Thursday, July 26, 2012

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In few recent posts I have discussed violence against lesbians and the silence surrounding that violence by both popular media and queer media alike. The violence in question was gross hatred purely for being lesbian. The Shoah survivor/writer Elie Wiesel said of the Nazi Party that he understood their hatred of the Jews, what he didnt and still cannot comprehend is all those bystanders (who werent anti-semitic) who simple did nothing while their Jewish friends and neighbors were murdered/deported right in front of them.

I have never understood bystanding either. Plath's "peanut crunching crowd" lustily munching to the beat of the big "strip tease" I get, but here eyes are watching silently sans music as lesbians are being brutalized. What is worse, so many of those eyes occupy the so called "community" that is supposed to be behind us. A community that cannot always protect us but one that is suppose to be there to scream when we no longer have a voice, strike out when we're too hurt to fight and sooth us when we feel more alone in the world than we've ever felt! Silence has become the norm in the queer community where lesbians are concerned: lesbian issues, lesbian spaces and yes, even lesbian violence.

But just when you think things cant get worse in our current post-modernistic queered community, things have gotten much worse. Violence against lesbians is being promoted and supported in the queer community under the guise of Transition! And if you think for a moment that female transition isnt violent, think again!

This or something like this is what awaits the nine girls featured above, most of which (if not all) are lesbians. Between the bystanding, the promoting and the supporting of lesbian violence by the queer community alone, we lesbians are in some real fucking trouble! And the ONLY one who is going to save us, is us. Are we worth saving?



  1. I want to save these kids from your "saving".

  2. Spoken like a true misogynist.


  3. Just in case you don't know this, you are not Joan of Arc.

  4. “I want to save these kids from your “saving”.

    I’m not exactly sure what this person means when he or she posted this bazaar statement. Why would anyone want to save biological females from: (1.) elective mastectomies of both healthy breasts (2.) a life time of testosterone (3.) and the surgical mutilation of healthy female genitalia? The diagnosis of “gender dyshporia” in children is very problematic.

    “Violence against lesbians is being promoted and supported in the queer community under the guise of Transition! And if you think for a moment that female transition isn’t violent, think again.”

    Since when is the mutilation of female bodies in one form or another something that is new or revolutionary? Indeed, it has been going on for centuries. The WHO estimates that 100–140 million women and girls around the world have experienced female genital mutilation, including 92 million in Africa. (source:

    Breast ironing is another form of utter misogynistic violence against females, particularly young developing women.

    “Affecting one out of every four girls, the brutal practice of "breast ironing" is on the rise in the African country of Cameroon. The procedure -- which involves the flattening of a young girl's growing breasts with hot stones, coconut shells and other objects -- is considered a way to curb the country's staggering number of teenage pregnancies, particularly high in rural areas, as well as limit the risk of sexual assault.

    According to a new report by CurrentTV, Cameroonian mothers believe breast ironing will protect their daughters from becoming pregnant and being assaulted in that it will postpone their development and men will not be enticed by their breasts. With dietary habits in the country improving, girls are beginning to hit puberty as young as 9, and are subject to the practice around at the same age.”

    The actual erasing of female identity, or the complete elimination of females themselves, is both an ancient and current practice. Because of the practice of sex selective abortions that has been going on for the last thirty years, credible researchers state that 163 million girls are missing from China and India. When I first read the book “Unnatural Selection” by Mara Hvistendahl, I couldn’t wrap my mind around 163 million missing girls. However, this book is well researched and the author is a respected journalist.

    “Science magazine correspondent Mara Hvistendahl was a college student in China when she first saw an elementary school classroom where boys seriously outnumbered girls. Returning to China as a journalist several years later, she set out to investigate how, exactly, an estimated 163 million females came to be missing from the Asia's population—in South Korea, Vietnam, and Georgia, as well as India and China. The compelling result is Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men, a new book that both shows how Western organizations and scientists played a role in introducing sex selection to Asia and paints a bleak picture of societies where a dearth of women puts everyone at risk.”

  5. I've never had any trouble believing or pretending to be something I am not.

    Aside from our sharing a humble beginning, the only thing Jeanne and I might have in common is the misogynistic desire on the part of the ignorant to burn us at the stake. In her case, the ignorant succeeded. In mine they havent and will not.


  6. As it relates to FTMs, I would certainly be more willing to accept "gender dyshporia" if full and complete equality between the sexes existed. It does not. We are simply fooling ourselves to think otherwise. This is what trans activists refuse to accept. Some FTMs have said that they want the power, privilege, and status of being seen as male. If we are willing to erase female identity for a slice of male power and privilege, then simply say so. By doing so, how is this different than any other form of mutilation of the female body, or the actual elimination of the female itself? Indeed, I can't think of anything that so drastically alters the female body more than FTM "transitioning". Trans activists refuse to answer some rather uncomfortable questions because doing so requires staring straight into the face of centuries of well documented violence against women and misogynistic practices that span eons.

  7. He dirt, did you hear about all those brave women who took bullets for their boyfriends at the aurora shootings?

  8. What does that mean? If I were there with my girlfriend I'd have taken a bullet for her too. Are you saying that men need to be protected? Or just that men are superior?

  9. "Just in case you don't know this, you are not Joan of Arc."

    "He dirt, did you hear about all those brave women who took bullets for their boyfriends at the aurora shootings?"

