Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Glimpse of the Degree of Ignorance and Arrogance Being Ejaculated From the Trans Community

From a recent message sent to me via here:
Since this is so chock full of ignorance and choking on the GSJ, I'll start at the beginning and work my way through rather than generalize. The ignorance starts in the very first sentence, when he tries telling me that men are masculine and women are feminine, ummm DUH! That my friend is a given. Next he ignorantly attributes Janice Raymond's Transsexual Empire to Greer who is obviously most noted for writing The Female Eunuch! He ignorantly or delusionary or both, claims that he as a biological male is both a lesbian and a feminist. He writes that all women arent feminine and that all men arent masculine, which clearly isnt true. Here again he is showing us just how far he has the GSJ's cock down his throat.

In the next paragraph he ignorantly claims that feminism is all about fluid identities, rather than dismantling the patriarchal structures that created and maintain the inequality among the sexes and quashing misogyny.

Then he whine's about women being able to freely "act masculine" but men cannot freely "act feminine". First, feminine and masculine arent things one can act out, they are merely physical characteristics of the male and female body. With regards to what he is saying under all his ignorance; historically women were not allowed to wear pants, pants tend to complicate easy rape. When small numbers of women began wearing pants, they were hounded, name called, beaten, some raped, and some arrested. Women being the stronger sex, persevered past the bullshit "three articles of "womens clothing" laws, past the arrests and rape by police and past societies harsh judgments. In the last few decades it has become common place to see girls/women in various kinds of pants. However, with the current hyper femininity campaign those harsh judgments and hassles are returning if the pants/tshirts females are sporting do not conform to hyper femininities rigid Gender Straight Jacketed standards per the Male Gaze. The short of it, this guy is angry because he, like most men who would like to freely sport clothes deemed "womens", is too afraid to wear them without claiming he's trans as he fears the consequences of his actions and is obviously too afraid to fight for his and other men's right to wear whatever they want.

Next is the same old bullshit about me "hating" trans people because he is too ignorant to comprehend what this blog is truly about/for. He, like anyone else who considers themselves trans need to hold onto the misogyny I'm working to ease, which is of course the foundation for the trans disorder. Then he ignorantly rewrites the history of Stonewall by attributing its beginnings to a male transitioner! Rather than the Butch lesbian (Marilyn Fowler) who started it and the gay men and lesbians who saw it through. We are seeing this trans revisionism rewriting our gay and lesbian history more and more. This is a critical area where gays and lesbians (whose histories barely exist anyways) need to stand up and set the record straight!

Next up he claims on one hand to want to speak "rationally" while in the same breath using the misogynistic "cis" nonsense! WHA?

Last in typical male privileged fashion he arrogantly presumes he and I want the same thing "love and happiness". When females at ages straight out of the nursery are hating themselves and their little bodies to the point of wanting to opt our of their perfect little female selves due to all the misogyny both graphic and subtle, "love and happiness" is the last fucking thing on my mind!

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  1. My belief is that men should be able to dress and act however they like without getting guff from anybody- but also that a man will never be a woman let alone a lesbian- absurd! I don't think this is a 'radical' or even 'feminist' idea. If anything, it's more 'liberal' since the binary idea of transitioning seems very conservative. Also, I'm pretty sure feminism is about improving the situation of women, not about 'identifying' as a gender, and loving the whole world (like women are supposed to do, right?).
    It's sort of a 'chickens coming home to roost' thing; so many 'queer'-type lesbians have been accepting (or pretending to accept) women on testosterone as 'gay men' for a while now- let's see how they feel now that men (many 'intact' and mostly middle-aged) are saying they're dykes too...

  2. Nice Jewish DykeMay 15, 2012 at 2:47 PM

    "He writes that all women arent feminine and that all men arent masculine, which clearly isnt true."

    This sounds like GSJ'ing (and BSJ'ing (biologically strait jacketing) by saying all women are feminine and all men are masculine.

    "feminine and masculine arent things one can act out, they are merely physical characteristics of the male and female body."

    Then doesn't this mean that "tweeners" are blends of both and that Butch women are (more) masculine (which doesn't make them any less female)?

  3. I think that Dirt doesn't like the words masculine and feminine applied to behaviors and that 'butch' is simply a variation of feminine and males who are considered sissies are expressing a variation of masculinity- I don't really care about the words but can see how they could be the start of a 'slippery slope' to queerdom or transdom

  4. Nice Jewish DykeMay 15, 2012 at 3:58 PM

    @ Anon 3:08.

