When Trans Trending isnt enough lets TEACH our Children HOW to BE Trans!

The move to teach children the current ignorant homophobic notions of "trans/ition" (rather than the reality of this disorder, how its developed and brutally treated ) highlighted in this article is nothing short of fucking frightening! Should children be taught to see/live beyond the gender straight jacket shoved down their throats? ABSOLUTELY! Especially female children, as the gender straight jacket has been created/updated to hold/keep them down as well as sexualize them for the masturbatory male gaze that is gazing at females at younger and younger ages. But certainly, children whom are most impressionable, should NOT be used by trans advocates to fortify their draughty identities and ever changing sexualities.

This quote is spot on with a clear trans agenda: "Transgender people include those who have had sex change operations and people who have both male and female sexual organs". The large bolded part is a flat out lie! Those born with a combination of xx/xy biology are INTERSEXED, not trans! Trans advocates are trying to confuse their social disorder with that of a clear biological birth state. This is a serious breech of political ethics that is both dangerous and a flat out immoral co-option of the Intersexed in order to lend legitimacy to faux trans identity.

Using children to legitimize their social disorder is reaching an all time low for trans advocates! We can teach the ills of bullying in our schools without proliferating social disorders as licit birth states or life choices! We can teach our children that their sex should never be informed by misogyny and the gender straight jacket for starters which would stop this disorder from ever developing in the first place! 



  1. "You let your fear and hatred lead you into making dumb mistakes"

    Don't be an idiot if Dirt would fear them she would write other things. You know like some trans activists who want to kill lesbians with baseball bats.

  2. The article was about trying to stem the bullying of gender variant children that goes on in school.

    You sound like some of the homophobes who complain that similar measures here in the US regarding gays and lesbians are all about furthering some sort of "gay agenda" by introducing children to homosexuality.

  3. Anyone in their right mind agrees that nobody should be bullied for 'gender variant' behaviour. Yes?

    The problem with the article ( and Genderist views in general) is the spurious link made between 'gender' (the current behavioural norms that are in fashion) and biological sex.

    The Genderist school of thought doesn't seek to eradicate bullying full stop, it just changes the parameters of who it is acceptable to bully. It's ok to bully a nancy boy, unless he's really a girl, and then you should leave him alone because the attraction to dresses and makeup is genetic, dontchaknow.

    Just wanna add, this type of article in the Mail is a reactionary piece. 'country's going to the dogs' type of article. I'm sure the average Mail reader thinks queer theory is a load of bs.

  4. Totally agree with anonymous above - your use of the term "social disorder" here smacks of gender-variant-phobia.

    It's exactly the same wording that religious conservatives apply to homosexuals to suggest that homosexuality is some perversion of normalcy.

    Trans people have been around as long as gendered people have been around. Though the medical transition is certainly new, who is to say that adopting the dress of another gender is not a form of transition?

    Certainly it would have drawn the same sort of gender violence and transphobia even just 50 years ago, and as time marches on, I imagine cosmetic gender surgery will become about as remarkable as a female bodied person wearing a tie to a friends wedding (which is to say, pretty remarkable at a very conservative wedding, but of no consequence at a gay or even vaguely liberal one).

    Anyway, the clothes you put on in the morning, the way you cut your hair, and any other elective treatment or surgery is really a personal decision.

    The only people who should comment on that are the religious right, because there's no way to get them to stop commenting on things they don't understand and are fearful of. Everyone else - especially anyone who has ever suffered prejudice around sexuality or gender in their own right - should know to leave other people's decisions well enough alone.

    I am a trans person - began my transition at 25 after identifying as a butch for many years (and having had more than my fair share of truly positive butch role models). I made the decision to transition on my own, as an adult, without the medical establishment or anyone else pushing me in that direction.

