A good Article on the Sexing of Toys/Clothes and Colours

See article here.

From the article:

"and I don't know if anyone has pointed this out before -- children are malleable, responding to the stimuli they are exposed to and the cues they are given"...thank you!

‎"This last point explains why many anti-feminists are so keen for toys to remain gendered: because if it's not really "natural" for boys to play with soldiers and girls to play dollies, then what other "natural" differences between the sexes (and the iniquities which arise from them) are no longer supportable? Perhaps it's not really "natural" for women to be under-represented on boards, or get paid less, or do more domestic chores even when they work the same hours as their male partners"....thank you again!!!!!!



  1. Jeesus, when will we all stop letting the world dictate what we do/wear/eat/read/buy????
    Hate pink.Always. Never wore it. Thx Ma, for not forcing me into the"straight-jacket" on so many levels.She used to say "what do you care what they do?" Best lesson she ever taught.

  2. "And it matters to those who want to keep the status quo because if they win the battle of the toys, they can tell us it's our fault we're not succeeding. Because women are just built that way. Pass the pink sick bucket....."

    Yep, SOME women can see the danger in this sort of gendered thinking.

  3. This reminds me of the look of horror on my mothers face when I told her I hated pink. It wasn't even because it was a "girl color" as my mother thought, but because it's just such a flashy color. I have the exact same feelings about bright orange and neon-green. The next years of life of my female family members would be about making me love pink and horses, because according to an article my mother read, girls who like horses as a child are less likely to grow up to be lesbians. And this is were i think the main problems lies: homophobia. People are afraid that if they let their boys play with dolls and pink toys or their girls play with toy cars and blue toys, their kids are gonna be gay as adults. If people were not so terrified of having a child that's gay, we wouldn't have this problem. Well, i still don't like pink and i'm straight, so obviously not liking pink is not a sure sign of lesbianism. Or maybe it was the horse thing that worked lol XD
    Btw, i respect my mother and i love her, but she just got some really weird ideas sometimes :)

  4. "girls who like horses as a child are less likely to grow up to be lesbians"

    Obviously never came across the big book of lesbian horse stories (won diagram prize in 2003 for odd title!).....

    When my nephew with aspergers started playin with barbies when he was little, and still had long hair, my fathers attitude was you should STOP it, else he'll turn out gay. Ordinary folks seem to KNOW this gender policing matters, and get very annoyed when it is resisted -- like those canadian parents who REFUSE to tell anyone else what sex their new child is:

    "a "bizarre lab experiment" that seeks to undo thousands of years of social evolution."

    Seen as creepy, and definitely dangerous................

    Also responses to it clearly indicate that many people believe that boys/girls naturally choose different toys, and NOT making it clear which they are supposed to choose will confuse them (and they'll end up gay as unspoken sub-text I think).

    Same arguments you hear against gay parents -- without proper mummy and daddy role models naturally gendered kids will get confused and end up queer. WHY, if it is so natural, does it have to be so rigidly enforced?

    Tomboys are cool, even if a rare breed in our current pink environment.

  5. Fact - between ages of 0-6, childrens brains are in an alpha/theta state, similar to people under hypnotic trances. There is no conscious mind to filter information - information is accepted without question, just like in hypnotism. Most of the fundamental aspects of a person's personality and beliefs take root in/are downloaded into the brain during these early years of life.

    Yet, like all subconscious behaviour, it is invisible and operates below conscious awareness. They cannot see why they behave they way they do or it's source etc.

    There's a reason why television is so harmful, especially for children - when the conscious mind is either not there or has been distracted, then harmful ideas and brainwashing can be introduced to the subcosncious, without people even realising it.

  6. i've always thought transsexual belief to be an immature simplified world-view


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