Wednesday, June 20, 2012


How do you feel about them?

How have they made you feel post puberty?

Did you ever do anything drastic (eating disorder) to try and change them?

How do you feel about them as an adult?



  1. I feel neutral about my hips now. I didnt like my hips getting bigger at puberty but then I didnt like getting bigger in general cus it was quite painful. I had terrible growing pains and got purple stretch marks on my hips. I didnt appreciate how painful puberty was going to be; it felt like my body was growing so fast my skin was splitting apart. Since my body stopped drastically changing I've felt better about it, even if it still feels a little strange and new.

  2. Mine are just a hair larger than a mans.
    I get sir'd from behind all the time.
    Would have been nice to have at least average sized hips.

  3. Somewhat betrayed, I guess, but same thing with my breasts; they take up space that I wish they didn't. I think I spent most of my teens and a good part of my twenties trying to follow a diet, to try to be smaller. I also have lots of stretch marks on my hips (and, again, my breasts!), that I wish weren't there. I get angry when I find myself thinking of my body in terms of sex appeal as well, like my hips are too big to be sexy, or that I'm noticed for how curvy I am. You can't get the male gaze out of your own damn head, sometimes.

  4. mine never got very wide nor my breasts very large and I am always glad for that since my mother is rather curvaceous ('not that there's anything wrong with that'- I do like it in my romantic interests)- easier for me to fit into unisex clothing... though maybe if I were shaped differently I'd like to wear different things.

  5. I have 30-inch hips and a 28-inch waist, with hardly any height between the rib cage and pelvis, so, basically no waist. I'm grateful that juniors' departments carry low-rise jeans because they are the only jeans where the waist is wide enough, the butt narrow enough, and the rise length low enough to look "standard" on me. Some of the men's jeans, like from Hot Topic, come in super-low rise now and fit well also, but typically, men's jeans have extremely long crotches that would come up to my neck since I'm so short-torsoed.

    I also have very, very broad shoulders and ribcage, which leads to the wide, athletic waist, a low voice, and oddly huge breasts on a small frame (D or DD cup, depending on the fit). No one 'sirs' me because I'm femme. The only time I've felt weird about my body is when other women claim such a body type does not exist in nature and rip my body type apart. I am an XX female, and all the women in my family have this frame (though some are B- or C-cup). We do exist.

  6. Oh, I do wear unisex or men's style jackets because of my upper body shape. With the broad torso, the bust is easy to hide. I like lots of leather and pleather jackets in 3/4 length, rockstar style, motorcycle (like Joey Ramone), etc., etc. I do tomboy a lot too.

  7. Yes, I hated them and my eating disorder was actually all about escaping the female form. The female shape, I thought, was the catalyst for hating my body. Today, while I'm still skinny, I'm completely recovered from the thoughts and behaviors of my eating disorder. I love my hips because I accept myself as female and I think they're hot and most definitley attractive on other women.

  8. I want to shave my hips off with a cheese grater.

  9. The only thing that sucked was bumping into things because I didn't realize they'd gotten wider haha My hip bones were spotted with bruises throughout my teens.

    Other than that, I like em.