Wednesday, September 5, 2012

YouTube-Transgender and Minors

Since children are so impressionable, should YouTube put adult warning labels on all trans video's? Or like porn sites, require proof of legal age before viewing trans video's, such as entering a credit card number? Should YouTube also require similar proof for making video's?



  1. I would think that if this were to be the case in the future Dirt, that your own blog should carry adult warnings since you post images of what you deem to be "vulnerable" children and heavy surgery.

  2. You do realize that not every transperson regrets transitioning, right?
    I'm amused by how angry and obsessed you are over a group of people that never did anything harmful to you.
    Some people transitioned into a guy and they are happy about it. Let them be whoever they want to be.
    You're a lesbian right? How do you feel when hetrosexual people say being gay is a mental illness and you should be put behind an electric fence?

    Have you ever considered going to counseling? Lashing out at a group of people because of your anger isn't healthy you know.

    Don't bother to reply, I'm probably not going to come here again.

  3. Come on Dirty ... why do you have such a bee in your bonnet about FTMs? the truth now the really gritty truth emotional truth.
    lots of love
    Vinegar (honey)

  4. For a moment I thought I was on a fundamentalist christian blog.

  5. Sadly Dirt, I don't think that would help. Since the people who are inflicting trans most on others are the parents of young children who either hate their child's gayness, or who have Munchausen by proxy and get a sick charge out of having a "special" child, making these videos adults only wouldn't protect those poor kids.

  6. @Cassaundra
    Can you prove this? from most trans people I have spoken to, they have had to "come out" to their parents, Many, like myself, seek out psychological help before informing our friends and family members.

    I'm sure many would argue that transition is something they sought out privately before being exposed to any videos on YouTube or even informing their family and friends.

  7. Anon 10:10 most trans people I have met came from backgrounds where the parents strictly enforced sex roles and/or were homophobic. Okay, most of these parents arent going round saying "my kid is trans" (but some are!) but theyre laying the foundations by saying... "she acts like a boy" or "why isnt she like like other girls?"

    Whether its misogynistic bragging: 'my-daughters-not-like-those-other-bitchez' or expressing fear of having a lesbian daughter, it all reinforces gender.

    I can see cassaundra's point by the time theyre looking for these youtubes, many will be gender-addled already.

  8. Anonymous, can YOU prove YOUR point? I stated that, of the people who were inflicting trans on other people, the majority were adult and so an adult only designation would not keep them from viewing the video. I don't see how your point is relevant never mind a refutation of my point?

    But, to clarify, YES, diagnosis of trans in children is fast becoming a massive problem. Enough of a problem that we are looking at losing almost an entire generation of gay youth to forced castration and pschological torture in the name of gender conformity. What parent would want to bear the "shame" of having a gay child when they can instead be lauded and applauded for "fixing" a "broken" child who has the audacity to step outside of little pink and blue boxes?

  9. Does anyone have any good links about this stuff? If you could post id be really grateful, particularly the ones where gay children are being forcefully castrated.

  10. Anon @ 1:47 pm, your request for links is disingenuous. Everyone who follows this issue has already seen the horror stories of small children put on the trans track, brainwashed by their parents and doctors, and given puberty blockers at an early age. When you ask for links, you're really just trying to gaslight people. But everyone sees what you're doing. Why not save everyone the time and just tell us you're a hypocrite, because that's a standard tactic of hypocrites. "You say the earth is round? Linky?"

  11. I just want some good places to start researching about this issue, Id like some links, I'm sure you know of plenty.

  12. Anon @3:24, search on Purple Rainbow Kids. That's a showcase for stage parents who hustle their gender non-conforming kids into the trans cult, including puberty blockers.

  13. It isnt as clear cut as "the earth is round" Your interpretation might be different, I don't know if you are looking at a story about a boy who spent years calling himself a girl and wanting to wear dresses and have a girls name and wanting to be identified as female and then the parents making the hard decision to give in and refer to him as a female, and then eventually putting him on hormone blockers (I am assuming with his permission) just incase by the time hes a teenager he's still adamant that he wants to be a girl and eventually he will be old enough to make his own decisions.
    and then you may be looking at that and saying that it is indoctrination and homophobia, i have no idea.

