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Robert Gabby Ludwig-The Pro's of Raping the Image of "woman"

A few days ago my cousin called me, a cross between angry and upset, because he had heard on sports tv that a 50 year old man had joined a girls basketball team. After telling me the gist of the story, I did a bit of research myself and it seems my cousin was in fact correct. Robert (gabby) Ludwig, a classic autogynephile (a straight male who fetishizes/masturbates to the patriarchal idea of woman) went back to community college and using his legal female status penetrated the girls basketball team, despite the colleges rules against it.
Six foot eight inch Robert makes no bones about being "born" a male, not that cosmetics can remotely change one's sex, but given that he was born male, his birth sex automatically disqualifies him from joining this girl's basketball team. But as we all know, male privilege supercedes all rules everywhere and this case is no different.

Female sports and female recognition in sports is still very much in its infancy. And at this fetal juncture in women's sports to have male's using legal loopholes to insert themselves is not only critical to the notion of female sports, it is pure male violence against women! Personally it is none of my business that Robert enjoyed masturbating in his mother's clothing as a teen, but when he uses his male privilege to usurp female and rape his way into female spaces to the exclusion OF females, he becomes the problem of ALL women!

But the greater issue here isnt some random male waving his cock around to get what he wants (nothing new there), it is him being defended by lesbians insisting he has legal rights to do so! Yes, several lesbian rights group are defending male privileged Robert because HE'S conveniently docked his cock on the island of lesbos via legally excusing himself from his heterosexuality. Lesbians have long heard the jokes made from straight men claiming their pussy love makes them lesbians too, but where has our lesbian community gone when today lesbians not only validate those men, but legally defend them!

I am at a loss as to how to rebuild our community when lesbians themselves fail to see the difference between a lesbian and a straight man, no matter the outfit he's wearing.

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  1. He looks like Al Bundy in drag!

  2. Anonymous1

    THIS IS SO WRONG TO DO TO WOMEN! Women are put at a disadvantage if they have to compete against males. It's not right to treat women this way. He is male, and actually played on a men's basketball team when he was younger. I read about it in the sports section of the local newspaper.

    Put some male college player in a dress and apply some makeup, and then tromp all over the other women's teams in the league.


  3. This is so dumb. All I'm saying in this thread is the fact that dirt and all the other trans-deniers are dumb. I'm out.

  4. This is an email I sent to Mission College. Also, I sent a copy to the NCAA. THIS IS JUST WRONG FOR SO MANY REASONS.

    To: Mission College

    This purpose of this email is to strongly protest the decision of Mission College to allow a male player on its women’s basketball team. This creates a significant disadvantage to the women players. Mr. Ludwig played on men’s basketball teams when he was younger, and spent half his life living as a man, even fathering a child from one of his past marriages. When I glanced at the photographs circulating on the internet, it was glaringly obvious to me that this 6’6” 220 male towered over the female players, and still had the bulk and musculature of a male. Despite the name change, he still has the facial features of a man, and has the size and strength of a male. In my opinion, it’s unconsciously to expect female athletes to compete with men. Even children know that males are usually taller, stronger, and faster than women. Any rational person can see that this puts female athletes at a great disadvantage. If it were a recreational game at a local gym, few people would care. However, in completion in which the score counts, any sane person knows that putting a male on a women’s team creates an unfair disadvantage. It fundamentally dishonors the game, and most people can see through this charade.

    Every win will be suspect because any sane person knows that it’s patently unfair to expect women athletes to compete against males. Please believe me when I say that this decision to place Mr. Ludwig on the women’s team has made a mockery of women’s sports in general and Mission College in particular.

    As a woman who played sports in college, I am deeply offended that people would have such utter disregard for the integrity of the game and for women.

    I don’t want to sound disrespectful to the transgender community, but I definitely do not see Mr. Ludwig as a hero. Rather, I see a man who dishonors the game of basketball, women’s sports, and female athletes.

