Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Camps Influencing our Impressionable Children into Transition while Playing on Parental Homophobia

Do not have time to create a post on this till later, but I did want to get this out there for discussion.



  1. "Influencing Impressionable Children into Transition and Play on Parental Homophobia" is an understatement. The idea that no grooming could even possibly take place is part of that unreality and denial that's so common with pomo. Everything that's ever been written and studied about social and cultural conditioning is negated for the sake of trans-feel-goodery. Sending any children to any sort of indoctinational environment was always criticized until now. This shit is child abuse. And we see in articles Mother's are silenced as bad parents for objecting to this trans shit. But Mother's will be blamed later when this blow's up in their faces... just like always.

  2. "I would much rather see my daughter grow up to be a trans man and receive the respect that comes from being a man, rather than be steered into becoming a carpet muncher and someone who gets absolutely no respect in our society."

    Heck, WHY do these idiots keep posting this nonsense? If they're trying to be ironic, we have a failure, and if they're SERIOUS, then it's just the same ole misogyny and homophobia...........

    I think I'll be generous and view it as a failed attempt at irony. Yep, we all KNOW that men (even female transitioners masquerading as men) get MORE respect than women or even lesbians.

    Indeed, as some female transitioners commented in a book I was reading recently, they were surprised that at work -- where people seemed to think that a female employee had been replaced by their brother -- that the 'brother' was thought to be much BETTER at the job than their sister, and was listened to more.

    So ladies, if you want to improve your career prospects, just go for transition, do a lazy name-change -- they'll think you've been replaced by your brother, and MEN will suddenly take you seriously, better promotion prospects and probably better pay as well! Heck, if you were GAY to start with, you'll do even better, they'll after all be much happier with a nice straight man rather than the stroppy dyke they used to have! Chaz Bono can't be wrong........

    Although ONLY works if you don't let them KNOW that you've transitioned. If you want to pretend that you've STOLEN your sisters lesbian girlfriend and converted her to straight, then you'll get even MORE kudos -- they'll probably make you a member of the board so fast your head will spin..................

  3. Hey, and we're ALL baby-eating evil feminsts as well! Hurrah, just what we needed, the usual paranoid shite from the MRA camp............

  4. "The idea that no grooming could even possibly take place is part of that unreality and denial that's so common with pomo."

    Sums it up nicely.

    Its sad that there needs to be a camp where non-gender conforming kids can be safe. Its tragic that they're not safe everywhere. And -unless you're tripping pomo balls- its blinkin obvious that Genderism feeds the GSJ which is making the world an unsafe place for non-conformist children in the first place!

  5. Define "non gender conforming!

    This in and of itself says that if I as a female do not carry female per the GSJ that there is something wrong with me, rather than the serious something wrong with the GSJ and the narrow possibilities it provides for female.


  6. I believe it is abundantly clear NJD (IP Address: —
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    that your ignorance is not welcome here.


  7. " Define "non gender conforming"

    Honestly - every human I have ever known. Gender non conforming = obfuscating pomo guff. Point taken :)

  8. Thank Goddess they never forced me to go to a camp like that as a kid, and i"ve been tomboy/gender nonconforming practically my entire life, ever since I rejected dolls at age 7! Next thing you know psychiatrists and hormone doctors will be after these kids, and they'll be convincing them: "yeah you can be the opposite sex, AS LONG AS YOU DON'T END UP HOMOSEXUAL!!!"

    And I TRIED to convince my parents I was a boy...even though I NEVER wanted the dallywhacker. I just liked all the fun things boys got to do, and not all that stupid stuff girls were made to do. Treat the two equal, and maybe we wouldn't have these 'gender stresses'!


    Has everyone seen this awful article and video at the Washington Post? A 5 year old tomboy is being raised as a transgender, merely because she says she's a boy, and she's athletic. Where is the common sense? Anyone can see she's a girl and doesn't need treatment.

  10. What all this stuff is totally ignoring is ALL the socialisation we get around gender from birth.

    Plus the fact that young kids are DESPERATE to work out what the rules are.

    So, young girl likes A, but the gender rules she has worked out say that only boys do A. So, what are her choices? Either give up doing A, or instead declare that she IS a boy (hence is now allowed to do A). Let's face it, the latter could be viewed as a rather creative way of still playing by the rules AND getting to do what she wants.

    Except the trans cult and the let's get the kids EARLY, the poor little gender-non-comforming dears crowd WON'T accept any socialization explanations, it's ALL innate gender and brain-sex, or nothing.

