Friday, July 13, 2012

Judith "jack" Halberstam and "Butch Dads"-Seriously???

I ran across this interview the other day with Judith Halberstam. She is probably most known for her book Female Masculinity, which by the way is a complete crock as the title alone surely attest to. Halberstam jumped aboard the queer wave early on and has rode it straight into the trans community where after a time (not surprisingly) she began calling herself "jack" and referring to herself with male pronouns.She fancies herself a Butch, but clearly she is your basic garden variety dyke with a severe pathological hatred of females. Given this self hatred and that she has co-opted Butch as a signifier, she evidently doesnt view Butch as something female. 

From this recent interview:

I dont even know where to begin writing about the exorbitant level of female hatred expressed in this short paragraph, let alone its unadulterated ignorance surrounding Butch women and specifically Butch mothers. I find this line particularly frightening: "Sometimes I get really irritated when I’m around other queer couples where one person is kind of clearly butch and the other is clearly less butch, but the butch partner is still called “mom.” I think, what’s that about? Why do you want to be called mom"? It is this cellar thinking (and in Halberstam's case teaching) that continues to keep Butch women othered and viewed as less than female, if female at all. And by doing so reinforces Butch Shame and body dysphoria, hurting Butch women and hurting any possible intimate relationship we might have. As a Butch myself I have to ask, why WOULDNT a Butch parent want to be called some version of mother?

Also from the interview:

"Gender variant dad" vs "Gender normative kids"!!! Halberstam is blatantly saying that Butch women and particularly Butch moms are abnormal! The only thing in variance here is Halberstam's queer sense of reality in conjunction to reality itself! Halberstam's own female self hatred has her fully immersed in the deep end of the Gender Straight Jacket. She has invested her life savings in misogyny where through her queered teachings she has banked on taking plenty of young student minds under the waters with her.

I have nieces under the age of 10 and nieces and nephews in their teens, 20's and 30's and I have ALWAYS been AUNT Lynn to each of them. Being an aunt doesnt unbutch me and when in public with any of my nieces and nephews (especially the young ones) whenever a stranger tries unbutching me by sir-ing me, they are the first to reestablish my femaleness by (usually) yelling "she's a GIRL"!

Any woman who bares a child or is a parent of a child, no matter where she finds herself on nature's boons if she is so ashamed of calling herself a mother, then she doesnt deserve to be one!

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  1. I think it is also a rather inept attempt to opt out of the hatred patriarchy directs at women, at lesbians (esp. those who defy femininity) and at mothers. As in, if I refuse to identify with these labels, I cannot be judged by these shitty patriarchal standards. I will not be judged in the way that mothers are judged, because, hey, I'm a step-dad.

    But seriously, this whole thing about 'gender variance' - overwhelming numbers of lesbians and gays have always been gender variant, in the sense of defying expected gender roles. Yet we still view ourselves as female or male, we are still attracted to people of the same biological sex as us who may or may not also exhibit various degrees of 'gender variance'. The trans did not invent it, they have just taken it and are using it for their own dubious ends.

    And oh my god, yes, the obsession with erasing mothers or female carers who defy patriarchal femininity - specifically butch women - is scary.

  2. @ Anon 11:24PM
    "The trans did not invent it, they have just taken it and are using it for their own dubious ends."

    Dubious? What on earth? You make it sound as if we're some Umbrella style corporation plotting our scheme for taking over the masses of the world.

    Also, I really don't see what's wrong with a butch woman wanting to call herself Dad. It's just a title, what's the problem?

  3. Come on, she's clearly saying that 'butches' should be uncomfortable with any reminder of their femaleness and that she doesn't understand why they don't hate being women as much as she hates being/being perceived as one, even by one's own children! This clearly goes beyond the word 'dad' as a title.

  4. Is it just me or does it seem the basis for "trans" is the ability/need/desire to categorically deny there is an elephant in the room even as it shits on your shoes?

    Dirt, the trans hate you so for one reason and one reason only... You dare to make em see the elephant! So keep on doing it, cause you are right as rain, take away the misogyny and trans would all but vanish from the earth! And... best of all? We could all have clean shoes!

  5. The politics of self identity and policing of others is nasty buisness.

    I am not convinced at all. Whenever any of us ask for the slightest shred of evidence of the truth of what you are speaking, we get harangued with talk of the male medical machiene, gender staright jackets and any number of circular logic.

    You cite no research and take feminist writers at their word without critical thought into what they say. If it jibs with what you feel is right then the woman who wrote it is preaching the gospel as Lynn see's it. When ever a feminist writes things you do not agree with it is derided as funfem, as if mearly being funfem automaticaly dismisses and invalidates the womans point of view.

    You have no mass folowing, no outlined plan of attack to dismantle the patriarchy. Sitting here and railing against these pitiful creatures is not going to acomplish a single thing. It is a simple way of distanceing yourself from any real social justice work. You sit in your home comfortably reading the writings of those who are best suited to your echochamber and then come online and lay out screed after screed railing against the evil of transgenders. Lynn, there are not enough transgenders out there to justify interfering with thier lives. Stoping female transition will not effect the large picture.

