Hyper Femininity and Female Self Harm and Hatred

How do you think the rise and dominance of hyper femininity has been harmful to females and went on to shape the conditions for Trans Trending?



  1. Dirt: "How do you think the rise and dominance of hyper femininity has been harmful to females and went on to shape the conditions for Trans Trending?"

    Mary Sunshine: Yes

    Me: LOL

  2. Hyper Femininity is a phenomenon that comes and goes. Sort of like a wave function.
    When it gets ridiculous, there will be a backlash against it.

    Consider the Victorian age with swooning women who got the 'vapors' and were considered to fragile for deep thought. In addition, it was worried that anything could cause a birth defect because the society was so sure that pregnant women were ever so delicate. (Phooey, I say!)

    Then when that age ended, we saw the beginning of the suffrage movement.

    Maybe this hyper femininity that is harming this generation will be the catalyst for real change in the next generation.
    However, we need our feminist women to continue to keep highlighting the absurdity of it all so the younger generation gets the message.

    The Woman behind the Keyboard

  3. Hi Dirt,

    I guess you heard about the new trans bullshit called "the cotton ceiling".

    What's your opinion about it and what to do about it? These crazies are really implying that homosexuality is transphobe and they are calling lesbians who don't want to suck their dicks bigots. In my opinion - the insanity reached a new peak and as we know it will not be the last. But it's one of the straws which will finally broke the camel's back.

  4. Bee, I dont waste my time with male bullshit. Arguing with men has long been a tactic to keep women from the real issues harming us. There are countless other lesbian feminists out there to waste their time on the subject, I'll leave it to them.

    I prefer to concentrate on females, who remain at the mercy of an ever increasing misogyny.


  5. it certainly does. hyper-femininity alienates most women. fact is, we really DONT look like that! how does all that stuff (implants, face lifts, "sexy" clothing/hair/makeup, etc) make us feel about ourselves? it harms us in a really negative way. Men objectify us (which alienates more women who find that completely horrifying) while witnessing that "most" women they see around them like and encourage this kind of behavior! Then women no longer find others like themselves or have positive feminist role models because many of those women are all too busy thinking they're really men. Why wouldnt they want to be men? Certainly they don't feel that they can relate to hyperfeminity, which by the way is NOT THE ONLY WAY TO BE A WOMAN!

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhV01yFU60o&feature=related

    I think women should watch this commercial..

  7. It is very harmful. Probably that's one of main reasons of transtrending.


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