Monday, July 30, 2012

When a Woman Dares to Stand Naked-Trans Hate

Received this hate mail this morning from an obviously trans female or wannabe trans female.

The sheer immaturity of it aside, like so many similar messages and comments received from trans females and males alike, their down on their knees service to patriarchy's Gender Straight Jacket god is astounding! I'm "ugly" because I do not subscribe to patriarchy's hyper feminine masturbatory standards of what a woman should look like, and I "look" like a man (the very thing they destroys their minds and bodies to look like mind you) because I dare to stand naked sans the Gender Straight Jacket!

THIS worship to the Gender Straight Jacket alone should be the criteria for sex changes! If you have had to change your hair length or what clothes you like or what shoes you wear in any great way since you could walk or if you have ever defined your hair or clothes or shoes or colours you love by applying sex to these OBJECTS, those on the trans list should be cut from the list straight away!


ps Should I tell the guy I live with that I "hate men"????
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  1. Dirt, you have an incredible amount of courage to bring up some rather uncomfortable subjects that others won't even touch. Moreover, it takes a great deal of resilience and resolve to just be a woman in a misogynistic society. Indeed, I claim that we are in the midst of a war against women. For example, read the book "Unnatural Selection" in which the author states that 163 million girls are missing from China and India because of thirty years of sex selective abortions. This book is well researched and the author is credible. Pornography and the trafficking of women is widespread and a lucrative industry. While women in western industrialized countries have made progress, violence against women is still all too common. How many young women really feel good about their bodies. I mean completely secure with their own female bodies. In every industrialized country that I'm aware of, young girls are constantly flooded with images of how they should appear and how they should dress.

    If you look at the entire worldwide cosmetic industry, sales reach about $170 Billion dollars a year. It’s distributed pretty uniformly around the world with ~$40 billion in the Americas, ~$60 billion in Europe, ~$60 billion in Australia & Asia, and another $10 billion in Africa. The Western world spends a bit more per person but India and Asia are quickly catching up.

    With the waning of feminism in the 1990s, I've observed almost a hyper-feminization of women that starts at a very young age. It's obvious in the sexualization of even young girls in advertisements and the media. For young women who chaff against the pretty little princess role, the only option that many of these confused girls see is to actually become men. That is, if they don't feel especially feminine, then they should be men because that is all they see. This is how they are socialized. Or, they might have an attraction to another girl, and are terrified of being called a lez or dyke. Only boys are supposed to have those feelings toward girls. These are lost young women. In one way or another, young girls are placed in a gender straight jacket. They are willing to mutilate their exquisitely beautiful female bodies because they can't love their own female nature and soul. When we look around and see images of women in the media, or when we see all the various forms of violence against women, how can girls not escape feeling so utterly uncomfortable with their bodies. Some simply refuse to even consider the possibility that internalized misogyny might play a role in the explosion in the number of young women wanting to "transition". From Chinese foot binding to female genital mutilation in Africa, the mutilation of the female body in one form or another is as old as human kind itself. It's very interesting to me how the increased interest in FTM (female to male) "transitioning" seemed to grow almost exponentially as feminism started to decline in the 1990s.

    Unless tras activists can say with all certainty that internalized misogyny plays no role in FTM "transitioning", then there can be only one logical conclusion. That is, in many cases, this is just another form of the mutilation of female bodies. I've always said that I believe that there might be a few rare individuals who really are "gender dysphoric" to the point of it being completely disabling. However, as it relates to FTM "transitioning", 90% of what I've seen is nothing more than confused young women. They see Chaz Bono "Dancing With the Stars" and can't wait to get their breasts lopped off.

    Again, thank you for having the courage to say what others are afraid to speak.

  2. Thanks for the insightful comment anon.


  3. I guess you post this kind of ridiculous thing because this is the only level of discourse you are mentally equipped to handle.

  4. "I guess you post this kind of ridiculous thing because this is the only level of discourse you are mentally equipped to handle."

    Because some dare to describe in detail the various forms of violence against women which, by the way, is well documented, we are feeble minded women.

    ...patting the uppity, obstinate woman on the head...

    you aren't mentally equipped to handle complex things..dumb female minds..

    ...Quiet while the men folks speak!
    Or, trans folks...same thing!

    Uppity, independent female thinkers are the most evil people alive. Now, STFU...

  5. I'm not sure ALL of you are feeble-minded. I was talking to Dirt, who chooses to engage with this type of poster, while having zero useful discourse with anyone who can effectively negate or contradict her assertions.

  6. “I'm not sure ALL of you are feeble-minded. I was talking to Dirt, who chooses to engage with this type of poster, while having zero useful discourse with anyone who can effectively negate or contradict her assertions.”

    First, it’s mighty humble and decent of this person to state that he or she doesn’t think ALL women are feeble-minded. I’m assuming that this individual must be either trans or male because women don’t talk this way. By the way, this individual states, “I’m not sure ALL of you are feeble-minded”, as if this person really isn’t sure if all women are or are not intrinsically feeble-minded in one way or another. This is most interesting to me.

    Question: Who gets to determine what is and isn’t “useful discourse”?

