Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tabou: Patience-Book 1 by Suzanne Stroh

Tabou: Patience is the first in a series of new lesbian works by the Michigan born writer Suzanne Stroh. I suspect because this novel is a serial work Ms. Stroh begins her book slowly, you will need a bit of patience before the storyline of Patience comes into full view. That isn't to say on the Sunday drive there Ms. Stroh's doesn't punctuate the scene with splashes of exquisite colour. The novel has a Wintersonesque feel in that linear time is replaced with her own special version of String Theory that is reminiscent of Woolf's Orlando. 

Given the difficult economic climate far too many lesbians face today, Patience makes for a short inexpensive trip to the upper crust of wealth and privilege combined with passion, love and machination! Our two main characters Jocelyn Russet and Patience Herrick seem an odd match but Ms. Stroh's manages to weave their many differences into an ardent frenzy of pasts, presents and futures, not necessarily in that order. If you enjoy a slow starting fire, Patience will begin warming you up and end setting you ablaze!

A must read for any lover of lesbian romantic fiction.

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Tabou: Patience, Book 1's Summary

Jocelyn Russet and Patience Herrick. Two powerful, British-born American lesbians, fiery heiresses of different generations. Both coming of age at the same time. Are they destined for one another—or starcrossed? Follow their ten-year Odyssey in a sexy romp through the rollicking 1980s and 1990s. Discover how their fate turns on secret histories that bind the Russet and Herrick dynasties in business, politics and espionage. Meet an international cast of supporting characters who must all choose between love and duty in book one of the TABOU quintet.

Suzanne Stroh's Bio:

Suzanne Stroh is a screenwriter and film producer, author of published case studies on family business. She grew up in Michigan where her family brewed Stroh’s beer for five generations. She studied art history at Wellesley College and Newnham College, Cambridge then worked in the New York art world before turning to writing. A mountaineer and field medic, she lives with her family in the Virginia countryside. TABOU is her first novel.

Pages: 463
Publisher: Publish Green
Release: October 11, 2011

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