Saturday, December 15, 2012

...they know not what they do

From Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov..."And if the sufferings of children go to swell the sum of sufferings which was necessary to pay for truth, then I protest that the truth is not worth such a price. I don’t want the mother to embrace the oppressor who threw her son to the dogs! She dare not forgive him! Let her forgive him for herself, if she will, let her forgive the torturer for the immeasurable suffering of her mother’s heart. But the sufferings of her tortured child she has no right to forgive; she dare not forgive the torturer, even if the child were to forgive him! And if that is so, if they dare not forgive, what becomes of harmony? Is there in the whole world a being who would have the right to forgive and could forgive? I don’t want harmony. From love for humanity I don’t want it. I would rather be left with the unavenged suffering. I would rather remain with my unavenged suffering and unsatisfied indignation, even if I were wrong. Besides, too high a price is asked for harmony; it’s beyond our means to pay so much to enter on it. And so I hasten to give back my entrance ticket, and if I am an honest man I am bound to give it back as soon as possible. And that I am doing. It’s not God that I don’t accept, Alyosha, only I most respectfully return him the ticket.

In the face of moments like yesterday, I am moved not merely to "respectfully return (him) the ticket", I am moved to rip up the ticket and throw it in the face of God. And by God, I emphatically mean humanity.



  1. Anonymous1

    It's so sad and it leaves me with a numb feeling.

    I've always supported the type of gun control legislation that many European countries have. Unfortunately, in the U.S., politicians are so afraid of the NRA lobby and their powerful political influence.

    It should be much harder for deranged people to get their hands on weapons.

  2. The grief and disgust can be overwhelming. I thought of you and this post when I came across this song.

    Take care, Ms. Dirt.