Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trans Thought-Where Nihilism and the Nonsensical Meet

This link was recently sent to me by an outraged reader. While I generally do not spend much time on trans males, since they get plenty of attention from others, in typical male fashion. Given that this deals specifically with women's issues, I thought it important to bring it to your attention.

The article comes to us from a run of the mill white male privileged autogynephile who misogynistically has the audacity to profess that an autogynephile wanting access to female hormones in order to further his hard on is the same as a woman's right to abortion!

From the article:.. "women being denied rights as we speak were assigned male at birth, could it? That trans women within much of the cis feminist movement are regarded as honourary women at best, our childhoods erased, our bodies essentialised as not female, and assertiveness shamed away, surely has nothing to do with this utterly weak commitment by feminists who claim to fight for a woman's right to choose, but whose actions imply support only for a cis woman's right to choose".

Pause for a moment, then reread the line I bolded. This is the nonsense being screamed at feminist from the trans community, the nonsense feminists are being threatened with, with fits of anger and shaking fists, this is also the nihilism of language through which politically could lead to the nihilism of "woman" as we know her. Because men, specifically autogynephilic men cannot occupy the fabric of female, they are politically trying to annihilate female in name!

If we women sit by silently and allow this to happen, a whole new level of misogyny of the likes NEVER seen before will be leashed upon us. Because when men can legally occupy "woman", what little rights women gained through feminist pursuits will not only be lost, they will be raped and massacred. It will give men, especially politically conservative men a whole other credence on which to repeal and cease and desist abortion and birth control rights and access. Because these legal "women" will never need an abortion or need birth control, why then does any woman if all women are alike under the law?

And that will be just the tip of the iceberg...

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  1. "The Radical Handmaids are devoted to opposing this action despite the fact that there are more pressing issues, such as the large number of Canadian trans women who don't enjoy on-demand access to the most important reproductive health procedure that they will ever need (Exogenous Endocrine Intervention)."

    What the living heck does this mean? “Trans women who don’t enjoy on-demand access to the most important reproductive health procedure that they will ever need (Exogenous Endocrine Intervention).”

    FACT: Most trans women are biological males who used to have penises. Biological males can never get pregnant. When they have still their penises, they can impregnate a female, but they can never get pregnant and carry a fetus for nine months. Intersex individuals are an entirely different subject. As I understand it, the vast majority of trans women are genetic or biological males who “feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body.” Some trans women transition in their thirties or forties, and have fathered children with females.

    FACT: “Exogenous Endocrine Intervention” is just a fancy ass name for estrogen, or an external source of estrogen from a pill or injection. Without the “exogenous endocrine intervention” (aka a shot of estrogen), genetic males can’t grow breasts or womanly hips.
    To me, this statement cheapens women in a misogynistic manner that is rather frightening. This just shows how out of touch trans activists really are. Women’s reproductive health and pregnancy is something that is truly unique to being female. Indeed, for centuries, women have died in childbirth. Women are still dying in childbirth. Before access to contraception, it was not uncommon for women to give birth to nine, ten, or eleven children. Their bodies were literally overburdened and broken down by repeated pregnancies. Because of lack of health care, nutrition, etc. many of these children died early. Poor women in developing countries who don’t have access to reproductive health care often develop fistulas which are very debilitating. It is a horrendous existence. When a man ejaculates and impregnates a woman, he doesn’t have to spend nine months with a developing fetus in his womb. Without access to reproductive health care, contraception, and gynecological care, women in developing countries still die in child birth, or develop fistulas. Without proper medical care, many infants die. So, in a real sense, reproductive health care is an actual matter of LIFE AND DEATH for women. No, it’s not the same as “exogenous endocrine intervention” which is a fancy name for a shot of estrogen. Women can die in childbirth, or their infant might also die without medical care. Hours of hard labor during pregnancy can create fistulas. Before contraception, thousands of women died from back alley abortions. Trans activists really believe that their “exogenous endocrine intervention” (aka shot of estrogen) is the same as the real life and death struggle that women endure. Damn your ignorant people. You are bat crap crazy.

  2. "The Radical Handmaids are devoted to opposing this action despite the fact that there are more pressing issues, such as the large number of Canadian trans women"

    Notice how this trans activist said "there are more pressing issues, such as the large number of Canadian trans women...."

    Their "Exogenous Endocrine Intervention" (shot of estrogen, or estrogen in pill form) is far more important than reproductive health care for women and the lives of biological females.

