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More young female products for the misogyny and Gender Straight Jacket grist mill.


  1. Everyone who has felt discomfort from dirt's blog, let's remind ourselves in situation like this it's best to be the "bigger" person and simply ignore her comments. If you find her opinions helpful to you, then good for you. It's not for everyone but this is her perspective on the trans-community so we should respect it, even if she has no respect for you at all. From this post, let it be a lesson we should not take another person's blog, image or any sort (even if it's publicized) and use it in a negative way (meaning causing harm to another human being). One may argue, you put it on the internet for everyone to see but one should know better not to use it to cause harm to others. It's call respect and decency.

  2. Well put, anonymous 12:09 AM. This is dirt's blog and we should respect her perspective. We are all entitled to our own opinions :)

  3. Anon 12:09 when I started reading this blog it made me very uncomfortable! Thats the only reason I kept reading.

    When you talk about using someones opinion/image etc. to cause harm, clearly it can be black and white if you use it to incite hatred and violence.

    Dirt does not incite hatred and violence, even you reckon she is hurting some feelings. Equally it can be argued that unchallenged pro-transition, pro-gender material harms young girls, a lot worse than just hurt feelings! I think people lose this sense of perspective behind a load of nice sentiments that mean nothing. People are getting hurt all the time and all this nicey-nicey, never offend anyone at all costs stuff is just distraction tactics.

  4. Transsexualism is ALL about 'not hurting feelings' and 'making people feel comfortable,' like some twisted kind of palliative care.

  5. e, no it isn't. That's how everybody works, whether they're trans or not; you want respect, you be respectful in return.

  6. Anon: some belief systems simply cant coexist without people getting hurt. Dont you get that its disrespecting non-believers to insist they play along with the gender game? Do you think gender-believers feelings are more important?

    Its typical pomo BS, repeating meaningless platitudes like a mantra.

  7. "That's how everybody works, whether they're trans or not; you want respect, you be respectful in return."

    Nope, don't work, women know that all too well! We 'respected' men and boys for centuries, and got damn-all 'respect' in return.......

    Let's all just be NICE to each other doesn't work, especially when 'being nice' means NOT calling people out on a load of bull-shit when you hear it.

    "Transsexualism is ALL about 'not hurting feelings' and 'making people feel comfortable,' "

    Spot on. A plea we hear time and time again on here -- DON'T hurt my feelings by using female pronouns, DON'T offend people by suggesting that their ideas on gender may be deluded, DON'T hurt peoples feelings be continually reminding them that they are female, or pointing out that their dreams of passing are rather silly game, or describing the surgery they aspire to as mutilating.

    Thou shalt not upset the feelings of the trans crowd by refusing to play-along with their gender fantasy at every turn.

    Fuck respect, that has to be EARNED the hard way, not automatically given by some sort of lowest common denominator wishy-washy pseudo-liberal individualism. I don't want to be 'respected' by men, if we're doing anything right, I would prefer men to feel challenged and threatened by what I say, because that is what is needed if we really want to get rid of this sick society. Nor do I want to be 'respected' by straight folks, I want them to feel challenged ditto.

    If all we are looking for is respect, we have already failed. If all we are looking for is personal comfort, we've also failed.

    "This is dirt's blog and we should respect her perspective. We are all entitled to our own opinions "

    Doesn't mean you have to bloody AGREE with what anyone else says though! Every arsehole can have an opinion, doesn't mean that it's one worth listening to though! All this sort of 'respect' leads to is some wishy-washy state where people aren't willing to actually hold and defend a position with any passion or conviction, in case they 'offend' someone by daring to disagree.

    Which is what the trans crowd hurls at feminists the whole time, the fact that they dare to DISAGREE with the gender fantasy, and fail to 'respect' those who hold that fantasy so dear..............

  8. "Fuck respect, that has to be EARNED". So you suggest no one respect anyone until they've proven yourselves? And you think WE have a stupid view of how the real world works.

  9. Patriarchal structures have NEVER "respectfully" fallen. Have you learned nothing from feminist gains in history?


  10. "I don't feel "threaten" or "insecure" by their existence. We all can co-exist with each other peacefully."

    Not their EXISTENCE, the ideology -- and we CAN'T all co-exist peacefully when the trans ideolgy and beliefs about gender effects us ALL, and to the detriment of many of us.

    I can co-exist peacefully with people AND disgree with them -- why this childish insistence that I'm NOT allowed to disagree with anyone in case I hurt their feelings?

    I can cope quite well with people thinking homosexual attraction is wrong and sinful -- as long as they stay out of my face and don't try to legislate against me. Knowing that a lot of people think that doesn't 'hurt my feelings' because I don't need to rely on the opinion of idiots to validate my identity, and I'm not UPSET by some people rejecting my choices. You think gay sex is sinful? Fine, I'm not asking you to shag blokes...........No problem.

    "so don't be so black and white by insisting the trans-community are delusional"

    Why? They insist I am when I say that I don't HAVE an innate gender, and I don't think men and women are different in the head. I assign pronouns based on biology, they don't. Why are they alllowed to point this out to ME, but I'm not allowed to point out that I disagree with them? Like saying that as an atheist, I'm not allowed to tell religious believers that I disagree (and by implication, think that they are MISTAKEN in their beliefs about god).

    everyone is DIFFERENT, and some people are going to be WRONG in their opinions/beliefs systems, whatever the pomo nutjobs say about it. Either your god exists, or he doesn't. either gender is innate and DIFFERENT to physical sex, or it isn't. Not upsetting anyone by pretending that we don't hold different opinions is childish, immature, and frankly insulting when I'm supposed to keep quiet about MY beliefs, or continually attempt to justify holding them, when the other side DOESN'T have to do the same.

    I find your views on gender offensive - so either DEFEND them, or fuck off out of the discussion, but stop telling me I'm not SUPPOSED to talk about it...................

  11. "And you think WE have a stupid view of how the real world works."

    This childish and stupid view of respect is grossly immature.

    As I've said before there is a DIFFERENCE between respecting someones right to have an opinion and voice that opinion, and RESPECTING the content of that opinion itself. Most people, I DON'T respect their opinions on god/politics/choice of TV prog/views on sex/views on gender because we have a society which has some really fucked-up views on the position of women/rights of gay people/rights of trans people etc etc. And we won't SOLVE any of those problems by PRETENDING that we respect all those views, cos I think some of them are just plain WRONG.

    It's a childish response to fundamental disagreements, to 'pretend' that they don't exist or don't matter.

    Yes, my respect has to be EARNED, because so many people in this society (i.e. like the large minority who don't think gays should be able to get married) don't deserve it. Do you think we'll ever obtain those rights by being NICE and POLITE and pretending that we RESPECT their objections to us having full human rights? You're an idiot if you think that..................


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