Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Close look at a Trans Trender

Alexa during her prom/high school days:
Alexa about 6 months ago:
Alex(a) now:

This young woman has never shown any signs of BD whatsoever. But she had foolishly allowed the flirtations of a younger attention seeking straight girl more than get under her skin. In fact for a time, she believed she was in love with said girl. She then moved on to dating other straight girls and soon (VERY soon) afterwards her TRANSformation began. First with shorter hair, then even shorter hair, which lead to completely changing her wardrobe to boys/mens outfits (per the GSJ), to as we can clearly see, binding her breast in this last picture.

Alexa came out to her parents recently, her mother has had a serious issue with her being a lesbian. But unlike past newly out lesbians who were rejected by parental figures, instead of leaving home, creating their own families with other lesbians and gay men while they embraced their new found out and proud lesbianhood. Young lesbians today believe if they transition out of their lesbianism by passing as pseudo men and love women that way (good O compulsory heterosexuality) that they will regain their parents love, support and respect and all will be right with the world! Like the whole notion of trans, this dream scenario too, is a lie!

Even where homophobic parents enable their child's transition, in the long run when all is said and done, that transitioner isnt truly loved, embraced or viewed as the person they are trying to pass themselves off as. And as most readers here know and can attest, lesbians do not date female transitioners anymore than straight females once the novelty wears off, which usually isnt long. Throw into the mix the high percentage of lesbians who transition, whose sexual orientation then alters to straight once on T. How will those homophobic parents like Alexa's mom like it when she's passing as a man having one night stands with any gay man who will fuck her? Then only later on out of sheer loneliness dating other female transitioners just to have a partner?

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