Friday, September 28, 2012

Trans Politics-A Bullet Through the Skull of Feminism

As the Trans politic seeks to remove sex from nature by relegating sex to nothing more than legal documents, how adversely are/will women/feminism be affected?



  1. Let's say the trans faction wins -- sex becomes meaningless.

    Doesn't that render feminism meaningless?

    There would be no need to fight for any social, economic or political equality based on your sex class because your sex class (and everyone else's) becomes moot.

  2. "There would be no need to fight for any social, economic or political equality based on your sex class because your sex class (and everyone else's) becomes moot."

    Blasphemous! The very idea that we could actually fight for fellow humans in general is hideous to feminists. You would suggest that we destroy our right to be the constant victim in every situation? That's going to cause existential despair for these feminists here, because they are wholly unprepared to take responsibility for their words and actions. They have no reference point for personal accountability. What are you trying to do? Destroy their entire identities?

  3. It renders woman more meaningless than we already are, where feminism works tirelessly to make us into the humans we have never been.


  4. Very adversely.

    I think the bigger problem for feminism would be--and is--MTFs, rather than FTMs. It's always surprised me that you focus more on the latter. What are your thoughts on MTFs, Dirt?

    Here's the thing...

    ...How the fuck does it "feel to be a woman?" Oh, wait. As a woman, I can tell you. Let me just describe to you what my vagina feels like. THAT is what makes ME a woman, along with my *2* X chromosomes which I cannot feel, or modify. I've heard people claim that it's not what's in your pants, it's what's between your ears...




    Why is society being encouraged to accept transpeople, rather than ACCEPTING THE WOMAN with a buzz cut who wears jeans from the mens' department and loves action figures... AS A WOMAN? Why can't we ACCEPT THE MAN who wears skirts and has pink seat covers in his car... AS A MAN? Because the ONLY things that separate men from women, are what is in our pants and whether or not we have a Y chromosome. No matter what you do... biologically... YOU ARE THE SEX YOU WERE BORN AS... even if you get surgery or change your license. Sex *ISN'T* what's in between your ears, and it's not *ONLY* genitalia.

    Furthermore, "gender" is not "sex" and we cannot eliminate gender if "trans" exists. Trans IS gender. Fuck the "gender binary," fuck gender to begin with! Stop perpetuating it. There is a *SEX* binary (only very few people are born with ambiguous genitalia or XXY chromosomes), and we shouldn't screw with it.

    In America, what is "feminine" is actually "masculine" in other countries, by the way....

    And seriously... again, how do you know what it "feels" like to be a woman (or a man), if you AREN'T one? Because again, I was born with a vagina. I'm 90% heterosexual. I love Hello Kitty, the color pink, and shit like that. But it doesn't make me "feel like a woman." My vagina does. If I wanted to cut my hair short and wear mens' jeans, then I totally would... again, IF I WANTED TO. And I'd still BE A WOMAN. And you know what? If I woke up tomorrow, and suddenly society had flipped the script (still perpetuating the gender bullshit), and Hello Kitty and pink were "mens'" things, then guess what? I would be a vagina having, Hello Kitty loving, pink loving... WOMAN. Just like I am now! =O How about SOCIETY just says, "Hello Kitty isn't gender related, nor is the color pink"?

    Sex being nothing more than a legal document, you know what that would do? It would KEEP the gender construct that feminists are trying to eliminate. And it would allow women to become misogynist men, and it would allow men to infiltrate themselves into womanhood... and REdefine womanhood (something we are trying to eradicate: gender). "Changing sex" isn't going to eliminate society's views of gender... it's CHANGING SOCIETY'S VIEWS that's going to do that.

    Call me "transphobic" all you want. I'm the one who's saying that GENDER SHOULDN'T EXIST. I'm a huuuuuge advocate of "dress, look, act however the hell you want to, whatever 'feels natural' to you." But you cannot "feel" like another SEX, you can only feel like another GENDER... which again, should be eliminated.

