The Gender Straight Jacket and Misogyny begin at Birth

I was recently made aware of this video, within it contains a question I would like to answer. See question below:

You have a very naive understanding of the child mind and its workings. Literally from day one the child brain begins taking in all that is around it. The child mind, being a cross between a tabula rasa and a sponge; absorbs, absorbs and absorbs some more. Which is why we so often hear it is much easier for a child to learn another language than it is an adult.

That being said, many children, myself included, refused total conformity to the GSJ, usually around age two which is when we first become aware of ourselves as individuals. One a personal note I ceased wearing dresses at age two. That refusal clearly indicates that I had already ingested the GSJ and resisted being the "girl" outlined by the GSJ and instead chose the be the girl I was. But in doing so, by age three, my sex began being questioned or mistaken by strangers (are you a boy or a girl?).

Around this time children start making friends and comparing themselves to their peers. Again, on a personal note, my peers were males, therefore that is who I compared myself. I may not have known the mechanics of male, but I knew they were "boys" while I was a "girl". Dress, play, the toys I liked etc would all be labeled "boy" per the GSJ. All went to help alienate me from the girl I was, because of the boy I was not. When we cannot be the "girl" we're supposed to be and are separated from the girl we are, we soon begin feeling like we're not girls at all. The simple truth is, as females EVERYTHING we feel IS female, simply because we're female.

I'll leave with this link for further reading, it might go to explain a bit more if I wasnt completely clear in my post.

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  1. Yeah... Someone once said something here about how the brain wave frequencies in children are predominantly of the Theta frequency (meditation-like state). This is the case up to approximately age 5.
    Theta waves have been associated with super-learning capabilities. Hence the kids are sponges. Indeed, the Theta-wave state has been found to be the best state for learning a new language.
    Alpha waves (relaxed state) have also been associated with rapid subconscious learning abilities. Alpha waves happen when you watch TV. This is why people are easily programmed by watching TV.

  2. Hey Dirt, can you delete the above comment, my computer refuses to delete is and I had to correct some spelling mistakes and grammar issues caused by my broken computer screen.

    I'm FTM and against most things Dirt says on most cases but I believe in this case in some ways that she is right. Children are raised in a gendered environment and because of this, their view of what is male and female is quite rigid. My five year old sister when asked, told me the most important thing for a girl to be was pretty.
    Even the idea girls have at that age that they want to be a princess and marry a prince shows how TV and their environment are already programming young children.

    I do disagree with Dirt on the point that she believes most non binary girls grow up to then think they're FTM. The idea that I was a boy and should have the same body parts of a boy was quite obvious to my Grandparents and Mother, as I told them I was male an awful lot. As a FAAB person, I was very aware of the GSJ and was aware of how girls are told they are allowed or not allowed to do certain activities in schools and outside school, such as some sports which are thought of as too rough for girls to play. The push for girls to be neat and take up less space and the boys to be more competitive is very apparent to girls and boys at a young age.

    I showed signs of being Transgender as soon as I began to speak coherently. I did not have female play patterns and preferred games which did not centre on imaginative play. There is a difference between a tomboy and a person who is Trans.
    I was perceived as a tomboy but I was very vocal that I was a boy from a young age. Identified as male, picked a name and introduced myself to people as that name. Tomboy's generally do not do that.

    I am certainly right now, not a man who follows the false ideals of what men should be and how men should treat women. I do not wear incredibly masculine clothes, I am a lover of eyeliner. I'm quite an effeminate man and because of the idea that being in anyway feminine is negative, I often get homophobic taunts in my direction. I treat women with respect as I treat everyone else. A woman can hold open a door for themselves if they are able-bodied. I do not treat women as weak or lesser-than.

    I am being myself and not the way men are told they should be because I always wanted to be given the chance to be myself. Now that I am given that chance, I am not going to follow the GSJ's idea of what a man should be.

  3. oh, well if as a child you prefered games that weren't centtered on imaginarive play then of course you're really a man

  4. (sorry for misspellings in above comment) Anyway, Twig doesn't convince me she's male.

  5. " I did not have female play patterns"

    Define female play pattern?

    " I'm quite an effeminate man and because of the idea that being in anyway feminine is negative, I often get homophobic taunts in my direction."

    Do you think 'feminine' acting women are hugely priveleged over effeminate men? I'm not into playing oppression olympics, but if effeminate little boys are getting shit for being LIKE girls, then clearly 'feminine acting' girls are considered scum and must be sufering the consequences. I dont deny that gay men are subjected to a ton of shit but I think misogyny fuels that homophobia. Girls are told in one ear: if you dont naturally perform femininity then you are deficient, and in the other ear: performing femininity brands you as sexually availability, stupid, incapable, manipulative...

    "I always wanted to be given the chance to be myself"

    of course, minus the side order of female moral baggage listed above. This is why its zero surprise to me that 'feminine' girls are transitioning and still all to do with misogyny and the GSJ.

  6. Hey, I'm the poster of the video. Just thought I'd say thanks for the response! Interesting. I think I said I wouldn't really respond further in my video, so I will leave it at that.

  7. "I was just using it as an example to show how as a child I resented these things. I think that was due to me not wanting to be seen as female and not thinking that I was female."

    Except a lot of girls (me for example), also resented these things, and I certainly didn't want to be seen as female once I'd realised all the nonsense we were expected to put up with and that I wouldn't have the SAME choices as the boys.

    In those situations is it any WONDER that some girls would insist at great length that they're NOT a girl, because they didn't want to have to submit to all the nonsense that came with that? Not because they have some inner voice telling them they're NOT a girl, but just a perfectly NORMAL, predictable reaction to the gendered expectations they see all around them.

  8. @Twig, Girls arent "masculine" anymore than males are "effeminate". Thinking that only illustrates how bound and gagged you are by the GSJ.

    Also as has been said here hundreds of times, this is a blog for women, not men. If you do not embrace the woman you are or work to find that embrace, this space is not for you or your GSJed comments.


  9. Again, males are NOT "feminine", they do not posses first and secondary female characteristics.



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