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Why Gays and Lesbians Need to Separate Ourselves and Our Politics from the Transgendered

Below is where GID, the diagnosis that is required for transition, resides in the current version of the DSM and has done so for nearly the last 20 years:
Look at the other disorders/abnormalities that surround GID and contemplate for a moment what any of that has to do with Homosexuality/Lesbianism. Then contemplate for a few more moments what our (gays and lesbians) proximity (lGBT) to those diagnosed with GID and deemed trans says to the general public. Gays and lesbians fought, some were raped (usually by the police), some beaten, some died in order to not only prove that whom we fall in love with and desire doesnt make us mentally disordered, but we politically banded together to force the hereto-patriarchal male medical machine's hand in removing Homosexuality from the DSM!

In the span of decades that GID (the trans disorder) has been included in the DSM and will be included in the next version which will be published early next year, there has yet to be a single Trans movement political or personal aimed at removing GID from the DSM. In fact there have been small movements within the Trans community, working to KEEP GID in the DSM! Why? Because those whose medical insurance covers their exorbitant surgeries and the life time of drugs needed to maintain their mental delusions of themselves. I have never met, never heard of and never read historically of a single gay or lesbian who needed mutilative surgeries and/or drugs to be or maintain being gay or lesbian. This social disease has NOTHING to do with us politically!

The above is a snippet of the changes that are being made to GID in the next version of the DSM. Instead of being labeled Gender Identity DISORDER, it is being generalized into Gender Dysphoria (more money to be made as it can be easily applied to just about anyone). This is due to some from the political side of the Trans community complaining that they disliked the word "disorder" being imposed on them. Meanwhile Gender Dysphoria's placement in the DSM is fine. Although it makes zero sense to me that the Trans Community would be so angry at having been labeled with a disorder, yet clearly do not mind a different label that continues to be housed in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)!

There is a whole SIX questions in the soon to be 5th edition of the DSM utilized as the main criteria for determining whether someone has GID/GD. Below is a snippet of number six:
If not to eradicate homosexuals/lesbians through transition, why would the male medical machine be concerned with sexual orientation which has zero to do with GID/GD???

But most importantly why are we as a community, as a political community, colluding with a group that by proximity alone keeps homosexuality solidly between the pages of the bible for mental disorders? Which in turn continues keeping us read by the general public, as sick.

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  1. @ 7:06 AM and 10:31 PM

    FTM's I still try to forgive for joining in MRA female bashing and leading the worst men to female spaces for penis points but it's hard. Equally so in giving straight PUA's (who now call themselves queer) bridges to female bodies. Whatever you are and whoever you're connected to I hope karma causes an 'awakening'.

    Otherwise, Dirt had a good post that wasn't addressed about a mostly white, male, conservative social science community that has never had anything good for females, lesbians and gays or POC for that matter. The origins of psychology and gynecology are full of evidence that blindly trusting them is insane. The recent history of psychotropic medications and children is fresh in the mind. What the hell?

  2. Wow most of that DSM list sounds like its outta the 50's. Anyone else think 'hypoactive sexual desire disorder' sounds like a lot like the old frigid diagnosis?

  3. Nice Jewish DykeMay 20, 2012 at 2:08 AM

    "If not to eradicate homosexuals/lesbians through transition, why would the male medical machine be concerned with sexual orientation which has zero to do with GID/GD???"

    Because psychiatry and DSM-makers are narrow-minded fools. Luckily & hopefully, most trans ppl are smarter than these people and just 'play the game' with psychiatry in order to access the services they want.

    I live in Canada where transitioning is now covered by our healthcare. I don't mind one bit that my tax dollars go to this if it keeps people from killing themselves and if it makes people happy. Just like I have no problem that my tax dollars go towards more shelters and higher welfare checks and more services period for people. Unfortunately, it seems to me that tax dollars often don't go where they're supposed to, but that's another story.

    The DSM and its profiteers are deeply, deeply flawed and corrupt in many, many ways; it/they should not be taken seriously or literally or given any more power than they already think they have.

  4. Seems you know very little about the history of "transition", its purpose both then and now as well as a misogynistic complicity in the true suffering of those who develop and will develop this disorder NJD.

    Transition hasnt been proven to stop dysphoria (in fact we know quite frankly in all cases at some point the dysphoria returns and usually worse than when it began)any more than it has stopped those who develop this disorder and transition from killing them selves (which statistically is very low either way). Sounds like you have not only bought the trans hype, but you're choking on it.


