Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lesbian Love-STILL the Biggest Threat to Hetero-Patriarchy!

A trans reader has asked me to post about the horrific murder and attempted murder of two young lesbians that occurred in Texas last week. She/he had personally known a lesbian in this area who was brutally raped and murdered some years back and whose murderer has never been caught, bringing this current savagery very close to her/his heart.

As cruel and absolutely reprehensible as these crimes are, I find it nearly as fucking deplorable that the police arent even pursuing these lezbophobic assaults as Hate Crimes! When the fucking law is so threatened by two young girls in love, girls who dared to eschew hetero-patriarchy, girls whose very lesbian natures is viewed as a slap in the face to all men, I'm surprised there arent more lesbians murdered. But, perhaps there are, and like this horror story, so few give a flying fuck that there are a few less dykes in the world the media cant be bothered to care either!

A sweet poignant look at what some guy found so fucking threatening he felt compelled to put a bullet into both their heads. If that isnt HATE, then hate doesnt fucking exist!

I pray for both Mollie Judith Olgin, age 19, right, and Mary Christine Chapa, age18, may there love live on somewhere far removed from the misogyny plaguing our world.


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  1. Here we find common ground and can stand.
    My mother is a lesbian. To think there are savages who would murder her just for loving.
    Makes me cry.

    I pray these girls get justice.

  2. This is so despicable...There are no words for this atrocity...

    Jesus Christ...will we ever be truly 'free' in this country? ALL of us...

    This just sends me sprawling into hopeless despair.

  3. @CL, Justice, like Heaven was created to comfort people out of reality, neither exist.


  4. I thought this case was still open; we don't know the motivation behind the crime.

  5. The corrective rape of lesbians is well documented in South Africa. It's believed that raping lesbians will cure them of their desire for women.

    "I told the guy that no I'm a lesbian so I don't date guys and then he said to me "no I understand. I've got friends that are lesbians, that's cool, I don't have a problem with that."He said to me, "you know what? I hate lesbians and I'm about to show you that you are not a man, as you are treating yourself like a man," she told CNN.

    "I tried to explain I'm not a man. I never said I'm a man, I'm just a lesbian. And he said "I will show you that I am a man and I have more power than you.

    Then he raped her, she says, as his friend watched."

    (quote from corrective rape victim)

    Does this attitude just exist in South Africa?

    "An Ohio radio host is facing a storm of protest after advocating corrective rape for a young lesbian. Dominic Dieter, radio personality at Cleveland's WMMS, is in hot water for suggesting to a father he should arrange to have his daughter raped to turn her straight.

    Cleveland radio listeners received a horrific shock Friday morning, April 27, when Dominic Dieter of Rover's Morning Glory, a talk show on WMMS 100.7, told a father that his gay daughter should be raped straight.

    Responding to a father who happened upon his teenage daughter kissing another girl, Dieter said, “You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.”

  6. Corrective rape and murder victim ganged raped and stabbed 25 times.

    "The partially clothed body of Eudy Simelane, former star of South Africa's acclaimed Banyana Banyana national female football squad, was found in a creek in a park in Kwa Thema, on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Simelane had been gang-raped and brutally beaten before being stabbed 25 times in the face, chest and legs. As well as being one of South Africa's best-known female footballers, Simelane was a voracious equality rights campaigner and one of the first women to live openly as a lesbian in Kwa Thema."

  7. I am going to be downright flipping blunt here. Barely lip service has been paid to these three women, two of which are dead, who have been murdered in Texas. How many more are there? the LGBT community should be in as big of an outrage over this as they were Matthew Shepard.. If these were gay men or a Transwoman it would be all over the news.. Why isn't it? If this were a gay man or a Transwoman, advocates would be organizing in force within the LGBT community. Why isn't it.

    I am a transman, but I lived many years as a butch lesbian.. I am outraged and I am ashamed of all who are not as much as giving lip service to this.

    Not one person has done a like or a share with this being on my FB wall.. And make no mistake there are MANY ADVOCATES on my FB account. This is bullshit!!