    *IF* we eliminated gender constructs entirely, do you think that the need for surgeries and medications would diminish?

  5. I KNOW if we eradicate the Gender Straight Jacket which would dismantle a good deal of misogyny, the trans disorder would no longer exists.


  6. "*IF* we eliminated gender constructs entirely, do you think that the need for surgeries and medications would diminish?"

    Of course not entirely. The physical aspects of transition needed by transsexuals are not addressed by fixing social ills. If all gender roles were completely destroyed, would there still be gay people? Why? Because the body still matters to people.

  7. Gay ≠ transgender....

    Gay people are ATTRACTED to people of the SAME SEX. They don't want to BE the opposite sex.

    Transgendered people want to BE a DIFFERENT SEX/GENDER.

  8. Yes, Trans-feminism is a bullet through feminism because both FtM and MtF claim this label.

    The trouble is they BOTH want access to lesbian and feminist spaces. None of them want to be near or access mens spaces. There is no workshop to get men to accept their Transness - like the cotton ceiling because they know men will just kick their heads in if they lie to them about having/not having a c*ock. And they ACCEPT this. They fight women, not patriarchy. Not one of them fights patriarchy. They are too scared of men to do so.

    This need for BOTH FtM and MtF to claim feminism and access womens spaces causes huge problems. BOTH groups simultaneously say THE EXACT OPPOSITE about each other in this way:

    MtF: growing up as woman means nothing, I am now a woman and have never felt like a man. Your womaness is meaningless. I am just like a ciswoman. You're transphobic if you disagree now let me into your womens spaces.

    FtM: of course growing up as a female means I can still relate as a woman! I'm now a man but I used to be a woman which means something, I'm not like a cisman in this respect now let me in to your womens spaces.

    And they wonder why nobody believes them! They continually walk around saying the opposite to each other!!!!! They expect lesbians and feminists to engage in some kind of weird Orwellian doublethink where being Trans means the exact opposite to each other!

    Someone's lying to get into female spaces!!

  9. "Someone's lying to get into female spaces!!"

    HA! Where the fuck do you live? Under a rock? My god, if only people were as interested in your "female spaces" as you think? I hate to break it to you, but lesbians are *the most* hateful and judgmental people towards trans people that I've ever come into contact with. You are paranoid and obsessive, wishing that your "female" spaces held as much value to other people as they do for you. It's sad to witness. Many lesbians, especially butch ones, hate transmen because, guess what? We are competition for sex partners. Like it or not, many women who used to call themselves lesbian, and some who still use that term, ARE SLEEPING WITH US. It's really quite simple. At least admit it so you can move on to other truths you are deluding yourself about. It's triggering to insecure butches to have to witness the bar raised for physical masculinity in *queer* spaces and know that women do find transmen sexy. I'm sorry, but the sooner you confront the real source of your fear, the sooner you can deal with your own damn issues. I can assure you that I will never set foot in your crappy lesbian bar. I hold my own in men's spaces because I have nothing to hide, and I do fight patriarchy in a environments which you cannot access, and could never handle yourself in, judging by the lack of character you have displayed here.

  10. "And they ACCEPT this. They fight women, not patriarchy. Not one of them fights patriarchy. They are too scared of men to do so."

    From one anonymous person to another, I THINK I LOVE YOU.

  11. "HA! Where the fuck do you live? Under a rock?"

    Do YOU? Everything you've written in invalid and it was refuted elsewhere on this page.

    All I'm reading is "wah wah wah, why are women allowed to have female only spaces?"

    Patriarchal values are ingrained in MTFs from birth. They are learned from FTMs.

  12. Please explain what I have written that "in invalid". Everything I have written is true and very hard to hear.
    But don't hide from the truth, because it won't go away.

  13. @Anon 4:49 PM

    I need to accept that as a butch I'm threatened by FtM's and how attractive they are trololol. Thanks for the pop psyhology but I'm a femme.