  5. this Nice Jewish Dyke is so totally immersed in queer and trans crap; sometimes I wonder if s/he's really a male to trans. 'most trans ppl are smarter than these people?' 'trans ppl' are the bread and butter of 'these people!' so, your tax money can be used in any way as long as it makes people happy?

  6. though the big cities in canada have been queerified for a long time now... the first 'transman' (ex-lesbian, now 'gay man') i knew was from toronto and i learned that transitioning was extremely popular among female 'intellectuals' (basically people brainwashed in the early years of gender studies' replacing women's) - my good friend from the vancouver area tells me that there are no 'boyish' girls left over there, they all have testosterone moustaches now...

  7. Anon@6:31am, I have suspected the same for a while now, especially given how this person is so completely immersed in the GSJ, which dykes by our very natures tend to question.


  8. Anon@7am, very sad, very sad indeed. But lesbian eradication has always been par for the course per the male medical machine. The only difference from historically to now is historically lesbians fought against the status quo, now they are walking into the flames on their own accords.


  9. Nice Jewish DykeMay 20, 2012 at 4:14 PM

    "so, your tax money can be used in any way as long as it makes people happy?"

    Yes. That's what taxes are for - The People and what WE want and need.

    "I wonder if s/he's really a male to trans."

    Nope. But I am amused at the efforts to box me. Why can I only be trans or else a lesbian who denies the entirety of people's infinitely diverse identities? That's awfully strait-jackety.

    "Sounds like you have not only bought the trans hype, but you're choking on it."

    No, I'm not entirely 'bought into' the trans phenomenon, I see problems and have questions about it, just like I see problems and have questions about aspects of the lesbian and feminist communities. The only thing I'm gagging on is the pronoun cock some trans ppl try to shove down my throat. For example, #8 had said it's disrespectful for ppl to call her female pronouns; well, it's disrespectful to force language into people's mouths and expect them to pretend if what they're asked to say feels like a lie. I'm offended that some trans ppl get offended if the word "he" doesn't always roll easily off my tongue, and that I don't trip over myself to "correct" myself. But I think this speaks more to the confines of the english language than it does to identity politics.

    I also don't think Nature makes mistakes. People have the right to think this about themselves, but don't expect me to agree that the way one is born is wrong. Not everyone believes that Nature should be messed with or can be "conquered".

    Other than that, I think ppl should do whatever they need/want to be HAPPY, and take their time figuring this out. Also, what makes us happy changes as we change. Most certainly transitioning is not for everyone, and some regret it or change their minds; everyone needs to be educated about it and take their time and get informed before making such a huge life decision. And for *some*, transitioning IS the answer to their happiness.

    Dirt, you're always pointing out that the drugs can cause shortened life expectancy, but I'm sure some ppl would rather live a shorter, happier life than a longer one full of suffering.

    ALL options and ideas must be presented & explored, NONE should be forced.

  10. Nice Jewish DykeMay 20, 2012 at 5:04 PM

    "I wonder if s/he's really a male to trans."

    I'm flattered to be mistaken for a male and to have my masculinity validated; I'm stroking my pretend cock thinking about it. :D This is especially nice for a formerly identified 'femme' once bought into the GSJ delusion. ;)

  11. No one "needs" to be murdered within their own body, no one. That you believe so says volumes more about you than the horrid "treatment" for this social disease. Least we also mention, now the MMM is murering gay and lesbian children within their tiny bodies. You must feel wonderful knowing your tax dollars are contributing to gay and lesbian genocide.

    Oh and their is no such non sense as a "former femme", you either are or you arent. Based on your comment regarding Butches, you arent.


  12. Nice Jewish DykeMay 20, 2012 at 6:32 PM

    I don't think children's tiny, perfect little bodies should be tampered with unless it's life-threatening. ALL options need to be explored, and the child needs to be included in this exploration cuz it's HER/HIS life and personality we're trying to understand and nurture.

    "Oh and their is no such non sense as a "former femme", you either are or you arent. Based on your comment regarding Butches, you arent."

    Firstly, bullshit. YOUR tiny, rigid little boxes don't define me or all femmes, butches, or other gender variants in the world. Secondly, what did I say about Butches? I've said that I love the Butch identity and I think it should be celebrated. That doesn't mean all trans ppl are "really" Butch, but sure, maybe some, but that's up to *the person* to decide, not US to judge. Labels and theories are too constricting, they can never capture the complex human experience, not to mention that people understand words and theories differently.

