Thursday, September 20, 2012

Historic Transition

What notable historic females do you think (were transition available at the time) be forced or coerced into transition?



  1. That's a great question, because obviously, it would include MOST accomplished women in history, and most or all would be false positives. Joan of Arc, George Sand, Patti Smith are a few obvious ones, but really, who WOULDN't be included?

  2. There's the mutilation and drugging of intersex children. I still haven't figured out exactly what the doctors did to me. There's the anti-gay and anti-lesbian policies in Iran.

    There's a whole history of forced medical abuse of women's sexual and endocrine systems: female genital mutilation, the Olympics, the Mississippi Appendectomies. And of men's: what they did to Alan Turing and to David Reimer.

    Though it's harder to prove forced social transition, unless people chose to detransition when they had the chance. I assume there could be a lot of pressure on some girls to become sworn virgins.

    - Mary

  3. Same sh**, different century.

    Isn’t it interesting how enforcing sex based, stereotypical "feminine" roles never seems to end. Joan of Arc could ride a horse, was courageous in battle, and occasionally wore men's clothes. I imagine that it's easier to fight and ride wearing pants.


    "Despite being captured on the battlefield, Joan of Arc was not tried in a military tribunal. Instead, the English brought her to Rouen, their capital in Normandy, to be tried before a Church Inquisition tribunal. The tribunal interrogated her, hoping to find evidence of heresy and accusing her of sorcery. Joan was a true Catholic, so the tribunal could not find any evidence of heresy. The clerics did consider her dressing like a man as an abomination, so they believed they could use that fact against her. Joan ultimately signed a legal document submitting herself to the Church and recanting her claim to having heard voices. The document included a prohibition against her wearing men's clothing. However, a few days later she was wearing men's clothing again. This was considered evidence of heresy and she was condemned to death. She was burned at the stake that same day: May 30, 1432."


    In 2012, gender non-conforming kids are given puberty suppressing drugs followed by cross gender hormones. If little tomboys reject the pretty little princess role, they are slapped with labels of "gender identity disorder" at five or six years old. Girls are flooded with ads from the cosmetic and fashion industry starting almost at birth. If a girl doesn’t buy into the frilly, forced femininity, then this must mean she IS a man.