Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

This is what happens in the absence of a lesbian feminist community. Young women/lesbians are internalizing misogyny at levels never dreamed. Levels burying them in so much self hatred, they're choosing not to be legal women/lesbians altogether!

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  1. Really? Doesn't it seem sicker that the medical establishment would mutilate their bodies to fit some idea that they are really men? They are not men, they are women. They live in a patriarchal society that values men (certain kinds of men) so much more that these girls have decided to try and become men.

    When I was coming out as a young butch 30 years ago, I didn't fit in, and people kept asking me why I wanted to be a man. I was confused by that all the time. As I got a bit older, I thought maybe I was not female, but something else. Now, pushing 50, I realize that I am female, and women can be all different kinds of ways.

    The doctors are shooting these young kids up with testosterone and cutting up their bodies because they want to be men. My god. Doesn't THAT seem sick to you? They will never become men, in reality.

    This trans movement is super polarized gender. Just listen to these kids talk about their reasons to want to "transition". We have failed as a society. If this is feminism, we have failed!

  2. Dirt,
    maybe you could include a post on how to get off of T safely and walk these girls back on the path to womenhood.
    I see such cute, young, sweet faces here--it drives me crazy that any licensed physician would butcher them so. Malpractice!
    Thank God I grew up before the internet, or perhaps I, as a VERY confused, awkward, body-hating girl may have fallen for this tripe as well. You can't really blame them--and I know you don't--as the media (the View, Dancing with the Stars) has promoted this as a viable lifestyle.
    Dirt, thank you so much for caring about these poor lost souls.
    May God bless you.

  3. "We need nor want to go "down the path of womenhood" because we aren't women"

    You go down that path no matter what, hey, all it means is you are an adult with XX chromo's.

    But listen, we all get why acknowledging that is unappealing. I chose fantasy 'manhood' for a while because it beat being a crazy, friendless, girl whose life was in the hands of psychiatrists and drugs that might take away the only bit of control I had left.

    Trans identity politics, which put YOU firmly in control of your destiny, appeal strongly to a paranoid person who feels like they are losing control and losing grip on reality. The trouble is the control they offer is fake - voila! You end up with your life in the hands of shrinks and drugs again! Your response, "leave us be" is paranoid! The only power this blog has to affect your life is if YOU visit IT. However I hope you come back and keep reading

  4. You posted a 13 year old kid's picture. 13! I've been watching his videos and trust me he would be very upset to know you posted this here to make fun of him without permission. Is that even legal!?

  5. I make fun of no one, there is nothing funny about female self hatred especially in a girl so young.


  6. Really? I'm actually laughing at Ur website. I find it very stupid of you to make a website saying that were not actually transgender when someone can be medically diagnosed with gender identity disorder. Which most of us that you posted on here were. Also let me add that I'm 13 and you did not get my right to post a picture of me on here and talk shit about me. So I could easily show my parents this website and get you in a bunch of fucking trouble. So I say that you delete my picture off of here and if it's not off by the next few days the police will find out about it. Got that? okay.


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