    I hear what you're saying, but by drawing artificial lines between words and behaviors and physical characteristics, we are plain ole' SJ'ing because everything is intricately connected and cannot be separated. Whatever we label it, some things are what we know of as masculine, some things are what we know of as feminine, and they occur in all bodies and Spirits, to different degrees.

    There's seems to be a lot of confusion and misunderstanding in these types of convos; how much of it has to do with how people define 'masculine' and 'feminine'?

  5. First, this “lesbian feminist” transwoman doesn’t know the difference between Germaine Greer and Janice Raymond. Since gender queer and transwoman have totally co-opted everything that feminists, especially lesbian feminists have written or accomplished, it makes perfect sense to me that this ignorant person gets confused. Second, there are actual anatomical and biological differences between genetic females and transwomen. If genetic females aren't necessary, then the continuation of the human species would not be possible. In addition to reproducing future generations and nurturing the young, mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mother. Mitochondrial DNA is different than the DNA in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells. So, perhaps this transwoman should thank his mother for making his very existence on earth possible.
    For some strange reason, this poor deluded individual believes that the long time line of women's history is exactly the same as the history and life experiences of transgender individuals. He actually seems to believe that transwomen and genetic females share a common history. Well, I’m sorry, but he is wrong.


    (1.) Voting rights: Transwomen had nothing to do with women gaining the right to vote. These women were called "Suffragettes" not transwomen. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton did not have penises.
    (2.) Reproductive Health Care: There is no reference to Margaret Sanger, the founder or Planned Parenthood, ever being transgender. Since transwomen can’t get pregnant, silly things like reproductive health care for women is of little use to them.
    (3.) Equal Pay: Transwomen were not instrumental in enacting equal pay legislation. Congress enacted the Equal Pay Act, a version of the 1955 bill, in 1963. On Jan. 29, 2009, President Barack Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law. Lilly Ledbetter is a mother and grandmother. She is not a transwoman.

  6. In an earlier post, I listed what transgender has NOT done for women. Now, I want to list what they have done to women.


    (1.) Transwomen continue to totally co-opt feminist writing and re-write women’s history. Genetic females aren’t intelligent enough to know what they really want. Transwomen have to interpret our history for us.
    (2.) Transgender males continue to invade women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and dorms. Earlier this month, Paul Ray Witherspoon, who is a registered sex offender was ticketed for using a women's restroom at Parkland Hospital in Dallas after a woman complained. Witherspoon was sentenced to 16 years in prison after being convicted in Williamson County in 1990 of sexual assault of a child, a 14-year-old girl. Witherspoon was sentenced to six years in prison for indecency with a child by sexual contact. The victim in that case was a 15-year-old girl. Simply google “Paul Ray Witherspoon”. Photos show Witherspoon wearing lipstick and dress.
    (3.) Transwomen and MAAB (male assigned at birth) gender queer individuals exclude FAAB (female assigned at birth) from a workshop entitled, “Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling: Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Transwomen”. This happened in Planned Parenthood of Toronto in March of this year. The cotton ceiling refers to lesbians, or genetic females who love other women. The title states, “breaking down sexual barriers for queer trans women”.
    (4.) The trans community continues to remain eerily silent as puberty suppressing drugs are forced on young children. Indeed, transgender support groups for families with small children seem to have no problem with this. Compared to twenty or thirty years ago, children are being slapped with a label of “gender dysphoria” at much earlier ages.

    At Trans Kids Purple Rainbow it states, "Greg & Jeanette are the proud parents of four children, Arial age 15, identical twins Sander & Griffen age 13, and Jazz age 11, who is their transangel. Jazz was born with Gender Identity Disorder, and diagnosed at age 3." Yes, this precious little “transangel” was diagnosed at 3 years of age. I wish I were making this up, but it apparently is true. (source: )

    Puberty blocking drugs halt normal adolescent puberty. If cross gender hormones are given immediately after puberty blocking drugs, future fertility is compromised. So, there is a possibility of sterilizing these people all in the name of "gender dysphoria." According to an ABC news article, “Marvin Belzer of Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, has treated several 12and 13 year-olds with puberty blockers.” The use of puberty blocking drugs for “gender dysphoria” has occurred in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. (source:
    (5.) While I believe that most transwomen or MTF transsexuals and trans individuals are gentle and peaceful people, there have been instances where trans identified biological males have sexually assaulted women. Below are examples:

    When women tally up the damage caused by transgender, we are branded "transphobic". Well, women need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  7. Anon, in future comments, please either male transitioners or female transitioners in order to maintain some sense of the reality of male/female that never changes.