    If a little boy acted effeminately but didn't seem to present any kind of desire to be the opposite gender and the parents took him to the doctors and the doctor said he was trans and should be put on hormone blockers then i would totally agree that, that is wrong.

  14. Anon @ 3:49 pm, read this GenderTrender article on a stage mom who diagnosed her one year old girl as transgender, spent the girl's entire childhood dragging her from one specialist to another, until it all finally "took." This shows the whole process. Sure, if you meet this child now, she probably really believes she's a boy, and that it was all her idea in the first place, but most of these stories are similar. It starts with the sick, homophobic parents. In this case, mommy dearest even wrote a pro-trans children's book, with her own child as a character. You'll find a link to the book in the comments to that GenderTrender article.

  15. "Trans Cult"? Now that is funny as hell!!! If being trans is a cult then I would think being a lesbo is a cult seeing as how many young girls now are going around kissing on other girls and claiming to be gay. They do it for attention and for shock value. My daughters friends do it all the time.

    There's nothing wrong with being trans just like there's nothing wrong with being gay. It's people like you who try to make being trans wrong.

  16. Lisa M., one big difference is that kissing girls even if you're straight is pretentious but harmless, while thinking you're trans and getting the hormones and surgery before you even know what you're doing leaves people maimed. And this is exactly what's going on on YouTube and Tumblr. Anyone can see the immaturity and really bad process, but they all enable each other and even pressure each other. Lots of young women in that culture are complaining about all the hate they get when they delay going on testosterone. If only they were some pretentious wannabe bisexuals, because you can kiss girls without losing body parts and poisoning your endocrine system.

  17. 4:13, that is some pretty shocking stuff, I am a transman, and I don't understand how anyone can draw the conclusions that women did. When I was a child I was also very tomboyish from the age of a toddler, But I cant imagine my parents ever being concerned.
    Though I cant really be surprised, nothing surprises me these days.

    To Anonymous 4:37
    I don't think that makes transgenderism a cult, I don't think the consequences of being trans or lesbian was really relevant. I think what 4:23 was getting at was that lesbians and transgender people cant help how they feel, but just because some kids might think it would be fun or would get them attention to be a lesbian or be trans, these young peoples silly decisions shouldn't result in our "communities" being labeled cults.

    Though I would like to point out to both communities that girls who pretend to be lesbians for attention aren't necessarily having sex with other girls, just kissing, and hopefully any young girls who may be pretending to be transgender will drop out before they do anything too drastic.

    The problem I have is I don't really have the right to tell anyone what they are feeling, I couldn't possibly know, so I'm not really sure what action the trans "community" can take.

    Personally I don't much care for the transgender "community" I don't seem to get along with other trans people, why would I? we have nothing in common, Sometimes on trans forums I'm reading posts and thinking, wtf? stupid things like "should I stop collecting dolls? my friends say i cant be trans because I collect dolls"
    and all i can think is... who cares! do whatever makes you happy, Its like some people have this view of what it is to be male and aim for it even if that means giving up things they enjoy, which shouldn't at all be the case.
    I don't know, its no wonder I distance myself from the trans "community".

  18. Below are my thoughts and reactions regarding an online article entitled, "Mother of Transgender Toddler Gets a Lesson in Love" by Tracie Stratton dated August 16, 2012.

    (gendertrender linked to the Advocate article)

    "My child is now ten. He transitioned at the age of five. By eighteen months I knew that this child, my fourth daughter, was different from the first three".. quote from Izzy's mother

    I will attempt to break this article down paragraph by paragraph and sentence by sentence.

    "I then went to an endocrinologist, who drew some blood from Izzy for lab work. When discussing the results, we found that my child had been making both sets of hormones, estrogen and testosterone, in equal parts. We learned that in a child so young, however, hormones can ebb and flow, and that this was not conclusive to anything. So what could we think? The endocrinologist said our child was transgender, but that we should not let a lab test alter our path. In short, we should continue to do what is right for Izzy."