    Getting women to wake up and stop having so many male children is the key. 90% of the males concieved should be aborted and a super majority of females should be the ultimate goal of any true feminist. Only when there are far fewer men will women be able to tame them and extracate ourselves from the onerous of patriarchy.

  6. "Getting women to wake up and stop having so many male children is the key. 90% of the males concieved should be aborted and a super majority of females should be the ultimate goal of any true feminist. Only when there are far fewer men will women be able to tame them and extracate ourselves from the onerous of patriarchy."

    I consider myself a lesbian feminist and this statement is rather frightening to me. I don't believe male fetuses should be aborted simply because they are male. To me, sex selective technologies are an abomination. Of course, sex selective abortion whereby female fetuses are aborted has been going on in China and India ever since the mid 1970s. According to the book "Unnatural Selection", if sex selective abortions had not been carried out for decades, there would be 163 million more girls on the planet. When I first read this, I was stunned. This book is well researched. At any rate, I believe all sex selective abortions and other technologies that specifically select for gender should be outlawed. Doctors who carry out these procedures should be imprisoned and never allowed to practice medicine again. Sex selective abortions in China and India are supposed to be banned, but they still occur.

    "Mara Hvistendahl was a college student in China when she first saw an elementary school classroom where boys seriously outnumbered girls. Returning to China as a journalist several years later, she set out to investigate how, exactly, an estimated 163 million females came to be missing from the Asia's population—in South Korea, Vietnam, and Georgia, as well as India and China. The compelling result is Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men, a new book that both shows how Western organizations and scientists played a role in introducing sex selection to Asia and paints a bleak picture of societies where a dearth of women puts everyone at risk."

    As to Halberstam, this woman has to be a little twisted to actually refer to herself as "step dad". I'm a lesbian and butch, and I'm always called aunt.

  7. Dirt is trying to stop women mutilating their bodies. This is not the politics of self policing, but the politics of trying to prevent terrible self harm.

    Women are women - whatever they dress like or self identify as. You can not change sex. And to view a woman who dresses in a particular way as a man, is trying to police women in a very strict oppressive way.

  8. "Getting women to wake up and stop having so many male children is the key. 90% of the males concieved should be aborted and a super majority of females should be the ultimate goal of any true feminist. Only when there are far fewer men will women be able to tame them and extracate ourselves from the onerous of patriarchy."

    While I firmly believe sex selective abortions are repugnant and utterly immoral, I can understand why you make this statement.


    What would people do if 163 million male fetuses were aborted?

    People would be protesting in the street, but since it's only girls, this horrific human rights atrocity was allowed to continue for thirty years. Although officially banned, it still occurs.

    163 million missing girls....

    think about this...

    It makes me want to curl up in a fetal position and cry.

  9. If you think Halberstam is crazy, Thomas Beatie, the pregnant FTM is even crazier.

    "It cost me thousands of dollars to become a man, and many more to get pregnant. Then I had to hire a lawyer to be allowed to call myself the father on Susan’s birth certificate.

    ‘Legally, it has been a nightmare. The authorities wanted to put Nancy and me down as “parent and parent” on the birth certificate, as they do for same-sex couples, but I wasn’t having it.

    ‘I am legally a man, and I am the father. It all got so confused that at one point they put Nancy down as the father and me as the mother.

    Thomas Beatie said that pregnancy did not make him feel more like a woman.

    "I did not feel maternal or motherly or womanly and pregnant," he said. "I felt like Nancy's husband, and I felt like the father of my child."

    The Beaties said they were surprised that some gay, lesbian and transgender groups did not support them. Before his appearance on Oprah Winfrey's talk show in the spring, Thomas Beatie said representatives from several gay and transgender groups warned him not to do it.

    "There are six different organizations on the phone doing a conference call with us saying, 'you can't go public. You can't talk about this. You need to hide. You need to be embarrassed,'" he said.

    But the Beaties received support from hundreds of individuals.

    "We got letters and gifts from all around the world, from gays, lesbians, mainstream America and beyond," Thomas Beatie said.

    They also received acceptance among their Oregon neighbors, who threw a baby shower for Thomas Beatie a few weeks before his due date.

    Legalities of Mother and Father
    While Thomas Beatie's body went through changes, so did his wife's. She said, "My breasts started lactating."

    She has been breast-feeding Susan for four months.

    Thomas Beatie said he and his wife are clear on their parental roles.

    "I am my daughter's father, and that's all I'll ever be to her," he said. "Nancy is Susan's mother."

    But state officials in Oregon had a different view when it came to the baby's birth certificate.

    "The nurse in charge of birth certificates came in and said, 'Portland won't allow this. That means, Thomas, we're going to put you as mother and Nancy as father,'" he said.

    According to Oregon law, the person who gives birth is normally listed as mother. But when Thomas and Nancy Beatie complained, the certificate was changed again.

    "The woman down at Vital Statistics in Portland decided to change it to say Parent/Parent, which is for same-sex couples in a domestic partnership," Thomas Beatie said.

    The Beaties insisted that they are a married, heterosexual couple and that the birth certificate should list them as father and mother.

    Thomas Beatie gave birth to three children. The children came from "his" womb. Although "he" gave birth, "he" insists that "he" be listed as father on the birth certificate.