    I will never watch women’s sports again because this incident makes a mockery of the whole game. I will always be wondering whether or not the person I’m watching really is a female, or just a male ringer in a skirt.

  5. Made a typo...should say competition...too upset to think

    However, in competition in which the score counts, any sane person knows that putting a male on a women’s team creates an unfair disadvantage. It fundamentally dishonors the game, and most people can see through this charade.

  6. The worst part of this story is that the women on the team support him. They really don't get that they're being replaced, they're not concerned that a man is taking the place of the woman who should be on that team. The female impersonators aren't the problem at all, the real problem is that women are so unaware.

    Maybe we should bring back, you know, feminism, and have consciousness raising and such. But, when we did that back in the day, we were already liberated because we were able to see the problems. Today's young people don't get it, so I actually don't see much feminist potential.

    Women can play all the basketball they want, but if they want to be demoted to cheerleaders on their own team, I don't know that I can even care.

  7. This person will never, ever pass as female, and everywhere she goes she will be constantly reminded that most people think she is some kind of subhuman. She's a walking target for hatred, and you complete bitches think she does all that just to get on the court of some shitty community college basketball team? That her life isn't a struggle for every single minute she's not on the court? You should be ashamed of yourselves. The young women who support her and play with her are your moral superiors and have twice the heart you do. It's *their* world, so you need to step the fuck back and let them lead you. *You*can't be trusted. I don't even think you have hearts.

  8. Ludwig grew to 6-8 by his sophomore year of high school. And by the time Ludwig entered Nassau Community College in the fall of 1980, he was a high-flying teenager who could throw down all sorts of dunks. Ludwig also discovered another allure -- women -- and knew he had a strong attraction to them.

    “I don't want her in the same locker room as my daughter," Casey says. "That's a man with girls. Take Shaq and cut his (penis) off and we'll put him out there with the girls. What's the difference? You have daughters out there. Mine might be a Tom boy, but she is all girl.”

    "I found a home with a bunch of dysfunctional lesbians, one deaf kid and a transsexual woman," she says, laughing.

    A middle aged heterosexual man playing with college age girls got his California birth certificate changed to “female” on November 30 (no you can’t make this **it up).
    To change one's birth certificate in California, one must petition the court and show medical confirmation of a sex change. On Nov. 30, an Alameda County Superior Court judge declared Gabrielle Monika Ludwig a woman and ordered her a new female birth certificate.

    She could not only play women's basketball, she got her full two years of eligibility reinstated because her 1980 season counted only to her male basketball tenure.
    The rules for community colleges say that players can only play for two years. The time that “Gabbie” played as a man doesn’t count. Isn’t that a bunch of **it?

    This is another reason why we need to kick the “T” in the GLBT to the side. When people think of the GLBT, they think of Colleen Francis parading his penis around high school girls. Now, we have a middle aged 6’6” 220 lb. man playing basketball with college girls.

    Not everyone lives in a trans fantasy world. Of course, his team mates might not mind because they are a crappy team looking for a height advantage. He takes up a hella lot of space in the key. The women on the other teams are at a disadvantage and people know it. It's so damn obvious to any fool. This is why trans is losing the support of many parents and the public. They can see this bullsh** for what it is. Colleen Francis is bullshit and so is this guy.

  9. "Personally it is none of my business that Robert enjoyed masturbating in his mother's clothing as a teen,"

    It really wouldn't be if it were true.

    Try not making things up. Who knows? People might take you seriously. For real.

    But I guess it's hard without facts about HRT and so on so I'd recommend educating yourself about those topics first.

    Thanks, bye.

  10. The fact that the young women say they have no objections to Ludwig doesn't necessarily make it true. After all, they are young women without institutional power or support, some of whom might want to have future careers in sports. They are probably aware that they will be headhunted for transphobia if they dare object, and very possibly won't be able to go on and do the things they want to because of it. The groups who should be standing up for these young women - mainstream so-called feminist groups (who are actually more interested in being pro-trans than pro-female), lesbian groups, sporting administrators, the legal profession have all betrayed the women in favour of a dude who wants to invade women's spaces. Place the responsibility where it belongs, and not on struggling young athletes whose interests are already not being supported.

