9 (pseudo) Facts About Trans Sexual and Reproductive Health

A regular reader sent me a link to this website containing the nine so called "facts" about Trans Sexual and Reproductive Health. How about we briefly examine those so called facts and provide nine TRUTHS instead.

Key facts on sexual and reproductive health for transgender people: (Okay, already a problem. In truth there is no such thing as a transgendered person. Male and female transitioners are merely males and females who have cosmetically changed their bodies utilizing the male medical machine.

1. Transgender people may have sexual partners who are men, women, or both. A transgender person’s partners or sexual history cannot be assumed from their gender identity or the gender they were assigned at birth. (the SEX of the person in question NEVER changes, regardless of their disorder or the male medical machines interferences in their disorder.

2. Transgender people need preventive health screenings. Standard preventive health screenings are generally recommended for the body parts a patient has regardless of that patient’s gender identity, including breast, cervical, and prostate cancer screenings. (True. Regardless of their disordered thinking, males and females with the trans disorder do need preventive health care. The problem lies in their seeking that prevention. They are being transitioned in order to cure their body dysphoria, only to have that dysphoria return after their trans high wears off and often times return with an increase. Preventive health care forces the trans mind to admit their true nature, ie. sex. Many would rather die, than admit their mistake.

3. Transgender people are at high risk for HIV and other STI infections. According to the CDC, transgender people experience HIV infection at four times the national population level. African-American and Latino/a transgender people are at especially high risk for HIV and other STIs. (I suspect that number may be higher that that, because of how those with this disorder ID themselves. I suspect also that female transitioners are the sex who are predominantly at risk and getting HIV and STDs.)

4. Many transgender men who have sex with men are at risk for unintended pregnancy as well as STIs. Transgender men who have sex with men report high rates of unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse. Some transgender men report being more concerned about pregnancy than HIV and other STIs. (A high percentage of female lesbian transitioners once on T for a bit, will find themselves being attracted to males. They will then seek out sexual encounters with gay men who are more likely to have sex with them. Many female transitioners have reported that rather than demand her male partner wear a condom, she will have sex without because she fears being taken seriously as a male. Female transitioners also make the mistake that because their periods have ceased, they cannot get pregnant. Not true.

5. Marginalization and abuse increase health risks for transgender people. Transgender people face high rates of social and economic marginalization, as well as high rates of physical and sexual abuse. Transgender and gender nonconforming youth are particularly at risk for sexual abuse and for engaging in commercial or survival sex. (Not true. Male transitioners usually transition after they have established a career. With their male privilege firmly intact, few who transition lose their careers. Younger male transitioners with their male privilege firmly intact continue utilizing their male privilege to advance themselves in their chosen fields. The only male transitioners who suffer in this area are the tiny percent of homosexual males who transition, minorities much more than whites. Already on the outskirts of acceptable white society, these men will turn to prostitution to earn money for illegal hormones and monies for cosmetic surgeries in order to attain some version of patriarchy's hyper femininity.

6. Transgender people are often reluctant to seek sexual and reproductive health care. One in three transgender people, and 48% of transgender men, have delayed or avoided preventive health care such as pelvic exams or STI screening out of fear of discrimination or disrespect. One survey reported that half of transgender men did not receive annual pelvic exams. Reasons included discomfort with the physical exam due to gender issues (40%), lack of money or insurance (13%), lack of a medical provider they were comfortable with (13%), and thinking they did not need pelvic exams (7%). Another survey found that transgender teens, including those at risk for unintended pregnancy, were reluctant to go to a family planning clinic. (See number 2)

7. Transgender people lack access to relevant health information. Sexual health education for youth and adults rarely addresses transgender people’s bodies and identities. For example, transgender men who have sex with men report a lack of adequate information about their sexual health at rates as high as 93.8%. (True. Because health care providers are as bound and gagged by the very same Gender Straight Jacket that creates the trans disorder in the first place!)