    I completely agree that this about defining women completely out of existence.

  3. As stated by the WHO in its 2005 World Health Report "Make Every Mother and Child Count", the major causes of maternal deaths are: severe bleeding/hemorrhage (25%), infections (13%), unsafe abortions (13%), eclampsia (12%), obstructed labour (8%), other direct causes (8%), and indirect causes (20%). Indirect causes are things such as malaria, anaemia,[3] HIV/AIDS and cardiovascular disease, complicate pregnancy or are aggravated by it.

    Forty-five percent of postpartum deaths occur within 24 hours. Over 90% of maternal deaths occur in developing countries. In comparison, pregnancy-associated homicide accounts for 2 to 10 deaths per 100,000 live births, possibly substantially higher due to underreporting.

    In developing countries, the most common cause of maternal death is obstetrical hemorrhage, followed by deep vein thrombosis, in contrast to developed countries, for which the most common cause is thromboembolism.

    Unintended pregnancy is a major cause of maternal deaths. Worldwide, unintended pregnancy resulted in almost 700,000 maternal deaths from 1995 to 2000 (approximately one-fifth of the maternal deaths during that period). The majority (64%) resulted from complications from unsafe or unsanitary abortion.

    A trans woman, or a biological male who used to have a penis, is not going to die if she/he doesn't get a damn shot of estrogen. Stop insulting women.

    Again, the major causes of maternal deaths are: severe bleeding/hemorrhage (25%), infections (13%), unsafe abortions (13%), eclampsia (12%), obstructed labour (8%), other direct causes (8%),

  4. Try carrying a fetus for nine long months, puke from morning sickness, waddle around like a beached whale, have doctors prod you, put your legs in those gawd awful stirrups, then go through excruciating labor for five or six hours, then tell me about your “Exogenous Endocrine Intervention”. If it wasn't such a serious subject, I would be rolling around on the floor laughing.

  5. “It is time for cis feminists to say loudly -- instead of the scattered voices of a few allies -- that just as one cannot plausibly be anti-choice on abortion and a feminist, one cannot plausibly be anti-choice on transition medicine and a feminist.”

    Question: I’m not aware of any medical specialty called “transition medicine”. Is this some kind of joke? If it is, I’m not laughing. So, trans activists want to replace stupid, dull, old gynecologists with “transition medicine”?

    FACT: Females have been giving birth ever since early Homo sapiens walked upright. We are no different than other primates in this regard.

    FACT: A careful scrutiny of all historic records shows that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, wasn’t a trans woman. No, Margaret Sanger never had a penis.

    What the hell have trans women(biological males who used to have penises) ever done for females? Trans women haven’t done diddly squat for women when it comes to reproductive health care. Zero…zip… nothing, nada….Now, they expect females to pander to their needs.

    By the way, stop with the “cis feminists” already. I’m not “cis” anything. It’s just more of the idiotic trans language, or terms that no one uses.

  6. I need a pap smear and some birth control...quick... I need to see my "trasition medical" specialist.

  7. It's interesting. Heterosexual liberal feminists are the feminists who have traditionally been the most enthusiastic supporters of transwomen, including constantly telling us nasty lesbians that we have to accept transwomen as women and as lesbians or else we are meeeean (and transphobic and deserve to die etc).

    Yet heterosexual liberal feminists are also the ones who need the constant supply of contraception and abortion to manage all that sex with men.

    Looks like the transwomen are about to show the heterosexual libfems just how much they appreciate everything the libfems have done for them for the last 40 years.

  8. this whole 'libfem' vs. 'radfem' thing is stupid.
    they're not more 'liberal' and we're hardly 'radical' at least I don't think I am, maybe 'rational'

  9. "The reason is irrelevant. What is relevant is that Judy Rebick and CARAL, (the former testified in court on behalf of Vancouver Rape Relief's position that they had the right to discriminate against incite against trans women), and much of the Canadian cis feminist movement as one can reasonably refer to en masse, have been as milquetoast on the right of trans women to access transition medicine on demand as one could imagine. Bland statements of support followed by no real action."

