Saturday, September 29, 2012

Transition-Violence Against Women

Violence against women. No women need be a feminist to know full well both the collective and individual violence perpetuated against women. Collective violence ranging from the systematic molestation and rape of females world wide resulting in a monumental rape culture to collective harmful media visuals resulting in a host of mental disorders such as eating disorders, depression over body image, cutting and other self harm issues and body hatred affecting individual females. But however poorly constructed or meager, there are laws in place, medical aids and moral/ethical demands at work in place to help/deter the harm against females. Where rape happens, rapists can be tried in court(in first world countries), where a girl starves herself into a shadow, hospitals seek to illuminate her and where a teen girl is cutting her arms with razor blades, therapists remove those blade from her hand.

But where transition exists, there is a dual violence made toward the female body. An internalized violence that begins long before a girl has concrete memory and an external violence that ends in the females participation of her own destruction coupled with the medical community's needle and scalpel.
These are not the images of self fulfillment, happiness and cure, these are the graphic images of centuries of violence against women. Centuries culminating in women now pooling their internalized self hating efforts with the historic institution of misogyny we call the medical community who remains diligently at patriarchy's side working to destroy the very fabric of female! With few, a very few among us, aware enough, caring enough or brave enough to call transition by its rightful name, Violence Against Women!

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  1. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  2. So ive read your views on trans men. Your campaign against them but what are your views on trans women e male to female transsexuals?? Curious as you never seem to mention anything about them

  3. I remember visiting your blog years ago with distaste; now that I've found feminism and have seen the truths behind females transitioning I can't help but to feel empowered reading back and watching your videos. Thank you Dirt!

  4. AHHHH! WTF are the last two photos? Pre-surgery self-injury?

    ^ No photos, but it explains the different types of surgeries. :|

  5. Answered my own question by reading the URL I posted. That's a skin graft!

  6. "now that I've found feminism and have seen the truths behind females transitioning"

    Right! Because you should always look for information about people within a paradigm that largely rejects them based on ignorance and bias. Good work!

  7. See, I used to think like you, Anon @ 6:42PM. Since then I've opened my mind and learned about the horrors that the patriarchy has inflicted upon women that drive them to transition. I was once in that position, and this is all I'll have to say about it. Ignorance and bias indeed...

  8. I spent 10 years calling myself a feminist. I'll bet I've been on this earth twice as long as you have, paying attention at that. I've seen from the inside the fear and hatred of trans people that the lesbian feminist community has. It's nothing new to me, since we are also hated, reviled and distrusted by society at large. That the lesbians have a different angle on it is not surprising! I know how you think. You think trans people are victims because you believe yourself to be a victim. This will prevent you from growing as a person and taking responsibility for your words and actions. You would believe ANY explanation for transness because it is an intolerable aberration. The same way straight people are constantly trying to fix gay people or explain their gayness. It's as though In fact, the constant parallels between the oppression of gay people and trans people are astounding, when you realize gays are now the perpetrators of oppression. I'm glad you found your place in the world.

  9. " You think trans people are victims because you believe yourself to be a victim. This will prevent you from growing as a person and taking responsibility for your words and actions. "

    Here we go, NONE of us are victims liberal bull shit............

    We're ALL victims of femininity and the jenduh propoganda -- that is EXISTS for starters, as some inalienable part of your identity.

  10. HOLY SHIT!

    Thank you for posting that up because people NEED to see that and examine just wtf would lead someone to transition or why the medical establishment would promote such work!

    I found your blog via google and another similar blog that clearly refutes the information that encourages transitioning- my younger brother talks often of "cutting his dick off" or things that he has done (incredible accounts of his self harm) in an effort to avoid its "control" over him. I love my bro more than life itself, he suffered horrible physical (and sexual) abuse by our step father- I can't help bt wonder if that has influenced what he is going through- I don't know whether he is transexual or transgendered, he won't talk about it other than random comments and won't answer questions so I'm trying to learn.

    I studied psych for 2 years before its premises sickened me enough to quit (such as the 4 goals to observe, hypothesize predict and control human behavior) I could be here all day, I won't go there but I will say this, THANK YOU for fighting this horseshit. People need to open their eyes instead of sticking their head in the sand and even support it w/a general "to each their own" dismissive excuse.

    My G-d, WHY? And what can I do to help my bro if he wont tell me wtf? He knows I love him regardless and unconditionally- if he is gay, trans-whatever.

    Sorry to ramble :)

  11. Historically, the mutilation of female bodies in one form or another is nothing new. Dirt, the photos speak for themselves.

    The word "transition" hides the blood, surgeon's scalpel, multiple surgeries, and a life time of cross gender hormones. No wonder they prefer the word "transition" instead of the words surgery and chemical/surgical sterilization. The mutilation of female genitals in one manner or another has a very long history. The history of surgically scraping away female genitals and female identity has been brutal.

    As to "transitioning" in general doesn't it assume all the following:

    (1.) No woman will ever live to regret having painful multiple surgeries to surgically scrape away every inch of her female identity.
    (2.) Culture, family,or peer pressure play no role whatsoever in the "body modification" of females and their genitals.
    (3.) All humans are capable of making rational decisions, and are fully aware of all the risks associated with any decision.
    (4.) All surgeons come highly qualified and are equally skilled.

    Reviewing "transitioning":

    (1.) In FTM "transitioning", a surgeon takes a scalpel and removes both health breasts. It's not a simple procedure to turn female breasts into a male chest, and it comes with pain and scarring. This is major surgery, and occasionally people die in surgery. Why do females even have breasts? Why not simply surgically lop off the breasts of all females? Human females like all primates have breasts. Breasts can be erotic, and they are the best food for babies. Contrary to what some think, they do serve a purpose.

