Gender Variant=Gender Bullshit!

As we move from the conservative anti feminist post-queer gender fluid body politic toward the male medical machine's 2013 gender incongruence, we are encountering with a greater frequency the use of "gender variant" by both queer and medical groups alike. Gender Variant has been created to describe what queer/medical groups deem "behaviour or gender expression that does not conform to dominant gender norms of male and female". 

The creation and implication of such a term only strengthens the already circumscribed notions of female and male/feminine and masculine. And by labeling behaviour as female/male/feminine/masculine we maintain an ignorant limited view of the sexes and preserve the limited possibilities for the sexes. Gender Variant also implies a difference where in truth, there is none. A female with short hair who works construction is still a female!

Female and male is simply what we are born, not what toys we play with, what colours we like, what clothes we wear or what careers we choose! Expand what it means to be female or male and toss in the nearest garbage bin where it belongs, gender variant, which only maintains the limits of who we are and what is possible for us based on our sex.

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  1. Lately it seems that where there is gender, there's almost assuredly bullshit!

  2. I'd like to know who in this world could NOT be described as 'gender variant'? Ive heard the term used in place of transgender. So basically, anyone who has done anything atypical of their prescribed gender role, ever, is transgender. Which is Everyone.

    Man bakes cake - gender variant. Woman reads map - gender variant.

    Cool, so transgender just means 'normal range of human
    behaviour' - terms like 'transgender' and in fact 'gender' can rendered obsolete, let's move on.

    Yes, I'm being flippant but where does it end?

    Ok I'm being flippant but


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