    A man took these two girls down and put them on their knees and shot each of them in the head. The woman several years ago just got shoved under the carpet as well. On the current one there has been sprinklings of support but this should be an outcry.. Oh thats right... They are just dykes so who gives a flying F.. Neither girl has been in legal trouble in their life and one of them was going Texas A&M on a scholarship. So don't even try to say they deserved it. That too is bullshit.

    Get mad for them. Show your anger. Use your social networks to get the ball rolling. ALL OF US COLLECTIVELY CAN BE A VOICE FOR THESE YOUNG LESBIANS!!

    Thank you Dirt for posting this.

  8. Anon, You're welcome. And if you have a plan of action to bring this to a larger audience, I'm in and will promote it here.

    And heart wrenching, as vile and sickening as this story is, I'm working on another that to my knowledge has only been mentioned a few times, with NO vigil! Will post soon if I can muster a few words.


  9. The first Plan is to post the suspect profile pick on all of our Social Media sites... or FB Accounts... Here is a link to his pic

    Keep posting this as many places as you can.. Make sure you make it clear he is being sought in a Lesbian hate crime. Just because Texas wants to skirt around it does not many the rest of us have to. I never thought I would say it, but it is important this is not flushed under the *umbrella* terminology. Claim it for what it is. They were not a L Couple. The were a Lesbian Couple who were shot execution style by someone who looks like the man on that link. Then I think I would like to see a blog or website set up in their memory which concentrates on Lesbians who are violated or murdered.

    I am sure there is more we can do, but this is a good place to start.

  10. Wow – why is it we seem to see stories like this once a week? And then that poor child in the next post? There is so much misogyny and homophobia in this world that it makes me sick.

    I guess I feel fortunate that the worst I've gotten was when my partner and I go out to the bars we get hissed at and called names. Well, and one time, I went to this shitty bar that I didn't know was a redneck bar; me and two of my friends got called "little f*ggots" and the asshole bartender threw a bottle at my one friend's head.

    Now I don't live in Texas, but my state could be called "purple" only if you feel generous on that is a RED state, period, with an anti-choice, anti-woman, Tea Party governor. Before I knew better, I used to waste time posting on a local message group, and I warned some of the younger people that the so-called "trendy, gentrifying" neighborhood I lived in was not all they fantasized it to be.

    I moved in with my partner before this neighborhood was fancied up. (i.e. the rent was blown up to ridiculous rates to get rid of the blacks who've lived here for generations. What do black families consist of in my city? Single mothers! And a woman with no man is a threat, even if she's a damn hard working mom, which these ladies are.) Before this place blew up, I WARNED these kids about the harassment and gay/lesbian bashing. They mocked me. And ignored my warnings, and starting pouring in by droves.

    So last year, a very young girl, of maybe 18, was threatened at gunpoint right on the main street for holding hands with her partner, and then these kids got it through their thick damn skulls. They held a "protest march" in the park, but interestingly, very few from the gay or lesbian community participated, or were even invited. And they still talk down to me when I tell them what it's like when you're in the community, and what WE need, even as they lecture me on proper etiquette for interacting with your LGBT friends, and how to use fucking pronouns correctly. (They're also misogynistic as hell, and actively "shun" women who don't conform to textbook femininity – which includes yours truly – so no matter how liberal and open-minded they claim to be, their actions speak louder than words!)

    Meanwhile, there are two women's bars in the whole town, and one is in a very dangerous neighborhood. The other one is attended by men now too, but it's the only one we feel safe going to. Nothing's going to change, especially when the arrogant straight young kids refuse to listen to actual lesbian, gay, and even bi/queer people!

    Sorry so long, Dirt, but I needed to "get it all out" and share what's going on where I live, because I'm afraid for our community, and it ain't just happening in Texas!

  11. You know, maybe I was too harsh after all. I guess it is good that the kids in the heterosexual community at large are drawing attention to violence against same-sex couples, especially women. I don't want to be uber-bitter about it because we need all the allies we can get. I lashed out because I felt like these kids have been historically flippant about the homophobia and misogyny in my community, and when they hear about it from an actual lesbian (or gay man for that matter) they just blow us off. I felt like they were saying, "We'll decide to handle violence against you on OUR terms, and we'll decide what's worth media attention," if that makes sense? But again, it's a start...and it got covered in the news, so small steps...