    This might be a revelation to you but femmes have self-confidence and brains too. We can suss out bullshit like everyone else.

    Sometimes much quicker actually.

    Back to your assumptions then, kiss kiss!!

  14. Here are very real and physical ways women are hurt by transwomen being granted legal access to their spaces.

  15. Also @Anon 4:49 PM you said (sorry to take over) "It's triggering to insecure butches to have to witness the bar raised for physical masculinity in *queer* spaces and know that women do find transmen sexy"

    This is just homophobic. Butches aren't 'triggered' by men. They DO NOT WANT TO BE MEN!!!!!!!!!!! Get it through your hipster transtrending skulls will you!!! That's EXACTLY the problem lesbians are trying to tell you about!! Your horrific homophobia and sexism is causing the problems within feminist and lesbian spaces.

    As a confident femme, I can tell you, I wouldn't put up with your transtrending nonsense. I'd chew you up and spit you out with your silly translogic.

    You just cannot understand self-possessed, woman-loving, confident butches can you? You could learn a lot from them.

    A lot.

    You think men are more accepting than lesbians, but they are just humouring you. In the terms of maleness, The size of your nonexistent c*ock makes you a laughing stock. If you push your weight around like you try to do with women, they would just kick your head in.

    I can imagine in men's spaces you're a submissive little thing. At the very least, you must KNOW you're at the bottom of the totem-pole (so to speak).
    Judging by your comments, in women's spaces you think you're some peacock strutting around out doing everybody with your maleness. You're own comments give away your sexism.

    YOU clearly subscribe to the male hierarchy.

    I DO NOT subscribe. It's called feminism!

  16. "Your horrific homophobia and sexism is causing the problems within feminist and lesbian spaces. "

    How? Which problems? The fact that I transitioned?

    So, you would chew me up and spit me out? When did I say I was interested in you? I've had plenty of femmes but I have a partner now. Thanks anyway.

    "You just cannot understand self-possessed, woman-loving, confident butches can you? You could learn a lot from them."

    This is the biggest laugh of all because what I mentioned was all the insecure ones.
    Self-confident, women-loving butches are wonderful and have no reason to hate transmen, so I am lucky to count a few among my friends. On the other hand, I have been approached in public by "butches" with whom I was only casually aqcuainted, so that they could discuss their gender identity crises. I do not appreciate being approached by aggressive and competitive butches for gender-processing, only to notice that they have transitioned later. I cannot help a person decide who they are and I will not try to influence a person to transition.

    Repeatedly mentioning the size of my genitals is really making you look like an asshole with no argument. Is that the only thing you got? because I've dealt with my body issues. You are not quite the scholar of male relationships that you believe you are, having never had access to it. If you think it's all a construction site, then you are missing alot. No, I would not walk into some MMF gym and start posturing like a rooster, but I am self-confident and can handle myself amongst men. By the way, is there a problem with submissive men? Do the feminists find them pathetic and weak? Or are you one of those women who just hates strong men until you need them around for something? Sounds like a bullshit feminist to me. Hmmmmm.

    Finally, what is a woman's space? I don't go to the lesbian bar, but I do go to bars where women *are*. Is it a woman's space if a lesbian is there? As for my strut and my confidence, I can't help that. I'm not about to give it up just because it's "hot" on a butch, but irritating in a man. That's bullshit. It's mine to keep.

  17. No sweetie, it's the fact that you can 'handle yourself' with men i.e. you shut your little fem mouth up. But in womens spaces you like to think everyone's looking at you with a jealous eye because of how (omg! JUST LOOK) masculine you are. If you want to want to fight patriarchy then go into a mans space and peacock it about telling them all what to do and think, and try SHUTTING YOUR MOUTH in an all womans space. Do you get it?? Please try it.

    Fight patriarchy, not women.

    The rest of your argument is nonsense to detract from the fact you were WRONG that I'm a femme

  18. "You are not quite the scholar of male relationships that you believe you are, having never had access to it."