  11. Dirt, this post is a joke. Take a look at the Olympics this year - every single nation had female representatives for the first time in history. The female winners were not ignored in place of the male. If you're talking about sport on the international stage, the OIC have working protocol in place to avoid men "raping their way" into female spaces so you don't need to worry yourself on that count. Any member of a sports team affiliated to an official body follows guidelines too.

    I've competed in the male category of sporting competitions to a severe disadvantage, so it works the other way round, you know. But guess what - sport isn't about winning, it's about taking part. Whether or not a transgender person is advantaged or disadvantaged in college teams or local competition is not the point. You have no idea what it's like to stand up in front of a crowd and compete as a transgender person. Next you're going to be laying into Balian Buschbaum and Kye Allums.

  12. As a transgender/sexual/whatever the current lingo is, this news disgusts me. It's exactly the type of thing that makes non-trans people see trans people as weirdos, pedophiles and generally mentally ill. Why are the trans people that get into the news always the WORST possible examples?


  13. As a cisgender woman, I support this trans female basketball player 100%. I am appalled by the hateful and prejudicial remarks on this blog. You should be ashamed of yourself for the bigotry you so casually throw around. Does it make you feel superior to gang up on a trans woman? Luckily, lesbian dinosaurs such as yourself are rapidly dying off, and we are left with a new generation which is unapologetically trans-inclusive and trans-positive. You could learn a lot from the third wavers, but sadly you are stuck in a "lesbian feminist" 1970s time-warp, a movement which, BTW, was a complete and total failure! Perhaps you trans-haters and trans-deniers should go form a lesbian sep commune and leave the rest of the world to people who are not filled with hate and discredited "radfem" ideas and theories.

  14. What's funny is how the feminists are all advocating for segregation of men and women in sports.

    Yes, there are physical differences between men and women. But women can compete with men without going to any measures beyond what normal athletes do. Saying otherwise is just perpetuating the myth that women are weak and men are superior.

    If the biggest problem with women and men competing with each other in basketball, then the real solution would be to have different classes of basketball based on height. There are plenty of extremely tall women out there, and plenty of short men who are good players. It would be like weight classes in wrestling.

    The problem with sports is not that transwomen want to play on female teams. The problem is that professional and college sports are segregated in the first place. There might be good reasons to have separate mens and womens locker rooms, but there's no good reason to denigrate women through systematically separating them from men in sports.

    If you're going to pretend that your hate of transsexuals is based in feminism, at least try to be a decent feminist.

  15. "The problem is that professional and college sports are segregated in the first place. There might be good reasons to have separate mens and womens locker rooms, but there's no good reason to denigrate women through systematically separating them from men in sports."

    Why not tell the International Olympic Committee to completely change the way it has operated since it's inception? They are wrong. In the Olympics, now both men and women will compete in the same athletic events.

    Why not tell the NCAA that they are completely wrong? Colleges and universities should eliminate all women's sports programs. Each college or university shall have only one basketball team, one track and field program, one football program, one field hockey program, one ice hockey program, one swimming program , one wrestling team, and so forth. If the females want to play, let them try out for the various college teams. If they can't make the cut in any sporting event, that is too bad. We are all equal here, and we should stop denigrating women.

    "The problem is that professional and college sports are segregated in the first place. There might be good reasons to have separate mens and womens locker rooms, but there's no good reason to denigrate women through systematically separating them from men in sports".


    Let's say that each college can only have one basketball team to represent the entire school. Anyone can try out for the team. By anyone, I mean both males and females. If this happened, how many females do people think would be playing for the team? Let's be honest with ourselves. Eventually, women would more than likely end up being the cheerleaders while men played the game.


    "There are plenty of extremely tall women out there, and plenty of short men who are good players. It would be like weight classes in wrestling."