    Apparently – and you'll love the irony here – the cops never caught the asshole who threatened this young girl in my town, but they arrested five protesters! That's who I'm really angry at: the system that perpetuates this shit. If you're arresting people who protest lesbian-bashing while the actual lesbian-bashers roam free, there's no hope for your city, or your society really. The news brief I read also mentioned that pretty much anytime someone is gay-bashed in my town, the cops hassle them. Nice going, and nice use of my tax dollars. Where's my refund?

  12. You know Ali I almost feel like you're apologising for being angry. I hope that isnt the case, because like the two most terrible words a female is ashamed to say (I and No), anger is an emotion females get shamed for expressing.

    Wondering should I start a post on what is YOUR lesbian community like?


  13. Dirt, thank you so much for your kind words, and the reminder to STOP APOLOGIZING. I need that reality check from strong women at times, and I am appreciative.

    In the interest of maintaining some semblance of anonymity, I will need to graciously decline the offer to do a blog post on my local lesbian community though. Unfortunately, I have a stalker, a man who has behaved badly and violently toward me for refusing to date me, and revealing details may tip him off that this is me. I learned several years ago that he trolls the internet for signs of me. We women cannot be too careful. (Ali is my childhood nick-name; he knows me by my formal name, which I cannot repeat here for obvious reasons.)

    Thanks for providing a place for us ladies to talk in any case, Dirt, and I will certainly help when I can by posting any news stories I find about violence against our community. We all need the call-to-action...we cannot be complacent.

  14. (That should be "for me refusing to date HIM," he got me so pissed I made typos!)

  15. Ali, sorry for the confusion. Had a rough week last week and yesterday was the first morning I got to sleep in a bit so I was still half alseep when I pondered a post on what you posted regarding community.

    I didnt mean labeling our respective communities just describing them in the way you had. Was thinking it might be good for others to hear/speak about how the community where we live deals with its lesbians.

    Sorry to hear about your stalker. As someone whom hasnt put in a change of address the last two times I've moved, I feel for you.

    ps Regarding potential post, you could just repost what you posted here.


  16. Hi Dirt – That would be great. I think you could definitely make a post from my content about the hypocrisy in my community, if you could just remove the sentence about the bottle being thrown at my friend's head, or edit it to say "We were threatened with violence," since that sentence may identify me Otherwise, please feel free!

    I also wanted to share that I have started being assertive again as a woman on various online discussion groups. When I did this before, I got backlash, and I'm now getting backlash again. Surprisingly, the people who try to shut me up most are het women who are so soaked in patriarchy they don't even notice it. In the span of just 48 hours, I've watched a woman call her loyal website readers mentally ill for objecting to being insulted by a kid (the kid was being pretty nasty and implying they were lazy), and demanding I "be nice" to two horrible female bloggers, one of whom tells female rape victims that the rape was their fault, the other of whom advises women who are fired because they got pregnant that the company is totally in the right (like it's the 1950s all over again). Rest assured I gave her a piece of my mind!

    What are your thoughts on calling out this anti-women behavior in other women? What tactics have you found to be effective? And why do you think women engage in this crap in the first place – does it benefit them in some way, etc.? (I am really enjoying our discussion, but if you want me to continue it on another entry, I'll be happy to.)

  17. Ali, thats precisely what I do here everyday. Females in transition ARE anti-woman, anti-women taken to a pathological level.

    I ALWAYS call out misogynistic ignorance. No matter where I encounter it.

    I have often said, you can fill a room full of straight women, even women claiming to be feminist and toss in one reasonably attractive man and suddenly the whole atmosphere in the room will change. I'm sure you've seen this in RT on some level yourself. The man becomes the center of attention and women turn on each other vying for the males attention.

    Straight women fear losing male approval and still seek their own power through men. This is where early feminism failed and where middle/upper middle class straight feminists rejected working class feminist lesbians or feminist lesbians who didnt comply with current standards of femininity. The Butch/Femme community was one of the earliest lesbian communities to jump into feminism with both feet and also the first to be rejected by hetero (usually academic) feminists.

    Straight women are conditioned from birth that they NEED a man and sadly women still buy into this nonsense to their own detriment.

    If you would prefer to take this elsewhere, you can aways email me at