    As a straight woman who has spent a lifetime intertwined with straight men, I can assure the cock is a HUGE deal, both to men themselves and to the women who are attracted to male bodies. It's a big deal to ALL types of men, whether they're artsy passive liberals, macho blue collar types or reserved professionals. They are humoring you, because you pose no threat to their mate selection.

    (Let me apologize in advance to Dirt and the other lesbians here for this next part, but I must get graphic.) In straight sex, ejaculating is also a really big deal and that requires a fully functioning cock and balls, something a transman can never provide. (sorry, fake cum purchased at a sex store doesn't count). And, what if the woman you're with wants a child, as women sometimes do?

    Biology matters. Transmen can't compete with males physically, sexually or in reproductive capacity, so why try? Instead of being strong, confident, capable women, transmen have opted to be ineffectual men instead.

  19. ...cont..I find it funny that you are defending how SUBMISSIVE you are in male spaces and simultaneously how CONFIDENT you are in female spaces.....

    I wonder how self-aware you are in being a tool for the patriarchy and subscribing to the male hierarchy?

    You just keep letting these gems out yourself.

    Give them enough rope and..........they'll prove every trans-critical feminists point correct out of their own mouths...

  20. You really aren't reading comprehensively, but I'll try anyway. At what point did I say I strut around "women's spaces"? I walk how I walk, I'm proud of who I am and I won't apologize for it to anyone, regardless of where I am. I don't go to lesbian bars or women's meetings, so exactly what the fuck are you talking about?

    "And, what if the woman you're with wants a child, as women sometimes do? "

    Really? What does *any* couple do who can't have kids?

    All the shit you're trying to "break" to me is stuff I dealt with years ago, so ya can't hurt me with it, if that's what you are trying to do. The choice between being a strong, confident woman and being an "ineffectual man" was never a choice *I* had at all, so speak for yourself. Please explain what weight I have been pushing around in women's spaces? This blog? This sacred space? When sick, warped people like Dirt take it upon themselves to accuse transpeople of being child molesters and use other such hate-speech, I consider it my duty to speak up. Also, I never said I am submissive in male spaces, although I do have excellent manners. I asked you what's wrong with submissive men. You never answered. Will you now? There are more choices than just trying to dominate or submit. I really do not think you understand, or you have been spending your time around some very unimaginative individuals, which does make sense. On one hand, I have spent time in certain men's spaces and felt blown away by instances of tenderness and vulnerability I had previously thought didn't exist amongst men, though I can easily see why men would choose to hide it from the likes of you. You are exactly the problem with the patriarchy because you buy in to all the myths it perpetuates about men as well, while choosing to believe the lie that women are somehow better or more virtuous.

    I have seen some very dominating, misogynistic, and abusive behavior from numerous butches, and I don't believe for a second that they are any more enlightened as a group. AND not all trans people transition. God knows I've seen such misdirected hate coming from people who couldn't deal with themselves but choose to stay in the women's community wielding power. Big fish, small sea. It's all down to individual character, which you cannot grasp because you like to judge people in groups. Much in the same way anti-Semites and the White Power movement does.

  21. I'm not judging people in groups I'm judging you on what you say.

    Big fish, small sea? Are FtMs who don't transition big fish because they're more masculine in women spaces? If they transitioned would they be small fish? Like you feel sometimes?

    I don't think you are very self-aware of how you subscribe to the male hierarchy.

    There's nothing wrong with submissive men. I'm saying if you're submissive around men but you are not submissive around women, then you a misogynist. I asked you "Do you get???"

    Clearly you don't. You really don't get it at all do you?

    You "handle yourself" around men but you feel as though lesbians are jealous of you because of how masculine you are, in womens spaces. That is out of your own mouth. You wrote it!!!!!

    Lesbians are not jealous of you. It's all in your patriarchal head.

