Female Transition and the Unchangable Female Body

We are led to believe by both the male medical machine and those in the never ending state of transition, that powerful sex hormones and mutilative surgeries will change their female body to appear male, and that by doing so their "gender" dysphoria will magically disappear and they will be "cured" of their MENTAL disorder.

To anyone who has suffered with body shame so intense that it has literally impacted not only how you see and feel about yourself, but your intimate relationships with lovers, the notion that one could transition out of the body one is so ashamed may sound like a dream come true.

The interesting thing about nature is her steadfastness, her ability to persist regardless of man-made changes. Even the concrete man has paved our highways and byways with cannot withstand nature. Nature will ALWAYS shine through, concrete be damned!

Thats the thing about opposite sex hormones and mutilative surgeries, the true nature of the body ALWAYS remains. It remains as a reminder to that person's nature. And where there are constant reminders, when dysphoria isnt dealt with and worked through mentally, those reminders only increase that dysphoria.

Take Buck Angel for example. Buck Angel is considered a "successful" female transitioner. But regardless of all the male hormones, steroids, diets, workouts, and every other concrete road poured to disguise her female body, her natural female body remains firmly intact. Whether clothed or naked, that womanly body nature birthed, remains.

Passing to the public means nothing, we must all face ourselves in the morning mirror. Transition has yet to stop a female body from being and looking like a female body. It has also yet to cure any form of dysphoria the mind may attach to that body.

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  1. You are delusional.

  2. Buck Angel is the Queen of all FagHags.

  3. i totally agree that buck angel still looks like a woman even with all her macho posturing and bald head

  4. Buck Angel Rocks! It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of him. He is happy with himself and that is all that matters.

  5. why does she rock? because she has sex for money and thinks she's a man?

  6. Yes, women in pornography are always very 'happy,' for sure.

  7. Dirt, in the words of a ftm I once spoke to "Please don't call me female, I would rather be called IT than be called female."

    And I thought that was horribly sad and summed up a lot. For that ftm and doubtless, others, authentic maleness is not the goal (possession of a Y chromosome, testicles, penis, sperm ducts, prostate.) How can it be? It's about preferring *anything* over an unaltered female body because that's about the lowest of the low.

  8. No, because HE is an awesome speaker and advocate.

  9. " He is happy with himself and that is all that matters."

    If that is REALLY all that matters, why all the fuss when people don't use the 'correct' pronouns? Why bother responding when someone points out that her (well, I choose to assign pronouns based on sex not gender, considering gender as secondary and constructed) body still is a female body, even when altered superficially by hormones and surgery?

    ........Of course it matters, else we wouldn't be having all this hassle!

    Looking at photos of supposedly successful transmen online, all that it says to me is that is that the main social signals of maleness are incredibly superficial, in that a shaved head, muscles and a beard say male so strongly? Why? Well, could have something to do with the fact that WOMEN in our society aren't allowed to look natural, so lack of make-up and short hair is not allowed. Ditto for women with muscles, and any women who are naturally hairy are supposed to pluck and bleach and undergo electrolysis. So that the images we are presented as to what women naturally look like are designed to create as big a chasm as possible between clothed men and clothed women.

    Add in sexually-segregated modes of speech, body language, posture etc etc., and there you have the social construction of gender.

    Holding up as a sign of success adherence to such an artificial construct shows how imaginary this constructed maleness is.

    Without clothes, a man with a pussy? Nah, just a woman with an artificially induced hormonal imbalance and surgery scars........whatever people may claim they are inside their heads, we aren't required to agree with their internal imaginings.

    You can't unmake sex, but gender deserves to be destroyed, and none of us will be free until we get past it.

  10. what is buck angel advocating?
    i just was looking at her website
    (she looks very aged and very much a product of heavy medication)
    this is her rallying cry: it's not what's between your legs that defines you!
    apparently what defines you is how you LOOK to other people?
    (and how you sound maybe- although her voice never dropped below levels of the average 'little person')

  11. Buck is not the most handsome or physiclly fit ftm. He's just a famous one. I personally know taller ftm's with deeper voices who are more cut than he is. And I've seen biomales in my locker room with more curves than the indianapolis 500. So I don't really think any of it matters much. I'd much rather present as I want to than be a bitter female with nothing better to do than trannyspotting. Y'all are sad.

