Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ira Gray-Another FTM Rapist?

Earlier I was sent a message about a supposed trans bio-female (ira gray) serial rapist and "trans community leader" from AZ. From what I gather, it seems a handful of various women (both trans bio-females and females) have come forward accusing this Ira Gray of RAPE. Being ignorant of the flurry of tumbr activity regarding these rape accusations, I simply went straight to the horses mouth to see what this Ira gal had to say for herself, if anything.

From Ira's own lips/computer:
Ira begins her response to these rape charges by charging her rape accusers with accusing her of rape simply because she (as a female who passes as male) now has male privilege. Ira infers that these accusers are angry and jealous over her T acquired male privilege and therefore must be using these rape allegations as a means to knock her back to her female peg . She then tries to utilize the old I'm-not-a-racist-because-I-have-black-friends card by claiming she too has been a victim of sexual abuse herself, so therefore there is no way she could possibly be a rapist.

Next comes what I can only call a very serious rapist excuse for rapist behavior. She lays claim that if she misreads or ignores clear NO's or signals for No's, it isnt her fault, she has perception issues.

She goes on with the worst possible excuse I think I have ever heard/read in my entire fucking life! And I quote: "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS 100% GOOD CONSENT". Talk about a misogynist's mantra for lawful rape! She sickeningly continues with blaming her failed understanding of consent with the poor teachings of "workshops" and books she's read. I dont know about you, but personally I have never attended a workshop on consent nor read copious amounts of books on consent, nor to my knowledge have any of the men and women in my life, and yet neither they nor I have ever raped or been accused of rape! You?

She concludes with admitting to "perpetuating" rape and misogyny, yet closes with "I am not a rapist though". That though speaks volumes doesnt it?

I myself will conclude with this, despite not having read any first hand accounts by accusers or spoken to them personally, based solely on Ira's own account, one thing is clear, she at the very least has the mental landscape that has paved the road to all rapes.

And to those in the gay and lesbian community, specifically in AZ, this is a person who works closely with our gay and lesbian youth. Something to think about.


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  1. wow a transperson with other mental issues? i thought transitioning cleared all that stuff up!
    seriously though, this is quite an attitude on this kid (?) like of course i'm kind of a rapist, i'm a man now! creepy as hell- hope this story spreads. seems an example of what happens when you outsource your life to a combination of meds and queerism.

  2. You know a rapist? She should be in prison then, or in some kind of rehabilitation. We're talking about this 'transman' though. Thanks for letting me know that I'm sick and demented! Should I die in a fire?

  3. Try not to respond to ignorant off topic comments, but thank you for bring the topic back around to its focus.


  4. Dirt
    great job on the post. And thanks for putting this info out here. This person should be nowhere near gay youth.


  5. This girl obviously has some very distorted views on sex since she claims that 100% good consent doesn't exists. Maybe she never experienced good consent as a woman before transition. Or maybe it's because she is part of a community with very distorted views on sex, like if a lesbian doesn't like a trans "woman's" penis inside of her, she's being transphobic...
    But none of this is a excuse for rape, nothing ever is.

  6. This seems like a very disturbed person. Isn’t transitioning and testosterone supposed to cure all this confusion?

    This is part of Ira’s description of what has happened in this poor misguided person’s life. The following is from Ira’s blog.

    “When I was in third grade, I was about eight or so, I started puberty. As previously stated, I was later forced onto diets. I was teased by my friends who were cisgender boys that didn’t have to deal with breast buds. There are multiple reasons I hated the beginning of puberty. Most of them revolved around sex though as an action and not necessarily about my body. I didn’t want to be sexualized. I didn’t want to have to be sexual. During this time, I became less social and fell into a depression. I had a harder time making friends.”

    My depression worsened. I began self-mutilating. I wrote my first poem. I was on the Atkin’s diet. .. I was suspended for self-mutilation and sent to anti-gay therapy. I attended three sessions and quickly learned to not speak. I thought maybe if I told the therapist what I was going through, she would help me find a way out. ”

    I don’t understand this statement at all:

    “So, some of you may have noticed some stuff going around Tumblr accusing me of being a rapist. I want to start this by saying there is nothing I can say or do in response to this that isn’t an abuse of the access to male privilege that I have.”