    Isn't it a scientific fact that testosterone builds muscle mass, and people with a larger musculature have a strength advantage? Don't males naturally have more testosterone than females? On average, in adult human males, the plasma concentration of testosterone is about 7–8 times as great as the concentration in adult human females' plasma, but as the metabolic consumption of testosterone in males is greater, the daily production is about 20 times greater in men.

    Is a 5'10" female as strong as a 5'10" male?

    Let's say we have three teams. Short team (any sex) Medium size team (any sex) Tall team (any sex)

    After puberty males usually have greater upper body strength than females. If females produced as much testosterone as males, then it makes sense to say that a 5'10" female is as strong as a 5'10" male. Of course, there could be an instance where a woman might be as strong as a male of her same height, but generally males are stronger than females.

    All we have to do is to compare men's Olympic Weight Lifting records with female Olympic Weight Lifting Records.


    "The problem is that professional and college sports are segregated in the first place. There might be good reasons to have separate mens and womens locker rooms, but there's no good reason to denigrate women through systematically separating them from men in sports."

    Before puberty, there is little strength difference between males and females, However, after puberty, this all changes.

    *Gross measures of body strength suggest a 40-50% difference in upper body strength between the sexes, and a 20-30% difference in lower body strength. This is supported by another study that found females are about 52-66% as strong as males in the upper body, and about 70-80% as strong in the lower body.

    *Males have denser, stronger bones, tendons, and ligaments.

    *Male and female pelvises are shaped differently. The female pelvis features a wider pelvic cavity, which is necessary when giving birth. The female pelvis has evolved to its maximum width for childbirth — an even wider pelvis would make women unable to walk. In contrast, human male pelvis did not evolve to give birth and are therefore slightly more optimized for walking. The female pelvis is larger and broader than the male pelvis which is taller, narrower, and more compact. The female inlet is larger and oval in shape, while the male inlet is more heart-shaped


    Women can be brilliant scientists, scholars, physicians, writers, entrepreneurs, or attorneys. Women can also be truck drivers, plumbers, and mechanics. However, females generally aren't as strong as males. It's possible to honor and recognize women without throwing out logic and reason along the way. Stating that men have a size and strength advantage in sports is not denigrating women. There are differences between the sexes. Difference does not equal denigration. Please look carefully at the photographs of Robert Ludwig as he towers over female players. It's so painfully obvious to anyone that he has a strength and size advantage. Throw everything we know as well as common sense out the window and follow this transgender fantasy world. In the end, it's women who will suffer.

  17. The trans mind-fuck -- ignore the BAD biological essentialism (yer know, like pointing out that someone who was born male and who developed as a male MIGHT have an unfair weight/height/muscle mass advantage over biological females), whilst embracing the GOOD biological essentialism, which is that ALL us women have some invisible and inviolable and unchangable lady-bit in our brains labelled 'innate gender identity'.

    And now we see what it leads to. Fun to see how far some people will keep it up before their brains dissolve in a mess of dribble..............

    From the point of view of sport, gender isn't actually the issue. most people would agree that someone who'd been mainlining steroids for years might have an unfair advantage over those who haven't. Ditto, someone who was born male and who developed as male has an unfair advantage over people who DIDN'T have years of testosterone behind them. Doesn't MATTER what gender they think they are now, or what gender they legally are, the unfairness still remains.

  18. I am a transsexual. Male to female. Forgive my intrusion in this space please.

    My transition was 3 years ago and I still have a strength advantage over the average born women. My bone frame is male and thus more suited to physical exertion than a natal woman. Granted there are some born women who are stronger than me but this is not the norm.

    They say that after 2 years of HRT a trans female has no advantage physicaly over a natal female. I call bullshit on that. I know trans men who are on T that are not as strong as me. And I do not go to the gym or work out.

    As a result, you will never find me playing sports with born women. Not even a pick up game. It wouldn't be fair or proper for me to do so.