  12. (5:11- somehow i think 'female' is more of an insult than 'bitter,' no?)

    seems buck angel's entire persona is based on what's between her legs! i mean she's ALL about being the 'man with a pussy,' right?

  13. omg yes BadDyke!

  14. ........Of course it matters, else we wouldn't be having all this hassle!

    Of course it matters to people who live their lives and black and white. What others do with their lives should be of no concern to you or anyone else.

  15. "apparently what defines you is how you LOOK to other people?"

    If being a man is about how you feel inside, not what is between your legs, then WHY the need for ANY surgery or hormones? If genitals don't count, why should removal or otherwise of breasts? If what is between your legs doesn't matter, why should what hormones you do or don't naturally have?

    WHY should how you feel inside be divided into just 'male' and 'female' unless biology does count (which does divide us into male and female)?

    I can't make any consistent sense of this, unless you end up believing that brains are somehow either male or female AND that is what counts, not physical biology. Except again, WHY should be brains be divisible into just male and female (or indeed ANY classes based on biology/sex)?

    Although claiming to be breaking down barriers of gender, about empowerment through aceptance, it all just reduces to accepting the same ole binary, as far as I can see, except based in the invisible brain, rather than anything to do with biology..........

    Or is the only real binary here being worshipped testosterone versus estrogen, with E bad/T good? So, it isn't having a dick that defines you as male, but T and all that follows from that?

    Plus LOADS of hypocritical shite about you can be a real man without a penis and it's all about loving your body -- so why REMOVE your breasts then if you love your body so much? If being a man isn't about what is between your legs, it isn't about what is above your sternum either, in fact if it is really about how you feel inside, then WHY any surgery or hormones.

    Sorry, just sounds like -- not minding what's between your legs sounds good because bottom surgery is such a carve-up..............

    What makes sense to me is either biology just IS binary (for most of us), but that biology isn't destiny, and who you are inside shouldn't be restricted by your sex, OR who we are inside IS binary, and over-rules what body you happen to have. The first is liberating, the latter just ties us down to an intangible, hidden, GENDER binary. Bodies become malleable (male-able?) and changable, but minds aren't..............

  16. "What others do with their lives should be of no concern to you or anyone else."

    Like drug addicts, or would-be suicides...........

    O, the trans ideology is SOOOOO caring for their fellow (trans)men, but bugger everyone else, none of my concern.............

  17. I disagree that there are things that one 'shouldn't' (or shouldn't be allowed to) be concerned about. It's good to analyze this growing issue. I also think that transsexualism is an extreme example of 'black and white' living.

  18. I don't live my life butting my nose in other people's business and acting like I know what their life is like and spew lies about their lifestyle.

    Until you can walk in our shoes you will never truly know what our lives are like and the hell we go through. But of course you know it all and know everything about what it's like to transition.

  19. As an avid feminist ALL women, are my concern. If you arent interested in the goings on here, I suggest you do not stop in. Pretty simple.


  20. BA is a clear product of child sexual abuse coupled with the male medical machines answer to her self hatred based on that abuse. Nothing happy there.


  21. All Buck Angel really needs is a good stiff dick.

    And the rest of you harpies just need to get your asses back into the kitchen and quit gossiping.

    Never should have given bitches the right to vote... or speak.

  22. "I don't live my life butting my nose in other people's business and acting like I know what their life is like and spew lies about their lifestyle."

    This sounds incredibly like me when I had a drug problem. Outraged that anyone was criticising my 'lifestyle' and arrogant enough to think nobody else had been through similar.

    "Until you can walk in our shoes you will never truly know what our lives are like and the hell we go through."

    Plenty of people on here have experienced: sex confusion, gender role dysphoria and body dysphoria. It downright upsets and scares some trans people that somebody else could have experienced the same challenges in life and come to a different conclusion.