  13. Regarding "transition" the only option has been the ignorant notion that gays and lesbians could be heterosexualized via "transition", despite the fact that in its infancy (the HB days) the only people being "transitioned were straight men aka autogynephiles (which is still true of males today). And those males lied about their heterosexuality because the MMM would ONLY "transition" males who claimed to be gay! Oh no homophobia there!

    I didnt create Butch/Femme, the history of BFs has. I merely maintain that history, the history that my BF sisters specifically defined through their embodiment of BF.

    Post modernism/Queer theory's nihilism of language may be naively adopted by the ignorant as cool, academic, progressive. But I am not ignorant, could give a fuck about cool and see academia for the trouble that it is. And as a literary person, would never in my wildest dreams consider of draining words of their meaning and will ensure that in this space words will retain their historical value!


  14. Why is it not enough to simply educate people about everything that can happen to them if they transition and then leave it up to consenting adults to decide what is best for their own selves?
    Why must there be so very much energy expended in the attempts to control other human beings? Why must there be so much energy expended in the attempt to control other human beings in the hopes that they will make decisions that fall neatly in line with what WE think is right or best? Is this not completely and utterly egotistical and disrespectful to expect others to make the same decisions we would make?
    If you are truly concerned for the welfare of other living beings then educate them... with respect and dignity so that they can make the best decision for themselves.
    Being Rude, Unkind, Violating and HYPOCRITICAL will get you nothing but resented by those you are supposedly trying to help and at BEST you end up preaching to the choir...
    I honestly came to this blog with an open mind but the self contradiction, hypocrisy and the harsh violating tactics turned me right OFF and the authoress lost every last crumb of credibility to me, when she refused to undo and apologize for her VIOLATION against other human beings.
    Dirt, your tactics sting of spiritual rape.... they do not ring with nurturing mama bear love.
    Are you even able to admit when you've unintentionally done something wrong? or are you just going to continue railroading with the damage train in the name of ego?

  15. PS- with all that said (previous post) I must say that I like and agree with your Blog's tagline. "Female isn't a disease and transition isn't a cure for HER!"

  16. I cant believe they don't get it. Psychology was always anti-female. Brown's FGM as a way to prevent divorce... countless women were addicted to Valium and barbs for decades if they didnt accept marriage and life under man and the majority of patients in therapy were all women. Since the 80's all women having a therapist is seen as normal. There's movies about it. I think they know maybe. Just running away for safety. Why marry a man and be a slave for protection when you can ~transform~ into a man. I sympathize. I guess it's just the cult-like virus behavior and the dishonesty that gets me. What will they all be in 10 years? Buck Angel porn-corpses? Suicides? In prison for misogynistic violent crimes? Trans men in the news sure look not happy playing hetero house like a bad imitation of Ozzie and Harriot... Have any of them even considered the future?

  17. @ 11:15 PM

    Maybe you needed to be more specific or something. it kind of sounds bad but who knows your situation.

    @ 2:13 AM

    Like lesbians haven't tried suicide always and forever and even 'because' of your precious queer/trans dreamworld with it's pressure to conform and violent attitudes you just presented. A transman or female (if you are either) should know that and more. Whoever anon was, may have been harsh but there again, you go wishing death on others. Some of those others may be lesbians who wouldnt join and lost their girl who became a queer plaything or a transman expecting them to be glad and deny themselves - the height of narcissism. Whatever. You claim this heavenly life (you sound like a born-again) why are you even following this blog?

  18. I think that it is very attractive for a woman to look womanly but feel masculine. I can intuit the women who are this way, and am eager to pick their brains.

    It's hot stuff. I find muscular women irresistible as well, and it's not because they look "manly," it's because they are defying the GSJ in an artistic manner. These women are works of art.
    Athletic women turn me on as well.
    If these transmen could understand that there is a place for them, and that they could prosper and thrive in their god-given bodies, i think many of them would not have surgery.
    I see third-gender women everywhere and they are stunning, sexy, and accepted. Surgery is not required to find your place in the world.

  19. Anon, Women do not "feel" masculine. Masculinity is derived from the male body, it isnt mental or emotional.

    Women who carry female differently from the status quo arent "third gendered", they are as female as any female who has ever existed. By viewing these women differently, you "other" and undermine the very nature of female.