    Let’s carefully analyze this important question. Historically, the mutilation of the female body in one form or another is a constant that appears, disappears, and then re-appears throughout recorded history. Indeed, to properly describe this in a manner that would do it justice would be too lengthy to list in this little blog. Moreover, even in western industrialized countries, girls and women are constantly devalued. How is it possible to completely separate girls and women from the culture in which they are raised? By bringing up the uncomfortable fact that internalized misogyny might play a role in the clearly observed increase in the number of young women “transitioning”, Dirt is now an obstinate, unruly, uppity female who needs to be silenced. Because she has the audacity to look at “transitioning” through a feminist lens, to turn it upside down, and to carefully examine this practice in ways it hasn’t been examined, this is of zero useful discourse. Again, who gets to decide what is and isn’t “useful discourse”. It's only "useful discourse" if it deals specifically with male or trans issues. Now, I finally think I understand.

  7. I don't think Dirt says that 'transmen' are rapists and child molesters- I know she says they're women; that's probably just as bad, right?

  8. "First, it’s mighty humble and decent of this person to state that he or she doesn’t think ALL women are feeble-minded. "

    All of you on this list, dummy. Half of my best friends are women, and they are smart. Your feminist critique is boring and irrelevant.

  9. "All of you on this list, dummy. Half of my best friends are women, and they are smart. Your feminist critique is boring and irrelevant."

    Here we go with the dummy and feeble-minded again, as in female dummy and female feeble-minded.

    Perhaps any feminist critique that doesn't meet with your approval is boring and irrelevant. Again, women are supposed to keep their mouths shut. By the way, who gets to decide what is boring and irrelevant?

    163 million girls missing from India and China.....boring

    female genital mutilation....very boring

    the horrific practice of "breast ironing"....extremely boring

    When someone posts on this blog stating that he or she would rather have his or her daughter grow up to be a transman and get the respect from being a man instead of being steered to becoming a carpetmuncher who gets no respect, this is not a feminist issue. There is no need to critique or analyze this statement.

    When someone tells a butch lesbian that she needs to die in a fire, or get raped, this is not a feminist issue.


    When someone carves the word "dyke" into the flesh of a woman who identifies as lesbian, this is not a feminist issue...


    Silence the women one way or another, especially the ones who have the audacity to say things some don't want to hear.

  10. Anon 1:57 that says it all. Loud protestations of 'disinterest' are a clue about how rivetted folk actually are by things they don't want to hear.

  11. So, you try your best to look like a male, and even call yourself dirtywhiteboi (as in BOY), yet you complain when others point that out.


  12. People should have the freedom to dress however they like without having their clothing or behavior 'gendered' either by anti-gay straights or backwards-thinking transes who are equally invested in maintaining gender stereotypes.

  13. How is it OBVIOUSLY a trans female? What is OBVIOUS about it?
    Oh wait, you're applying the gender straight jacket to them!! You little hypocrite you!!
    Did I mention stereotyping, yet another thing you and all other dykes hate so much?

  14. Dirt, you have a lot of courage and conviction. I think it is great that women stand up for own cause.

    However, I also can't help but think that if feminism is to be truly successful, women need to invent a space and identity for themselves. Just like men have done through the centuries. Women can be strong but still remain true to their feminine nature.

    When a woman dresses like a man and copies their mannerism, it is imitation and reflects her longing to be like men and be seen as less feminine. But shouldn't we embrace women's feminism instead?

    I think what you call lipstick lesbians and feminine lesbians and even bisexual women are great examples. They show the world that women can be totally feminine but confident of who they are and whom they love.

    For me these women represent how strong modern women can be. They are clear on their identity and do not need to rely on imitating men in order to be comfortable.

    My comments do not mean to offend, I just wish to express my humble opinions on the subject. You have started a good debate here. I hope this place could become less one-sided and provide a better platform for well reasoned debate and intellectual exchange.

  15. To be honest this is is all really silly.

    Some people will and some people won't regret transition.

    Some women want other women to be trans even though it might be harmful. I don't think they do it out of malice. I think they do it because once they loved somebody trans and no one has come near them. It is after all to occupy a completely private intense space.

    I used many many years ago get upset about trans. It happened because the love of my life at that time left me for a really bonkers FTM (nasty violent creature).

    Anyway the long and short was I then tried to become bigger than butch! I was called a daddy and went about in leather clubs and became infamous on the SM scene in the UK. people offered me very large sums of money to do unspeakable things to them.

    However, the real truth behind all of this rediculous behaviour of mine was about being bigger and better than my exs new lover. During that time I was really heartbroken. The ex was so signicant as I had lost my blood sister the year we got together so loosing my ex opened up all of that pain.

    Anyway - the thing is people really are people. Who knows if any trans will regret their changes. Some will sometimes - others won't. Really it's their choice and they have a lifetime to go through all the different moments of emotion.

    I don't know you dirt - although I do! I was never aggresive about FTMs like you but I challenged FTM lovers a lot - obiviously. Thing is these days I have an intelligent, beautiful, gorgeous woman at my side, we own four properties and have a combined income of £100,000 although I still drive a besten up 20year old mercedes. To get here - to get all that - I had to do one thing. I had to get on with it and let go.

    To all people - enjoy your lives and rememeber feelings/emotions are transitionary. Things always improve but they may have to get bad first.

    By the way Dirt - using Owen the beautiful English war writer to illustrate a point in one of your blogs was highly offensive.