propaganda". I know exactly where the weird ass propaganda is coming from. People are force fed a bunch of propaganda so to speak from certain members of the trans community, and we have to accept it.

    Guess, what....we don't have to accept it.

  7. "It's up to you to decide if internalized misogyny plays a role in your transitioning. If that doesn't feel true to you, then it's not true."

    "If that (internalized misogyny) doesn't feel true to you, then it's not true."

    So, internalized misogyny can play a role in one's decision to transition. Thank you. Internalized misogyny....very interesting...

    None here....

    "I would much rather see my daughter grow up to be a trans man and receive the respect that comes from being a man, rather than be steered into becoming a carpet muncher and someone who gets absolutely no respect in our society."

    None here either...

    ".....You are such a weak little old hag of a bitch. Get raped by a bunch of niggers you old crow."

    "You made this story up you fucking ugly OVER-THE-HILL sagging tits, fat ass ugly repulsive CUNT. You're just jealous that you're OLD AS HELL and can NEVER EVER transition successfully the way us young dudes do! We are the men you can never, ever be. Medical science, nanotechnology and genetic engineering is advancing in ways your tiny female, estrogen-dominant gossipy female brain can NEVER imagine. CUNT. And being 25 I will reap the benefits and you will just be a corpse. You're not even masculine, this shit you're doing here is totally female...gossipy manipulative psychological warfare. Why don't you take your fat, over-sized, child-bearing hips sagging cottage cheese ass back in the kitchen and cook your disgusting wrinkled, obese crew-cut trainwreck you call a "girlfriend" another Swanson dinner you useless OLD HAG. KNOW YOUR PLACE and stop treading on us. Stupid useless cunt. No wonder there is so much's because of bitches like you. Suck a fat one and get AIDS".


  8. "Dear reader discovering this blog for the first time,

    I want you to know that just because a lesbian is posting hateful things about trans people here, hers is the voice of a hateful minority. Most lesbians do not hate the trans community and are as happy to support you as you are them.

    People post a lot of awful things here, and a lot of lies. Please just remember:

    You are a beautiful person."

    And we can make you way, way, way MORE beautiful by surgically altering your healthy genitals and completely removing your breasts, and changing your female reproductive system.

    Female revolting that they need surgical intervention...

  9. "Sex reassignment surgery has nothing in common with female genital mutilation."

    What some members of the trans community and their allies have admitted:

    (1.) Culture, peer pressure, etc. might influence one's decision to transition.

    (2.) Internalized misogyny might play a role in one's desire to "transition".

    Culture and internalized misogyny definitely play a significant role in FGM (female genital mutilation).

    Is there any other surgical procedure that so radically alters healthy female breasts than FTM "top surgery"?

    Males generally have smaller nipples and areolas. We can't have that on a transman. So, both areolas and nipples are often cut off then reshaped down to size. Then, both healthy breasts are completely removed. After this, the re-sized areolas and nipples are sewn back on. Loss of sensation to the nipples might occur. As to "bottom surgery", a surgeon can't just tack a penis onto a biological female. It usually takes multiple surgeries and requires skin being grafted from other parts of the body. Of course, skin taken from the arm, thigh, or where ever isn't erectile tissue. This six to eight inches of skin from the arm or wherever has to be sewn onto the pubic area. Also, lengthening of the female urethra comes with its own set of issues. As I understand it, there is no guarantee that there won't be some loss of sensation. Not every transman has loss of sensation, but there is a possibility of it occurring.

    WARNING! Graphic video

    Dr. Daniel Medalie performs FtM top surgery (double incision mastectomy with nipple grafting)

    copy and paste url

    ***Watch the entire video. I know it's excruciatingly painful to watch, but people need to know what this magical word called "transition" can entail. Is FTM (female to male) FGM (female genital mutilation)? This is a very good question. I argue that we can't completely separate the radical alteration of female breasts, genitals, and reproductive tracts from its thousand plus year history.

    When I watch the entire video of "top surgery", it feels like a form of violence being carried out on the female sex.

  10. 8:38
    If someone is a sex offender, I don't think they're really going to care whether or not they're allowed to go somewhere, it's not like the little signs above the doors have some weird powers that stop people of a different gender going in. Sex offenders of any gender shouldn't be allowed in any bathrooms or changing rooms, whether they are trans* or not is irrelevant, and if someone feels uncomfortable getting changed in front of people, they can always get changed in the bathroom. Going to an all girls school and being openly bi, I quite often got told by people that they didn't feel comfortable getting changed in the same room as me, however being a decent person, I just didn't check them out while they were getting changed.

  11. If you are an MtF, and have your male genitalia,you should never, ever be naked in a women's locker room, sauna, etc. If you're an MtF, you can do what you want, men don't mind girls in their spaces, unless you're deep in Redneck America.