8. Providers often lack appropriate clinical knowledge. While treating transgender patients does not require special expertise, providers often lack basic knowledge about transgender people and their health needs. In a nationwide survey, 50% of transgender people reported having to teach a health care provider about providing appropriate care. (See number 7)

9. Many providers still turn transgender patients away. In national surveys, 19% to 27% of transgender people report being turned away by health care providers who refused to provide care for them. Outright refusals of care occur across all types of providers, including providers of sexual and reproductive health care. (True to a point. Many male and female transitioners arent upfront with their true sex to health care providers, again because of their MENTAL disorder. Rather than face who they truly are, they try to deceive (like they deceive themselves) health care providers which in turn causes various issues with health care services. Some however will be turned away in the same way many gays and lesbians are refused basic care, usually in rural areas and usually because they are perceived as gay or lesbian.


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  1. "Facts" like this require this kind of scrutiny by others. These types of "healthcare facts" are the very same kinds of half-true or in some cases completely false myths that are causing these types of issues in the first place. No matter how many times I say the healthcare profession is a joke, I am always still shocked and saddened when I see yet another list of things like this.

    I got lucky. I got out before I started transition. I feel for the poor girls who read these types of facts and don't find the cold hard truths that they NEED to find.

  2. While I was part of the trans community I got to hear of a post op m2t going to a sexual health clinic for cervical cancer testing. I will reserve cynicism because there might be a genuine reason doing this procedure to a m2t (even though they dont have a cervix.) BUT: This individual almost ending up with a perforated bowel because he was not upfront about his medical status. Obviously the technique or the instruments can cause a lot of damage to a constructed vagina.

  3. If a person doesn't have a cervix, then yes, a lot of damage can be done by a physician attempting to examine that non-existent cervix!

    There is obviously no medical reason for an m2t to undergo cervical exams of any sort. It's all psychological... they want "the whole woman experience". Well, their own stereotypical idea of what that is, anyway. This is also why so many of them are trying to force their way into lesbian spaces. They feel it's some sort of "woman" merit badge for them to be accepted by women as women. Can you say "delusion"? LOL

  4. "Transgender and gender nonconforming youth are particularly at risk for sexual abuse and for engaging in commercial or survival sex."

    Putting the word transgender in here fogs things up. Lets get it straight: Non compliance to sex role puts them in danger. Being perceived as gay puts them in danger. Looking like an obvious SRS case - and by extension, gay - puts them in danger. But using TG makes it sound like personal identity politics get you exploited, abused etc. This just muddles shit up and whitewashes over the REAL problems: the gender straight jacket and homophobia.

  5. A polite reminder, if referring to a bio male or female with the trans disorder, use something along the lines of male transitioner or female transitioner so their true nature is always known. The trans politic may drain words of their meaning, but meaning will NOT be removed here.

    And MNDR, your last comment is spot on. I had already had an individual post in mind for the next few days stating as much.

    These are truths the gay and lesbian community needs not only reminded of, BUT in many cases told for the first time. The the trans politic is NOT our friend and should clearly be removed from being associated with our community.


  6. Hi Dirt

    "The the trans politic is NOT our friend and should clearly be removed from being associated with our community."

    Slowly more and more of them wake up.

    Just look at this for example:

    Just look how the trans fanatics expose and embarass themselves.

  7. @ Anon 9:35

    Reported for what? Freedom of speech? Freedom to question the boundaries of a society that tells us it's okay to mutilate healthy people, that promotes it?

    Oh so sorry that people with the intelligence to question an authority that should not be allowed to dictate wounded your pride.

  8. "don't flatter yourself love."

    Ah, the actual or attempted maleness oozes out.

    Let's face it, us women are more than used to being told by the menz that we're too stoopid, too emotional etc etc.

    Doesn't answer the question though, reported FOR WHAT?

    Disagreeing is 'hate speech' and oppressive, I guess.

    As I read elsewhere, just like Tinkerbell, we all must clap our hands and declare over and over again, we do, WE DO believe in jenduh, because we've been told time and time again what happens to Tinkerbell if we don't.........

  9. BadDyke, we're all 'oppressors.' I had to get heavy with a 'fellow' oppressor because I think transitioners have the right to walk around free from violence and harassment. Imagine my surprise when he threatened to cut my face up!


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