Wannsee Conference

Today is the 70th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, where the nazi answer to the "Jewish Question" was answered in the form of the "Final Solution". This date should be remembered with as much fervor as we remember every nazi victim. 
Because this civilized business meeting like meetings taking place among men all over the world this very minute decided the death of an entire race of people (and then some). And as we move nearer the day when no living victim of the Shoah is left, it is gravely important for us to remember all the more. Not merely for the sakes of the dead, but for our own sakes and futures.
Never Forget.
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  1. Thank you for this information...I did not know this, and I know much about the Holocaust. Are you Jewish? I am from a Jewish background and Jewish ethnicity and proud of my heritage! May it NEVER happen again! We are of the 'Never Again' generation!

  2. You think that ONLY men were Nazis? Google "Notorious Female Nazis". Women can be as equally cruel or more so than men.

    Ilse Koch – The Bitch of Buchenwald and The Witch of Buchenwal
    Infamous collector of Jewish inmates tattooed skin which was made into lampshade and handbag.

    Juana Bormann – The Wiesel
    Noted for her cruelty by unleashing her wolfhound upon the prisoners, beating the sick female inmates furiously for not working and also had the better dressed female inmates stripped off their clothing.

    Wanda Klaff was just a common housewife before she joined the Stutthof’s subcamp and she easily learned the pleasures of sadistic tortures and abuse toward’s prisoners. At her trial for Nazi war crimes, she was proud of her intelligence and enjoys her routine of beating at least two prisoners everyday.

    Elisabeth Lupka
    She was notorious for whipping and beating prisoners while selecting some of them to the gas chambers. Eventually she was one of the last people to stay at the camp until the evacuation from Auschwitz camp was completed. She even accompanied the death march before she went back to Ravensbrück and resumed her usual sadistic routine towards prisoners.

    Ruth Hildner was one of the most feared SS Nazi guard stationed at the Helmbrechts. During the evacuation of camp, Hildner murdered several young female inmates during the death march as well as maltreatment of other prisoners. Her weapon of choice was her rod.

    Jenny Barkmann was known as “The Beautiful Spectre” for her cruel treatment towards prisoners, her savage beatings results to deaths of her inmates. Part of her tasks includes selecting women and children for the gas chambers. Even during her incanceration, her coquettish nature still prevails that even during her trial she was seen fixing her hair and flirting with the prison guards.

    Ewa Paradies
    Despite being a protestant christian, Ewa Paradies unhesitantly commits depraved acts towards inmates and end up killing some of them. One witness recalls Paradies stripping the women inmates naked during winter, then she would pour ice cold water on them. If one of the inmates moved, she would viciously beat them .

    Margot Dreschel
    Margot Dreschel was described as bucked tooth, ugly, thin and vulgar woman by surviving inmates. She was notorious for brutal beatings on the inmates. Her tasks also includes selecting women and children to the gas chambers.

    Ruth Neudeck
    One of her most shocking act of brutality was that she cut an inmate’s throat with shovel.

  3. Participating and having the patriarchal power to decide the mass murder of millions are two very different things. You might anon, want o familiarize yourself with how patriarchal systems work. And as have the german population was female, there were a hell of a lot more women who participated in mass murder than the few you named.



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