  8. You're all a bunch of clueless women, and you're no better than the crazy fucks from Westboro Baptist Church.
    Congratulations, you're the most hated group of feminists in the world.

  9. thanks anonymous! another wise one.
    (i, for one,don't really think of myself as a feminist though, just a realist- we're not a uniformly-thinking cult like Tranisism)


    Dude, Dirt, you are worse than Fred Phelps! You are GREAT at talking out of your ass and putting others down! Damn, you have so much hate running through your veins like electricity... No wonder you refer to yourself as "dirt"-- because you are indeed full of it!

  11. IMO noticing sexual inequality isn't feminism all on its own, it just means you're not comatose.

  12. What is wrong with a comment expressing that saying women are the "stronger sex" doesn't sit right with me? I explained my reasons for feeling this way and was non-inflammatory. I feel that it's a reasonable thing to say - I am not implying that women are the weaker sex, but it isn't okay to describe one sex as "stronger" than the other. A person isn't strong because of their sex, they're strong because of their personality traits, personal experiences and other things.

  13. "A person isn't strong because of their sex, they're strong because of their personality traits, personal experiences and other things."

    Which ignores sex-specific experiences (such as pregnancy and childbirth), and also a commonality of experience based on our membership of a sex-class.

    And, let's not forget, womens struggles against oppression and the patriarchy. In a sense, we're ALL strong because we had to be to survive as members as a derided and oppressed sex.

  14. I will not sit by and watch a butch lesbian being referred to as “Fred Phelps”. Let’s get real. If a butch lesbian sat foot in the Westboro Baptist church, she probably would be strung up from the nearest tree. This is how the trans folks think. If you don’t agree with everything they say, then you must be as evil as the conservative, religious nut job Fred Phelps. To me, this just shows how ignorant they really are, and how desperate they have become because all lesbians won’t cave in and roll over to all their demands to include transwomen in all our events, into our locker rooms, showers, restrooms, and into the most intimate details of our lives. Transwomen whine and wail because lesbians want a couple of days a year to attend the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival by themselves. So, Camp Trans has to prowl the outside fences and intimidate the women. Lesbian space is almost non-existent. Indeed, lesbians are almost an endangered species. The GLBT Center where I live has two transgender groups, but nothing for lesbians. For a while, it had three transgender groups because there was a FTM writing group. Since the “Women’s Group” is “self-identified women” which includes transwomen, in reality there are three transgender groups. It’s very interesting to me that transgender are both a distinct community and at the same time “self-identified” women. Gender queer and transgender have taken over almost all space that was once lesbian. When lesbians question the wisdom of giving puberty blockers to twelve year old kids who have been slapped with a label of “gender dysphoria”, transwomen call us “transphobic”. Since calling us “transphobic” is not enough, now we are “Fred Phelps”. This is to silence us. They must silence what we have to say.

    As to crazy old Fred, I’m sure Fred Phelps hates transgender individuals too. However, his website is called “God Hates Fags” not “God Hates Transgender”. Some MTF transsexuals can pass as women and go unnoticed, and some FTM transsexual can as pass men. They can appear heterosexual. However, butch lesbians are often far more visible.

    Since I’ve been following this religious nut job and scum bag, Fred Phelps, for some time, I’m familiar with what he has said and done. He picketed Matthew Shepard’s funeral. When the lesbian from San Francisco, Diane Whipple, was viciously mauled to death by dogs outside her apartment, this is what Westboro Baptist Church said,

    “Diane Whipple, a filthy dyke, died in her sins on Jan. 26, 2001, as a result of being mauled by two dogs. God used literal dogs to kill a figurative dog - sodomites being likened unto dogs for beast-filthiness (Deut. 23:17,
    Mat. 7:6, Phil. 3:2, 2 Pet. 2:7,8,12,22; Rev. 22:15).”

    If you are going to toss the name of Fred Phelps around, you should at least know what the heck you are talking about. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    By the way, Fred Phelps is a man. Lesbians are women.

  15. That's a great point, some experiences are indeed sex-specific, BadDyke. But the comment that women are the "stronger sex" still doesn't sit right with me. The sex-specific experience of women, such as pregnancy and childbirth
    don't make them the "stronger sex". Neither does the commonality of experience based on our membership of this sex-class make women the "stronger sex". Struggles against oppression, derision and patriarchy also don't make us "the stronger sex". They've made us all strong in a sense, and women are not the "weaker sex", but they're not the "stronger sex", either.

  16. Women *are* the stronger sex and biologically superior. I think we all know that deep down. But no need for men to panic. Females are much nicer than you are on the whole and treat you with grace in spite of that fact.