Monday, September 17, 2012

Throwing like a "Girl"

What does throwing like a girl mean?

What does throwing like a girl imply?

How does this simple phrase harm girls and deter them from sports?

What is your personally experience with this phase?



  1. Language is important. Detest the phrase, passionately.

  2. I remember being told I 'throw like a girl' once by a softball coach. I was teaching one of my potentials (I was the STARTING catcher, head of the catching line, and a team captain) the basics of catching and was throwing with my 'off' (left, though I'm ambidextrous I never throw left so I have a weaker arm to use as a training aid for newbies who need accuracy and not force) hand as to not accidentally hurt her while she was learning.

    While working on blocking the plate I made a funky throw from a shoulder cramp and it went over the backstop. My coach, howard, started laughing and made the comment "Are you sure you should be my starter? You really throw like a girl."

    Naturally, being very very Irish, I gave a rather short tempered response. "Of course I throw like a girl. I am one!" and used my throwing arm to chuck the ball at him.

    He had to go to the E.R. for a severely broken nose and I got benched for two weeks. It was so worth it, and my dad was proud of, as he put it, his "short-tempered Irish tomboy"