    What kind of utter nonsense is behind these two statements? The issue is misogyny and the mutilation of female bodies, and all some people can come up with is this. This just shows how much they really care about women. I mean deep down care about women. Well, gee, so what...Perhaps FTM "transitioning" does involve an element of internalized misogyny, but women's bodies are always being mutilated in one form or another, or sexually objectified in a multitude of pornographic images time and time again. Ignore history and women's oppression. Ignore female genital mutilation. Ignore the horrific practice of breast ironing. Ignore 163 missing girls from China and Inida. Never consider the possibility that FTM "transitioning" might entail a great deal of internalized misogyny.

    Yes, we really do know how much you love women. The only woman one sad person can think of is Joan of Arc. There are hundreds of influential and courageous women besides Joan of Arc. Choosing to use her name in this particular context is most bazaar. She is only one of thousands of women burnt alive at the stake for essentially being a woman and having the audacity to speak her mind. Most of the "witches" were sadistically tortured before they were burned alive.

  10. e

    you seriously need to be medically sedated. Jesus Christ.

    You have literally taken offense to an innocent inquiry that your own blatant insecurities created in your own head.

    Perhaps that person asked that question because in the media ONLY the men who PROTECTED THEIR GIRLFRIENDS are being highlighted.

    Jeeze oh man....

  11. Correct 6:27 PM
    These women have serious persecution complexes.

  12. Yep, y'all are off the rails. Dirt's little picture of herself on this blog has an inset of the actress who played Joan of Arc in a movie. I'm seeing this as further evidence of her martyr complex.

  13. I have pictures of Rimbaud and Nijinsky near my bed, I suppose that means I want to be a French poet and a Russian


  14. well I assumed (most likely rightly) that the comment about the brave boyfriends at the theater shooting was implying something along the lines of 'see, not all men are bad' (which of course everybody knows; just because I don't think women are men doesn't make me anti-male)- I'm off the rails and need to be sedated? um, ok...

  15. "These women have serious persecution complexes."

    The various forms of violence perpetuated against females throughout recorded history would be too extensive and barbaric to properly describe in this little blog.

  16. "Perhaps that person asked that question because in the media ONLY the men who PROTECTED THEIR GIRLFRIENDS are being highlighted."

    Question: Protect them from whom? Well, another young male with a gun. Girls and women aren't shooting up schools, shopping malls, or theatres.

    I feel compelled to vent my utter sense of deep sorrow at another horrific mass murder. When I heard the news about another shooting in a mall, my heart sank. I am literally numb with grief, as if my whole soul and psyche are stunned and can’t wrap my mind around such carnage. I do admit, however, that I am not the least bit surprised.

    If one were to go back thirty years and examine every school shooting from Columbine to Virginia Tech, and every horrific shopping mall massacre, the only one common thread is this. These are young men between the ages of about fifteen or six-teen years of age to around age forty. Of course, everyone trots out the same underlying reasons for these senseless brutal acts. First, the gun control advocates say the issue is gun control. That is, we need to restrict the ownership of weapons. Well, I’ve been something of a gun control advocate. It does make sense to me and seems logical. Upon careful scrutiny, this still doesn’t explain what is really going on. This is only partially true. The U.S. is awash with guns, and women definitely have access to weapons just like males do. Any woman can walk into a gun shop and purchase weapons. Second, some prattle on ad nauseum about the pervasive violence that saturates the media. Violent movies, video games, and violence in our society cause these bloody massacres. Yes, we do have way too much violence in our society, and I’ve always said that children shouldn’t be exposed to this level of violence. Of course, this isn’t healthy for the development of children. We all know this. Still, this doesn’t entirely explain what is going on. Girls are exposed to as much violence, and in many cases, more violence than males. However, girls aren’t shooting up school yards, shopping malls, or movie theatres. Third, many people point to the beleaguered mental health system. That is, mentally unstable people don’t have access to mental health counseling and treatment. Distressed and emotionally unstable people definitely need access to mental health counseling and appropriate treatment. Doesn’t this lack of access to mental health equally impact both males and females? There isn’t one mental health system for men and one mental health system for females. So, what is going on?

    Again, I ask the reader to go back thirty years.

    Columbine...young males with guns

    The senseless Amish school massacre....a distraught male with weapons

    Virginia Tech...a young male with access to weapons

    The bloody shoot out in Arizona...a young male fully loaded

    The recent massacre at a movie theatre...a disturbed young man with weapons

    Whether we have the courage to admit it or not, there is only one constant in all these horrific massacres. Testosterone and weapons is an extremely deadly mixture. Oh, my, I said something I dare not even whisper. We intuitively know it, but we don’t admit it. In my opinion, unless it's in a military or law enforcement setting, males should not be allowed to own weapons. Even in a military setting, there is no guarantee people are safe. For example, years ago, an Army psychiatrists went bonkers and shot up an Army base killing his own soldiers. Considering the fact that young males with guns are responsible for every bloody school shooting and shopping mall massacre during the last half century, perhaps only females should own guns. There I’ve said it. Someone needs to speak the truth. For some reason, males are attracted to weapons, but they can’t handle them.

    Testosterone and weapons....we dare not speak the truth

  17. i happen to be friends with one of the MEN you posted, and i'd just like to inform you that you are a nasty piece of work. why gives you the right to try and shame people in this way? how dare you call them lesbians, it's ridiculous.. you are what the world needs less of.

  18. As the grandchild of Shoah survivors, you lost me when you compared consentual medical procedures to the most appalling and systemic massacre humanity has ever experienced.

    Misappropriation of this kind, no matter how well meaning, is the epitome of white privilege gone awry.

  19. 'How dare you call him a lesbian!'

    Because obviously being a lesbian is the worst thing imaginable and mutilating yourself is a great cure... Fuck off, anon.