Being a man 101-Copy Real Men, Dont shave your Pits and wear boot!

Something quite frightening sent to me from a reader, I am not sure of their origins, but clearly written by a young lady.

I must say I find it incredibly sad at just how bound and gaged by the Gender Straight Jacket and completely ignorant of masculinity and femininity so many of these young women wanting not to be women are. Similar posts have been littering the internet since the early 90's from young women i.e. post Queer Theory. All such posts have been participatory towards Trans Trending. All such posts are also indicative that the desire to transition is socially based and NOT biologically based like the disordered and the MMM would have us/the public believe.

As the Gender Straight Jacket continues to narrow for females, and girls/young women in greater and greater numbers are pathologizing that narrowness, it is imperative we reprise feminism. And not this current feminist replacement (feminism=females doing whatever women want, whatever they want to themselves/anyone else and each of their actions existing purely in a vacuum) issued per the backlash against feminism, but a true feminism! Feminism created to dismantle the Gender Straight Jacket, dismantle misogyny and all patriarchal structures built with misogyny! Because if we do not, thousands and thousands of our female children are going to have the female murdered from them.

We are in need of a feminist collective built by individual women, women taking our cue from Hillel the Elder perhaps: "If I am not for myself, who will be? And when I am for myself, what am 'I'? And if not now, when?"


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  1. "Certain tips, however, apply to just about every situation - always try to take up more space when you sit down"

    It is very sad they even want to do things that are very directly impolite and annoying, just because they think it is "masculine". Wearing a certain type of shoes is one thing, but taking up space (obviously not even remotely "universal" btw) clearly directly harasses others (there is even a whole Swedish blog dedicated to how annoying wide-sitting men are:

  2. Hilarious. If you feel you are a man, it should only be necessary to just be yourself! Go for it! There are all different kinds of men out there!

  3. Makes me wonder if this young woman is under the impression that one must "transition" in order to wear comfortable shoes/boots or grow armpit hair.

  4. No, she doesn't believe that, DM. Those are just tips for passing better. The fact that it's actually questioned as more than that is really sad on your part.

  5. wow, you can fool everyone if you learn how to play your role properly! how brave (NOT)

  6. "Those are just tips for passing better"

    When would your armpits normally be on display to the public?

  7. When wearing any type of shirt with no arms of course.

  8. "Those are just tips for passing better. The fact that it's actually questioned as more than that is really sad on your part."

    Tips are playing the gender game, even if you're trying to pass as someone on the other side.

    Rather than pointing out what a load of NONSENSE it all is, and refusing to play...........

    Which is enough, on its own, to show why gender-game players and feminists are NEVERn going to agree.

  9. I might just add that these feeble tips have ignored all the really good ones -- learn to act as if you are ENTITLED all the damn time, whether that be to more space when you sit down, or the right to talk over and interrupt any woman who is talking.

    Add in a propensity to burp and fart loudly in public, AND comment on it, and you'll be passing as male whatever butchy boots you've got on your delicate little girl-feet................

  10. Lol BadDyke you hit the nail on the head. Who really scrutinises armpits and footwear to figure out what sex somebody is?

  11. "butchy boots you've got on your delicate little girl-feet..."

    what a great attempt to shame people by calling their feet delicate, little and girly, as if those are things to be embarrassed about.

    My feet are not delicate by any standards, they have thick callouses from walking barefoot most of the time. they are certainly not little either - size 10 mens (12 in womens, but when can you ever find those?)
    As for them being girl feet - by dirt's definition I am an adult female, therefore a woman, not a girl. most other people seeing my feet would see big, calloused, hairy, and often dirty feet and definitely not consider them girly.

    as for my boots being "butchy", i guess they are. they are mens steel toed work boots, for WORK not for fashion or "passing". I work at a construction site and they are mandatory.

  12. you're right MNDR, not one takes these things into account when determining someones gender. I think the underlying idea behind these "tips" is to make someone more confident in themselves. and even if they don't "pass" perhaps they will care less about it because their self esteem is higher. Just my opinion, I personally don't follow these things and just act like myself.

  13. Leo, as you're a woman, what difference does it make whether you have large or small feet? Clean or filthy? As a biological woman, they ARE the feet of a female, nothing can or will ever change that, just like the rest of your body.


  14. One does not "act like a man", one is or one isnt. Male has zero to do with ties, shoes, stance, sitting etc etc, male is BEING, NOT doing. If you werent born a male, you cannot recreate maleness based on doing.


  15. "what a great attempt to shame people by calling their feet delicate, little and girly, as if those are things to be embarrassed about."

    Who has ascribed shame to these words?

  16. "Copy Real Men" ? Well, I suppose you can't possibly be a Real Man if you don't wear heavy, impractical boots meant for construction work. Give a firm handshake? What a loser! That thing can't possibly be a Real Man.
    On the flip side, if you let your pits grow wild in the middle of winter or if you choose to let them grow all year round you aren't female! You look too "masculine" to possibly be considered a woman.
    Seriously, this is a fucked up article. When I coat my face in a shit ton of make up and wear a dress that barely covers my ass I am as much as a women when I haven't shaved my legs in weeks, wearing clothes I got out of the men's section.
    You define "femininity" and "masculinity". Don't let them define you.
    Damn, sorry guys for the rant. This subject really brings out the worst in me.

  17. "what a great attempt to shame people by calling their feet delicate, little and girly, as if those are things to be embarrassed about."

    You people really don't GET sarcasm, do you? Or irony...................

    And why see this as an attempt at SHAMING people unless you are already acknowledging that possibly being reminded that you have female feet (i.e., statistically more likely to be slightly smaller than male feet) is going to be a cause of SHAME.

    Okay, I'm female, so statistically, I'm probably likely to have smaller feet and hands than the average male. Doesn't mean that ALL women have smaller feet and hands than ALL men, but brother, don't the trans crowd see it as SHAMING to remind them of this (and note the comment about wearing work boots makes you look taller, as if being reminded that women are generally shorter than men is also a source of possible SHAME.).

    "If you werent born a male, you cannot recreate maleness based on doing." Spot on. The best you can achieve, based on copying social signals, is USING the whole social construct of gender to try and con people into thinking you're something that you're not.

    When women do this and also state they're female, then that can be seen as trying to dismantle the whole social gender nonsense, by pointing out how daft it is. Doing it and trying to pass just reinforces the whole gender game, since all these trans attempts to 'pass' rely on the gender game NOT being subverted, and people NOt being reminded of how arbitrary it all is really. Trans REQUIRES gender, else passing would be meaningless. Hence a society where clothing and social mannerisms became MORE sexually-dimorphic would be great for the trans crowd, easier to pass, say, if just the act of wearing trousers caused everyone to assume you were male, without any further scrutiny.

    Whereas a society where we all went about naked, passing would be impossible.

  18. More tips from the same site:

    "Try not to use hand gestures while talking, it’s deemed more feminine in society."

    Unless you're italian, in which case you're screwed...........

    Baggy shirts, slouching, short hair, and not fussing with your hair all seem to be top tips as well.

    Yeah, well just about every butch I know already does most of that, but NOT because they want to pass as male............

    Just a bunch of totally arbitary social conventions, what FUN............


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