    Nobody here is lobbying for elective surgery to become illegal. This blog just offers some alternative ideas about transition and gender that are censored elsewhere. If an idea is butting into your life horribly you should ask yourself why.

  23. Buck Angel gets plenty of dick!

  24. I personally know taller ftm's with deeper voices who are more cut than he is. And I've seen biomales in my locker room with more curves than the indianapolis 500. So I don't really think any of it matters much.

    It's really not a matter of whether someone is 'cut' (like men are supposed to be?) or 'curvy' (like women are supposed to be?)- One's true sex shines through no matter how much exercise one takes.

  25. "And the rest of you harpies.."

    Another silly boy or would be boy who thinks that harpy is an insult! According to Hesiod, harpies were beautiful winged women, just Aeschylus got them confused with sirens and they became ugly.

    Bitch? Well, I'm a butch bitch and proud of it!

    Here's to hags, harpies and bitches! :-)

  26. I note here, after looking at Buck Angels website, that she (I assign pronouns based on sex, not gender, who would anyone else want to impose THEIR grammatical rules on me.....) also agree with the point made elsewhere, about women who before transition didn't sleep with men being attracted to men after transition.

    The holy T seems to be the culprit here, with the WONDERFUL supposed increase in sex drive etc etc.

    Remember folks (to plagiarise Animal Farm), 2 breasts good, no breasts better, and E tops T every time................

  27. I agree with BadDyke that we wouldn't be hearing a peep from any FtM about gender being between the ears, etc. if it were possible for them to really transition to men. Men don't think or say things like that. One of my very good friends transitioned, and one of the wierdest things was all the hard-core sexist comments she began making after starting "t". It was like a dam broke, and I guess it was her pent-up internalized self-hatred coming out.

  28. "and one of the wierdest things was all the hard-core sexist comments she began making after starting "t""

    Well, Chaz Bono wasn't exactly feminist of the year given the commenst she starting making after her transition.

    So, what is it? Either we are supposed to believe that T really does cause sexism, that 'male' brains are inherently sexist, OR that sexism is a learnt male behaviour.....

    Except, if you're willing to accept some things as learnt behaviours, where does that leave this inherent gender nonsense?

    If having/not having a penis isn't what makes you a man, if its your internal state, then WHAT is that internal state, apart from biology..........

    It's just gender, but the closer you look, and try to avoid biology, the more tenuous it becomes.

    Let's face it , consciousness is hard enough, with trying to add conscious of being male to the mix, distinct from your actual experience of your body.

  29. "BD just quoted Animal Farm but completely wrong...."

    It was intentional. Look up the meaning of plagiarism.........

    "You can’t simply turn gender on and off."

    How do you KNOW? That is a great BIG assumption.

    Saying it's all soooo complicated doesn't actually deal with the assumptions underlying the whole 'male brain in a female body' or 'feeling male' or 'identifying as male', or whatever other pseudo-description you want to use.

    "I can’t get into anyone’s head and understand their thoughts so I can’t tell if someone’s gender is sincere or not."

    Sincerity of individual conviction ISN'T the issue, it's HOW that sincere conviction that you ARE something gendered (and that that is more important than what you actually are in terms of biology) got there that is the issue.

    Delusions or misconceptions can still be sincerely held, doesn't make them any the less delusional.

    "You say that FTM’s enforce the “gender binary”.." No, I think I was saying that one particular persons account wasn't logically consistent as far as I could see, and still didn't get at, what 'feeling male' actually is supposed to MEAN...........

    "It’s a mix of physical sex and learned behaviours and natural behaviours."

    What sort of 'sex' is there then OTHER than the purely physical?

    Just because some behaviours (in fact MANY behaviours) are learnt doesn't make them any the less natural, and conversely being learnt doesn't make them natural either!

    Humans are complicated, and part of that complication involves creating categories like 'gender' and then believing they are innate, unlearning, natural etc etc.

    I guess what I'm aiming at isn't dissing individual experience, but pointing out that how we individually INTERPRET that inner experience, and how we come to understand it in terms of phrases like 'don't feel like a female' or 'identifying as male', don't exist in isolation, but within the context of a society that BELIEVES in gender/innate gender and some sort of link between gender and biological sex.

