Thursday, July 19, 2012

Julie Bindel Caught in Paris Lees Headlights-the Interview

In case you missed Mr. Paris Lees's interview interrogation of Julie Bindel:

I have read Mr. Lees's full interview with Julie Bindel, which btw according to Julie, she was "misrepresented" in. But for this post I'll focus primarily on what transpired here since the rest of the printed interview just deals with Mr. Lees's angry snark.

It would be easy enough to begin by saying Bindel surely has been dipping into the trans kool aid, but given past comments from her regarding lesbianism being a "political choice" and lesbian sexual desire a "social construct" perhaps she has been guzzling the stuff all along. Is Bindel's trans back peddling due to her realization that she has more in common with the trans politic than not? Bindel states in this interview that by the queered definition of transgender she too could be considered trans. Bindel clearly is no more trans than my little cat sitting next to me as I type this, but she does have common ground with trans co-option of lesbianism. Bindel that is, not my cat!

Both she and they, for their own misguided purposes, work to disrupt and displace the nucleus of lesbianism. She, because she isnt a lesbian and they, because they are either male or lesbians confused into believing they're male. If hetero-feminist want to choose to be with other women as a political stance against patriarchy, fine. Just dont call yourself a lesbian while doing it, this isnt straight male porn, even though the boys may very well be watching. I give props to the feminist Susie Orbach who at least has the respect not to disrespect lesbians by calling herself instead a "post heterosexualist" after she began a relationship with writer Jeanette Winterson.

What I find interesting and confusing is Bindel utilizing "lesbian choice" as a political rifle against patriarchy in one breath, then in another harping on the idea of radfem separatism as ineffectually shooting blanks! Personally I dont see a damn difference, any way you slice it, whether you're a cow cackling like a hen or a heap of hens hiding behind the barn, the pig remains intact!

The next part of the interview consists of Bindel tripping over her own tongue while Mr. Lees bullies her into several corners for the sake of "crystallizing" Bindel's opinion (and mine) that puberty blocking drugs offered up by the Male Medical Machine is "child abuse" not to mention lezbo/homo-phobic. This is followed by Lees whining to Bindel about my Trans Trending posts and the posts I make stripping trans surgeries of their dark room glamour and display them instead in the brutal mutilative light he and others try so arduously to keep dim. Mr. Lees continues going at Bindel, aggressively attacking RadFem blogs in the general and GenderTrender's blog in the particular while trying to intimidate Bindel into contacting us in some manner (guest posts) to straighten us out! As if!!!

I suspect Jule Bindel has burned whatever bridge she may have had with RadFem's and Lesbian Feminist as well as it being a little too little too late to sidled up to a the trans community (specifically trans males like Mr. Lees) as she burned that bridge long ago. As an actual lesbian, one in mind, body and spirit I've never held her in a favourable light. And while I've had my share of disagreements with RadFem's, although there are some I do love dearly as women, I've grown enough to let them do their work even where it differs from mine. In the end, the main goal is a better world for women not yet born. Bindel claims she has "matured" but this interview clearly paints her green.



  1. After I saw this at GenderTrender, I looked around for some commentary and found this recent article by Julie Bindel, in which she gaslights a group of community activists who were protesting an extremely violent, unrepentant rapist being housed in their neighborhood. She drags out all the left liberal tropes about how the rapist hiding in the bushes at night isn't as dangerous to women as the regular white middle class guy we all know, and accuses everyone of nimbyism, and throws everything else at these women who now have a psycho living among them, who will almost certainly reoffend. She's throwing women under the bus, in favor of her left liberal ideology. I've been aware for a while of how this ideology has destroyed feminism. I see this article as a companion piece to the interview.

  2. A nonsense article and her misogyny is showing with the "hysteria" remark. Whether a female is raped by her father, brother or stranger in the street, rapists ARE monsters!


  3. If we are going to punish the rapist for the rest of his life after release from prison, then we should just shoot them and be done with it.

    Denial of services and being treated like a monster (he is) will just embitter these offenders and send them on the trail to reoffending.

    Either lock them up for life or execute them. There is no place in modern society for the ex con.

  4. Punishment should fit the crime I agree.

    Now back on topic thank you very much.