    We don't need to send the non-gender conforming kids to camp, just point out, yet again, that the SUPPOSED differences between males and females (apart from the biologically obvious) are just a load of nonsense. As females weren't NOT innately more intuitive, or worse at maths, or don't like maths, because of our girlie brains. We DON'T have an innate attraction towards vacuum cleaners and tea sets or pink and sparkly..................

    The real problem with a gender non-conforming kid ISN'T the kid, it's the stupid adults who are petrified that they'll turn out gay, or get their heads kicked in for being such a sissie.

  11. What's the stack a usual FTM (and MTF I guess) takes for this nonsense. In pharmaceuticals that sounds like a ton of money (and they pretty much never stop taking them). money. the more "clients" the more money. Then the therapists... psychiatrists for the meds they'll need. money. Physicians. money. Clinics and surgeons make a bundle. research teams and studies groups. Sexologists, book writers, professional twans-aktivists. male scientists 'proving' we females are pathological and they were right about everything sexist men ever said since the beggining of time. This is like a horrific novel if you stand back to look. And that's just one frame. Am I the only one who sees this?!

  12. I would like to respond to the person who posted this link.

    Ever since Chaz Bono strutted on the stage, but failed miserably to impress the judges on "Dancing With the Stars", transgender has become all the rage. When I watched the video about the five year old "transgender" kid, it was so utterly shocking to me. Although the poor little girl is only five, in the video the mother constantly refers to her as "he". He does this and he does that. I thought to myself what kind of mother is this. In the short video, even the father refers to this little girl as "he". This is a five year old genetic female whose both parents continually refer to she "he". I'm assuming that this is a five year old genetic female. They started out dressing this kid as a girl. They never said that she is intersex. This is a female not a male. When she didn't play with her older sisters tinker bell doll and built things instead, she is now a "he". When I watched the video, I was so shocked I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. In the video, the little girl's mother said that she didn't like the pink blankets and tinker bell toys that her older sister had. She isn't a "girly girl" like her sister. This must mean that she is "transgender", and they even started to call her "him" and "he".

    In this video, the little kid plays with Legos and trucks. She seems very skilled at building things for such a young child. When she grows up, she could be be an engineer. Not only are the parents morons who need therapy, the mother sounds like June Cleaver on "Leave It to Beaver". The video is sexist in that the mother thinks that there is something wrong with her five year old daughter because she would rather play with building blocks instead of her older sister's tinker bell doll and pretty pink bows. I thought this sexist attitude died out in the 1950s.

    If you play this video again, you can hear the mother saying, "He already asked about surgery", but I told him he has to wait until she is 18. Listen carefully to the video. I don't know anything about this woman, but this mother must be crazy. Why did the idea of surgery even come up? There is no way in holy hell that a five year old kid could possibly comprehend the full scope and meaning of sex reassignment surgery so why even mention the words.

    At the end of the video, the mother said she talked to a therapist who told her that the little girl might later decide that she really is a girl. So, after talking with the therapist, the mother finally admits that she might later wish to go back to being a girl., and it might be best to wait and see what happens. However, this is how pathetic and idiotic this whole idea of branding a five year old as being transgender. Both the mother and father already call this kid "he". If you call a five year old girl "he" long enough when you clearly have a little genetic female, then how is this little kid supposed to feel and act if she ever decides that she is really a she after all. I was a tomboy when I was young, but my parents never called me "he" in my entire life.

  13. As to the Trans Camp for 5 to 12 year old kids, I don't think the kids need to to go Trans Camp. They probably would be much happier and healthier if they stayed home and played in the park, or went to the beach, or to the mountains, or anywhere except a Trans Camp for kids. However, I would like to make one suggestion. The parents need to go to therapy. Leave the kids alone.

    Hey, Bad Dyke, what is up with this statement?

    "I would much rather see my daughter grow up to be a trans man and receive the respect that comes from being a man, rather than be steered into becoming a carpet muncher and someone who gets absolutely no respect in our society."

    Is this something that some poor demented person posted? Where in the hell did this vile ##*&())*& shit come from? The level of deep seated misogyny and hatred of lesbians is all too clear. It's apparent to me that this person really hates the female sex. This person says "my daughter" so I am utterly appalled that this human calls itself a parent. This is a parent who clearly values men more than woman. Men are worthy of respect. I assume that the reference to carpet munchers means lesbian. So, she or he would rather her or his daughter mutilate her body through surgery and take testosterone for the rest of her life than become a carpet muncher. Can we say homophobia here. I WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE THIS. LOOK CAREFULLY. People like Dirt have been saying for some time that the real underlying, base, gut level reasoning behind the explosion in the number of FTM cases involves a great deal of utter misogyny coupled with a true revulsion and hatred of lesbians. Women don't have the respect that men get, and women who love other women are truly devalued. I'm not saying that all FTM themselves feel like this parent, but no rational person can ignore the base disrespect for women and hatred of lesbians that is exhibited by this rather candid and frank remark.