    If you start from a different position, then it is possible to come to a different interpretation.

    I think the whole gender-based interpretation is a bad thing -- harmful not just to people who transition, but also harmful to the rest of us because of what the underlying beliefs in innate gender and innate differences between the sexes/genders mean for women in this society.

  30. That's a hard one with the sexist comments. Could be partly this whole "bro comradery" and other mimicking behaviors FtM's engage in.

  31. I know it was intentional. Still stuck a knife into my side, I love that book.

    I can't turn gender on and off. I have an awareness of my gender, I can't suddenly turn it off so that I have no gender or switch it so I have the "opposite"* gender. Can you? Unless I am the only one unable to do this?

    Honestly BD, I don't know. I don't know why I feel male. I can't explain it other than that I have felt since I was 12 or 13 that I should have a penis. I think it's mre about the confines of my body, I feel like parts of it shouldn't be. That they're not meant to be there. I have an awareness of how my body should be that doesn't match with what I am presented with. That's as best I can answer that.

    Could be somethimg innate, could be something else. I just know how I feel.

    I was talking about gender when I said that. Sex is something different.

    True, if gender catagories didn't exist. If people were just people then those terms wouldn't exist. People would still want to change their bodies, they'd just use different words. I don't think transsexualism would be wiped out if gender was. If that's what you were trying to say?

    Differences don't mean negatives.
    There are differences between how men and women react with each other and the world around them and some of that is learned. Doesn't mean women are "lesser than". Everyone is different or so the cliche goes.

    BD, Honestly and I am speaking to you as someone who I think has a fair and logical opinion (most of the time) on these issyes. I support women's rights. Regardless of whether I recieve male privilege or not. I hate how the media portray women, I hate how some men speak about women. I completely agree with feminism as a movement to make real social change. So that women can walk home at night withut feeling frightened, so that women arn't treated as inferior in the workplace.
    Like I've seen that shit first hand, I'm 5 foot 4 and not the strongest guy in yhe world and I know as someone who looks female, how scary it is to walk down a street and pass men, who wolf whistle at me or shout shit at me or call me "darling" and I'm forced to be polite to them because who the fuck knows what'll happen if I tell them to "piss off". I feel I am a man but I don't want to ever be a man that makes women fearful.

  32. "I have an awareness of my gender, I can't suddenly turn it off so that I have no gender or switch it so I have the "opposite"* gender."

    Except others DON'T believe in the existence of a hard-wired sense of gender IDENTITY.

    It's the difference being viewing gender as an essential and UNCHANGABLE aspect of who you are, and gender as something that has been created and imposed upon us because of our sex, however hard it may be for us individuality to escape the negative aspects of gender and gendered behaviour that we have learnt.

    Which still leaves unexplained BTW, the supposed link between this internal GENDER and biology in terms of your body or how you think your body should look. WHY should your innate internal identity be confined by whatever body you happen to have, or why should the body that you do have have to be altered to CONFORM with that inner sense of gender?

    Because this supposed linkage between internal identity and exterior biological sex is the idea that is so damaging, because it's exactly the link that has been used for millenia to oppress women, to say that since we are different biologically (i.e., sex), we are also different in some important internal sense, in terms of our abilities, propensities, ways we should act, feel, think etc.

    "I don't think transsexualism would be wiped out if gender was. "

    All you'd be left with, if you didn't have gender as a peg to hang things on, would be body dysmorphia.

    Then saying 'I want a male body' would be along the lines of (not wanting to trivialize anything here, but clearest analogy I could come up with!) saying 'I want to be taller/shorter/thinner/fatter/more muscular/larger breasts/smaller breasts', because saying 'I am a man' would only then make sense as a statement about your biological sex, which IS unchangable. A male brain in a female body, or 'feeling LIKE a man' only make sense if you believe that being male or female is something that can be applied to anything other than biology or sex (i.e. gender).

  33. "I support women's rights."

