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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lesbian Community-What is it like in Your Area

Is there a Lesbian community in your area? If so, what is it like? Is it a strong lesbian community or like we have heard here repeatedly, has it been queerd? Whether you have a lesbian community or not, tell us what you would like in a lesbian community.

(You do not need to specify where you live, just give a description of your lesbian community)

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  1. I live in a city near Barcelona (Spain).You can find everything except lesbians. That's why i stopped being interested in "the community".

  2. Spokane Washington is an intergrated queer comunity. The local president of the LGBT is a lesbian.

  3. Well, out of L,G,B and T, only the L has nothing to do with maleness.

  4. e,

    you didn't make a single point.

    (That comment was a bit of a "durrr" moment).

  5. Why do you NEED a lesbian community? Can't you just hang out with people, regardless of their gender or sexuality?

  6. @ anon 11:18pm. I'm (not) sorry, but... That is just plain ignorant. Why would a lesbian community be a problem at all? Why would you consider that anything less than a dire necessity? A marginalized subset (lesbians) within a marginalized group (women) to begin with?

    That question comes from a place of absurd privilege denial. When lesbians are treated like straight women and discrimination based upon sexual orientation is no longer a problem...THEN maybe someone will entertain that stupid question.

    Jeeze oh man. Dirt is ignorant, yes. Not her biggest fan at all. But that question took the cake this evening.

    Not even a lesbian and that pissed me off.

  7. East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area. There are several different lesbian communities. Some are part of the queer communities, some not. Even though there's a lot going on, my personal complaint is that most of the community activities involve either clubbing (heavy drinking and hooking up) or political rallies. Straight people can just go to the local pub to meet people, but lesbians have to go to some event. We need some women-only neighborhood pubs. And I don't mean dives full of drunks who won't talk to new people.

  8. i live in Malaysia .. Here you cant find lesbian community ..i mean , lesbian itsself , they like to remain stealth ..but here , they are alot of butch community .. its hard to find transexual man here ..and i think you can count with your fingers how many transman here ..and butch , here also have a nightclub just for butch ..sorry for my bad english =)

  9. to 10;47
    sorry my commment seemed 'durr' to you; it was in reply to a comment since deleted.

  10. I'm in the Netherlands and there's hardly a lesbian community. It's integrated in the streight world as it should be. I can be a lesbian anywhere and never experience negativity.

  11. I personally don't exclusively 'hang around' with lesbians or consider myself or other lesbians 'outcasts' and I don't think that's the issue here. It's about having support if one needs it by a community that is exclusively focused on issues related to homosexual biological females. Also, I've yet to encounter gay girls who speak in that manner or think they're 'teh kewlest,' though 'queers' often seem to.

  12. there's literally NO lesbian community where I live. none. but there is a "queer" group.

  13. What? So you're saying that queers (gay people) talk like that? You do realize that queer can mean either a gay man OR a gay woman? Seriously.

    You just admitted that lesbians DO talk like that.


  14. Big, "community" isnt about equal rights, its about the intimacy of shared souls.


  15. Yes, I know that queer can mean gay or straight man or woman. Not all gay people consider themselves 'queer.'

  16. Where I live, most of the organizations are gay men, trans, and queer identified. The so-called GLBT center close to where I live is nothing more than GBTQ because all the support groups are trans or queer. Even the "Women's Group" was changed. The "Women's Group" is for "self-identified woman" which essentially means a person who claims he or she is a woman even if she or he still has a penis. There are three transgender groups at this GLBT center, three queer identified groups, and a "Women's Group". By the way the "Women's Group" is just another trans group because woman can mean a person with a penis.

    What does "Women's Group" mean:

    The group is welcoming of all self-identified women of all orientations, gender expressions, biological sexes, ages, abilities, ethnicities, relationship status, political views, and spiritual beliefs. The only requirement for participation is that an individual self-identifies as a woman."

    To some, the phrase, "women of all biological sexes, gender expressions" sounds confusing, but it makes perfect sense to trans folks. Women can have penises. There are even some who claim that people with penises can be lesbians.

    As for me, I stay away from the GLBT centers because they are mostly gay men, trans, and queer folk. There a few small groups for lesbians where I live that trans and queer identified folks haven't completely taken over.

    There are some queer folk that aren't too bad to hang out with, but when they changed the "Women's Group" to all self-identified women, I've given up entirely on trans. There are already three trans groups at this center so it wasn't like trans folks didn't have any place to go. That wasn't good enough. They had to take over the "Women's Group" too.

  17. Yeah remember when the queer/trans group went to the Dyke March in NY and harassed Cathy Brennan? The schedule from 'pride week' is still up at the LGBT center and I saw that the day before the dyke march the transes had their 'trans day of action'- I doubt the dykes went to that to give anybody a hard time.
    OK enough of this stuff, have a good weekend all.

  18. "Yeah remember when the queer/trans group went to the Dyke March in NY and harassed Cathy Brennan? The schedule from 'pride week' is still up at the LGBT center and I saw that the day before the dyke march the transes had their 'trans day of action'- I doubt the dykes went to that to give anybody a hard time."

