Monday, July 23, 2012

Silence Equals Lesbian Violence

This nauseating horror was sent to me earlier from an "avid reader". (thank you btw)

The above was spray painted on the basement wall where three cowardly men sporting masks broke into a home where they bound and brutally assaulted the lesbian in resident. They beat and carved the word dyke across her stomach then left her for dead after dumping gasoline all over the house setting it a flame. By a miracle she got out and hopped to a neighbors for help.

I dont know about you, but had "avid reader" not sent me this article, I would be none the wiser to this hate filled calamity. Lesbian attacks, rapes and murders continue being down played by media if not out right ignored altogether! While hetero-patriarchy is the part of the problem, the misogyny behind it surely is the real culprit. The media has no trouble focusing on some famous gay male who "bravely" leaps from the closet or the latest "trans celeb", but lesbians being brutalized? Oh HELL no!

What I as a lesbian find more repugnant is the "queer" media whom are supposed to represent lesbians and instead primarily keep their focus centered on the almighty male. Whether gay males, male to females or female to males, male figures in there somewhere! So where does that leave lesbians? Lesbian issues? Violence against lesbians??? We are either silently ignored, kept silent or threatened with violence if not silent.

If we as lesbians are going to make any progress in society we first have to challenge the deep seated misogyny within out own queered community. Misogyny that ignores stories like the above or responds to being challenged with messages like this I received this morning:

ps Please send your best lesbian vibes to this traumatize woman, she will need all the good spirits just to get through this lezbophobic attack and a lifetime to learn to live with it.
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  1. I am utterly appaled. This can't go on.

    And I wish I could apolagise for the hateful shit my fellow transitioner hurled at you in that other part, but I can not. There is no excuse for that crap. Even in battle it is vital that we always remember we battle other humans, otherwise we loose our own humanity.

    Walks away crying.

  2. No totally. In some way trans people must be found responsible for this attack. Because you are BATSHIT crazy. Fuck you Lynn Baker. You ARE the men who did this.

  3. To the fuckwit above,

    Did you really just try to blame a WOMAN BLOGGER for real life male violence?

    If so, you're the one who is batshit crazy.

    You're also the one who brought up trans, not Dirt. If you're unable to care about lesbians being continually targeted and attacked, then fuck off.

  4. I am not a lesbian, but I am utterly shocked by what I have read here and in the news story that you linked to. I cannot fathom the sick hate that would cause someone to do this to a fellow human being. No wait, I can... we live in a world full of sick people.

    WTF is wrong with the men of this world???

  5. Actually, Dirt brought up transpeople first. Where I live, all queers would be on a fucking rampage if this happened. We do not differentiate when it comes to violence against any of us. I blame Dirt for her attempts to divide us from each other because it makes us all weaker. She is part of the problem.

  6. If you are going to talk shit, at least have the courage and decency to use your name.

    Anon attack coments are cowardly.

    Yes, Lynn speaks against transition, but that is not what this post was even about.
    It is about the bullshit violence and hatred aimed at lesbians.

    I am the child of a lesbian, and due to the fact that I have transitioned MTF and I am in a relationship with a woman, I look like a lesbian to many people. SO I have a double vested interest here.

    It blows me away that there are people who would kill my mom just because she is a lesbian. That there are people who would kill me because I 'look like' a lesbian.

    Last night after I read this latest post I walked away stuned and crying. I fell asleep crying. This has to stop.

    I sent mom a good morning and I love you first thing.

    Keep your eyes open and watch your backs out there please.
    I want to be able to argue with ya'll and piss and moan over your politics for many years to come, not attend funerals.

    Stay safe out there.

  7. "Anon attack coments are cowardly."

    C'mon Cynthia, I'm not going to expose my name to a seething bigot. Nor are my comments an attack. Furthermore, I admire your spirit but Dirt has no acceptance of your lesbianism whatsoever, despite the fact that you most likely experience anti-lesbian discrimination. She wants no community with you whatsoever, does not have your back in any way, unless you consider her desire for you to accept your maleness "support".

    I stand by what I said. Dirt and people like her are attempting to weaken our community. I consider it a bourgeois luxury to sequester yourself merely along the dividing lines of sexuality during a time when cops are shooting randomly into poor communities of people of color. What a joke.

  8. I know that she does not see me as a Lesbian, and to be honest, I am not a lesbian. I am bisexual. I do however conceed that to outside apearances my spouse and I apear to be lesbian. But 'looks like' and 'is' are two differant monkeys.