    I just wish more T people would be less delusional about this topic.
    Transgender females have no buisness in sports against born females.

  19. Anonymous1

    Dirt, I can understand why you are upset, and I agree that Mr. Ludwig shouldn't be on the women's basketball team. Robert Ludwg is NOT a woman. However, I think you let your anger get a bit out of control with some of the things you said.

    "Personally it is none of my business that Robert enjoyed masturbating in his mother's clothing as a teen, but when he uses his male privilege to usurp female and rape his way into female spaces to the exclusion OF females, he becomes the problem of ALL women."

    I know what autogynephilia is, but we don't know what Mr. Ludwig's sexual desires and fantasies are.

    The needs and desires of a middle aged heterosexual male trumps the needs of high school and college age female atheletes. Where have we seen this before? Ask the mothers in Olympia, Washington what they think.

    Again, I know why you are angry, and I'm angry too.

  20. From the blog section of the Huffington Post which, by the way, is moderate to liberal leaning.

    I'm sorry but if you are born a male or female an operation and hormone therapy will not change that fact. If you choose to be transgender that is your choice and i dont see an issue but do not try to convince me that you are now officially a woman because you think you are and modern medicine made it a reality.

    But at 6'8" tall and a former MAN, has the physical advantage over her youth competitors.

    This is not right. Ms. Ludwig needs to be part of the college transgendered team. This should be covered under Title Nine.

    it seems to me that this person would have an unfair advantage due to birth gender...

    no, you'd be wrong. If he wasn't much bigger and stronger than the women he is competing with, there wouldn't be a story.

    At first I thought this was a bad idea, but people on this forum have convinced me otherwise. I now would like to see all women replaced by men on all women's basketball teams.

    Only in America !

    This is fair?? Political correctness at it's finest.

    I dunno, I've seen the pictures. She's pretty darn big. 50 or not, as muscular as she is, I woud say she has a decided advantage. Shaq wasn't that fast or agile, but no denying the presence he had on the court. I get the whole transgender thing, and support her if this is what she wants, but I just don't think this is fair for the other girls.

    What I think really has no bearing on this issue. But I will offer my opinion. I hope not to offend anyone. I think that a 6'2" 220 pound man and a 6'2' 220 pound woman are not of equal strength. Just because the box is of equal size does't mean they are of equal strength. Be transgender. Be anything you wish to be or become. But I think it naive to suggest that a transgender man to woman who is 50 years of age is competitively equal to these players I saw on the court. Men have more muscle fibers due to their greater muscle mass. Men have denser, stronger bones, tendons and ligaments. That being said Ms Ludwig has an advantage while playing against natural born females.
    Proving you have the courage and fortitude to go against the grain of society, does not diminish the laws of science.
    Good luck to Ms .Ludwig

    If people are equal in every way then why have weight classes in wresling or boxing? I think people are equal but still have differences, you find these differences among men and among women. And you find them among men and women.

    What if Mike Tyson came forward and said he is transgender, should he be aloud to box women?


    02:32 PM on 12/07/2012 Its a danger to ones logic and reasoning to convince yourself that a surgery addressing a few external features and a few calculable hormones defines male and female. It is a danger for the same reason believing creationism is real. Its just not logical. It is factually incorrect and science is certainly advanced enough for this to not even be a debate. When one creates the habit of believing in things that aren't logical it interrupts the fluidity of the inert reasoning process. No one should be judged for their personal decisions but society as a whole should not be subjected to a specific groups refusal to acknowledge reality. Create a trangender league if you must. Create transgender bathrooms if you must but I will never be able to logically tell myself that a few surgeries, some steroids and mixed with a little psychology defines gender or male: if you religious you may believe God is more powerful than that... If you are not religious like me, I believe that nature is more complex and we should have a little more respect for it than to make such assertions based on our miniscule capabilities to play with physical characteristics.