  5. Maybe it's easier to call out a woman who has been fighting on behalf of women for the past 33 years for some things she said during one, edited interview (according to her own twitter feed, she has not changed her stance on trans genderism) because we all know she actually does give a damnn about women? food for thought..

  6. cabbage patch dollJuly 20, 2012 at 12:21 PM

    I now believe that this whole trans movement is some kind of mass hypnosis social experiment.

    It started with Chaz Bono with all of her unearned publicity. On DWTS, the host and Chaz' partner referred to Chaz as "he." I noticed on many websites that people soon thereafter referred to Chaz as "he," as well as to other 'transmen.'
    The media is testing the gullibility and brain-washing effects of the American public. This is very similar to what the Nazis inflicted on their population.
    Obviously, no one can truly change their gender. A woman will always be female, no matter how she dresses. A woman on testosterone is not a man, but a woman taking hormones.
    The reason that most of the vocal opponents to this mass hypnosis experiment are older is because we have not grown up oversaturated with t.v., the internet and video games. Older people seem to have better critical thinking skills--it comes with the territory.
    Here's a tip: if it's a rediculous idea and the media is pushing it, it's not good for you.

  7. cabbage patch dollJuly 20, 2012 at 12:28 PM

    Hi, 12:21 speaking,
    my spelling and grammar errors are as horrifying to me as they are to you.

    Now, I believe the 'trans'movement is no different from the pet rock and mood ring fads of the seventies.

  8. @cabbage patch doll: Anyone can change their gender on a daily basis, it's sex that's immutable.

  9. "Now, I believe the 'trans'movement is no different from the pet rock and mood ring fads of the seventies."

    In all honesty, I think this is a good analysis of the issue. Unfortunately, unlike the pet rock and mood ring fads, young women getting both their healthy breasts lopped off and taking a life time of testosterone comes with some health risks.

    "Here's a tip: if it's a rediculous idea and the media is pushing it, it's not good for you."

    True more than not!

  10. In this post, I will use the pronouns her to address females and him to address males. I hope that this doesn't offend anyone, but it I'm tired of living in an Orwellian transgender fantasy world.

    This was not an “interview” by any stretch of the imagination. To me, it looked more like a love fest. To me, it's always fascinating how every time a lesbian, or any woman for that matter, sits down for a chat with a transwoman, the discussion inevitably centers on the needs of the transgender. Mr. Lees trotted out the standard trans talking points while Ms. Bindel demurely smiled in a lady like manner. The word capitulating would be too mild of term to describe this encounter. Ms. Bindel has written eloquent and thought provoking articles on issues that impact lesbians, and has passionately spoken out against violence against women. However, when I watched this video, I actually felt sorry for her. She completely rolled over as if she were afraid or ashamed to even open her mouth. This was once a proud woman who now cowers in the corner too afraid to raise her voice. Perhaps she is afraid of losing her job, or having the Guardian drop her. At any rate, I'm grateful that there are still courageous women.

