Transmen, Testosterone and the Loss of Tears

A few snippets from a popular list for female transitioners regarding the drastic dulling of emotion that testosterone causes when injected mid to long term in the female body:

The conversation is early so I'll add more snippets as the conversation progresses. The dulling of emotion coupled with a difficult in crying has been a regular topic among female transitioners for years. Sadly rather than logically attribute how this hormone is negatively affecting their female brains/bodies, they merely assume how they feel or do not feel is just naturally how men are/feel/dont feel. They then utilize their emotional deficiencies as proof of their chemically acquired manhood!

Not only is it ludicrous to presume a synthetic hormone rubbed in or injected into the female system is going to produce what can ONLY be created in the womb, but it is a pure insult to the very NATURE of male! There is an unbridgeable gulf between the authentic and mimicry and before this trans nihilism of nature and the language we ascribe to nature reaches any further into the mouth of madness, we must purge this postmodernist poison harming all us females. 

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  1. You may or may not like this,
    But actually doctors have checked the body's of dead transpeople and found that the brains do not match the body (The brain of a transman is in fact male).
    Since you seem to be intrested in the subject of transgender people that might be a fact you'd like to know and I do not think it would be hard for you to find out more about it if you like.

    This is simply an attemt to inform you of a fact you seemed to have missed, not an attempt to change your views, what you do with the information is up to you.

    And one more thing, it would be intresting to know how you became so intrested in the subject of transgenderism if you'd like to share that :)

    Hope your life is good and that you have a great day :)

  2. Dirt, I've heard a few teen transitioners talk about how T is good because it levels out their mood, dulls their emotions etc. As if its a wonder drug to treat teenage mood swings. Does no one tell them that emotional stability improves as you get older without taking a sledgehammer to it with drugs?

    And yes, removing all the female hormones from the system and replacing with straight T is NOT mimicking the male body. The male body contains female hormones at a lower level than in a female but they serve a purpose.

  3. "But actually doctors have checked the body's of dead transpeople and found that the brains do not match the body (The brain of a transman is in fact male)."

    There are several problems with the study you're talking about, but lets imagine for a minute that it was 100% scientifically valid. All that could possibly be proven is that there are different 'brain models' - lets say A and B, with B occuring more frequently in males and A more frequently in females. This shit doesnt make reproductive sex categories obsolete. There are plenty of things that are more common in one sex than the other, for example, colourblindness is more common in males than females, but you dont say a colourblind female has 'male' eyes.

  4. & how many dead non-transsexual people have their brains examined to make sure they had lived their lives presenting as the proper matching gender?

  5. These trans* people whose brains were dissected... were they on cross-hormone treatments while still alive? I ask because cross-hormone treatments will change the brain, which sort of invalidates claims that these people were born with "male" or "female" brains.

  6. Anon 3:28, picking up on what you said... Although its disputed when exactly these areas of the brain differenciate, it seems agreed upon that it happens some time AFTER birth. Ultimately, it doesnt matter what causes most XX peeps to be missing a neural-whatsit that most XY peeps have, a trend is NOT sexual dimorphism. Basically: if it exists, even infrequently, in humans of the female reproductive sex, it aint MALE.

  7. I tear up alot more since transition and get emotional, but my emotions don't steer the whole ship the way they used to. I laugh so hard I cry. Sometimes I laugh at the people on this blog, but rarely hard enough to cry.

  8. What steers the ship now, guy?
    Masculine logic?

  9. Your attitude to transitioners and transgendered people amuses me with the flaws you so obviously present yourself with. You are saying here that a gender can only be produced in the womb, but have you considered the fact that gender and sex are different things? Just because someone has certain genitalia does not mean they have to identify with it. Sex is produced in the womb, but gender is a cognitive thing that cannot be "cured".

    Gender is the persons own perception of who they are, and if a trans person is in the wrong body for their gender, of course they should be allowed to change themselves to make themselves comfortable. If people didn't agree, these chemicals and other aids would not have been produced.

  10. The results of the study about dead transpeople's brains was in later studies shown to be because these Trans people MtoT had been taking female hormones. It is hardly surprising that female hormones given artifacially to a man over many years, will affect him. To read detail of this study and the subsequent studies that showed its results were untrue, look at this blog.


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