    "he was born with male organs and not female organs, so for the purpose of clinical definition, he is a male, what he does in other venues is his own business. Do you think that every male who doesnt make the boys team should then be able to try out for the girls team? If so, then there would probably be a preponderance of males playing on the girls team. Wow talk about unfair! How fair is it to the girl who would have been last on the team roster if he had not shown up? Ill bet as big as he is he couldnt have made the mens team which is probably why he is where he is. Or maybe he is just another looney lefty boob."

    Yes, but here's the interesting thing. Watch the documentary on Renee Richards. She has come to the conclusion that IT WAS NOT FAIR FOR HER TO COMPETE IN WOMEN'S TENNIS. She, as a physician, correctly realizes that the benefit of decades of TESTOSTERONE she had when she was a man can not be undone by a few years of estrogen and a sex change surgery. The muscle mass, the height, the skeletal structure is all permanently influenced by testosterone. These transgender people have every right to do whatever they want to do in life, but I agree with Dr. Richards that it is not FAIR for them to compete as women.

  22. There are many physical differences between males and females, as has already been touched on here.

    Males are on average 6 inches taller than average females. Having played college basketball myself, I can tell you size matters. It's no accident that NBA players are huge!

    Males have larger cardiac-vascular systems. Muscles need oxygen to work. Larger cardiac-vascular systems pump more oxygen to the muscles, giving males on average more strength, muscle, and speed. Despite the physical advantages males have, females continue to close the gap. Scientists can't figure out why. I think it's a matter of pure female determination.

    Pelvises have already been mentioned. Legs fit into the female pelvis at an angle, male's legs fit into their pelvis straight in. Which affects the way we move, walk, and run. It gives males the advantage in running, but gives females the advantage in balance. A simple test I learned in middle school exposes the differences. All it involved was picking up a small, student chair. Females can do it, males can't. It has to do with the way our legs fit into our pelvis. I have advocated that the test be used at the MWMF. It will quickly expose men posing as women so they can be given the boot.

    There are more differences between males and females. I've just mentioned some and how they affect sports. But even in male sports, males recognize size differences between males, and provide different divisions to accommodate that. We don't, for example, see grown men playing pee-wee football and pretending there's no difference. Or a heavy-weight boxer going against a feather-weight. But all of a sudden when it comes to women, there's no difference? I call bullshit. It's nothing more than the master continuing to bully the slave.

    That said, yes, this dude is a pervert who has a fetish with women and masturbates to it. Even the FBI recognizes it and states that these males are sexually aroused by women's clothing and their fantasies about being female. Most M2Ts sure aren't going to admit to the X-rated movie they have going on in their heads tho - any more than a pedophile is going to admit to the sexual fantasies he has about children.

    I've also heard just about every straight male on the planet claim he's a lesbian. Every male on the planet dreams of being the master, raiding the harem's quarters. From drilling holes in bathroom walls, to be being peeping Toms, using mirrors, camera devices or whatever. Transgenderism is just one more scheme males have come up with. Why women, especially lesbians, put up with men's bullshit is beyond me. I, however, am not one of them and will not put up with MRAs in my space, in drag or not. Which is all M2Ts are. Men's Rights Activists in skirts.

    Thank you, Dirt, for continuing to be female-loving and not selling us out to the man.

  23. Bad Dyke, thank you for consistently kicking ass. I have much respect for you, sister!

    And, to the MtF @ December 18, 2012 1:03 PM, thanks for being honest about the physiological differences and for not participating in all female teams with your stronger physique.

    -Anonymous Sister

  24. No one can say anything because of political correctness, of which I'm sure Robert is well aware.

  25. You're so right. Political correctness absolutely keeps people from ever saying anything bad about people. Happens all the time. I mean, look at this page, where the invisible hand of political correctness is forcing people to not say anything ugly or cruel. Clearly, everyone who shows any measure of acceptance for someone different is just a PC-nazi.

  26. "I have advocated that the test be used at the MWMF. It will quickly expose men posing as women so they can be given the boot."

    Good idea! There's no way a MTF could pass this test, EVER!
    Get rid of any other testing method.