Saturday, May 5, 2012

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning (age 19) (age 20) (age 24) (age unknown) (age unknown) (age 20) (age 15) (age 18) (age unknown)

Week after week of listening to the video's of these trans trending young women it occurs to me that beyond the misogyny fueling their desire to transition is a desire for some kind of right of passage akin to the myriad of passage rights that males from all cultures experience. Female rights of passage are generally confined to either menstruation (which creates both shame and often times dysphoria in most females) or having our "cherry's popped" from our first sexual experience (of which is also usually a shamed based experience).

Male rights of passage whether involving physical tests of pain or endurance or the first sign of facial hair are designed to inspire a sense of pride, power and potency, none of which EVER is applied to females. It is easy enough to say there is no pride in being female, but if we're honest with ourselves, there has never been any pride or any cultural significance designed to inspire pride in females. Clearly our young women are so desperate for what never was they are turning to the promise a handful of whiskers might hold at the very cost of their natural born lives.

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  1. Interesting theory. But women DO have rites of passage, they're just not the ones you want.

  2. CleanNativeGRRLMay 7, 2012 at 7:32 AM

    Hi Dirt I hope you are having a healthy and happy day! I am re-posting this question here because I think maybe it got lost/looked over in an older post (the one entitled "Read Before Commenting"). So Here it is, I am looking forward to your answer:

    I just read the above post and this part stood out for some reason:
    "...delusory jargon such as transman, transwoman, ftm or mtf etc will no longer be used or tolerated in comments here. Women using names mostly associated with males will also (going forward) have their comments removed along with comments containing incorrect pronouns." So, here's the thing... your internet nickname and blogger name is "dirtywhiteboi67".
    Is this not the type of name that is mostly associated with males? Even though the word "boi" is spelled with an 'i' instead of a 'y' (I suppose in an effort to distance males while still claiming some type of male identity) the word itself is still derived from boy which means a "young male". I know the use of the word "boi" is well known in Women's spaces. I am just curious what your take is on using the word boi and other words like it, in a space where you are trying to reclaim Woman and Female Identity and reject that of male insidiousness.
    Much Peace and Health to you,

  3. Awesome question. Bet it gets deleted, even though it is relevant.

  4. It just has to do with pissing off some ex of hers that didn't like the word, and the name of some Foreigner song. nbd.

  5. An acceptable female nameMay 7, 2012 at 11:06 PM

    Keep in mind that visibly butch women are a small minority of women in the world.

    Some, actually maybe MOST women seem to enjoy being traditionally feminine and aspects of femininity like entering puberty, growing breasts etc.

    As a teenager, some of my female friends were excited to get their period, as it made them feel more grown up.

  6. If Dirtywhiteboi hates men and masculinity so much, what's with the butch power? She's the very thing she hates. If this new feminist movement *hates* butch/femme dynamics . . . does she only date masculine butch lesbians?

  7. I don't think she hates masculinity, and I'm sure she doesn't hate men; from what I understand she's very into butch+femme. How is she the thing she hates? Is not looking feminine equal to being masculine? I'm an androgynous female who's super into the traditionally 'girly' girls, and not especially feminist but absolutely do not believe in sex changes- they're just silly and show off insecurity. Am I part of a movement? No, I just notice lots of young women 'transitioning' and think it tragic. Men thinking they're women is also laughable, but scarier. It surely has nothing to do with being gay and T should promptly be removed from LGBT. As soon as Obama expressed his support for gay marriage the radio was calling it a 'LGBT' issue. I'm not a LGBT, just a L.

  8. Dirt--

    Please get an education before you post silly hate-fueled language all over the internet. People turn to the internet for healthy and helpful resources and unfortunately, your opinion-based blog is sucking up bandwidth for pro-queer, fact-based, informative websites.

    When it comes to certain issues, you are just as closed-minded and extreme as right-wing anti-queer republicans. I am completely perplexed as to why I am posting on a "pro-gay" site what I usually post on "anti-gay" sites...