    Yes, I agree completely. They have their own trans groups which is fine with me because I just leave them alone. Well, this is not good enough. They start to demand access to women's groups, whine, and stomp their feet and carry on if they are ignored. In many places, there are groups for trans folks, but they also insist on shoving their way into women and lesbian space.

    As to Cathy Brennan, she held her ground. She is such a brave woman. I watched that sad and disturbing video. You could see the vein on that trans guy bulge out when he was verbally harassing her. They confronted Cathy. It wasn't the other way around. Cathy was just in the parade minding her own business, and was suddenly surrounded by a trans guy in a funny looking hat and a group of trans/queer folk.

    By the way, I don't believe dykes have penises. It is so sad and pathetic that trans have deliberately chosen to take over Dyke Marches. This is total co-option of dyke and lesbian identity.

    Bless Cathy Brennan!
    My Goddess Hero!

  19. There's no community at all for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, queers or transgender people where I live. Thank god. Means I get support from people who aren't LGBT because yes, they are more than capable understanding (and don't really care, which is quite wonderful). I don't quite understand what issues I have as a lesbian that are different from anyone else in society.

  20. @ Anonymous 6:48 AM

    Finally, someone that gets it :D

  21. @7:36: Yup! I have no idea what being a lesbian has got to do with seeking other lesbians out for a natter or needing another lesbians to understand my "problems" (not that I don't have any, just that they have sweet FA to do with who I share I bed with). Surely if I want to make more people aware of "lesbian issues", I should speak to non-lesbians? Just a thought. I limit my contact with community to the internet every so often where I'm reminded why I've physically stayed as far away from it as possible for the whole of my adult life! Can't help myself on the internet though. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment!

  22. Ah, so people who are upset about lack of 'community' (and not just the virtual kind which is NO kind at all) are really at fault for even wanting it? Now, I'm personally a bit of a loner and have never really enjoyed groups of any kind but I can't help but wonder if this anti-community theory also extends to other groups: African Americans (or Jews, Latinos, women, gay men, writers, teachers, Muslims, Christians even gender-believers, &c.) have no business wanting to unite for their causes or for companionship: they should get over it, community is so passé!

  23. Straight woman here... So please forgive me if this is intrusive, but I wanted to jump in cause I spend a LOT of time around men.. The reason, as I see it that the "M-t but not really F cause that would soooo suck, trans," take over ALL sorts of women's groups, not just lesbian btw, is so they can be seen by "Real women" doing "gurl things!"

    It seems to be one of the strange things about men... They have this innate need to have the things they do witnessed by women! Don't care if they are 8 or 88, they simply have to tell a female "all about it!" Or... better still... have her WATCH!

    Really now? Who would anyone give a rats ass if the "say I am women, but not" went to MichFest, sat in the mud, listened to the music, got bit by mossies, got briers in their ratty wigs and then... they left as they were there? Silently?

    No one!

    But Nooooo... These pretend women want to, need, to have to go, so they can be seen doing their "gurl" thing by women! Lots and lots of women! I mean there are what, thousands upon thousands of women there! Why just think! All those women could be there just to witness these "women with dicks" doing "gurl!" Swoon! OMG! That's nuff to make em all moist in the lady stick! (sorry that really was gross, but it seemed funny to me)

    That need to be seen is exactly why that horrible person tried to take down the Rape Center in Canada. (appeals judge said as much!) It is why they have to go to the OBGYN when a family care doctor would do just fine. It is why they went to the dyke march and made complete asses of themselves. Bottom line, it is the reason they invade all sorts of women's groups!

    Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

    Sadly, the irony of this exercise in male privilege is totally lost on em!

  24. @9:24: I didn't say people who wanted to be part of one were at fault. I said I didn't see the point in community at all. Hanging out with other lesbians simply because they share the same sexual identity as me is beyond me. It's one thing we have in common.

    If I strip back my identity as a female and a lesbian, I could claim discrimination over the other parts of my identity i.e my age, my color, my nationality. Lesbians form a community or take part in one if they so desire and it's not a bad thing at all, but I have never understood why sexuality and biological sex takes pole position when some people look at their own identities. I struggle with the concept of identities formed around sexuality.

  25. I don't think lesbian community is based on feeling discrimination. Also, many groups of people are built around a simgle commonality; people may belong to the same trade union for example but vary widely with their other interests. Is even identifying with one's biological family a pointless community as well? Or one's neighborhood?

  26. When I first came out as a lesbian, I thought a lesbian community didn't matter either. I thought - why can't you just spend time with anyone who is nice and that you like. And then I started spending time in a lesbian community and began to understand its value and how important it is.

    It is about being in a space where being a lesbian is not just okay, but is actually valued. It is about being in a space where you share similar experiences. It is about being in a space where women who sometimes hardly know one another will help each other out, because they are a community.

    I find it difficult to really explain, but if you have been part of a lesbian community for any length of time then you will know and have experienced the difference, from just hanging out with like minded people who may be queer or men.

  27. I couldn't agree with Leslie more. I'm chiming in on this very late because I'm going back through this blog reading it all.

    "It is about being in a space where being a lesbian is not just okay, but is actually valued. It is about being in a space where you share similar experiences. It is about being in a space where women who sometimes hardly know one another will help each other out, because they are a community".

    I couldn't have put it better. For me it is also a chance to show I value other lesbians too.


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