Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Endocrine Society and GID

It has come to my attention that the The Endocrine Society is mass mailing this flyer to endocrinologist across the country, seemingly in efforts to increase its revenue rather than actually helping people.

From their flyer:
A young adolescent with GID often considers the physical
changes of puberty to be unbearable. Treating such adolescents
with a medication that suppresses puberty may prevent this
psychological harm.

Very cushy rhetoric for the doling out of puberty blockers to our children who do not or cannot conform to the GSJ. There has yet to be a single long term study of the harmful, life threatening and sometimes mortal effects synthetic hormone treatment has on adult males and females diagnosed with GID. With the recent advent of diagnosing children with GID, some as young as two and three years old, comes the recent treatment of those children with puberty blockers. These drugs interfere with natural bodily development, and as each of us develop differently and at different rates, even if there were studies on these drugs (which of course there is not), there would be no way to predict how these drugs would affect our children's minds and bodies. Yes, MINDS! Something the ES along with the doKtors who are administering these harmful drugs fail to take into account.

Like many Butches and other females who have lived through and blossomed from the early "psychological harm" of puberty sans puberty blockers, opposite sexed hormone treatments or mutilative surgeries, we have to ask why are we treating the "psychological" distress of adult development in children (or adults) with physical alterations to a healthy body?

Also from the flyer:

Female-to-male transsexual persons
Problems that might occur with long-term testosterone therapy
include excessive or cystic acne, excessive weight gain, salt
retention, increases in red blood cells (which can increase the
“thickness of blood” in the circulation), and negative
psychological changes
. The guidelines suggest that FTM
transsexual persons consider surgical removal of the ute,
cervix, and ovaries to prevent the risk of cancer of the
reproductive tract.

This pseudo warning makes it appear as though any negative physical repercussions of GID treatment out weigh the very real possibility of deadly side effects, especially if female GID patients spend the five to ten grand to have their breast and reproductive organs removed. There is also no mention that spending ones entire life on drugs and removing/altering healthy body parts cures said patients of their GID, in fact GID patient after GID patient continues to prove just the contrary!

Interestingly while working on this post, I was watching the movie The Fury where one of the doKtors uttered "what a culture cant assimilate it destroys". Transition both assimilates and destroys in equal measure and now our children's lives are at stake.

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  1. Dirt,
    Thank you again for another courageous post. The world needs your voice.
    I've been wondering why the media is pushing this so hard--Barbara Walters has had a few shows promoting this ideology, and of course the Chaz Bono debacle is still fresh in our minds.
    Women have had to endure the "dumb blonde" image, the "castrating bitch" image and now this--a push to eradicate womanhood completely.
    The trans movement is all media-driven--I have written here about my own gender issues but thankfully I was born before the internet and Dancing with The Stars. I escaped the media blitz of
    having to 'fix' myself.
    All of this 'fixing' smacks of nazi Germany.