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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Joan of Arc

A bit behind, but an important birth/life to remember:

Along with a beautiful piece by Patti Smith and an equally beautiful photo of Falconett in her 1928 silent portrayal of Jeanne, in the Passion of Joan which is considered the greatest acting performance by any actor to date. And she did it all in silence.

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  1. I've seen that film as it's on youtube (in pieces). It is absolutely breathtaking. I highly recommend it.

  2. The anniversary of Joan of Arc's birthday was a big event in France, she's a national hero! She's one of few historical role models for butch and tomboy women, so one thing i find quite upsetting is when ftms claim she was one of them. For example on the FTM international website were they go so far as to refer to Jeanne with male pronouns and with the male equivalent of her first name "Jean":

    Oh, and Patti Smith is totally awesome and my personal fashion guru!

  3. Anon,

    Yes I've seen Jeanne ignorantly co-opted by the trans crowd as one of their own. I think it is equally ignorantly to put her in a butch/tomboy category when there's no indication she was either.

    Voices told her to don what was considered men's garb(likely to keep her from being raped by the same male soldiers she lead to victory), and later shave her head(likely a similar ploy to keep the english guards from raping her). Regardless, "mens garb" and shaved heads do not a Butch or for that matter a tomboy make.

    While clearly it is ignorant of the trans disordered to co-opt and rewrite Jeanne, it is equally ignorant for us to do the same.


  4. I remember watching this as a child with my mother. Jeanne was so beautiful to look at; even better when her hair was short. After the film finished, I said to my mum I wanted her to cut my (very long) hair there and then. She did it for me!

    Thank you for bringing up these wonderful memories of a brilliant film.


    Here's the first link (1 of 8) for the 1928 movie. Check it out!

  6. Silver, the link to the movie is in the post.


  7. Wut? So famous women in men's clothes are trans now? Good lord! Who is next? Huan Mulan?? Tomoe Gozen?? I'll bet it's Hatshepsut 'cause her statues are shown with a beard.
    Sorry you crazy women haters you can't soil and rewrite herstory like that.


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