    Well, this is most peculiar.
    On impulse control, or lack thereof, Ira states:

    “I let people know before we get involved that I need clear yes’s and no’s. I’m not good at reading people nor taking hints. I also let people know that while I try, I still fuck up. We talk about the safety of saying no. I do my best to assure my partners that “no” is always a safe answer. When confronted with a no, I stop doing whatever it is we’re doing. I don’t always have the best emotional response. I try, but it’s something I need to work on. I acknowledge this...They asked me for guidance with chronological lying and asked me not to tell anyone, which is why I’m still being vague. I apologized for hurting them in any way and asked if there was anything I could do for them. They said the only thing was to confess to rape. I don’t feel comfortable doing so. The experience we had together was incredibly uncomfortable for me in terms of cissexism.”

    What the holy heck does Ira mean by, “The experience we had together was incredibly uncomfortable for me in terms of cissexism”?

    Well, it must have been traumatic for poor Ira to go through in terms of cissexism. I’m not sure what it means, so I’ll have to let the gender queer folks explain it to me.

    I can’t think of anything to say that this previous post hasn’t already covered.

    “wow a transperson with other mental issues? i thought transitioning cleared all that stuff up! seriously though, this is quite an attitude on this kid (?) like of course i'm kind of a rapist, i'm a man now! creepy as hell- hope this story spreads. seems an example of what happens when you outsource your life to a combination of meds and queerism.”

  7. I sometimes FORGET to ask before doing certain things!

    'Forgetting' to ask means proceeding without consent, or without CARING whether or not you have consent.

    That's rape right there, simple as that.

  8. She's a total nutcase. Just had the misfortune of watching one of her youtube videos linked to on the 'gendertrender' blog- utter delusional madness.

  9. It's been hinted this may be some sort of ploy by these psycho trans to target rad-fems for libel or something? Maybe it'd be a good idea to delete this post. I wouldn't trust 99% of modern trans-queers with anything they say or do at this point. One day thats all going to bite their asses too. I hope so. Karma for all the massive damage done to countless females.

  10. Good thing I'm not a "rad-fem" then.


  11. yeah I also don't identify as a 'radfem-' don't see what's so radical about thoughts unmuddled by queer/trans logic

  12. This is my suggestion to the reader. Click on the link to the OUTScouts for gay and lesbian youth that Ira apparently is part of, or has been a part of. Then, re-read every demented and twisted thing Ira ever said.

    Why is this person even allowed around young people?

  13. In my entire sexual life never have I needed to attend (or teach!) a 'consent' workshop or any kind of sexual workshop for that matter- isn't it weird that this is considered normal for these kids? It seems like they're just so detached from their bodies and feelings... All the pictures of this Ira girl in her special underwear with the fake dick sticking out that she posts on her blog shows it- no humility, no real identity, just some kind of project. Not LIFE!

  14. I agree JB. The one thing transition has NEVER been about is identity. At least not shoring up one's identity, rather casting off identity which leaves these girls with nothing. So they turn further to externals, sadly many turn to unsafe externals.


  15. she should save her response to rape allegations for the parole board, reads like the half baked equivocations of a rapist tryin to get out of prison. "I recognize that I've hurt people and perpetuated misogyny and I'm trying to do better and grow and learn 100% consent," blah blah blah, er, parole denied. Workshops on how to keep from violating other people?

