Depths of The Gender Straight Jacket

What sex are these signs and what do these signs imply about males and females?

What sex are these numbers and what do these numbers imply about males and females?

 What sex are these colours and what do these colours imply about males and females?

 What sex are these letters and what do these letters imply about males and females?

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  1. PlaceboTheFireflyApril 6, 2012 at 10:54 AM

    They have connotations of gender. Due to the stupid patriarchal notion that women are worse drivers than men. Really, they are neither male nor female. They are just traffic signs. Women are actually proven to be better and more safe drivers than men.

    Men are supposedly better at maths than women but this is untrue and mainly because of how men and women are taught in schools and they type of play encouraged early on.

    Pink in some countries signifies male or female. In western countries now it mainly symbolizes femininity or female. Same goes for blue.
    Colours do not have gender.

    Other than say in French, the letter e at the end of words signifys the femaleness of a word. Nothing really.

    All these things do not have genders, they are just things. They have connotations, but nothing else.


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