Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning (Age 20) (Age Teen) (Age 18) (Age 17) (Age 16) (Age 15) (Age 20) (Age Young) (Age 14)

While it is impossible to predict the future, one thing it for sure about each and everyone of these young women's, they will be tragically cut short.



  1. You are very ignorant and this website is what is very wrong about the LGB community. They are men not women and will live fulfilling lives such hate and bigotry the hypocritical is overwhelming.

  2. These trans trending posts just appear to be attempts to shame young people.

    It's fine to be proud of being female. But why so much hate for other people? You aren't just attacking the supposed medical machine that you think are forcing women to want to transition. You're attacking people. It's hard to take you seriously when you approach this with such vitriol and disrespect.

    I see you've mentioned your personal journey of dealing with gender dysphoria. I can't find where you share that journey. Why aren't you doing that? It will probably have a bigger affect on people and is less likely to scare folks off.

    I don't agree with your stance on transmen, but I am curious about your experiences. Share some of yourself with us, and keep sharing the factual information. But stop the hate. We've got enough of that to deal with in our lives already.

  3. The whole insisting on calling FTM trans-females when the correct use of a term --even if seen as evil or whatever - would in no way harm the agenda or message - just baffles me.

    Little kids insist on calling things the terms and words they like, no matter how incorrect, and this makes us take them less seriously.

    Why be so childish on this? HOW would it take away from your message to say transmales -- or even --so called transmales ? They are NOT transfemales, that's 100% inaccurate use of the terms!

    You may see them AS female, but that isn't the point at all.

    Also, where is your critique on actual transfemales ( MTF) ??

    1. Baffled by biology? Try biology 101 to clear that right up.