    Absolutely I agree with some of the things you say on this blog - that people sometimes think transitioning will solve all their problems, that people/doctors push gender variant people to become "normal", that peer pressure plays too big of a role in the decision for some - but I am also deeply offended by your stereotyping of trans people and the prejudice and cruelty with which you present trans persons.

    I think these points are important and I would love to see them presented in the larger discussion around these issues, but I don't know how many minds you will actually sway when your bury your legitimate points behind this bile.

    -R Becket

  5. "Trans people have been around as long as gendered people have been around."

    Yes and no. As long as certain behaviours and fashions have been erroneously tied to physical sex, a number of people have noticed that they don't fit naturally into the fashion of the day.

    No surprise really. Gender-sceptics just argue that the problem is FASHION (gender) and not biological sex. This blog puts forward that it would be more logical and humane to dismantle the idea of gender rather than have individuals dismantle their bodies. Most of us are here because we think that's a fair point; not because we're high and mighty and above outside influence. For instance, as I sit here using my tech, anti consumerists will label me a brainwashed consumer! Opinion =\= hate.

  6. (25 is still young)
    is it easier to be accepted as a 'man' than as a 'butch?'
    (of course it is easier to be accepted as male than as female if the female is not a sex object for real men)

  7. (accepted by oneself included)

  8. Hmmm, I think what's important is to teach children that they can wear whatever they like and do what they like. I don't think you need to bring Trans into it unless there is a specific need to. I disagree with Dirt on some points but teaching children that it is okay to be gender varient is a step in the right direction.

    Intersex people are included because Intersex is under the Trans umbrella. Just to say.

  9. MNDR:

    Totally agree gender is constructed and freaking lame and hurts everybody. Also have never heard of a society that didn't have some kind of gender division and have heard of many societies that have also allowed for (and even celebrated) "third" gender presentations - whatever those may look like in their societies (often simply changes in dress and societal roles).

    That freedom to let people be who they are is my ideal world as well. I didn't give that up when I decided to transition.

    I'm still out as a transperson and, I would argue, have done more to dismantle gender since I started taking hormones than I ever did before - when my butchness loomed larger in my own mind than in other people's minds (though I have worn boys/men's clothes exclusively since I was old enough to pick them out myself and have always had short hair).

    Now - I talk to parents of kids about simply accepting and supporting their children and not telling them who they have to be. I've spoken with seminary students about gender being a violent tool that our culture uses to oppress everyone (and got a number of them nodding their heads along by the end of it).

    I'm not spreading some once-I-was and now-I'm-not narrative because that's not my narrative. I agree with this blog that this narrative is spread by the medial establishment to "normalize"/victimize gender-non-conforming folks, but not a narrative I encounter often in the trans community. (Certainly I have encountered it on occasion - though again, not often - but it makes me sad also, I imagine in a similar way to how you folks feel about that perspective.)

    Just because I'm on hormones doesn't mean that I don't feel the same way you folks do about gender. I think we probably share a lot in our personal histories, and I'm not trying to walk away from that (nor do I appreciate anyone else telling me I ought to be denying my history and my experiences - that feels like a gender straightjacket to me).

    Opinions absolutely do not equal hate, but hateful speech, graphic depictions of the bodies of others used without permission, with accompanying grotesque and dehumanizing captions, and disrespectful, hurtful discussion does.

    Obviously, your comment was none of those things, MNDR, but this blog is.


    Yeah, I've got some living ahead of me, I know that, but 25 is a little better than 18 at least, and I've got a few years on 25 anyway now.

    It's not easier to be accepted as man than butch, I wouldn't say, since I'm still out - so for me it's more being accepted as a transman versus a butch (which is harder because there's a lot more prejudice/hate/ignorance in this world around trans people than gay people at this point).

    But - I'm so much more comfortable in my own skin that it's easier for me to respect myself and brush other people's jerkiness off.

    Also - I'm not anybody's sex object - I've got no problem with being desired, but I am not an object and it pisses me off when people see me as anything other than a whole person.