    You told me I was jealous and should deal with my issues of how insecure your masculinity makes me feel, but now you want to ignore your patriarchal pop psychology because I'm a femme.

    You continually say things that give away your patriarchal viewpoint. I'm a feminist. Of course I'm going to call you up on it.

    That you used to be a woman makes it extra sad that you've forgotten and are coming into womens spaces (like this) to have a go when it is MEN who are killing Trans. It is the hierarchy you have shown repeatedly you subscribe to, that is killing your trans brothers and sisters.

    Do you visit any male blogs? Is it just women you have a problem with? You say lesbians are the most transphobic but it's not lesbians KILLING Trans* is it now? Do you get it??

    No, you don't get it do you.

    Carry on being quiet because you're scared men will kick your head in. Carry on expecting women to fully accommodate your feelings and viewpoint. Same old, same old, same old...............................................patriarchy that's killing all LGBT people.

  22. Ineffectual: lacking the abilities or qualities to cope with a role or situation.

    That is a perfect description of transmen and transwomen. All surgical changes are cosmetic in nature and leave the trans person with non-functioning pseudo organs. Ineffectual.

    How ironic that people who don't buy into the trans delusions are seen as akin to anti-Semites when we're the ones against the Dr. Mengele type experimentation going on with young people today. Trans people run towards those who will do them great physical harm and pay them exorbitant amounts of money to do so.

    Psychological problems require psychological treatments, not surgery.

    A transman's maleness is merely an artfully crafted facade. Peel away the veneer and the truth emerges:

  23. "We are competition for sex partners".

    Actually we're not. I don't date mentally ill "women". I also do not own a blow-up doll or look for gfs at the local penitentiary.

    You're a 5 foot little twerp whom everyone laughs at and a really bad imitation of a man. I bet you're a perfect little girl when you're around actual males though.

  24. "You're a 5 foot little twerp whom everyone laughs at and a really bad imitation of a man. I bet you're a perfect little girl when you're around actual males though."

    You are doing a better job revealing your pathetic brain than I ever could. Go on!

  25. Okay, I'm done with this conversation, so I won't be posting again in response to you or this topic. You seem preoccupied with 1) yourself and your femme identity and 2) me getting my head kicked in by men, which is weird, and kind of violent on your part. I am out to almost all the men in my life, and I'm not afraid. I'm also not small in stature or out-of-shape, so I'm not targeted in general as a "weakling". But thanks for your concern.

    As far as the rest of my credentials go, I *never* speak over a woman in public, raise my voice to win an argument, or use my male privilege to wield power, other than that which is afforded me by default. Because certain feminists do not engage in this kind of self-conscious restraint regarding power, I am often spoken over or disregarded amongst women, which is fine. I'm okay being part of the re-alignment process. Amongst men in groups, at work and in school, I was unsure in the first couple years of my transition, but it seems as though men do tend to listen to me and defer to my leadership in some cases *precisely* because I don't have to use bullying tactics or physical posturing, and I always think about what I'm saying first. Again, there are so, so many men who do not relate in any kind of construction-site way that you keep describing. I'm sorry that you haven't had access to them. It is a detriment to feminism that you keep painting men in this very two-dimensional way, when so many of them want to escape their socialization. It hurts them too. Maybe you'll learn about that when you get to Sociology 102.

    In general, I hate bullshit and the bullshitters who speak it, so yeah, I'm gonna counter it. It doesn't do the bullshitters any favors to be encouraged to believe they are getting away with it. And they really don't want to. Dirt and others on this blog have purported that transpeople are likely child molesters, rapists, that our partners are child-molesters, that we will never enjoy our lives or have love. This kind of hate-speech should strike a chord in any gay person who has withstood the same kind of verbal attacks and false pity. This is not woman's space, this is a forum for those with hate in their hearts *already* to come together and tell disgusting untruths about transmen. I can speak the truth here if I want to. You don't have to like it.