    Trans activists still can't leave Vancouver Rape Relief alone. A transman didn't want to take no for an answer when he was told that he might not be the best counselor for biological female rape victims. These were biological female rape victims not transwomen. Vancouver Rape Relief told him that he could volunteer in another capacity, but that wasn't good enough. As I understand it, a higher court in Canada upheld Vancouver Rape Relief's actions. Trans activists still can't get over it, and don't like being told no for an answer. When trans activists were repeatedly told that their "Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling Workshop: Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Transwomen" was demeaning to women, especially lesbians, they went ahead with the workshop anyway. This was a Planned Parenthood of Toronto. Whether it's Vancouver Rape Relief or Planned Parenthood, transwomen (biological males who used to have a penis) can't seem to take no for an answer. In all honesty, I think it's the same tired old attitudes of male entitlement mixed in with the belief that all women should cater to them. They might have lost their penis, but the male entitlement attitude and behaviors certainly seem intact.

  10. “It is time for cis feminists to say loudly -- instead of the scattered voices of a few allies -- that just as one cannot plausibly be anti-choice on abortion and a feminist, one cannot plausibly be anti-choice on transition medicine and a feminist.”

    Talk about total co-option and nerve. I'm a pro-choice feminist and I'm insulted by this statement. I firmly believe that transwomen are worthy of respect and dignity like all human kind, but don't insult me by equating the totality of the female experience, women's history, and the rich and complex lives of women everwhere with "transition medicine".

    Since we are on the subject of "transition medicine", isn't this just a fancy made up word for sex reassignment surgery? Doesn't sex reassignment surgery in both males and females involve the removal of healthy tissue and a life time of cross gender hormones? Can we say with absolute certainty that no one ever lives to regret this surgery or the years of hormones? No, we cannot. Has "transition medicine" (sex reassignment surgery, hormones) ever been used as a form of social control, especially as a way to erase gay and lesbian identity? Yes, this appears to be true in Iran. In Iran, the government will pay for sex reassignment surgery, but homosexuality is punishable by death. Of course, transsexuals in Iran certainly don't live pleasant lives, but it's better than being executed. This is how Iran "fixes" its homosexual problem.

    Now that puberty suppressing drugs are available for "gender dysphoria" in pre-teens, the little sissy boys and tomboys can start "transition medicine" even before they hit puberty. While it's true that gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things, scientists and researches have known for some time that a large percentage of these sweet little effiminate boys grow up to be gay men, and some of these tomboys grow up to become lesbians. That is, unless they become surgically and/or chemically castrated and "transition" to MTFs or FTMs. It's the outward appearance of homosexuality or lesbianism that is erased.

    It's no wonder that trans activists have now come up with a new term called "transition medicine". Historically, gender non-conforming people, cross-dressers, etc have always existed. However, few of these people were surgically and/or chemically altered to take on the appearance of the opposite sex. Today we have puberty suppressing drugs.

    To me, "transition medicine" is a ghoulish term. Healthy tissue is being removed and cross gender hormones are taken for life.

  11. I understand there are areas where females and males-who-pass-as-females interests overlap somewhat. This is not one of them. This is about biology.

    Males who want/have had SRS need to form their own groups to push for their medical concerns. Fair enough, post-op, biological sex hasn't changed but this person has a whole new set of health concerns that the average male does not. Provision should be made for this. NB: different from avg. Male =\= Female! How many times!?!

    Tacking these issues onto the back of female reproductive concerns just shows they don't care about undermining and detracting from FEMALE issues for their 15 minutes of validation. Jesus mary and joseph you can support various causes and see the merit in keeping them seperate!

  12. Hi e!

    Yes, you're right, this is a very complex issue and certainly deserves more than to be reduced to a simplistic view of liberals vs. radicals.

    I guess what I was trying to get at - one thing that I've been noticing for years - is that it has often been heterosexual feminists, queer women and bisexual women who have been relentlessly telling lesbians how we should be thinking about and reacting to transgender individuals and ideologies - usually with some variation of 'be inclusive or else you're an evil transphone'! This is done usually with only a fairly tangential understanding of how the issue of transgenderism has been tearing apart the lesbian community for years, including the marginalisation and effective exclusion of those lesbians who are critical of the practice of transgenderism.

    So now we have transgender women who are starting to think they have the right to tell biological women that the trans needs for 'transition medicine' is just as important as contraception etc. and that women have to care about this or else we're transphobic(!)

    And really it's not surprising at all. It is the perfectly logical (if horrific) progression of events. Lesbian women are usually viewed as the biggest threat, so get them under control first, then move on to the larger population of women.