Thursday, March 15, 2012

Transition: The Cure for being Female?

Through centuries of patriarchal structuring the Male Medical Machine has told females through a multitude of fixes too numerous to name, that female is a disease in need of curing. Transition aims to be the ultimate fix, the total cure-all, where breast implants, starvation, botox, face lifts, tummy tucks, lipo, foot binding, breast binding etc have all failed.

Female is NOT a fucking disease!

Female is not something we need to be cured from!

Female is wholly human! She is NOT sub human, anti human or less than human!

Female is not a fucking malady, and transition is surely NOT a cure for her.



  1. Dirt,

    I known that you have worked tirelessly to inform young women about the risks of FTM transitioning. I'm over fifty years of age, and during my half a centurey of life on eart, I have seen an increase in FTMs as well a new found fascination with gender queer and every thing trans related.

    This is my question. Has there been a serious scientific study that shows that the number of FTMs has increased during the last thirty years? Several women have seen an increase, but I think we need some sort of long term scientific study. I see the issue of FTMs not as something that just impacts the lesbian community. I see it as a feminist issue. Because of a culture that favored male children, and a strict two child policy from the state, the number of girls in China slowly started to decline. Feminists,whether lesbian, heterosexual, or biseuxal see something like this as a feminist issue. This is my point. Women and girls are devalued in many societies. If we can prove that there has,ideed,been an increase in FTM, this should be considered a feminist issue. In my opinion, getting feminist organizations onboard would be very productive.

    First, I believe that someone needs to a serious research project on this issue to see if there really has been an increase in FTM.

  2. Dirt
    You may be taking a world of grief over your stance on this issue, but keep at it as you are definitely onto something! Because from what I see, if we look beyond all the sturm and drang that comes with you or anyone saying anything contrary to the Trans Meme. You cannot help but arrive at the same conclusion you did. That there is a meta message being said; which is the female half of the human species is a social sickness that can only be cured by the erasure of female as human! Look at it this way. By the trans-woman standard, we are told that female is decided by what "she" wears. Yet by the trans-man standard, we are also being told that female is decided by what "she" wears! How can that be?


    Every time the word gender is substituted for sex. Female is erased
    Every time another attempt is made to shame women into conceding control over their ability to reproduce. Female as human is erased
    Every time a young girl who does not want to "fit" into some Fifty-Cent MTV Ho slot so she opts for "genderqueer." Female as having options is erased
    Every time a little girl is offered the choice of pink or pink or pink. Female as more than a breeder is erased
    Every time prepubescent girls are sexualized. Female as more than property is erased. Every time a "trans-woman" forces his way into women's space. Female as deserving rights is erased
    Every time a woman must stand there smiling while men are granted rights women do not have. Female as capable is erased
    Every time a women is called a slut for being sexual! Female as having choice of who she loves is erased
    Every time a woman must hide her body lest she incite a man's lust. Female as equal is erased.
    Ever time these and a thousand other slights happen every single day. Women the world over are reduced yet again into a two dimensional characture that is less than human!

    Sad isn't it?

  3. Miz, Great comment and YES! It it horribly sad. Sadder still that far too many women do not see the truth.


  4. And in North Carolina, the only thing grade school is your clear obsession with this blog. 38 returning visits in a matter of hours? Really!


  5. wow, posting someone's ip address???? i'm not a computer savvy person, but most resources will say not to give out that info. someone with the right knowledge could find out their physical address, it seems like a huge invasion of privacy.

  6. I agree, hence they should cease invading womens spaces.


  7. "say not to give out that info. someone with the right knowledge could find out their physical address"

    It's not illegal to do so.

    But...Dirt you don't know who this person is. 38 returning visits in a few ours are a bit strange but it could be someone who was looking for help. On the other hand it could be another trans troll.

    Also we know that your blog is directed at women. But everyone can visit it. In my opinion it's not a bad thing. Just because other people than women visit this blog doesn't mean they are invading womens spaces. Or do I missunderstand you and you are talking about womens spaces irl?

  8. "Has there been a serious scientific study that shows that the number of FTMs has increased during the last thirty years?"

    Scientific studies? There are just a few of them with few people. Many topics aren't even studied.

  9. @Bee, it was exactly the person I was addressing.


  10. Don't worry 7:11 anon, I use a proxy. It doesn't trace to my address. Or even my town for that matter.

    Yes, Bee. I was actually going to ask her for help and advice on detransitioning, but as it's clear she can't keep comments on here unless she 100% agrees with their lifestyle, it's clear I was about to ask the wrong person. If you know of other people who can help me, I would be glad to know of them.

    Dirt, I'm not "invading" anything. You, however, are. I am a woman in a woman's space. Even if I weren't, that is no reason for you to put me, or anyone else, in potentially dangerous situations just because you don't agree with what I have to say.

  11. "but as it's clear she can't keep comments on here unless she 100% agrees with their lifestyle, it's clear I was about to ask the wrong person."

    Sorry, sounds like guff to me. Her blog, her rules...................

  12. Using is proxy is useless here Sammy.

    If you are leading some sort of lifestyle that is putting you in such danger that someone is stalking you and the websites you visit trying to find your IP, please stay the hell off my blog.

    And lets leave the blatant bullshit lies of "detransition" out of it.


  13. I do agree with what you said, but not the way you said it, at least in my case. I do feel its sad that alot of girls feel as if they dont belong in the role women are given today, which consists of being over-sexualized or just being used for children, but I dont think being a women is considered a "disease" by most. Or a sub human, I see them both as equal but perhaps my view is not shared by the rest of the world. There is a balance that both genders help, without both a man and a woman, we cant have children or continuing populating. So, I guess I personally dont agree with you pinning everything on men, it seems to be a generalization, much like is done to women. But I got off track, I suffer from transsexualism and I dont feel like I need to be "cured" of this womaness that is my body. It's just something that just doesnt fit into how I see myself, so I am changing it to be happy. I know you wont agree and will probably try to call me a woman, but thats your deal, if you dont understand how I feel, then you cant make any assumptions about me. I dont think there is anything wrong with being a woman,there are hundreds of wonderful women out there who are breaking barriers set for them by our culture and becoming their own people. I respect them greatly, I however, dont see myself as a woman, thusly again, I am changing it because I am a man. I am not "trans" or will ever think of that as part of my identity. In all, I am saddened by the fact that women arent treated equally as men, but again, I dont think that it is seen as something that needs to be erased all together. I think people realize that you need both to have a functioning society. They just need to get their shit together and treat everyone better in general! 8)
    Thank you for reading, Adrian.

  14. You seem to either misunderstand or be ignorant of patriarchal structures, which is the real issue.