    Also, if you comment again, do not use the nonsensical term "transman" as there is no such creature. Females in transition, are still females.


  20. I noticed that Dirt underlined “Gender Dysphoria in children” in the APA DSM-5. To me, the diagnosis of “Gender Dysphoria” in children is very problematic and is so subjective as to be almost laughable. Children are being branded with a label of "gender dysphoria" at much earlier ages compared to twenty or thirty years ago. For example, goolge Trans Kids Purple Rainbow. Jazz, the little 11 year old trans child, was diagnosed at the age of three. Puberty blockers have been used on pre-teens in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. How is it mentally and emotionally beneficial to children to be told that there is something inherently wrong with their bodies, and they need to be “fixed” in order to be whole and complete human beings ?

    Some children who exhibit gender nonconformity might later choose to be transition when they become adults, but there is a large body of research that shows that most of these children eventually decide to stay with their own gender, and simply grow up to be homosexual or bisexual. It is simply not true that every single child who exhibits any kind of non-traditional, cross gender behavior will later decide to transition. Because it's so nightmarish and frightening, no one wants to face the ugly truth. In order to identify and the help the few "gender dysphoric" kids who actually do decide to transition upon reaching adulthood, a whole generation of future gay and lesbian children are being chemically and surgically castrated. If cross gender hormones are given immediately after puberty blockers, these children can become sterile. What kind of parents would sterilize their own children? These are sweet little boys who never grow up to be gay men, and to love another man as a man. These are rough and tumble little tomboys who never grow up to be lesbians, and to deeply love another woman as a woman. When I was young, I used to play baseball with my brother. I'm very thankful that I wasn't slapped with a label of "gender dysphoria" at eight or nine yeras of age. Then, forced to take puberty suppressing drugs.

    According to my,

    "Most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty. Children with persistent GID are characterized by more extreme gender dysphoria in childhood than children with desisting gender dysphoria. With regard to sexual orientation, the most likely outcome of childhood GID is homosexuality or bisexuality."

    An article in the Atlantic states,

    The most extensive study on transgender boys was published in 1987 as The “Sissy Boy Syndrome” and the Development of Homosexuality. For 15 years, Dr. Richard Green followed 44 boys who exhibited extreme feminine behaviors, and a control group of boys who did not... Green expected most of the boys in the study to end up as transsexuals, but nothing like that happened. Three-fourths of the 44 boys turned out to be gay or bisexual (Green says a few more have since contacted him and told him they too were gay). Only one became a transsexual. “We can’t tell a pre-gay from a pre-transsexual at 8,” says Green, who recently retired from running the adult gender-identity clinic in England. “

    A science daily article says,

    "Research which follows these children to adulthood shows that between 50 to 80 per cent of gender nonconforming boys become gay, and about one third of such girls become lesbian"

  21. Anon,

    Homophobia created "transition" and clearly homophobia is driving "transition".


  22. To me, the new found glorificaiton of all things trans related could be characterized as a form of gay and lesbian genocide. I realize that this is a rather harsh statment, but I'm very disturbed at three year old kids being diagnosed as "gender dysphoric". The fact that normal adolescent puberty is suppressed all in the name of "gender dysphoria" is also very disturbing. Upon careful scrutiny, how is it possible to decide how much is attributed to plain old parental homophobia and disgust at having a "sissy boy" or "tomboy girl" and how much is actual "gender dysphoria". "Gender dysphoria" in children is subjective and wide open for abuse. I am fully aware that transgender people do suffer and some people really are "gender dysphoric", and some might need to transition. However, gay men and lesbians are being thrown under the bus all in the name of transgender. We know it's happening, but we don't want to admit it. I serioulsy doubt if any three year old kid diagnosed with "gender dyshporia" knows who or what they want, but parents are determined to "fix" their kid as if having a "sissy boy" is something that needs to be fixed.

    It's interesting that one person posted a comment that said that Canada pays for sex reassignment surgery. I'm pleased to know that liberal, human rights loving Canada has something in common with Koran loving Iran. How does Iran deal with its homosexual problem? Well, first the government actually says that there are no homosexuals in Iran. They actually believe this. No, there are no homosexuals in Iran. After all, gays can be put to death in Iran. However, the government will pay to "fix" their homosexuals through sex reassignment surgery.