  10. the effects of testosterone are always considered positive (motivation, sex drive etc) as opposed to the effects of female hormones

  11. RB, There is no such thing as "Gender variant", if you think otherwise you bought the gender straight jacket boat.


  12. @RB, Butch Invisibly has yet to be bridged in any sect of the queer alphabet soup as well as the world. One cannot turn on the tv or read a paper without viewing something about those with the trans disorder. I suggest you familiarize yourself with all aspects of both the gay and lesbian communities.


  13. it's interesting these women who take testosterone and yet don't really think they're 'supposed to be men' and remain 'genderqueer' 'transmen'- how is hormone replacement approved of in these cases? when it's just used as something like a 'body mod,' not a correction of a birth defect?

  14. not that testosterone only affects one's external looks- of course it alters the brain as well

  15. (I got a tattoo at age 25 that I wouldn't get now at 40)
    Seems people who try to change their sex with external hormones are allowing that external influence to take control and change direction of one's true development; to me that is not an honorable thing to do, but I'm against all currently popular types of over-medication for non-existent/invented problems...

  16. Why are trans people being called to answer for butch invisibility? As you say yourself, Dirt, butches hardly ever transition. For that matter, I'd like to see anyone who actually escapes the gender straight jacket at all. After all, adopting the clothes and haircuts of the *opposite* sex is hardly imaginative or revolutionary.

  17. "After all, adopting the clothes and haircuts of the *opposite* sex is hardly imaginative or revolutionary."

    Haircuts aren't sexed, they are gendered. Gender is fashion. Short hair is short hair; some women choose it because it is practical. Why do you think men 'own' all the practical styles? Flat sturdy shoes, clothes designed to last, a simple professional dress code etc. Questioning WHY fashion is sexually dimorphic (beyond tailoring for different body shapes) is fairly revolutionary. If it wasn't there would already be a unisex section in every clothes store.

  18. Maybe I live in a box... But I never see trans related things unless I am on YouTube or my nephew is watching degrassi. Maybe I watch the wrong stations and read the wrong paper. I do however see gay men everywhere. Along select lesbians Ellen, Queen Latifa, Wanda Sykes, Tegan and Sara. A rise of butch lesbians needs to happen though.

  19. if you lived in a big city, you would notice a great many young ftm's in person- odd for a 'rare' disorder

  20. "But even when that point comes where women and men are equal there will still be social diferances that delineate men from women. Men and women have differant view point on life. We have diferant ways of loving and living."

    Dear breakfast-enjoying Anon, are you really serious? LOL. Don't you think most of these "differences" could be produced by society?

  21. if there were no difference at all then everybody would be bisexual- there must be some reason i prefer women
    i do think 'butches' transition to male- just dirt's definition of butch is very rigid (which i think is as silly as rigid defs of male and female roles)

  22. (i probably should have said they transition to male-seeming since really thinking they're men is absurd)

  23. Dirt. I'm a big fan and follower of u. I am happy to see that Jen Elia ( chasity bonos) gf is finally parting ways with "Chaz". This is very common of lesbian relationships and how they are destroyed by "transition."

    I hope u post a discussion on this and look forward to ur insight.

    Much love...

  24. "if there were no difference at all then everybody would be bisexual- there must be some reason i prefer women"

    e, I am that Anon at 12:29, and I suppose this was meant as an answer to what I said. I will explain how what you said doesn't contradict what I said in the slightest:

    1) the quote which I commented on was about SOCIAL differences. I don't know you, but I strongly doubt you choose your partners based on social traits only (and not also by their look, smell, voice - by their SEX, which is not social, but biological). And even IF I had stated that there are NO SOCIAL differences (what I have not, see part 2), I would have left open the possibility that there are biological differences.

    2) IMO, social differences between women and men do exist! What I was hinting at is the fact that many of those differences are not natural but caused by society and the gender straightjacket. And that saying "even if women and men were equal, there still would be differences" is a bit short-sighted because we don't know how it would be in this case, having not experienced it yet.