    This post is not the place to debate trans. This post is about a lesbian woman who was vicously attacked.
    There are plenty of posts that Lynn has made further down the list that are good places to debate her position.
    This post should be that one thing that we can all rally behind.

    No woman should have to worry that she will be raped, murdered or disfigured. And I dont like worrying that it could happen to my mom.

  9. lesbian unity is a bourgeos luxury? what a shitty thing to say. (though i do consider 'cynthia lee' a man)

    1. sorry for spelling errors walking down street typing on phone

  10. If anything can be called a 'bourgeoise luxury' it's the myopic narcissistic world of 'trans politics,' though I'd still never deprive 'transpeople' (or anybody I disagree with) of community (should they feel it necessary) because their oppression (whether real or imagined) doesn't meet my standards

  11. “Three masked men broke into a woman’s house in Lincoln, Nebraska early Sunday morning, bound her with zip ties, carved the word “dyke” into her stomach, cut her all over her body, and set her house on fire with gasoline in an apparent hate crime. They also stay painted epithets and slurs on the walls of her basement. After her attackers left, the unidentified woman managed to escape and crawl to a neighbor’s house. Hundreds of residents attended a vigil Sunday evening — an amazing turnout in such a short time. Lincoln, home to the University of Nebraska, has a population of 258,379.

    “Lincoln police declined to say whether the incident was being investigated as a hate crime,” the Omaha World-Herald reports, quoting Police Capt. Jim Davidsaver saying, “I can’t comment on any possible suspect motive at this point.”

    Of course, this was a hate crime. This was why they carved the word “Dyke” into her body. Men have been committing hate crimes against women and lesbians for centuries. It’s so common place that in the majority of cases it’s not even considered a hate crime. Corrective rape of lesbians is well documented in South Africa. The idea is to terrorize all women in one way or another. Since lesbians have the audacity to love other women, they are so utterly and completely despised.

    I’m still a lesbian and I’m still alive. Moreover, I’m proud to be a dyke.

  12. "I am not a lesbian, but I am utterly shocked by what I have read here and in the news story that you linked to. I cannot fathom the sick hate that would cause someone to do this to a fellow human being. No wait, I can... we live in a world full of sick people.

    WTF is wrong with the men of this world???"

    At the risk of being called a horrible feminist, it's really rather simple. The idea behind male violence against women is to terrorize women, to destroy their soul and spirit, to psychologically break the female down individually and collectively. The idea is to keep females in a constant state of fear. I'm not saying all males are violent, but male violence against women is ancient.

    To my dear sister who was sadistically brutalized...they can never take away your spirit and soul...

  13. Hi Dirt, I hope you don't mind me posting this link. It's for donations for the medical and other care the woman in question may need. I#m sure some of your readers would be glad to help out and show their support. Thanks Ali.

  14. "If anything can be called a 'bourgeoise luxury' it's the myopic narcissistic world of 'trans politics,' "

    Most transpeople I know work with the homeless, in anti-racist organizations, participate in queer gayborhood-watch walks, work in feminist bookstores, volunteer at soup kitchens and shelters, run arts and childrens programs, volunteer at prisons and animal shelters, work with AIDS sufferers, work for environmental and social justice organizations, on and on. We donate our money to lesbians with cancer, we play/read/perform/donate art at benefits for people whose misfortunes have nothing to do with gender or sexuality. When we work with lesbian-specific shit, you freak out because we are invading your space, so fuck you. We choose to involve ourselves in trans politics because there is still bullshit like this blog going on, which attempts to blame transpeople for all kinds of things. You mistrust us. You question our motivations while, in all likelihood, you do NOTHING for the causes you are crying about. So, fuck you. Who's myopic?

  15. 5:33, Wow, transpeople are all like friggin' saints!

  16. (I don't 'blame transpeople for all kinds of things,' I just think transsexualism is a misguided and backwards practice/belief and that people should be able look at and discuss it more clearly without fear of attack.) (And I do plenty for the causes I care about!)

  17. It is despicable that you would make this young woman's tragic murder about transsexual issues.


    I'm usually right on board with you but this is purely distasteful and wrong.

  18. "It is despicable that you would make this young woman's tragic murder about transsexual issues."