    This particular paragraph should make the astute reader question sit up and wonder what the heck is happening here. Has it ever been confirmed if Izzy is intersex or not? This article does not answer this question, nor does it appear to care one way or another. Is this a little genetic female who wouldn't fall under the category of intersex, and is just a little gender non-conforming tomboy? What exactly is this paragraph trying to tell us? Does this little genetic female have some type of endocrinal medical condition? Well, according to this paragraph, "When discussing the results, we found that my child had been making both sets of hormones, estrogen and testosterone, in equal parts. We learned that in a child so young, however, hormones can ebb and flow, and that this was not conclusive to anything." By the mother's own words, even the lab test was not conclusive. Even if this little female child had some hormonal problem, why would this automatically mean she should start to "transition" at such an early age? The last sentence should make the careful reader sit up and take notice. She said, "The endocrinologist said our child was transgender, but that we should not let a lab test alter our path. In short, we should continue to do what is right for Izzy." I do NOT believe transgender is a medical diagnosis. Where did this come from, and if this five year old child is a genetic female why would an endocrinologist say such a thing? This is most unusual. There are several intersex conditions that are medical diagnoses, but the word "transgender" is a socially constructed word that lacks precision. It's a label placed on people, and in this case a label slapped on a five year old person that I'm assuming is a tomboyish genetic female. Gender dysphoria or GID are psychiatric diagnoses that might be treated medically or surgically. Of course, even a diagnosis of gender dysphoria in such a small child is problematic. Some claim that transgender is something of a variation of intersex, but there are conflicted studies as to this issue.

  19. More on the Advocate article

    Better anything than a lesbian....

    "By age five, I was in the doctor’s office again, and consulting a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist, who came with great credentials and was the head of the pediatric psych association here in Oregon, had no clue how to handle the situation. Our final meeting with him concluded with him stating: “For God’s sake, just let her be a lesbian.”

    Of course by this time I knew that gender and sexual identity were two different things. I was upset that there was so little help for children like mine, nor did I know of any other children like mine."
    No one knows what did and did not occur at the office of the head of pediatric psych association where this mother lives. However, it would sure be interesting to know exactly what was and was not discussed, and I would like to know what the psychiatrist really said. How did the subject of lesbians even come up? Let's look at this logically. This is the head of the pediatric psych department, and even the mother said he came with great credentials. Did this psychiatrist with the great credentials tell this mother that her five year daughter was a lesbian, or should be a lesbian when she grows up? In all honesty, I can't see this happening. Isn't it more logical to believe the following? The psychiatrist told the mother that there was a possibility that this little girl might grow up to be a lesbian, and she should be left alone to decide on her own. Even if the psychiatrist said, "let her be a lesbian", this is not the same as saying she should be a lesbian. Perhaps we should delve deeper into this most unusual paragraph. Since this is the head of pediatric psychiatry, I'm sure he has experienced numerous occasions in which parents simply could not stand the dreadful thought of having a child that might grow up to be gay or lesbian.

  20. More on the Advocate article..

    It's interesting that the mother states,

    "Of course by this time I knew that gender and sexual identity were two different things."

    This is only partially true at best.

    Before I have the audacity to pose some sensitive questions that others won't touch, let's review what we do and do not know. First, compared to twenty or thirty years ago, children are being slapped with a label of GID or transgender at much earlier ages. Second, with puberty suppressing drugs, transitioning can start when children are pre-teens. While the trans community constantly dances and darts around some very uncomfortable questions, I prefer to bring this all out in the open.

    What do we know about these little gender non-conforming children? Most knowledgeable people know that gender identity is not the same thing as sexual orientation. So, the mother is correct, but only partially correct at best, and it is far more complex than this. Scientists and researches have known for some time that many little sissy boys and tomboy girls do, indeed, grow up to be gay men and lesbians. That is, unless they are chemically and surgically castrated. Because it's so nightmarish and frightening, no one wants to face the ugly truth. In order to identify and the help the few "gender dysphoric" kids who actually do decide to transition upon reaching adulthood, a whole generation of future gay and lesbian children are being chemically and surgically castrated.

    According to,,

    "Most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty. Children with persistent GID are characterized by more extreme gender dysphoria in childhood than children with desisting gender dysphoria. With regard to sexual orientation, the most likely outcome of childhood GID is homosexuality or bisexuality."