    (2.) In order to maintain a masculine appearance, testosterone has to be taken for life. If a transman still has his ovaries and uterus there is an issue of long term testosterone use and PCOS. Besides PCOS, elevated liver levels, lipid levels, and other health problems might occur.

    (3.) Because of PCOS, some physicians recommend removal of ovaries and uterus within five year of starting testosterone. Hysterectomies are major surgery, and not all insurance will cover this for "gender dysphoria".

    (4.) I saved phalloplasty for last because it requires multiple surgeries to the female genitals, skin grafts, and is painful by any standard.

    "It is important to note that most phalloplasty procedures require multiple surgical visits as well as some revisions. The procedures can involve pain and discomfort, require significant recovery time, and often leave large areas of visible scarring. Because of the nature of using skin grafts, there is always a risk of tissue death and loss of part or all of the penis. Other potential complications include the extrusion of testicular or penile implants, the formation of a stricture (an abnormal narrowing; blockage) or fistula (an abnormal connection; leakage) in the newly constructed urethral passage, and infection. There may also be damage to the nerves of the donor area, resulting in numbness or loss of function. Erotic sensation may be changed or diminished. And the results may not be as aesthetically pleasing as one might like them to be. Also, one must consider the usual risks of any surgery, including bleeding, infection, problems from anesthesia, blood clots, or death (rare). Phalloplasty procedures also tend to be very expensive (between $50,000 to $150,000) and are often not covered by insurance.”

  12. "Answered my own question by reading the URL I posted. That's a skin graft!"

    In order to surgically create a "phallus" that can never produce sperm nor function exactly like a penis on a biological male, about six to eight inches of healthy skin has to be taken from another part of the body.

    Risks/complications of metaidoioplasty and phalloplasty

    Possible complications specific to metaidoioplasty without urethral lengthening include:

    • dissatisfaction with the length of the penis (shorter than expected)

    • change in sensation: loss of sensation, persistent tenderness, or hypersensitivity

    • temporary or permanent narrowing of the vaginal opening, making penetration difficult

    • change in urine spray, resulting in splashing of the labia and vaginalskin

    Possible complications specific to urethral lengthening include:

    * urethral fistula: opening between the urethra and the skin, leading to leakage of urine (very common: occurs in around 45% of

    * partial or total death of the tissue used to create the new urethra

    * narrowing or closure of the new urethra

    *hair growth in the urethra (from hair-bearing tissue used as urethral lining)

    Phalloplasty includes all the possible complications of urethral lengthening as well as possible:

    * partial or total death of the tissue used to create the new penis

    * numbness or hypersensitivity of the skin of the penis

    * decreased sexual sensation, possibly with decreased ability to have orgasm

    * compromised sensation and/or function of the hand and wrist of the donor arm (approximately 5% of patients need a long period of physiotherapy to recover fully)

    * dissatisfaction with the size or shape of the penis

    * excessive scarring in the donor sites (arm/thigh)

    1. Ive stumbled upon this blog and I just can't understand this hatred towards trans people. Surely being part of a minority group that's often vilified by bigots should teach you to be empathic towards another group that suffers in a similar way? Why not live and let live? You are born gay, they were born the wrong gender - so what?

  13. "Ive stumbled upon this blog and I just can't understand this hatred towards trans people."

    Please review everything that is involved in "transitioning" before commenting. When a surgeon takes a scalpel and removes both healthy breasts on a female, this is permanent. Testosterone which has to be taken for life isn't without side effects. Also, please take the time to fully understand the process of surgically creating a phallus on a biological female. We are cutting into healthy tissue and surgically altering female genitals.

    Unless we can say with all certainty that no one ever lives to regret "transitioning", and that culture plays no role whatsoever in the decision, then isn't this just another form of mutilation of the female body? Perhaps there are a few rare individuals who are so "gender dysphoric" that transitioning might be beneficial. However, can we say that this is true for every single person? What role does culture play in "transitioning". After all, to completely rule out cultural influences, we would have to take female infants from the time they are born and isolate them on an island somewhere. Some people go on and on ad nauseum about "hatred towards trans people", but completely ignore centuries of misogynistic practices Apparently, some believe that there is no hatred involved in the mutilation of female bodies. The mutilation of female bodies has a history, and this history has been brutal. Because it's so entrenched and pervasive, people often take it for granted.

    What if we are wrong? How many mutilated female bodies are we willing to toss aside? No one in the trans community will even address this issue. They don't want to address this issue because doing so requires us to stare straight into the face of literally hundreds of years of culture and misogyny.

    There are thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen year old girls already binding, talking about "T", and can't wait to get their breasts surgically lopped off. This fourteen year old in the video link below seems to be an expert on binding. She found a bunch of binders online. I wonder if she knows that wearing a binder for long periods of time can mis-align the lungs and cause other health problems. At her age, her bones and body are still developing. Some of the same health problems seen in Victorian women who wore tight corsets are also seen in females who wear binders for long stretches of time.

    Here is a video about a five year old "transgender" girl. Because she didn't like to play with her sister's Tinker Bell doll, this means she is now transgender. Her parents are already calling this five year old girl "he".

    Go to Trans Kids Purple Rainbow and look at all the young faces. The diagnosis of "gender identity disorder" in young children is problematic. Some of these children are in line for puberty suppressing drugs. If cross gender hormones are given right after puberty suppressing drugs, fertility can be compromised. Isn't the sterilizing of children worthy of rigorous debate? We aren't allowed to ask these questions at the risk of being branded "transphobic".

  14. It is sad that these women put themselves through this because they believe they cannot express themselves in the way they want to in a female body. What does that say about society? scary...