    Saying you support womens rights is just a basic statement about HUMAN rights (saying that people should be valued as humans irrespective of their race/sex/sexual orientation or whatever other category that gets used to divide us up.)

    That ISN'T what feminism is about BTW.

  34. can anyone imagine a world where lesbians were in control of everything and heterosexuals were oppressed? Where straights had to hide their couplings from the lesbian majority, who persecuted any kind of sex other than lesbian? imagine it! lesbians in power, lesbians running all the corporations, lesbians attacking and beating straight couples outside straight bars. then, you were born. would you still be lesbian? I seriously doubt it. you are so proud of your supposed superior sexuality, but most of you are just trying to be rebellious. thats why bed death is so rampant.

  35. 3:39
    how absurd
    nobody is claiming lesbian superiority
    i'm sure not
    but what a nonsensical comparison
    trans is not a sexual preference
    it's a body image disorder

  36. 'bed death' is rampant in every type of coupling when the 2 aren't the perfect combo

  37. When i acquired by last gf she was experiencing 'bed death' with her man- it's sure not just for dykes!

  38. Statistically bed death is higher in lesbian relationships. You didn't answer my question, which concerns the concept of being "what you are" regardless of societal influence. i thought about this long before i transitioned, knowing that males are valued more highly across the world. i tried to imagine a woman - centered world where everyone looked down on men and saw their bodies as ugly or deficient. im not sure that we can really grasp it, though lesbians often try to create it. i saw the future of potential backlash against transness. would i still be male-identified in that world. i think yes, but you say no. though the conversation is futile.

  39. And where are these long term large studied stats on lesbian bed death? Oh wait, there are none.

    Back on topic shall we. The topic being if you've forgot the never changing female body despite drugs and mutilative surgeries in the guise of "transition".


  40. (please share these lesbian bed death statistics!)

    do you think lesbians think men are deficient? the whole question is just bizarre.

    is it because you think you're a man and we may think something is 'wrong' with you?

    that's because you're a woman with a mental problem (and if you take hormones or have had surgery, now with a physical wrongness as well)

    all my friends growing up were boys and this is still true and i am close with my father and my half-brother- i don't think men are bad

    but this is the black and white trans world view innit?

  41. How much my body stays female or male means nothing as long as I am happy with it.

    End of Story.

  42. "How much my body stays female or male means nothing as long as I am happy with it. "
    Except it isn't just about YOUR happiness, it's about the IDEAS that the trans ideology perpetuates in order to justify transition.

    If everyone transitioning just said -- cos I want to, and left out all the stuff about really being a man inside, or expecting others to also agree with them on the existence of innate gender, or didn't get bothered by others not agreeing with them, or using the 'wrong' pronouns, then I wouldn't care that much. It's the impact of these ideas about gender ON OTHERS that is the problem.

  43. Bad dyke, you sure spend alot of time finding ways to get bothered by us. You sound just like a christian conservative who is worried about the gays influencing his children and demanding recognition for their relationships. congratulations on your complete lack of insight.

  44. "you sure spend alot of time finding ways to get bothered by us", says the woman transitioner on this of all blogs.


  45. The Etch
    your happiness my be the end of the story for you
    and too kuch self-questioning is frowned upon in transism (beyond very simplified assumptions)
    but some people like to analyze situations further

    Anonymous 9:38
    it's definitely not 'lack of insight-' quite the opposite

  46. "Bad dyke, you sure spend alot of time finding ways to get bothered by us."

    Don't take it personally, it's your ideology that appalls me, NOT your personal actions or what you personally choose to do to your body.

    It is about more that just YOU, so get over yourself.

    BTW, yes and christian conservatives SHOULD be worried about gays and their influence on his children, because once they start thinking properly about ethics and ideologies, and WHY their supposedly loving god keeps creating gay people, and why he seems so obsessed with what people do in their bedrooms, maybe they'll also see what a crock of shit their religion is as well.

    And I notice you FAIL to mention the religious maniacs elsewhere, who think that transition is fine and dandy, and the options are either homosexuality and death, or transition and heterosexuality.........