  16. In all honesty, this doesn’t come as a surprise to me in the least. Indeed, I expect more Iras down the road. In this post, I will use the pronoun “she” because, as I understand it, Ira is a genetic female. The proper or improper use of pronouns ruffles the feathers of transgender folks, but I’m trying to understand how the Ira Gray we see today evolved. Every cell in Ira’s body is female, and no amount of testosterone can ever change the trillions of cells in her body. Ira was conceived in a woman’s womb, born a female child from a woman’s body, and initially raised as a little girl. During her troubled life with depression and the sexual and emotional abuse that she describes, how did we come to this point in Ira’s life in which women accuse her of violating their sexual autonomy and trust? In reading Ira’s statements that are literally dripping with misogyny, it’s so Frankensteinish and Orwellian that I almost wince and shudder reading the lines. In essence, we see the face of an immature, cocky frat boy, or rape apologists in the body of a chemically and surgically constructed man. We see a genetic female who internalizes the same attitudes towards women that every biological male rape apologists throughout recorded history has either openly boasted and bragged about with his buddies in a locker room, bar, or pool hall, or has secretly harbored and kept to himself.

    “I want to start this by saying there is nothing I can say or do in response to this that isn’t an abuse of the access to male privilege that I have.”

    “I sometimes forget to ask before doing certain things”

    “I will perpetuate rape culture and have done so despite my best efforts.”

    “Yes, I will always perpetuate misogyny despite my best efforts”

    “There’s no such thing as 100% good consent..”

    If it is true that the very act of FTM transitioning can be construed as a form of female mutilation carried out against one’s own female body, upon one’s female identity and soul, how can these surgically constructed men truly love women, the essence of women, on a deep emotional level? Ira seems so utterly numb and detached not only from her own female self, but from the women she (he) is intimate with. Rape culture sexually objectifies women in that men dominate and control during sex. Men conquer, and men who conquer need few, if any boundaries. Indeed, it does appear as if Ira has learned her lesson well. What if we are living in one of the most Orwellian, misogynistic periods that human kind has experienced in the last century and we really can’t see ourselves as we really are? When will this ghoulish nightmare end? I’m too shocked now to cry.

  17. Anon, if you cannot love yourself as a woman, you can and will never truly love the woman collective. We only have to look at the patriarchal structures that surround us to see how much the collective male population loves females. Trans bio-females are not just following in their heavy steps, they are trampling headlong in them.


  18. I am now afraid of female violence as much as I'm afraid of male violence.

    Didn't think I'd ever get to that point.

  19. "I am now afraid of female violence as much as I'm afraid of male violence."

    Really? Even though lesbian rapists have always existed, you managed to turn a blind eye to that for all this time? Curious.

  20. Lesbian's who have raped isnt the topic at hand. This trans bio-female working with out gay and lesbian youth is!

    But for the sake of argument, feel free to list all those myriad of lesbian rapists working with our gay and lesbian youth. And trans bio-males do not count, since men cannot be by their very nature, lesbians.


  21. Jesus. What a freakin EGO on this one."Good" consent? What's "Bad" consent by way of comparison?
    Male, female, trans, whatever-all I see are excuses for unexcusable behavior!

  22. I think that this person needs a fucking reality check. If they proceeded to have sexual contact with a woman without full consent, that is abuse and sexual assault. End of matter.

    Also can I add that by law (at least UK law) rape is defined as a woman or man being forcefully penetrated either vaginally or anally by another man's penis.

    Ira having a female body is incapable (unless they have had surgery done) of raping anyone. It would be considered sexual assault.

    However you look at it, this person needs serious help and needs to stop claiming that consent is a murky area. It isn't murky at all, if someone says no then they mean no. End of story, case closed.

  23. I'm late on this post, but this is no joke. My current girlfriend experienced his manipulation. He's a fucking fraud. It's as ludacris as a wolf shepharding sheep. And he's still at it today, what a joke.

  24. As a tender imp reciting her poetry with feigned shyness and excruciating deliberate self examination, the rape statement was The Flip Side of projecting an image.

    The message is a "Im so male and stuff, y' know... I just don't understand women or what they want...cuz like Im just not able to read the signs... Im like a bull that way I guess...a male bull...Me try to do male but me not rape..."

    Even purposely presenting as less articulate, because somehow that seems more manly in her world view.

    Its sociopathic, poor Acting.