Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Failure of theTranssexual "Cure"

Despite there being "no conclusive evidence that sex change operations improve the lives of transsexuals, with many people remaining severely distressed and even suicidal after the operation", the brutal treatment of those at odds with their bodies continues and continues padding the pockets of many in the medical community. The above quote comes from a 2004 Guardian article dealing with the "review of more than 100 international medical studies of post-operative transsexual" which "found no robust scientific evidence that gender reassignment surgery is clinically effective". I would add even implying that one can "change sex" is harming the distressed person by giving them unrealistic expectations that have no possible way of EVER coming into fruition.

The review "warns that the results of many gender reassignment studies are unsound because researchers lost track of more than half of the participants. For example, in a five-year study of 727 post-operative transsexuals published last year, 495 people dropped out for unknown reasons. Dr Hyde said the high drop out rate could reflect high levels of dissatisfaction or even suicide among post-operative transsexuals".

In a more recent follow up (2011) concerning a 30 years study of 324 transsexuals found that "substantially higher rates of overall mortality, death from cardiovascular disease and suicide, suicide attempts, and psychiatric hospitalisations in sex-reassigned transsexual individuals compared to a healthy control population. This highlights that post surgical transsexuals are a risk group that need long-term psychiatric and somatic follow-up. Even though surgery and hormonal therapy alleviates gender dysphoria, it is apparently not sufficient to remedy the high rates of morbidity and mortality found among transsexual persons".

Some interesting detail break downs from this long term study:

"Comparisons of female-to-males and male-to-females, although hampered by low statistical power and associated wide confidence intervals, suggested mostly similar risks for adverse outcomes (Tables S1 and S2). However, violence against self (suicidal behaviour) and others ([violent] crime) constituted important exceptions. First, male-to-females had significantly increased risks for suicide attempts compared to both female (aHR 9.3; 95% CI 4.4–19.9) and male (aHR 10.4; 95% CI 4.9–22.1) controls. By contrast, female-to-males had significantly increased risk of suicide attempts only compared to male controls (aHR 6.8; 95% CI 2.1–21.6) but not compared to female controls (aHR 1.9; 95% CI 0.7–4.8). This suggests that male-to-females are at higher risk for suicide attempts after sex reassignment, whereas female-to-males maintain a female pattern of suicide attempts after sex reassignment (Tables S1 and S2).

Second, regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime. By contrast, female-to-males had higher crime rates than female controls (aHR 4.1; 95% CI 2.5–6.9) but did not differ from male controls. This indicates a shift to a male pattern regarding criminality and that sex reassignment is coupled to increased crime rate in female-to-males. The same was true regarding violent crime".

According to the authors of this paper "the present form of sex reassignment has been practised for more than half a century and is the internationally recognized treatment to ease gender dysphoria in transsexual persons". Firstly, as someone who has personally dwelt within the hell fire of gender dysphoria and managed with education and sociological insights to put out those flames, I and plenty of other are proof that sex reassignment isnt the ONLY recourse to gender distress. Merely the only treatment that a homo/lezbo-pbobic Male Medical Machine has choose to exercise!

As predicted here quite some years ago, the more bodies fed into the transsexual wood chipper, the more obvious it will become both medically and publicly that the brutalizing treatment for gender dysphoria isnt spitting out whole healthy minds and bodies but pieces of whats left of a healthy body and a mind more fractured than before. Like the lobotomy before, specifically Freeman's ice pick lobotomies, the Male Medical Machine didnt halt them until it had a sufficient number of bodies on the slab and an ample amount of public complaints from the loved ones of those forever trapped within a permanently damaged brain. Unfortunately medical science has a long history of good enough, even when good enough has never been good enough. Good enough was the lobotomy till it wasnt and good enough is the treatment for gender dysphoria right now.

As more and more unhappy people are seeking transsexualism as their own personal yellow brick road, what they and we are discovering when we look beyond the curtain isnt some deep personal truth, but a pile of corpses growing larger day by day. Unfortunately thanks to a lazy simple minded medical community, a salient body count is the only key to unlocking the transsexual lie.

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  1. This is very interesting.

    Could you please give the name/source of the 2011 paper?

  2. "Firstly, as someone who has personally dwelt within the hell fire of gender dysphoria and managed with education and sociological insights to put out those flames, I and plenty of other are proof that sex reassignment isnt the ONLY recourse to gender distress. Merely the only treatment that a homo/lezbo-pbobic Male Medical Machine has choose to exercise."

    Perhaps there is an element of truth in the phrase "homo/lezo phobic Male Medical Machine". Other than some rather bazaar and ghoulish treatments rendered to gay men and lesbians throughout history,what has medicine ever done for gay men and lesbians?

    Below is a statement from Trans Kids Purple Rainbow.

    "Greg & Jeanette are the proud parents of four children, Arial age 16, identical twins Sander & Griffen age 14, and Jazz age 11, who is their transangel. Jazz was born with Gender Identity Disorder, and diagnosed at age 3."

