Why Transgenderism Belongs in the DSM

From a female transitioners list discussing the poor mutilative results of "top surgeries" performed by a Dr. Taki...

A sad example of the point when female self hatred stemming from mass misogyny turns into serious pathology. But the worst of it is this self hating pathological woman trying to convince another woman to have her breast mutilated KNOWING full well from her own and other women's mangled results from a doKtor making hand over fist off their self hatred rather that treating it! The trans high temporarily blinds these woman from the truth of their maimed bodies, only to later come shinning through like a sun beam returning the dysphoria they sought to relieve. What they and the male medical machine refuse to address is dysphoria occurs in the mind and therefore can ONLY be relieved by treating the mind.

Also note the persistent contradiction that continues to eek from the trans community which claims on one hand that genitals and/or sexed body parts dont make ones "gender". Yet, on the other hand these are the body parts that are primarily targeted by both GID sufferer and the male medical machine. If gender has zero to do with the body then why is the body hated and targeted for change?

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  1. Of course Chaz Bono wins a GLAAD award- is she gay or lesbian?

  2. Well this is who GLAAD says they represent...

    The Board of Directors of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and newly appointed President Herndon Graddick invite you to celebrate the most outstanding images of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in the media at the largest, most visible LGBT gala in the nation, the GLAAD Media Awards! Held in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco with over 5,000 attendees, the GLAAD Media Awards bring celebrities, corporate partners, media professionals, and young adults together in support of GLAAD’s mission to amplify the voice of the LGBT community and achieve full equality!

    Anon 2:15 PM

    Who are you to dictate otherwise? I think GLAAD is clear about who they choose to include.

  3. Including is not the same as 'promoting'. Trying to Make the image of our community into a trans/queer labyrinth isn't working out as well as you think on all your echo-chamber blogs. Most people have their own real problems especially those overprivileged real women. People see trans as one problem you create for yourself that needs treatment not blind praise handed over by force of threats. Telling them all what to think and calling them ignorant is taking it's toll. Besides, like gays and lesbians have mad rights all over western world? People are fighting for their rights everywhere as they should, why the fuck should they focus like a laser on the trans? Try to study other news besides trans party slogans. And LGBT community my ass. Our 'L' needs to go at the end where it actually is. Better yet we should just take our 'L' and go elsewhere.

  4. GLAAD has chosen to accept everyone. You have a choice not to accept GLAAD's choice and create or pick another option which is more suited to your needs. But why should GLAAD have to exclude people? I have always felt if you don't like the thing being presented, go create your own thing...

    My hope is that someday there will be no need for seperation of any sort and the S (straight) will be included also. My hope is for the day we will all be seen as people sharing planet earth in harmony. Until that time at least stop the infighting amongst ourselves.

  5. Anon@6:03pm, lets be really honest, the "L" has never had a place. From our joining forces with the GLF to our being buried amid the queer alphabet soup.


  6. " Better yet we should just take our 'L' and go elsewhere."

    Yes, you probably should. Can't we find an island for you like you used to have? I'm afraid one crappy golf tournament per year and a few bug-bitten weeks in the woods of Michigan aren't enough to contain your absolute wonderfulness anymore. Just don't take any of my L friends with you. Oh.... wait, they would never go.

  7. GLAAD should just change their name then.
    Most gay people I know (in NYC) would rather not be associated so strongly with transsexuals.

  8. Nice Jewish GrrlyBoiApril 23, 2012 at 3:42 AM

    The DSM is a book describing all sorts of behaviors that break very particular cultural moral codes. The DSM's underlying message is that when people aren't acting the way they're expected to, they're disORDERED and in need of "treatment". Masculine women and feminine men (in their infinite diversity) are ensnared by this culture's woman-hating and homophobic morals, therefore easily end up in the DSM. Their "disorders" are further validated and normalized by the self-appointed authority of medicine, which has no business in psychology. But I also get that having a DSM label allows some ppl access to healthcare, so it's complicated.

    *****"If gender has zero to do with the body then why is the body hated and targeted for change?"***** YES, this! I often wonder this and never find a coherent answer among my trans friends or the many trans vlogs & blogs I've visited. If gender is a social construct, then why can't it be RE-constructed by the individual to FIT the body? Some say it's because it's easier to fit into society than have society fit them, which is understandable, but why are so many trans ppl still so unhappy post-transition?

    I just don't think that people are born wrong or mismatched, and the arguments for this always go back to early gender socialization and not conforming -- some get freaked out that they don't fit into the box they're "supposed to" and feel they HAVE to choose one or the other, while others are more fluid.

    I don't get how my refusal to contribute to people's self-hate is harmful or "transphobic". If people want to modify their bodies in whatever way, that's their business, but I dislike being told how to think of or experience people; it's presumptuous and boundary trampling to ask this of people, including policing of pronouns.

    Like with eating "disorders", the problem is not with one's perception (and preoccupation) of their body, it's where that perception *came from* that needs exploring, re-thinking and healing.

    I love gender benders and wish they loved themselves as they were beautifully & perfectly created by forces we will never fully grasp or understand, but that demand our RESPECT, not resistance.

  9. NJGB,

    By categorizing some females as "masculine" and some males as "feminine" you too are ignorantly applying the Gender Straight Jacket.

    As a Butch female, who carries herself body differently than some other women, that in no way, shape or form makes me "masculine" and in no way, shape or form invalidates me as equally female as all other females.

    "Gender bending" is pure queer bullshit born straight out of the asshole of Queer Theorist.


  10. Well, I say to the NJGB- RIGHT ON! Trans people can't understand that we consider what they're doing ultra-conformist, and NOT progressive.