    All SO afraid of thinking and questioning and criticism, because once you can persuade people to THINK, imposing strict belief systems on them (be they religious or just quasi-religious like the trans ideology) becomes much harder.

  47. Aside, interesting how many people rest their religious belief on a deep inner conviction, aside from all the physical evidence.

    And (some) trans trenders do exactly the same -- they KNOW they are male inside, despite all the physical evidence to the contrary, and despite the alternative explanations offered.

    The religious don't like atheists, and the trans trenders don't like those who are atheistic (or even plain ole agnostic) as regards innate gender.............

  48. As regards transition and body dysphoria and all that.

    Just occurred to me (okay, maybe OBVIOUS to the rest of you, go with it, I'm a bit slow sometimes!), how disjointed our relationship with our bodies has become.

    Rather than what it FEELS like to us 'inside' and how it functions, how it LOOKS from the outside becomes more important. Either how it looks to us in the mirror, or how we presume it looks to others.

    So that a simulacrum of a penis with very little sexual sensation becomes preferable, in some minds, to a fully functioning and fully-feeling vagina and clitoris.

    Hence our sense of our bodies seems to be ignoring the DEPTH of them, and settling on the external and superficial. Muscles aren't GOOD because then you can lift stuff and do useful stuff with them, but because they LOOK good.

    Let's imagine, if you will, how different our experience of sex and gender might be if we didn't have mirrors, or if, like dolphins (possibly), we could use echolocation to sense the interior of someones body, not just the surface.

    How 'convincing' would a neo-penis or neo-vagina look to others then if they could see under the skin? Breast implants wouldn't be any good, would be like wearing a pair of water-filled plastic bags around your neck.

    The 'use' of cosmetic surgery procedures like breast implants or SRS ONLY exists because we have come to focus on FORM rather than FUNCTION or SENSATION. Then a vagina becomes just a hole rather than an entire organ, and hence a surgically-created fuck-hole becomes (to some) as just as good (if not prettier than!) an actual vagina.

  49. BD, I think more importantly isnt merely that we've become a superficial world, but why. And how that why clearly correlates to the increase in both pornography and misogyny.


  50. The Etch,

    I would bet money that your recent happiness has more to do with just getting older and growing up. Your story sounds almost identical to mine. Most humans as they age, they mature a bit. They feel more at ease with themselves.
    I would also guess that you are in your 20's- early 30's at most, and still have a lot of growing and maturing to go.

  51. I think it helps emphasize the superficiality of the surgical entreprise -- we are told that even gynacologists supposedly can't tell the difference between a good neo-vagina and a real vagina (I'd get a new gynacologist if that was the case!) -- except a neo-vagina isn't the functional organ, just the way that a neo-penis ISN'T a fully functional, fully sensory organ.

    If our awareness of our bodies wasn't so superficial, and our feelings of self-confidence so based on the judgement of others based on our appearance, then SRS wouldn't seem so alluring.

    Plus I just liked the dolphins gedanken experiment.......and the BD hypothesis that a race of intelligent dolphins would think SRS laughable because they CAN see under the skin.

  52. Thank god we aren't dolphins!
    or that humans don't have x-ray eyes!
    or that we all didn't have to live in medieval times!
    or that.....

    anyhoo... i gotta say that there is a very personal aspect to bding in your body and going through transition to male. muscles and hair, skin, fat distribution, voice, everything changes. it was such an exhilarating time! now im psyched to be in my body, mostly whrn i am by myself!

  53. whose body were 'you' 'in' before?

  54. people without 'issues' aren't ever psyched about 'being in their bodies'- a part of the trans delusion is the weird assumption they (we) are

  55. I should have said that it feels very good to be stronger, leaner, more taut, have better cardiovascular stamina. i like how my body feels to the touch. to me.

  56. One certainly doesnt require a synthetic male hormone to feel/attain such simplicities.


  57. proof that testosterone is being used as a general addictive drug- not necessarily that she's really a 'man' in the wrong body but a worship of masculine power, the unfortunate trend of society at large (as though this world needs more testosterone - UGH!)