    Is it possible to diagnose Gender Identity Disorder in three year old children? Common sense tells us this is problematic, and the diagnosis

    “Chris started last year as “Grace” and “she”. I had thoughts over the years that he may be transgender as he always dressed in boys clothes and “acted” like a boy. BUT I as most people figured he was just a “tomboy.” I really thought that he might be transgender when at around 7 years old. He said “Mom, I am supposed to be a boy would you care if I had sex change surgery when I was older?” Of course it stunned me but I calmy said “No, I wouldn’t care. I love you no matter what” I must admit it scared the hell out of me because I worried about him.

    Can a seven year old fully comprehend what sex change surgery means? Also, the astute reader will notice that this parent is already addressing Grace as "he" even though "he" was born a female child. What happens in the mind of a little girl when she is already being addressed as "he" at age seven?

    I pose this question to the reader. When we look into the faces of these nine, ten, and eleven year old children at Trans Kids Purple Rainbow, I wonder how much can be attributed to actual "gender dysphoria" or GID and how much is plain old parental disgust at having a little sissy boy who might grow up to be a limp wristed, effeminate gay man. Or, when we see a spirited little tomboy, can we clearly distinguish between GID and parental fears that this little tomboy might grow up to be a lesbian, especially a butch lesbian? After all, the diagnosis of GID or gender dysphoria is not an exact science. How is it possible to completely separate this diagnosis from cultural influences? Unlike a lab test or Xray, how do we quantify it? It's nothing we can actually measure, pick up, and carefully examine.

    Knowledgeable people are aware that sexual orientation and gender identity are two different things. However, scientists and researchers have known for some time that a large percentage of effeminate boys and tomboy girls do, indeed, grow up to be gay men and lesbians. That is, unless they are surgically and/or chemically castrated to become transwomen and transmen.

  3. According to,

    "Most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty. Children with persistent GID are characterized by more extreme gender dysphoria in childhood than children with desisting gender dysphoria. With regard to sexual orientation, the most likely outcome of childhood GID is homosexuality or bisexuality."

    An article in the Atlantic states,

    The most extensive study on transgender boys was published in 1987 as The “Sissy Boy Syndrome” and the Development of Homosexuality. For 15 years, Dr. Richard Green followed 44 boys who exhibited extreme feminine behaviors, and a control group of boys who did not... Green expected most of the boys in the study to end up as transsexuals, but nothing like that happened. Three-fourths of the 44 boys turned out to be gay or bisexual (Green says a few more have since contacted him and told him they too were gay). Only one became a transsexual. “We can’t tell a pre-gay from a pre-transsexual at 8,” says Green, who recently retired from running the adult gender-identity clinic in England. “

    A science daily article says,

    "Research which follows these children to adulthood shows that between 50 to 80 per cent of gender nonconforming boys become gay, and about one third of such girls become lesbian"

    I pose this question to trans activists. Please review all the studies that show that many gender non-conforming children do, indeed, grow up to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual. We know children are being diagnosed with GID at much earlier ages compared to twenty or thirty years ago. So, here is my question. How many of these future gay men and lesbians are the trans activists willing to chemical and/or surgically alter in order to identify and help the few children who are really "gender dysphoric", and might actually need to transition?

    An eagerness to jump on the trans bandwagon could be a comfortable way for some parents to deal with the possibility of having an effeminate gay son,or a butch lesbian daughter somewhere down the road. This is a way to cure the sissy boys and tomboys. Let's carefully think about this for awhile. Overall, how does society portray butch lesbians?

    Although there are conflicting studies as to whether or not "transitioning" actually cures anything, this is how the medical establishment at this particular period in history chooses to address the issue of gender non-conforming people. In essence, it's a socially prescribed cure.

  4. Some days I do regret not following through on my promise that I would take my secret to the grave. Maybe if I'd been straight I could have lived as a lesbian and poured hatred on the people who were doing what I really wanted. But I chose to live my life and focus on loving myself rather than hating myself.
    Your gender dysphoria is visible a kilometer away, Dirt. The only one whose life you're ruining is your own. Find love, it's so much easier than hate.

  5. I have been a much more happy person and more personable since I transittioned.
    Prior to my transition I was misserable and lived like a hermit. I ignored my friends and had no social life to speak of.

    Is life perfect? No. Is it better since I transitioned? Yes.

    I do not know if transition is a good idea for any particular person, but somtimes it is the only option.

  6. "Your gender dysphoria is visible a kilometer away, Dirt. The only one whose life you're ruining is your own. Find love, it's so much easier than hate."

    Lol. Typical trans answer. "You are trans critical? You have gender dysphoria!11!!11"

    Nah sorry not everyone shares your delusion.

  7. @greenpink
    Maybe the studies will prove the maxim, much like homophobes are shown to have greater same sex attraction as compared to non homophobes.
    But the fact that Dirt is transphobic is not what I'm basing my analysis on, rather the substance of her posts, especially ones that detail her own body confusion and dysphoria.