  25. (let's see how long it takes for 'chaz' to turn 'gay')

    More, you're implying that what you call 'masculine' women and transmen are the same thing?

  26. More- do you not think taking hormones alters one's personality? (aside from the narcissism upon which transsexualism is built)

  27. (wish you hadn't deleted More's comments- I like to work out these specifics, study these constantly contradictory claims)

  28. they all have the giveaway woman-eyes
    and similar vocal intonations even with vocal cords subjected to various degrees of testosterone-abuse

  29. The most important thing, More, you are forgetting.

    Noone is here to hate you, noone is "obsessed" with you. Dirt is - and I don't know how many times I will write this as an answer to all those angry young FtM people - NOT writing for those who are HAPPY with being FtM (which is probably more often delusional than you think and often ends in health problems, psychological problems, and sexual deprivation because only a small percentage of human being wants to deal with post-OP "transitioned" genitals). She is writing for those who want to understand how this unhealthy trend that patriarchal society is forcing upon young women works. FtMs who doubt and question their decision included. Because they don't get any help at the trans-friendly places.

    You know, you don't have to agree with her on EVERYTHING - just try to open your eyes and see that what Dirt does here is not AGAINST you. It is FOR someone - for the females suffering what patriarchal and gender-binary-loving society does to them.

  30. "You know, you don't have to agree with her on EVERYTHING - just try to open your eyes and see that what Dirt does here is not AGAINST you. It is FOR someone - for the females suffering what patriarchal and gender-binary-loving society does to them."

    If you'll take a leap of faith with me here, I'd like to explain why and how I am on your side despite my anger at Dirt's tactics and real motivation. I do not want *any* person to transition and have regrets. I've always told the exact truth about the positives and negatives of my transition to anyone who asked. The last thing I want is for young women to believe they are trans and to transition without having processed it thoroughly. It's in my best interest to be around women who are proud of themselves and at peace with their womanhood. I am around those kinds of women-butch and otherwise, and they do not harbor the resentment I see on this blog. They are happy to be what they are and do not feel as though anyone else's identity can destroy theirs. The lack of clear delineation between trans and non-trans is what causes all the pain and confusion for non-trans people like yourselves. I believe certain women are over-identified with transness and it causes fear, alarm, and bad boundaries. I *want* people to think alot about who they are and what motivates them. I know that I did before I transitioned.

    I strongly believe that Dirt does not have the motivations and good, strong heart that she believes she does. If she cared enough, she would strategize properly. She would refuse to even mention transness. Focusing so much on us makes it seem as though transness can be a real threat to actual women or butches. This makes her motives very suspect. Focusing on women, butches, lesbians, gender-freedom or gender-abolition to the exclusion of transness would not only be useful to women, it would clear up the boundary-mixing between the two groups. Ftm's will always find their way to resources they want regardless of what you put in their path. Women looking for support could find it on Dirt's blog rather than a bunch of hateful bullshit against another group that has nothing to do with being a strong or proud female.

  31. I don't know about teaching young children about transgenderism specifically, but I like the idea of teaching them that not ALL boys are into rough and tumble play, not ALL girls are into barbies and dresses, etc. That's *sort of* what I got from the part about teaching gender variance, but maybe that's just me being optimistic.

    I think it'd be great if we taught very young kids that it's okay to be a non-conforming boy/girl - that that doesn't mean you're not the sex you were born with. And maybe later introduce more complicated issues such as transgenderism etc.

    I don't know, I think the article has the right idea, if not to overwhelm such young kids.

  32. @The Etch,
    You are so wrong and frankly very deluded. Intersex is not part of trans and it is never part of the trans umbrella. The fact that you claim that intersex is part of your so called trans umbrella is very laughable and beyond stupidity. It just shows that your trying to use the intersex card in order to lend legitimacy for your twanz


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