  58. " i gotta say that there is a very personal aspect to bding in your body and going through transition to male. muscles and hair, skin, fat distribution, voice, everything changes."

    This transformation is not "to male." If T defines maleness then what are little boys? What are adults who have lost their testicles to cancer?

    What is wrong with saying: I am a female who likes to do recreational T?

  59. MNDR,

    Thats too close to he truth and spoils the delusions of "transness". It is a mental illness least we forget.


  60. what happens at the time when transmen would naturally be entering menopause? or at the time when real men's hormone levels naturally drop off?
    (though even real men are taking T now, since everyone loves the effects so much)
    do transsexuals even live that long? do we even know yet?

  61. "I should have said that it feels very good to be stronger, leaner, more taut, have better cardiovascular stamina."

    I'm jackin' steroids! I feel awesome! I feel like more me than I ever felt because I feel like superman! I'm high yo! Flyin like a bird. Don't harsh my buzz!

  62. exactly, 8:27- perfect!

  63. @ bad dyke January 4, 2012 4:55 PM

    Amen sister

  64. "I should have said that it feels very good to be stronger, leaner, more taut, have better cardiovascular stamina. i like how my body feels to the touch. to me."

    It's called being FITTER and loosing weight.

    It's a common delusion that T alone will change you from being a normal female, to some muscular hunk -- as Dirt has detailed elsewhere, you're more likely to end up looking like your podgy, bald uncle.........

    Let's face it, some women are fat, some are thin, some are muscly, some are curvy -- and SAME goes for men!

    The same ole false binary raises it's ugly head yet again!

    "What is wrong with saying: I am a female who likes to do recreational T?"

    Because health services and insurers don't fund recreational drug use..............

  65. No bad dyke, simply losing weight and working out does not achieve the same muscle to fat ratio, metabolism, strength, or cardiovascular stamina. you are free to hate, but dont lie to yourself.

  66. "No bad dyke, simply losing weight and working out does not achieve the same muscle to fat ratio, metabolism, strength, or cardiovascular stamina. "

    You miss the point -- but why bother, you can't preach to the converted!

  67. Anon, I don't see anyone disputing that injecting testosterone will give the average human a percentage gain in muscle mass etc. What is being said is that T is not the ONLY way to achieve this and perhaps testosterone as a suppliment or rec. drug is being overplayed because there is a market for it.

    Where's the hate?

  68. I don't get how ftm's expect to be lauded for what is entirely the effect of testosterone, as though they are creating these changes all with their own male-brain-power...
    There is no bravery in giving oneself over to medication

  69. As far as I'm aware, testosterone will give you a quicker gain in muscle if you work out, and redistribute fat.

    But if you were a couch potato with a poor diet before taking T, you'll stay that way.

  70. ...and you might also go bald.

    As I said, podgy middle-aged uncle rather than muscular sex god seems to be the result in many cases.

  71. ""I should have said that it feels very good to be stronger, leaner, more taut, have better cardiovascular stamina."

    I guess the real point here is that this is a physical change, but it's NOT a definition of being male or a man, since not ALL men are stronger/leaner/have more stamina than all females. Some men are podgy and bald.

    It's not a justification for transitioning to male, just a justification for recreational use of T or steroids, or female body-building, to be totally frank!

  72. While its nice that you are processing through all this bad dyke, i'd like to point out that we don't need to justify our transition to you or anyone else. We may be inconvenient for you, but we are not going anywhere. I'm only telling the truth about my experience.

  73. Clearly you do need to justify yourself or you wouldnt be here trying to justify yourself!


  74. Nope, i haven't said anything here but my truth.

  75. And your notion of "truth" has exactly what to do with dismantling female self hatred under patriarchal structures? Clearly nothing. Therefore you are here solely because you feel some deranged need to justify your pretend manhood to women, of which you are and will forever remain.


  76. "Nope, i haven't said anything here but my truth."

    Except YOUR truth seems to have a lot in common with the 'truth' according to many other trans people -- hence we have a significant trans ideology as regards gender that is more than just one persons personal truth. And that is at odds with what women on here are saying about their personal truth as regards gender.