  11. Questions for Ms. Bindel

    (1.) While Ms. Bindel has identified as lesbian, she apparently believes the word “lesbian” is a repugnant, irrelevant, and useless term that should be stricken from our vocabulary. By lesbian, I mean a biological female who is sexually and emotionally attracted to women. When transwomen who, by the way, used to have penises, co-opt the term "lesbian" and claim they are "lesbians", then the use of the dreaded "L" word is now acceptable, cool, and trendy. It's only when man-hating females with ovaries use it to describe their own deep emotional and spiritual connection to other women that it becomes backward, oppressive to transwomen, men, and all human kind. Not only have trans activists been successful in almost erasing lesbian identity from the face of the earth, they even shame lesbians into loving penis whether we want it or not. While the "Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling: Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Transwomen" workshop was about overcoming the "cotton ceiling" as in sexual access to lesbians, biological females who identify as lesbian weren't even allowed in the front door. This happened in Planned Parenthood of Toronto of all places. In the entire history of Planned Parenthood of Toronto, has there ever been any group of people that needed its sexual barriers "broken down" or "overcome"? Because they are biological females who deeply love other females, they need to love penis, or someone who used to have a penis. Not only are people with penises now claiming they are lesbian, people with penises are taking over Dyke Marches. Transgender people cornered Cathy Brennan at the Dyke March. In the video of this encounter, the neck vein on the transgender male could be seen bulging out as he verbally scolded this middle aged lesbian for almost half an hour. This was nothing more than a man getting into the face of an uppity lesbian. Ms. Bindel, do you believe that women in general, and lesbians in particular, have a right to define ourselves? Or, are lesbians to be defined by males, or MTF transsexuals who used to have penises? Haven't males always defined women as they please? Ms. Bindel, do you believe that a surgically constructed, man-made neo-vagina is exactly the same as a vagina? Ms. Bindel, do you really believe that males and females experience sexual pleasure in the exact same way? Isn't the anatomy and biology different even after so-called sex reassignment surgery? Males are remarkable humans, but they simply are not female. A MTF transsexual will never be able to experience the earth shattering sexual response that women experience. It isn't going to happen. It's not a matter of which is better or worse, more pleasurable or not, it's only different. Ms. Bindel, do you really believe that males are lesbians simply because they claim they are? This would be like me claiming that I'm male, and I know how men feel when they ejaculate. Ms. Bindel, when lesbians make love, they see, feel, and experience the female sexual response in another woman. This is deeply powerful and intimate. Now, lesbians are being denied this, and shamed for not being sexually attracted to transwomen. Again, Ms. Bindel, why do men get to define us?
    (2.) The sterilization of “gender dysphoric” children through the use puberty suppressing drugs is a serious issue worthy of rigorous debate. As I understand it, the use of puberty suppressing drugs for “gender dysphoria” is a relatively recent phenomenon. Before we sterilize children, perhaps we need to know what we are doing. No rigorous debate on this important issue occurred. Why are puberty suppressing drugs even prescribed for "gender dysphoria"?

  12. (3.) Ms. Bindel claims she is a feminist yet does not rigorously debate the clearly observed explosion in the number of young women undergoing mutilating surgeries, and the actual erasing of female identity that occurs when FTMs transition. Since Ms. Bindel is an educated person, I'm sure she is aware that the mutilation of the female body because of deeply seated internalized misogny is nothing new. Historically, we see it repeatedly occurring in various forms from Chinese footbinding to female genital mutilation in Africa. While I agree that there might be a few rare biological females who are so debilitated by "gender dysporia" that transitioning might be beneficial, not one single woman I know can be entirely separated from the culture in which she is born and raised. Ms. indel refuses to accept the possibility that societal views of women and internalized misogyny does, indeed, play a role in the number of young women transitioning. For example, some FTMs say they transition because they want the power, status, and privilege of being seen as male. This isn't "gender dysphoria" as much as a means to escape an extremely misogynistic society that constantly devalues women. Isn't the erasure of female identity worthy of serious debate instead of trans talking points. As it relates to FTMs, how is it possible to clearly distinguish between "gender dysphoria" and internalized misogyny which no doubt does occur? If some young women "transition" because they want a slice of male privilege and power, then simply say so instead of trotting out trans talking points and prattle on ad nauseum about "gender dysphoria". What is going on in our society that would so impact young women that they need to surgically alter their bodies in such drastic ways, thus erasing female identity? There are some very profound issues that trans activists simply dance and dart around. When this no longer works, they actively target and deliberately discredit anyone who has the courage to ask some questions that make them rather uncomfortable. What does "transitioning" entail? In FTMs who are biological female, it entails the removal of both healthy breasts, a life time regimen of testosterone, and the possibility of surgical alteration of their female genitals. Can we say with absolute certainty that no one ever lives to regret the surgery and hormones? No, we cannot.

  13. (4.) While gender non-conforming people have existed throughout history, actual sex-reassignment surgery, puberty suppressing drugs, and cross gender hormones for "gender dysphoria" is a relatively new phenomenon. On the extremely long time line of human history, it's a tiny speck. How long have human females been taking testosterone for "gender dyshoria"? Has sex reassignment surgery or "transitioning" ever been used as a form of social control, especially the erasure of gay and lesbian identity? While trans activists pretend it hasn't happened, or will ever happen, all we have to do is to look at Iran. According to wikipedia, as of 2008, Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other nation in the world except for Thailand. The government provides up to half the cost for those needing financial assistance, and a sex change is recognized on the birth certificate. Of course, transsexuals do not live pleasant lives in Iran, but I imagine it's better than being executed. Homosexuality is punishable by death in Iran, but the government will pay for sex change surgery. The outward appearance of homosexuality is not tolerated. Indeed, the government even claims that there are no homosexuals at all in Iran. What does this tell us? Most educated people know that gender identity is not the same as sexual orientation. However, scientists and researchers have known for some time that a large percentage of effeminate little boys and tomboy girls do, indeed, grow up to be gay men and lesbians. That is, unless they are surgically and chemically castrated to appear like normal heterosexual en or women. If we are going to slap a label of "gender dysphoria" on an eight year old child, give him or her puberty suppressing drugs followed by cross gender hormones, then sex reassignment surgery at eighteen, or even younger in some countries, perhaps we need to ask some very uncomfortable questions. Trans activists dance and dart around uncomfortable questions, but I won't. Compared to twenty years ago, children are being given a label of "gender dyshporia" at much earlier ages. In order to identify and help the few young people who might really be "gender dysphoric", how many future gay men and lesbains are trans activists willing to surgically and chemically castrate?

