Transitioning of Children

What do you feel "a strong preference for cross-gender roles in make-believe or fantasy play", "a strong preference for the toys, games, or activities typical of the other gender" and "a strong preference for playmates of the other gender" remotely have to do with being a "trans" child? 



  1. The first two criteria shouldn't have anything to do with it. People need to look past the roles, and respect that a princess boy is a boy and a tomboy is a girl. This gender-conformist nonsense shouldn't define who is trans and who isn't.

    The third criterion, I'm not so sure about. A few feminist writers refer to a primary or original attraction of females to other females, which, they argue, patriarchy suppresses in favor of relations with males.

    - Mary. I'm a trans woman, posting because gender-conformist attitudes in the psych establishment hurt us all.

  2. A strong preference for lifeless objects (aka toys) and man made gender roles has NOTHING to do with being born in the "wrong body". That's just laughable! Why is the body of a boy wrong if he wants to play with dolls or wear dresses?? Toys are there for children to play with! Who cares what kind of toy it is! Just like clothes are there for people to wear them. These invisble borders for children which dictate what children of each sex have to do and like is disgusting.

  3. Saying children are trans because of object preferences is mostly found with parents who have little boys who prefer stereotypical female things. When girls like stereotypical boy things they are usually just named a tomboy. Unless the child demands to be called a different gender that's when everyone tends to wonder. Honestly I just think that when kids are that young they shouldn't be stuck in gender boxes. Just let them be and grow into who they are.

  4. The worst thing a parent can do is to assume their child is twanz simply because that child rejects stereotypical gender roles forced upon them.

    It seems to me that these children who "come out" as twanz are simply rejecting the gender roles forced upon them, and transition seems to them to be their only option to escape it.

  5. I was very lucky when I was a little girl. I prefered Legos, matchbox cars, playing marbles, cowboys and Indians, etc.. and my parents didn't blink an eye. They just let me be and basically accepted me for who I was. I didn't feel like a boy, I just preferred traditionally accepted male toys and games. It wasn't until I got into the real world where I felt unaccepted..

  6. First two points are easy to dismiss. The third would possibly show a strong identification with the opposite sex (assuming it's more natural to be drawn to people of the same sex) but I don't see why this should prove transgenderism. It's an extremely positive thing that friendship can transgress certain boundaries. Society soon tells children that sex matters deeply. It annoys me how far people will go to police friendships between males and females. Heaven forbid that boys and girls should play together and discover that they have a lot in common. 'gender' might just go out the window.

  7. children should never be allowed to 'transition'
    they should study their own psychology and learn the origins of their desire to do so
    even adults seem to only get 'therapy' by people already predisposed to favoring transsexualism

  8. When I was at school, I played with the boys because those groups did the sort of activities I enjoyed, simple as that. I guess depends on whether when you're that young you can cope with the pressure that everyone else imposes on you because you seem to be making the 'wrong' choices or not. If you can't, then you either give up doing what you want ( and feeling a failure as a proper female anyway), or start believing that the boxes are right, just that you're really a boy because that is the one you prefer.

  9. Transgendering and transexualizing of children is child abuse, especially by those who advocate hormone blockers that "delay" puberty.

    I agree with Bee totally.


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