    An article in the Atlantic states,
    The most extensive study on transgender boys was published in 1987 as The “Sissy Boy Syndrome” and the Development of Homosexuality. For 15 years, Dr. Richard Green followed 44 boys who exhibited extreme feminine behaviors, and a control group of boys who did not... Green expected most of the boys in the study to end up as transsexuals, but nothing like that happened. Three-fourths of the 44 boys turned out to be gay or bisexual (Green says a few more have since contacted him and told him they too were gay). Only one became a transsexual. “We can’t tell a pre-gay from a pre-transsexual at 8,” says Green, who recently retired from running the adult gender-identity clinic in England. “

    A science daily article says,

    "Research which follows these children to adulthood shows that between 50 to 80 per cent of gender nonconforming boys become gay, and about one third of such girls become lesbian"


    If it is true that there is a one in three chance that this little female might grow up to be a lesbian, the end result will not be an adult woman loving another women. The person that was once Izzy is already "he" at age ten. So, for all practical purposes, if he is attracted to women at adulthood, by outward appearances and societal standards, the couple is now male and female heterosexual. Well, isn't this what society wants all along.

  21. More on the Advocate article..

    Puberty Suppressing Drugs

    "This last fall, Izzy had an implant placed, which will last for a year, to stop puberty."

    As long as Homo sapiens have been walking upon the planet, adolescence has been a normal part of human development. To me, it's interesting how this article only mentioned puberty suppressing drugs once as if halting normal adolescence is a standard medical practice. I hate to say this, but there are no drugs that are completely safe. This is something that is being done to Izzy, and I'm sure Izzy doesn't even understand what is happening to her. As I understand it, puberty suppressing drugs have been around for some time, but they are used for precocious or early adolescence. That is, puberty when it normally shouldn't occur. Their use of "gender dysphoria" is a new phenomenon. Of course, they can be discontinued and normal adolescence will start. It's believed that going through puberty will be traumatic for gender non-conforming children. For example, developing breasts would cause great discomfort for Izzy. One of the main reasons for puberty suppressing drugs is that they make later "transitioning" much easier. That is, there are fewer female or male characteristics to surgically remove later. The kids essentially are little sexless beings.

    The rationale is that these puberty suppressing drugs "buy time" in that they give these kids time to decide what they want.
    How much time are we talking about? Is it six months time, one year, five years, or ten years? This assumes that the time is the same for all kids. Moreover, it assumes that parental influence plays no role whatsoever in a child's decision. The mother is already calling this child "he". Perhaps puberty suppressing drugs should be given to ALL adolescents because there is NO human alive who hasn't experienced some level of discomfort, rebellion, and angst during puberty. We are halting normal human development, and we are making the assumption that genetic female children should be denied womanhood based on gender dysphoria. I was a rough and tumble tomboy when I was growing up, and I hated my breasts and body when I was a teenager. It took about ten years before I began to accept, and even cherish my female body. After about ten years, I'm glad I was allowed to develop, and I'm happy my breasts were not surgically removed.

    The pre-frontal cortex sometimes referred to as the judgment center of the brain isn't fully developed until the early twenties. This is why kids think they know everything, but can also act so stupid. Puberty suppressing drugs are given for "gender identity disorder", and I can't see how these children can fully understand what is happening to them.

    I have a great idea. Why not give out puberty suppressing drugs to ALL parents because adolescence is never easy for anyone?

  22. "Since children are so impressionable, should YouTube put adult warning labels on all trans video's? Or like porn sites, require proof of legal age before viewing trans video's, such as entering a credit card number? Should YouTube also require similar proof for making video's?"

    I think this is a good idea. After watching the video of 12 year old Sky, I have to admit I learned something. I also was shocked. In this video of this 12 year old transboy, this kid drug out three or four binders. This kid sure seemed to know a few things about binders. I wonder if the kid bought them online. At any rate, I wonder if 12 year old kid knows that regular use of binders can mis-align ribs. Some of the health effects seen in Victorian women who wore very constricting corsets have also been observed when binders are worn for long stretches of time.

    So, here is a 12 year old kid talking about binders and her breasts probably aren't completely developed. Think about this carefully. Look into the faces of these kids.


    Has anyone ever explained to these precious female children that girls and women are strong and beautiful? Has anyone ever told them that their bodies are beautiful just the way they are? Do these young females know that women have a rich history, and that they can grow up to be anything they want to be?

    It must be so rough being a girl today.