    You can also stop harping on the fact that you are a femme-it makes no difference to me who you are. "Many lesbians, especially butch ones, hate transmen because, guess what? We are competition for sex partners." That was my original quote. Where did I mention YOU? The fact is, I've been approached by "women" in queer spaces who admit jealousy about physical masculinity, but also are aggressive and angry, and very confused. Now, I'm willing to have a discussion about ftm's and male privilege, but I'm not going to hold someone's hand while they process their issues and lay all the mess and anger at MY feet, because of MY body. I have boundaries around that shit. It's happened more than a couple times, so telling me it doesn't happen just won't work. Goodbye.

  26. Since this post is about feminism, these are four transmen who sat feminism back five hundred years.

    (1.) “Die Cis Scum” Asher

    Asher Bauer is a 21year old transman who is exceptionally proud of “his” work tattooing the motto “die cis scum” onto an unnamed genderqueer friend.

    “I was in a relationship with Asher Bauer and it was not a very good relationship. He and I never really got along but there is one thing that I’m going to say and that is that I suffered abuse (I was the constant victim of him bullying me and when I would say ‘stop it’ he would not stop which usually ended up with me having to physically intimidate him in order to get him to back down. I was also raped (not by him) and days after it happened I was at a coffee shop and he sexually assaulted me in public - came up from behind and groped me resulting in me nearly tearing his face off I was also constantly devalued as a bottom in a very genital essentialist way and consistently asked him not to think of me in that way and was ignored) from him while in our relationship together. I haven’t really felt like I could say anything and now I feel that I really need to because I’m sick of this.”

    (2.) Buck Angel, FTM Porn Star:

    In 2005, he also became the first FTM to be featured in an all-male porn film produced by an exclusively gay porn company. This was the Titan release Cirque Noir. He is considered as the pioneer of an entirely new genre in gay porn films.

    Also in 2005, Buck performed in Allanah Starr's Big Boob Adventures, directed by transsexual Gia Darling, which included a pornographic first: a filmed sex scene between a male-to-female transsexual (Allanah Starr) and a female-to-male transsexual. For that performance Allanah was nominated for two AVN Awards including Transsexual Performer of the Year and Most Outrageous Sex Scene.

    For the lonely transman, Buck Angel's latest commercial enterprise is a transmen's dating site:

    (3.) Patrick Califia: Still Quoted On the NAMBLA website

    While a gifted writer, the vast majority of his work involves the sexual degradation of women and girls. Indeed, if one erased or eliminated all the BDSM scenes in his books, very little would be left. Patrick Califia Rice has written extensively about BDSM and published several fictional stories often involving bondage and some rather unique ways to sexually degrade women. One of his fictional works involves a lesbian who performs acts of sadism on her 13-year old daughter.
    One fictional story, titled "Finishing School," is about a lesbian mother who submits her 13-year-old daughter to sadistic homosexual torture. In the story, the mother whips the daughter until she bleeds.

    I am NOT saying that Patrick is a pedophile, but Califia seems to take great delight in writing about the subject. Patrick is still quoted on the NAMBLA website. I wonder how many pedophiles have masturbated to Patrick's stories.

    "Early 1980s, a womyn in chains screams while someone carves a swastika into her shoulder. The person cutting into her calls herself a sadomasochist. So this womyn-hating, Jew-hating, pro-Nazi sexual fascist is made a Queer hero. Her name is Pat Califia and today, she is a sex therapist and was given a warm welcome by Melbourne's Queer community when she visited in 2000. But when radical feminist Nikki Craft asked Califia about why she liked carving swastikas into wimmin, she refused to talk about it."

    By the way, Patrick has always self-identified as bisexual not lesbian. He has been quoted as saying he would rather **ck a hot boy any day than a vanilla lesbian.

  27. Four transmen who sat feminism back five hundred years continued.

    (4.) Ira Gray: "There is no such thing as 100% good consent". I suppose he should know.

