Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning (age 15) (age 14) 18) 18) 19) 20) 21)

Every week now there seems to be at least a handful of our Trans Trenders in their early teens, and thats merely the few I post from YT. Lord knows how many are identifying as trans or seeking transition that arent making videos! Somewhere between the fall of feminism, the rise of misogyny and the tightening of the GSJ Trans Trending was born. And with the omnipresence of the web to further spread and reinforce all three, a healthy young femaleness is now in serious danger.

Whether succumbing to the demands of hyper femininity and a younger and younger sexualization created by a pedophilic male gaze or plunging head first into the postmodern medicalization that these things can be escaped by disguising themselves via male hormones, female youths are being cultivated into believing their lives and bodies are an either or.

Girls arent fuck objects anymore than they are or will ever be males and it is up to us to make sure that they know this! We have to set the examples, we have to show them to question by questioning ourselves!

When all the answers are vacuously provided sans the hint of any question, we all are in deep shit.

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  1. But you aren't questioning yourselves. Have you bothered to ask yourselves if you are being affected by the culture's general hatred of transsexualism? I doubt you can escape it, just as racism cannot be entirely escaped.

  2. Transphobia is a figment of the trans disordered. If a female or male transitioner is attacked, it is because of homophobia, which we know the foundation for is misogyny.

    So the very thing that creates the trans disorder is the very thing that underlines the hatred behind perceived transphobia. Eradicate misogyny and this disorder and all that accompanies it will also disappear.


  3. Did you have this or keeping a tab on what's coming?

    The "children" one is a big worry. Is it crazy to think it could wipe out lesbians?

    P 00 Gender Dysphoria in children
    P 01 Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents or Adults
    P 03 Unspecified Gender Dysphoria
    U 06 Transvestic Disorder
    N 04 Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder in Women
    Male-to-Eunuch Gender Identity Disorder
    Body Integrity Identity Disorder

  4. Stalkey slalkey slalkey.

    How about instead of posting pics you make a post that says I've found six more people, ages being (15, 17, 19 etc) that are transitioning.

    Posting their pics and youtube accounts serves no purpose.

  5. Proof is everything. I could say I've found another 600, but without proof, those words have no meaning.

    Dirt is proving her words, far more than most have done so far. And more power to her.

  6. To LCOT90'S

    Sure it serves a purpose. It reminds us how serious this is, and that we can't just hide our heads in the sand. It's quite tangible when you watch these videos.

  7. Dirt never proves anything.

    I have asked her many times for sources on the "facts" she presents. In the post before this I asked for sources and she deleted my comment.

    Yeah, she's not one for facts.

  8. @Anonymous 3:35 PM

    "of course since your a misandrist anything goes."

    Who are you talking to anyway? "Misandry" is total BS! The most male-hating girl alive is guilty of nothing more than self-defense!

    Those mens rights serial killers talk endlessly about "misandry" and theyre conning the pseudo-feminists to do the "what about the men" dance. I notice some of the trans-cult are starting to love the "misandry" BS - big fucking surprise, their Men in dresses and poor girls taught to hate themselves because their girls. That term should be outlawed. Anyone who says that shit is a fucking idiot I swear!

  9. The facts are in front of you, it doesnt get any more plain. You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink.


  10. LOL please use my account TyFizz77 so i can show my trans friends how cool i am that i got on a transphobic blog!!!!

  11. yeah totally cool, 'dude'
    & I'm so scared of you with all this phobia of mine


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