  11. Nice Jewish GrrlyBoiApril 23, 2012 at 3:35 PM

    Thanks for your feedback Dirt. I think I get where you're coming from and I certainly didn't intend to invalidate yours and other butch women's femaleness by using the descriptor of 'masculine'. The English language is very limiting and many of us understand different words differently. It's amazing any of us can communicate.

    Speaking of which, I love the way you use language and I LOL'd @ your sentence "
    "Gender bending" is pure queer bullshit born straight out of the asshole of Queer Theorist". I would agree with you, and I'm no queer theorist/post modernist/yada yada academic, I just experience people's energies and use the words 'male/masculine' and 'female/feminine' to describe them, and maybe you're right, that I'm speaking through a gender straight jacket, Every energy feels different to me, from whatever body it is radiating, though the butch energy (which I love) has a particular feel to it that is unique from all others, and certainly different than males'. Thanks for the food for thought.

  12. Another "Queer" term that I'd like to eradicate is this "Masculine of Center" label that seems to be thrown around lately. I first heard that term when I was looking at the Butch Voices conferences. I decided to avoid the Butch Voices conference since they were equating dykes with male-identified transgender.

  13. Stateing these things over and over does not back it up with actual data.
    If you wish to defeat the system you will have to back up your osition with data. That is the only thing the so called medical system accepts.
    Provide irrefutable data and you might get some folks other than the people who read this page to believe your position.
    As it is there is only an echo chamber in this place.
    Time to branch out.

    1. well at least there is some conversation- there are WAY more pro-trans 'echo chambers' than spaces for trans-skeptics to discuss ideas

  14. "Another "Queer" term that I'd like to eradicate is this "Masculine of Center" label that seems to be thrown around lately. I first heard that term when I was looking at the Butch Voices conferences."

    Yeah, butch ISN'T masculine, it only gets labelled that if you're daft enough to believe in gender/binary gender, and the lovely continuum with female/feminine one end, and male/masculine at the other.

    O, it's a SPECTRUM, let's draw a line, female goes one end, male the other. Now where do we put butch & femme?

    Trying to make everything so one-dimensional and linear is just based on the binary of SEX, and then making everything else fit the same pattern. If you ain't A you must be B (although you can maybe be a bit inbetween if we're being trendy).

    "Stateing these things over and over does not back it up with actual data."

    A red herring, belief in innate gender is a BELIEF SYSTEM, not a scientific theory. and gender atheism doesn't go down well with true believers.

    It's like a christian complaining that unless you have hard scientific proof of the non-existence of god, you should shut up.

  15. Pfft. When I put on my heels and curly wig I'm masculine of center, circa 1700. Shit, I think I might be trans-historical.

  16. Nice Jewish GrrlyBoiApril 24, 2012 at 6:43 PM

    Why this desire for "evidence", what will it "prove"? The evidence is that there are (more and more) human beings who are physically changing their sex/gender and others who are thinking about it, regretting it, feeling conflicted, confused, ambivalent, loving it, and a combination of these feelings, at different times and sometimes all at once. Some of these people probably appreciate hearing as many perspectives as possible to better make smart, informed decisions about their bodies and lives. Mental health “professionals” and scientists are not the only experts -- sometimes these “experts” are the least knowledgeable and most harmful.

    I'm new to this blog and have been reading it with great interest. I like that Dirt shares her personal stories and earlier struggles with self-hate/self-love, body and self acceptance, loving others, etc. (for me these are the most powerful pieces). These personal stories are the best "evidence" because Dirt isn’t the only one to have experienced her particular personal journey; I’m sure many of us can relate to it in some way. Dirt gives some powerful food for thought for us wherever we are in our life journey. This whole blog is refreshing in its critical thinking and writing and PASSION; I see Dirt fighting for women’s right (and need!) to love ourselves and be okay with ourselves and others HOW WE ARE, not how we want to be or how we want others to perceive us, etc. Surely we could all use more self-love. Dirt's writing shines a spotlight on areas that pretend to help people but really contribute to self-harm and more hate (patriarchy’s biomedical colonist-machine IS often such a place, and not just around trans issues, though yes, this same beast sometimes saves our lives).

    That's my 2 cents after getting caught up in reading some butch dyke feminist trans queer web activity over the last few days. I love being part of such a FIERCE, intelligent, passionate and DIVERSE community. I appreciate everything I've been reading and watching in all its brilliance, messiness, humor, Spirit, pain, love, creativity, and sometimes, plain ole’ lunacy! ;o)


    p.s. LOLOL @ "trans-historical"! My wife and I have declared ourselves trans-verbal in response to pronoun policing.

  17. This is a bit off topic but I think the worst thing you are doing to all these trans people you are outing is to call them women or men. I mean it's not bad to be called a man or a woman but for them it is like you are belittling them and being rather insensitive. You're never going to get your message across if you keep doing that.
    You are being rather rude in general too. I think people would take you more seriously if you ditched the "crazy-ass-man-hating-I'm-better-than-you-feminist"- attitude. Can't you just be like a normal feminist? I know a lot of feminists with strong opinions and they are nice :(

  18. but the whole point is that you can be a woman or man (biological reality-wise not 'gender'-wise) and look dress act however you want! it doesn't change the truth- i don't think humoring the delusional is especially helpful in the long run- you KNOW very few people actually believe transsexuals are the opposite sex, they're pretending to go along with that nonsense to spare their feelings

  19. "very few people actually believe transsexuals are the opposite sex, they're pretending to go along with that nonsense to spare their feelings"

    Hilarious, and wrong. I can't even be read as trans when I want to!

  20. ok maybe simple minded people who think facial hair and boy-clothes = male assume you're male, but people who have been around it a long time always can tell- 'male to female' people are not so 'lucky'


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