Thursday, July 5, 2012

Four Year Old Boy Murdered for "acting" Gay

This story made a scant few headlines because the murderer recently made a deal with prosecutors in order to evade the death penalty. Apparently the crimes (the murder of a four year old boy and his mother) occurred in October of 2010! The reason given for the crimes was that the four year old boy "acted gay" and therefore had to pay the ultimate price, a bullet in the head and stuffed in a garbage bag. His mother was murdered simply because she was a witness, she too was shot in the head and stuffed in a garbage bag.

If you are a male, what exactly does "acting gay" mean? It means acting female. This is why misogyny for me does, and for gays and lesbians should, supersede homophobia. Because misogyny IS the foundation of homophobia. Were there no misogyny, homophobia couldnt exist. This little boy was killed because his behavior was perceived to be feminine. Female/feminine being the ultimate lowest form a human can reach, any male perceived to lower himself to such a patriarchal hell, naturally runs the risk of being murdered!

The Gender Straight Jacket is the culprit that genders behavior. Female and male arent things that we act, they are merely things that we are. The GSJ ascribes behavior to the sexes in order to elevate males above females, thereby ensuring patriarchal order, structure and dominance. When males are perceived as relinquishing those privileges or when females are perceived to reach for them, patriarchy becomes so threatened that the murder of a four year child becomes not only possible, but necessary!

One man didnt murder this little boy, the whole patriarchal structure of society did. And if you participate in those narrow, ignorant and sexist structures or enable them in any capacity, you are equally responsible for this child's death!


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  1. but I hear men call women out on being too masculine all the time "shes a dyke" because she dresses in a masculine way or has short hair.

    or the insult "she looks like a man"
    These narrow minded people tend to dislike people "acting" like the opposite gender they are, weather its men "acting" like women or women "acting" like men, in their narrow view of the world.

  2. Kill yourself.

  3. Dirt you're dead right about misogyny being at the root of homophobia. A quote from a comment on the last article, about 'corrective rape' of lesbians: "I'm about to show you that you are not a man, as you are treating yourself like a man,"

    I've heard so many variations on the theme of: women need teaching if they forget their place and men need punishing for 'lowering' themselves to what they perceive as a woman's place.

    This morning I saw in the papers that a 4 year old girl had been raped by a 14 year old boy and the judge had blamed 'a culture of pornography'. It makes my heart sink that they can get so close to the heart of the matter by linking porn culture to sexual violence, but no one dares to talk about the culture of misogyny.

  4. I agree with you, I really do, misogyny is a filthy construct that undermines society and the progress of society. But - to believe in a binary (with intersex as a recurring recognisable anomaly) sex is limited. Society needs to talk, misogyny needs to be addressed, gender, sex, sexuality and biology need to be addressed. Constructs need to broken down and analysed. Nothing is of the table. Gender is a very real thing - in part it’s a learnt social behaviour, but it goes a lot deeper than that. Brains and bodies do have gender but it is a diverse and complex reality that should not be used to dictate and control society. What is female and what is male? And importantly what is in-between? needs to be studied with as little bias as possible. Biological truth needs to drown the voice of societies prejudice and cultural belief. The individual needs to be seen as just that – but nothing can change the fact we are a social and tribal ape. The progress of society is shackled to the stupidity and ignorance of the masses.

  5. Dirt
    It is so sad isn't it? That even the idea of what is women could be so cursed, so perverse to the ways of man that for a male who might in someway act like one is enough cause to end his life? Sadly, you've hit the mark dead center!

    It is indeed misogyny creates homophobia and it is with no small irony that it was also misogyny that lead Arnold "Charles Virginia Prince" Loman, to create the monster called "trans! Just so he could act upon what was the penultimatly perverse, and at the time imprisonable sexual fetish! He wanted to dress up as... shudder... a woman! Perish the thought! A man who would lower himself so? The thought was that best he be sent to prison and taken from society, which fate by the way, he avoided ONLY because he was still, a privileged white male...

    I too dream of a time when boys and girls are not hindered by their desire to express themselves.... Though I for one will not be holding my breath waiting for it, as it'll be many a long year before such a thing comes to pass!

  6. "Because misogyny is the foundation of homophobia."

    That's it...that's exactly it. I already said most of my piece in the previous entry on disgusting violence against young lesbians, and all of it applies to violence against CHILDREN just as well. But I am shaking my head and just hoping I won't hear any more stories this week.

    The damn fools in my state legislature who think we're "showing off" for mentioning our lives, like het people mention their damn babies, wives, and everything else all the damn time like it's talking about the weather, and that we're demanding special rights because we have the audacity to want to work and not fear termination for loving someone of the same sex (or heaven forbid, for being female while working!) should all be forced to resign effective immediately. My tax dollars pay for that oppression, and forcing me by threat of imprisonment to fund it is simply un-American and inhuman. That is all.