  23. "Come on Dirty ... why do you have such a bee in your bonnet about FTMs? the truth now the really gritty truth emotional truth.
    lots of love "
    Vinegar (honey)

    I can't speak for Dirt, but I will speak for myself. I will try to limit my comments to FTMs "transitioning".

    What exactly is "transitioning"?

    (1.) After they are diagnosed with "gender identity disorder" at age seven or eight, some children might be given puberty suppressing drugs. As long as humans have walked upon the earth, adolescence has always been a normal part of human development. Well, transgender has turned this on its head. If cross gender hormones are given after puberty suppressing drugs, there is an issue of future fertility being compromised. As I understand it, the use of puberty suppressing drugs for "gender dysphoria" isn't even approved by the FDA specifically for this disorder. This is being DONE to children.

    (2.) As to FTM, a surgeon takes a scalpel and removes both healthy breasts.

    (3.) A life time of testosterone is required if transmen are to retain masculine characteristics. If a transman still keeps his ovaries and uterus, there is an issue of PCOS and testosterone.

    (4.) Female genitals are sometimes surgically altered. This can require multiple surgeries, and can never produce a fully functioning penis comparable to a penis on a biological male. If a penis is surgically created, tissue usually is grafted from another part of the body.

    (5.) Because of PCOS, some physicians recommend removal of uterus and ovaries shortly after taking testosterone. These people are sterile.

    Besides culture influencing decision making, unless we can say with all certainty that no one ever lives to regret "transitioning", isn't this just another form of mutilation of the female body. As more and more young women "transition", then logic tells us that sooner of later some are going to have some regrets. Perhaps not all, but some will eventually live to regret their choices. When both healthy breasts are removed, they are gone for good, and when ovaries and uterus are removed, they are gone for good, and this individual is sterile. "Transitioning" (both healthy breasts removed, life time of testosterone, removal of ovaries and uterus, and often multiple surgeries to create a "penis" that doesn't completely function like a penis on a biological male) drastically alters a human's female body in that it surgically cuts away healthy female tissue along with female identity itself. So, these are profound changes. What happens if we are wrong, what happens if surgery doesn't have a desired effect, or is bothed? What happens if some people live to regret "transitioning" ? If more and more people are "transitioning", and "transitioning" can start even before puberty with Puberty Suppressing Drugs, common sense tells us that sooner or later some people will live to regret "transitioning". As to the question "WHAT IF WE ARE WRONG", apparently, the transgender response is NO response at all. That is, hide or ignore the surgically scarred and mutilated female bodies, ignore that anything is wrong, and go back to business as usual. Unless we can say with all certainty that no one lives to regret "transitioning", then isn't this just another form of the mutilation of females bodies. It's not like mutilation of female bodies in one form or another is anything new. It's been around for centuries. From breast ironing, to Chinese foot binding. to female genital mutilation, it disappears then reappers, but never seems to go away.

    What if we are wrong.........
    how many mutilated female bodies are we willing to toss aside

  24. Dirty why do you have this blog ... what is your personal emotional reason for it?
    Lots of Love
    Vinegar (honey)

  25. 10:24

    People regret all kinds of surgeries, you cant ban an entire practice because some people didn't think it through.

    What happens if someone regrets it?
    they regret it.. that's what happens.
    and there is a number of people who do regret (some for religious reasons)
    Also hormone blockers don't start transition, they suppress puberty, To give the child time to decide, that isn't transitioning.

  26. "Has anyone ever explained to these precious female children that girls and women are strong and beautiful? Has anyone ever told them that their bodies are beautiful just the way they are? Do these young females know that women have a rich history, and that they can grow up to be anything they want to be?"

    Yes. But that knowledge won't turn a boy into a girl.

    Google "cytochrom p17" and get back to me.

    And by "get back to me," I mean I probably won't actually check this post again because the rampant lack (or deletion) of facts and research makes it a bit pointless.

  27. "Has anyone ever explained to these precious female children that girls and women are strong and beautiful? Has anyone ever told them that their bodies are beautiful just the way they are?"

    Doesn't telling young girls this only reenforce the idea that beauty is important?
    I thought feminists didn't want the value of a women to be determined by their looks?

    Not to mention beauty is entirely subjective...