    "We may be inconvenient for you.." not at all -- given my understanding of gender and women, I could have PREDICTED your existence, hence you are far from inconvenient!

    Get over it, it's not about YOU personally, or about ME personally, it's about the common ideology of gender amongst various trans people, and the common ideas about gender being expressed by women on these boards, and the fact that those are at loggerheads.

    Your personal transition is of no consequence to anyone but yourself, in the main, but when we have many, many people all transitioning for what sound like very similar reasons and all based on the same trans ideology of gender, THEN we have a dispute, but it's a spat between ideologies, not between individuals.

    I think trans ideas about gender (and ideas about gender in society as a whole) are directly harmful to women, and I don't expect you to agree with that (else you wouldn't be transitioning).

  77. Sorry, but this article and some of the following comments have made ME to be ashamed of my femininity and my quest for a balanced, nurturing life for all individuals, regardless of their sex, orientation, race or creed.

  78. "my quest for a balanced, nurturing life for all individuals, regardless of their sex, orientation, race or creed."

    That's just basic human rights, not feminism (which is understanding HOW and WHY women ended up at the bottom of the heap, and how we are kept there.)

    "Sorry, but this article and some of the following comments have made ME to be ashamed of my femininity.."

    Why ASHAMED? Femininity isn't who women ARE, it's just something that we are forced into DOING.

  79. Buck Angel is a bisexual man/woman.

    Buck is NOT any sort of advocate or spokesperson unless it's for himself/herself since he/she is a porn "star" and a media/fame whore.

  80. I transitioned 15 years ago - because I COULD and WANTED to. Those of you who oppose transition - well, the only thing that bothers me are all the blanket generalizations. You are certainly entitled to your opinions, and I don't agree with all the threats and attempts (supposedly) of having dirt's blog removed. I do have issues with the claims that ALL transmen hated themselves and are unhealthy and unhappy after transition. None of that is the case for me. I have issues with the claims that all transmen become macho, stereotypical people who try to fit into a male ideal. That is not true for me. I have issues with the claims that transition is never ending. I am no longer on any hormones, I am not DOING anything medically, I am done with my transition and just living life. I agree that there are trenders, I do agree people transition for the wrong reasons. But not all who transition are running from something. We all have the right to be who we want to be and live our lives the way we choose. I chose this, and if given a do-over, the only thing I would change is to have transitioned sooner.

  81. "We all have the right to be who we want to be and live our lives the way we choose."

    Well, whoop-de-do -- except we CAN'T, and if we want to understand WHY that is true for women, one of the things we need to understand is how ideas about gender affect women, and that isn't helped by the trans ideology as regards gender.

    And there is a difference between generalizations, and spotting a commonality amongst different accounts and a common thread running through the reasons why people transition.

    Anyway -- We DON'T all have the right to be who we want to be, because that assumes you can become something by WANTING alone.

    We are who we ARE, and we should have a right to be who we are (provided that doesn't harm others). But then its the case of what is who we are (and unchangable), what is who we are, and we'd want to change it but physically/emotionally can't, and what is what we think we ARE, but is actually what society has MADE of us against our will.

    Justv replace ALL by significant majority/minority where appropriate, problem solved...............

  82. Mike, this blog probably does generalise but the vast majority of the time the boot does fit. I suspect there ARE people out there who feel compelled to have extreme body mods and are exempt from this blog's critique, and these people will only benefit from the deconstruction of gender. More psychiatric expertise is needed and LESS gender superstition.

  83. @January 4, 2012 4:57 PM,
    Re Buck Angel "it's not what's between your legs that defines you!"

    Color me gobsmacked! I'm a straight woman and I have NEVER met a single man who would agree with this pavlovian mantra of the trans-verse! Men are all about the penis! It is EXACTLY what defines them and their world! It is their nadir and their meme. Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq make suicide pacts with each other if their package is blow off by an IED.

    Yet, by the trans-mind we are suppose to ignore the obvious and believe that women have penis and that men become preggers...

    Yeah... and I think I will go down to the barn and watch the pigs fly in to roost too!


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