    Perhaps gay men and lesbians need to take their blinders off and look around. No, gay men and lesbians really don't have to include the T as in GLBT. Perhaps we should start dropping the T. Historically, gay men and lesbians know how we have been treated by the medical establishment. The medical establishment and the transgender community both push puberty suppressing drugs on children. I've never heard of gay men or lesbians doing this. Some of these "gender dysphoric" kids probably will grow up to be gay or lesbian if left alone. Gay and lesbian survial is at stake.

  23. "gay and lesbian genocide"

    I think that's a side-effect definitely, for some countries intent. They look like human rights champions while doing what they always did. Even so, girls are slammed and chained into a gender box. Think how parents will ruthlessly police their daughters like never before to be feminine and passive-submissive because of this. And now with no evidence, ~science~(psychology) says so. Even when neuroscience says gender is BS.

    gay and lesbian genocide... can you make a post titled/about that? Some of us could cut/paste it and spread it around.

  24. Anon, I'll work something up with that or a similar title.


  25. This last question just points out, yet again, problems with the whole trans cant, and the 'brain organisation theory' type science on which so much of it rests.

    So, what we have here is, yet again, the old trope that lesbians and somehow more 'masculine' in their sexual attraction, and gay men more 'feminine'. Hence read that way, we have gay erasure.

    Chaz Bono all over again -- if you SAY you're really a man AND you like ladies, then you can become a proper, NORMAL heterosexual couple just like you're supposed to be.

  26. How can you judge something as a future sexuality in a child who is three? Kids are saying, "I'm a boy." NOT "I want to sleep with girls".

    They are not saying anything about sex or attraction at all? It's disgusting that you all would project anything about your sexuality. It has nothing to do with gender! Many , many transitioners are gay anyway, so if this is a huge patriarchal scheme, it sure isn't working. Fail!

  27. The failure is on the part of male medical machine and their deep seeded homophobia and short sightedness.


  28. "the president of the most powerful nation on this earth"... that shows what you know which is pop slogan BS. You're no different than a funfem who bases their existence on Cosmo. The US is a joke with a military that chokes itself and the parts of the world it's 'allowed' to play with. Try Russia, China or even Saudi Arabia for starters moron. As far as "professional victims out of a job" that's soooo pathetic. Ah, yes, the power Lesbians have wielded and the riches we've amassed, now it's all gone, what'll we do?! Go back to your porn idiot. Next time address an issue and leave a real comment.

  29. How EXACTLY, 'Dirt', is the failure of the "male medical machine" their so-called "deep seeded homophobia and short sightedness"? I am quite curious, as you do seem just to be spurting the same few phrases to your viewers, rather than posting some cold, hard evidence that you HAVEN'T manipulated to show your own viewpoint.

  30. The cold hard facts in everywhere we look, and closer in the lesbian community.

    Also, see next post.


  31. "Many , many transitioners are gay anyway, so if this is a huge patriarchal scheme, it sure isn't working. Fail!"

    O dear, got you on that one!

    A gay female transitioner would be a transman attracted to male gay men, yes. Which makes them a biological female attracted to biological males.

    Hence in the patriarchies terms, it's just heterosexuality with a bit of a twist.

    A female transitioner attracted to straight women, well that's heterosexuality again, if she insists on identifying as male.

    Might seem mutually contradictory, but the patriarchy is pretty well schooled in doublethink -- you either have heterosexuality masquerading as homosexuality (i.e. homosexuality isn't 'real', just pretend), or homosexuality that is 'preferred' to be presented as heterosexuality.

    Either way, just says that homosexuality ISN'T as valid as heterosexuality, or is ALWAYS to be interpreted in heterosexist terms.

    Just the same ole lesbians are like men (i.e. women 'pretending' or trying to act like men), or lesbians MUST have some hormonal or emotional imbalance that causes them to act out the innappropiate male role, the old lesbianiam interpreted in heterosexist terms that has been around as long as sexologists thought to look at lesbianism and male homosexuality. Although current brain organisation hypothesis researchers do pretty much the same thing BTW, with lesbianism in women always viewed as 'male' behaviour, and homosexuality in men viewed as evidence of feminization.................

    Same heteriosexist bias, different day and different 'scientific' theories -- it used to be all inverts and speculations about hormones, but nowadays its all the XYZ nucleus in the brain..........

    And the trans cult is firmly wedded to the SAME basic set of ideas as the patriarchy, even if they display them with added glitter and rainbows.