  14. (5.) As to Vancouver Rape Relief, the issue as I understand it involved a MTF transsexual who insisted that he be allowed to counsel biological female rape victims. From what I read, this was a transwoman who transitioned at the age of thirty. For most of “her” life, this person identified as male and lived as male. Why on earth would a transwoman want to counsel female rape victims? It’s almost voyeuristic and Orwellian. Logic tells us that the vast majority of rape victims that seek the services of rape crisis centers are going to be females. By females, I mean biological females not transwomen. Apparently, some female rape victims didn't feel comfortable talking to a MTF transsexual volunteer counselor. The fact that some female rape victims felt uncomfortable talking to a MTF transsexual counselor didn’t seem to concern Kimberly at all. The Rape Relief collective women offered a formal written apology, and suggested that Kimberly could support the rape crisis line and shelter work by joining a fundraising committee. The collective also offered to apologize in-person to Kimberly as well as offering $500 in acknowledgement of Kimberly's hurt feelings. The Rape Relief women also requested mediation. Kimberly Nixon rejected these offers.

    December 7, 2005
    The B.C. Court of Appeal held unanimously that Vancouver Rape Relief has the right to prefer to train women who have never been treated as anything but female.

    The Chief Justice said: "The respondent Society was entitled to give preference to women who are not post-operative transsexuals, because there is a rational connection between the preference and the respondent's work or purpose."

    Of course, transsexuals experience horrific acts of sexual violence and derserve compassionate care. However, it's ludicrous on its fact to suggest that a MTF transsexual who transitioned at age thirty having spent most of his life as a male would be a good volunteer counselor for female rape victims. Trans activists just can't get over it, and are determined to marginalize and discredit any organization opposing them.

    Female rape victims should feel ashamed of themselves for even wanting to talk to another woman after a brutal rape. If they don't go over every detail of the horrific act with a transwoman who transitioned at age thirty, they are vile, selfish, and transphobic. Shame on them all.

  15. 6.) Since Mr. Lees brought up the subject of Vancouver Rape Relief, let's discuss rape crisis centers in general. Does Sherri Masbruch (Richard Masbruch) belong in a rape crisis center? He tortured women with electrical shocks before he brutally raped them. Perhaps he just wanted to hear them scream before he raped them. He is in a women's prison because he calls himself Sherri. Apparently, the Department of Corrections is more concerned about trans activist attorneys than the safety of women he lives with. Why shouldn't he be allowed in a rape crisis center? Simply because a man has his penis removed doesn't mean that he hasn't committed acts of violence against women. In Texas a couple of months ago, there was a child molester who dressed up in women's clothes and was caught sneaking into women's restrooms. Does this person belong in a rape crisis center? Of course, transwomen are victims of horrific violence too. I'm aware of this, but it doesn't mean that transwomen need to be counseling female rape victims. Whether it's women's prisons or rape crisis centers, it's always amazing to me how transgender rights trump women's rights time and time again.

  16. Anon, I wouldnt count on Julie Bindel doing a "guest post" here or anywhere to answer those questions, she cannot stand the scrutiny.

    And as stated in this post, Julie Bindel cannot rightly challenge the trans politic as a straight woman who uses her hetero white privilege to co-opt lesbianism. Too much of the pot/kettle/black thing.

    Isnt post modernism fun!


    ps I wonder if Mr Less is aware this blog is used by S. Jeffreys in her classes at Melbourne Uni?