    Thanks - that is exactly what I was thinking. Here we have a lesbian blogger who is raising awareness about brutal hate crimes committed against lesbians, and a whole bunch of trans people who are trying to derail the discussion and make is all about them and their issues! (Not to mention trying to take Dirt down in the process)

    As a lesbian, that tells me exactly how much these transpeople care about the discrimination and challenges I face as a lesbian. Answer: fuck all.

    Cynthia Lee, thank you for being the exception

  19. Ok, Like I am a transguy. But.. Lets get honest here!! I see plenty of coverage for Gay Men and Transwomen when it comes to hate crimes. However barely even lip service goes into hate crimes towards Lesbians. AND if we as Trans guys are expecting to share the same umbrella, it is time to come up to the plate. A while back Dirt posted an article surrounding the two Lesbians who were shot (one killed) in Texas.. Go look at how little feedback was given on this. Had that been a gay male or a Transwoman there would have been tons of comments. And as a transguy I am telling you this.. There are actually times for we as transgender individuals to get out of me me mode and come up to the plate to be supportive of others.

    Dirt.. Thank you for posting this.!!

  20. "As a lesbian, that tells me exactly how much these transpeople care about the discrimination and challenges I face as a lesbian. Answer: fuck all."

    You are the bullshit here. Dirt brought up the trans people. Because she always tries to make trans people the culprit for all kinds of hateful bigoted shit that goes on. She is the bigot. Bigoted straight men are responsible for this crime and I will not tolerate deflection of responsibility for this ONTO transpeople in any way. Fuck that, and fuck you.

  21. Dirt says that misogyny is the reason lesbians are attacked like this - she does not accuse transpeople of perpetrating these crimes.

    She says that both the mainstream media and the queer media ignore stories about lesbians in favour of stories about gay men and transpeople, and that this shows a clear male-centric bias on both counts. She says this behaviour (from both mainstream and queer media) contributes to an environment of indifference and silence about lesbian issues, including acts of serious violence against lesbians. As she also points out, lesbians who do speak out on behalf of other lesbians get attacked - often from within 'queer' ranks, which is indeed what is happening here.

    None of this is attacking trans people or blaming them for these crimes - it is pointing out a fairly obvious patriarchal bias in the media which works to the detriment of lesbians.

  22. In a post solely about a LESBIAN horror, already the word "trans" in some form or other has been mentioned THIRTY-THREE times.

    That alone speaks volumes about where lesbians, lesbian issues (on a lesbian blog not less) and lesbian violence under the "queer umbrella" stand! We're standing in the fucking rain!

    Any other comments containing anything to do with "trans" after this comment will be deleted. If you have nothing to say on the horrors of this crime or crimes against lesbians, keep your comments to yourself. If some of you would like a spin off post to discuss the lack of lesbian visibility/issues in the media and under the queer umbrella, just say so and I'll start another post so this one can remain focusing on violence against lesbians.


  23. I must have missed when the acronym changed from LGBT to GBLT? Even the alphabet soup is all for lesbian erasure eh?

    This is a horrific story, and I can't believe there are folks trying to co-opt even here.

  24. Oh I see that you have deleted my comment listing all the major news outlets that covered the story. Because you can never admit it when you are so totally busted. You are such a weak fucking blowhard Dirt.

  25. Your comment was deleted for its ignorance. Anyone can find anything if they SEARCH for it. I didnt have to SEARCH to know what recent gay male newscaster came out or SEARCH what trans female hollywood celeb recently discussed about her fagdom".

    Why? Because these stories were everywhere we looked WITHOUT LOOKING!

    Feel free to remove the boot from your mouth now miss know-it-all.


  26. No. These were major news stories about this attack. Feel free to steep in your false victimhood. It makes no difference to anyone.

  27. well, I live in NYC and haven't heard anything about this story- saw one article online on a major news site (after I learned about it here), but that's it. you DO have to look for it. (I don't know why so many of Dirt's haters think there's some kind of victimhood/oppression contest going on, but I know that if this were a 'transwoman' attacked or even a gay man the coverage would be relentless)

  28. You don't think the person that did this wouldnt do the same to a gay man or transgendered person? The hatred shown here is to the LGBTQ community as a whole. We need to stand up for each other no matter the difference. Gay/straight/transgender/fat/skinny/nerdy/etc etc etc. We're all need to stick up for everyone, not just those that are like us. Stop all discrimination not just what affects one group of people.

  29. No, the hatred shown here was not to the LGBTQ community or even to the L community; it was to a L. Are 'skinny' and 'nerdy' now a part of the gay community as well?