    Lesbians are carpet munchers who get absolutely no respect in our society, and his or her daughter should get the respect that comes from being a man. If I were a betting person, I bet this person is a male because I can't possibly imagine a woman hating the female sex so much. What would happen if this person's daughter really was a lesbian? After all, lesbians really do exist. To this parent, sex reassignment surgery and a life time of hormones is better than being a carpet muncher who gets no respect in society. This person's words are quite precise and blunt.

    To me, this is a horrific and grotesque example of the type of utter homophobia that exists in Iran. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country with strict social mores and traditional values, sex-change operations are legal. Over twenty years ago, Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa (religious edict) making sex change permissible for "diagnosed transsexuals." Yet homosexuality is still punishable by death. There is a movie called "Be Like Others" about the coerced sex reassignment surgery that has been carried out in Iran for decades. This is carried out against mostly gay men. If this parent had his way (I bet its a he), I wonder what would happen to little tomboys. According to wikipedia, ( as of 2008, Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other nation in the world except for Thailand.



  14. Thank goodness this indoctrination camps didn't exist when i was a kid... I imagine I and other gender non-conforming, whatever that means, people my age (early 20's) would already have been transitioned by now. We would never really had a chance, it would just have been hormone blockers and all that crap. That is probably what awaits a lot of gender non-stereotypical kids of today. The gender straight jacket is tighter than it was when i was a kid, all the little girls i know are all obsessed with wanting their things to be "girl things". It has to be girl bikes, girl pens, girl socks, girl self-phones... And may they have mercy on you if you ever buy them something blue!

  15. Yes StevieDedalus, but why?
    There are far more respected openly lesbian women now than 20 years ago. In the media, but also in the average Joe's neighbourhood, school, workplace, university, grocery store, etc. Maybe not privately respected by as many as who publicly respect them, but still more than 20 years ago.

    It's probably for a large part about money too, but it seems to me, the "danger" of kids actually becoming homosexuals is too.. apparent now?

    Like the backlash you also always get after a time of feminist accomplishments? (A "history proceeds in waves"-effect)

  16. Decent NPR response to that horrible Washington Post story about the 'transgendered' 5 year old girl:

  17. That WA Post story made me sick. Listen, I have a 5 year old daughter. She is a very smart girl, very bright and inquisitive and science-oriented. At her age, she has the barest comprehension of the following biological concepts: digestion, childbirth, death, germs, different species of animals, what animals are real vs which ones are only pretend (ie unicorns). She's a little kid. She barely understands what it means that I had to have a c-section to deliver her little sisters...there is NO WAY IN HELL she could even COMPREHEND the idea of srs (which is a TOTALLY, horrifyingly inappropriate subject for an adult to broach with a child that age to start with!) let alone desire it. A child that age simply would not even bring up the topic of "surgery" unless it had been brought up to her by adult(s) MANY MANY times before. They have to be taught. They do NOT come out of the womb knowing about this BS.

    I feel it is child abuse to expose a child to that gross gender reassignment language (like exposing them to sexual concepts before they are ready). I mean the poor kid doesn't even have breasts and mom has her talking about lopping them off? SICK. And to push new pronouns and the medical intervention possibilities on them. It's like Munchausen by proxy.

  18. Lilac Turtle,

    I couldn't agree more. No child is born with gender dysphoria, not even the ones who's parents are against transition. No child is born with the IDEA, that they are born in the wrong body, unless soembody puts it in their head, even if it's not on purpose. Just hearing things like "what can't you be like a real boy/girl?", "why are you trying to be a boy/girl?" over and over again affects a child more than people realize. Especially when it comes from the same-sex parent. Hearing that you suck at being a girl from your own mother at such a young age as five might affect you for the rest of your life. I know it affects me still at almost 22.
    Whether or not they're pushing for transition, parents often play a role in their child's dysphoria.

  19. What it is LT in cases where parents want to "transition" their child, is homophobia. They would rather literally shorten their childs life and all the good, loving, healthy possibilities of life, than have a gay or lesbian child.