    “I check in to the point of annoyance” = I coerce people by pestering them constantly after they’ve said no

    “There is no such thing as 100% good consent” = I don’t believe there is such a thing as 100% good consent because I’ve never practiced it with my partners and I refuse to believe that my sexual practices are predatory as fuck, so I’m just going to normalize my non-consensual activities

    “They asked me for guidance with chronological lying and asked me not to tell anyone” = I have no problem using confidential information about a former partner’s mental health and anxiety issues against them despite the fact that they asked me not to share that information with anyone.

    “I don’t always have he best emotional response when someone tells me to stop” = I react to being told “no” and “stop” with emotional abuse and coercion.

    “I sometimes forget to ask before doing certain things.” = I skirt accountability for my sexual assaults by minimizing the full nature and impact of my actions, reducing my rapes to “forgetting” to ask before doing “certain things”.

    “I don’t want this to turn into a smear campaign, because it’s not about that.” = I absolutely want to turn this into a smear campaign, otherwise I wouldn’t bother denying that I wanted to turn this into a smear campaign before revealing private, personal information about my victims.

    “Originally, we came to the conclusion that good consent wasn’t being practiced by either of us and resulted in both of us feeling violated.” = They told me that I violated their boundaries and sexually assaulted them long before taking their stories public, but I dismissed this under the guise of “mutual abuse”.

  28. I predict this FtM trend will last about 1 generation, and when the next generation sees how these FtM's of today end up looking/living,etc. they won't opt for that. I saw in Germany how the different Drag King groups kind of spun out of control. What began as just drag shows changed as some members got too caught up in it and started transitioning. That started a trend in the Lesbian community here. I lost some friends because I just couldn't stand the grotesqueness of the mimmicking of male stereotypes (they even gave workshops on this)that replaced their personalities. "t" does act on the system like a very strong drug, which does make depressed people feel better.
    For now, it's a huge set-back for Feminism, maybe especially bitter for those of us in the 40+ butcher/androgenous crowd, who have been in the shoes of those young women who now think "transitioning" is their best option. Thinking to masquerade as male in public is the best they can do.

  29. Anon @ 3:32 PM

    Yep, it's probably best that you do go now. I was talking about FtM and your subscrinption to the male hierarchy. I've not been transphobic but I am a feminist and will call you out.

    On a last note, you wrote "On one hand, I have spent time in certain men's spaces and felt blown away by instances of tenderness and vulnerability I had previously thought didn't exist amongst men"

    I am not sure what you think femimism is but I DO NOT think it weird a man would cry. I think the sexes are EQUAL. I only acknowledge that men are physically stronger, and that this is used against women. I acknowledge men are indoctrinated men a socially contructed view of being superior due to this difference in strength.

    Feminism will set men free as well as women from people like who subscribe to the male hierarchy by thinking a mans sensitivity doesn't exist.

    It is patriarchy that indoctrinates and restricts men into the 'master' role of a 'master/servant' relationship. A relationship I am against and will never submit to. All feminists regardless of personal opinions, have this at the core.

    This is what feminism and equality is. Look into real feminism some day and not a bunch of stereotypes of women (and therefore also men).

  30. ^^ sorry jumbled up, wrote it quick.

    Have to go, bye.

  31. Anon @ 4:40 AM

    I hope you're right that this horrible trend of transitioning will only last a generation or so.

    When I think of all the teens, and now ultra young children, being ushered into surgery and hormonal alteration of their healthy bodies it sickens me.

    It should be illegal for doctors to do these procedures, especially on minors. What ever happened to their pledge of "first, do no harm?"

    And it's all somehow justified because a little girl likes Tonka trucks and tree climbing over dolls? What the hell? I feel like I'm in a fucking Twilight Zone episode! How are these procedures being sold as sane and correct? This is a societal nightmare.

  32. Yeah. Gotta love that "I don't want to turn this into a smear campaign" line. It's like they don't expect us to be able to identify an outright threat.